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  2. "Yeah, because 'hey, orgy at the Jauntsen's' from someone like me won't send up any red flags at all," Clara said with a self-deprecating half-grin. "I was planning on going on a run with him and then stopping by Bunnee's where Sara would be in another booth and could scan him there," she said, still clearly uncomfortable with the whole thing. Not enough not to do it, mind; just uncomfortable enough about it to squirm. She shrugged at Marissa, "I can try and get him over to your place, but I don't really have a realistic reason beyond telling him the truth." She gave Sara a look, "I figured you wouldn't really want me to do that before we know if he's being level with us now." An almost wicked grin, the most amused/evil expression anyone had ever seen on mousy Clara's face before, lit up and she added, "I mean, unless we want to say it's a double date with Lona and Devin."
  3. "Oh," Marissa cooed, adding a little chuckle. "That was so dark and vague, I think I'm a little moist. When exactly are we planning this? Because I planned on inviting Jase over tonight and after that I have 'How To Lose a Guy' and 'It's All About Me'," she pointed to Clara and Lilly respectively. "Coming over around... I think I said seven thirty? Hey! Why don't we do it at my place? We can all gather there and destroy his mi-... I mean, find out if he is lying. Also, my mom will be upstairs, so if anything happens, you know, adult. Don't worry though, we could have an orgy down there and she wouldn't bother us." "How am I going to get Eddy to your house?" Clara asked. "Tell him there is four, underage, attractive females looking to spend some time with him. That is his shtick, right?" The goddess of Shelly answered simply. "Trust me, invite him. Once he is there I will have no problem convincing him to stay." Marissa smirked and Clara didn't trust that look in her eyes one bit.
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  5. I think this is something Matt did, which randomly posts under our different accounts.
  6. Jase & The Man In Black If Jason felt any kind of shock, it didn't register in his cold green eyes as they looked across at the smirking man behind the wheel of the Hell-Cadillac, his own lips twisting in a lopsided smile. The smooth-shaven features of the Caddy's driver were as composed as his own, the eyes every bit as cold as he inclined his head to the teen in a gesture that was somewhere between acknowledgement and challenge. Without even seeming to hesitate, Jason mimicked the gesture, then mouthed "Love the car." The Man in Black laughed, flashing white teeth, then inclined his head once more. No more words needed to be exchanged, not that conversation was really possible over the roars of the engines. Jase flicked his finger, silencing the blaring music from his MP3 player, and focused on the task at hand. Whatever advantages the hellish vehicle and Mr Dark had, he was in no mood to be cowed, or to surrender. Both cars were currently doing an easy hundred miles per hour down the two lane road, side by side. Jase figured his Charger had perhaps another eighty before it ran out of horsepower, and he had no idea if Mr Dark's car even used horsepower, recalling the atomic generator small enough to fit inside a chest freezer and the nanobots Devin had been injected with. What the fuck ever - the so-called 'team' meeting had left him in a mood to kick in the teeth of God if given a chance. His eyes gleamed now, losing their cold luster and taking on a feral, wild balefire sheen as Jason pressed his foot down on the gas, feeling rather than hearing the roar of the Charger's V8 as the speedometer crept up past one-twenty. The Cadillac kept pace, and the Man in Black was paying no attention to the road ahead, his eyes never wavering from the features of his young opponent while Jason was forced to flick his gaze between Mr Dark and the road, even with his heightened kinetic awareness giving him additional sensory input regarding speed and momentum. If it hadn't been for that, it would have been utterly foolhardy to look away from the road at all. The two cars edged forward faster and faster, Jason noting the speed dial creeping up over one-fifty, then one-sixty. The V8 was howling now, reaching the upper limits of it's speed as the dial crept over one hundred and seventy miles per hour. And the other car kept pace, the Man in Black not even really seeming to drive the damned thing, which Jase felt was simultaneously cool as fuck... and cheating. Then the Hell Car leapt forward as though it wasn't already going fast enough to redline a turbocharged muscle car, pulling ahead until it was easily a hundred feet in front of the Charger. It hung there a beat, then suddenly cut into the lane ahead of Jase and slammed on the brakes, the red lights on the tail flaring like molten coals - or the eyes of a hungry demon as the rear of the Caddy filled Jase's view, and foretold his end. A passenger in the Charger would have heard Jase swear then, a muttered "Fuck!" escaping his lips as he slammed on his own brakes, the Charger fishtailing before going into a screeching, tire-stripping spin. Unsurprisingly he didn't panic, steering into the spin rather than against it, his focus entirely on not wrecking his car for the next five taut seconds. The Charger came to a stop sideways on the road mere inches from where Jase's calculations told him the Hell Cadillac should be, but when he looked up the black car was gone. No trace of it, or the Man in Black. No glimmer of tail lights, no throaty otherworldly engine growl. Huh. Deep in thought, Jase started up ignition once more and headed home, paying attention to the road ahead and behind.
  7. "I'm down," he smirked and kissed he cheek as he stood up from the bed. "I mean, two teenagers, in home unsupervised, not dating, and skipping classes so they can both have sex for the first time... how much trouble could we possibly get into?" He chuckled to himself. Devin didn't possess much in the way of shyness. His years of auditions and being on stages performing had washed away most of his modesty and while Avvie was sliding out of her pants and retrieving the condoms from her pocket he gingerly dropped his sweats. "I just jinxed us, didn't I?" Lona pulled the covers up over herself and smiled. "Are you nervous?" She chuckeld at looked to Devin who was crawling into bed naked. "Relax. I'm the one who has to deal with that," she pointed at his junk as she scooted over to make room for him. "I'm starting to think Dr. Cook was genetically engineering porn stars." "What? I work out, okay? Plus I keep the situation trimmed and groomed becau-" Lona kissed him deeply and passionately. "Please, Dev," she slowed her pace and gently kissed him with heavy breaths warming his cheeks as she spoke. "Shut the fuck up and put this on." She slapped a condom against his chest. Their first time was as awkward as any could have imagined, but with a bit of laughing and a lot of kissing, they managed to get through it together. Thankfully one of them had decided to use the internet for something other than porn and knew a few things about what to expect and how to deal with each bridge as they crossed it. She had to hand to her partner, he was attentive and as considerate as she could have hopped for. He let her control the pace all the while showering her with tender kisses and loving caresses but she swore to God that if he he asked 'are you okay' one more time, she'd smother him to death with a pillow, make a mold of his penis, and just go home and do it herself. They lost track of time in those first awkward moments of adulthood, but soon they had their rhythm and were moving more like lovers and less like beginners, fumbling for a clue. Lost in the ecstasy of the act their bodies tingled and pulsed with electric fire. Every muscle seemed to tighten and every touch seemed magnified by a thousand. Devin had received several blowjobs from numerous donators across Shelly, and with the condom on he didn't feel too much, but he could feel her. Her hands gripping his sides to control his rhythm, her nails digging into his back and her body tightening around him the deeper he went. She reacted to everything with a moan, a whimper, a kiss, there were not thoughts, only actions and reactions as they kissed each other passionately. He lifted himself above her and could feel the chill air swelling the red welts on his back from where her nails had raked him as she went through her beginner bouts of pain and unease. She traced her hands down his chest and abs and back up before she gripped the back of his neck and pulled him into her for an embrace and kiss as a primal sensation began to take hold of her body. She'd experienced an orgasm before, they both had, but nothing prepared her for what took hold of her body and possessed every muscle, every nerve ending and took her ecstatic sensations straight to eleven. Devin didn't stop, despite the nails in back or every part of her trying to squeeze the life from him, and half way through her throes he joined her rhythmic spasms. After several long moments they'd both eased and Devin was back to slow, teasing thrusts as his hips moved less on intent and more on base instinct. "Wow," Lona panted. "Why do people get jobs? Why leave the house? Just stay home and do this." "Right?" Devin said, his shoulders and chest glistening with the onset of sweat. Sex, it appeared, was an amazing workout. "I've never felt anything like that," Lona gasped. "You've never...," Devin made amusing face. Of all the things he could talk about it appeared talking seriously about sexual things seemed to allude his skill set. "Y'know... rubbed one out? Taken DJ Diddles to the club?" Lona laughed, or tried to between Devin's hips and ever muscle in her body feeling like it'd been through a melee, she managed a weak chuckle. "Yes, I have. Numerous times, and it never felt like that..." "We have two more," he looked at her and smirked. "We have a whole drawer full," she smirked back, correcting him as she kissed him. "Get me a drink, please?" She felt a static run across his body, a noedic vibration she'd never felt before, but then again, she'd never been this close to him and there was a pop in the air and he was gone in a shimmer.
  8. The squeal of Bannon’s wheels as he tore out of the school parking lot signaled the end of the meeting for all intents and purposes. Sara apologized and told them she was too wound up to make the network tonight, that everyone should think about it and that she would may do it tomorrow. One by one they started to drift away to do their own things. As Sara left the bleachers, she passed Charlie who gave her a look that she interpreted to be blaming her for Jason leaving. She shrugged lowered her head and started the long walk home. Charlie Charlie saw Lilly and was going to go ask her for a ride when a car horn sounded behind him and when he looked, he saw Sophia Fingleman in her blue ’17 mustang that her wealthy daddy had given her on her 16th birthday. “Hey! Cole! You need a ride?” She called from the rumbling car as the passenger side window slid down. With a glance Charlie could see she was alone in the car there was no sign of her sister who usually rode with the buxom red head. Charlie knew, better but with a glance back over his shoulder to where Lilly was still talking with Clara, and with the stupid crap that just happened between his friend and Sara, he thought what the fuck. “Sure,” He called back and jogged through the fence and got into the tight little sports car. Cass and Cade “Well that was peachy,” Said Cass as the group broke apart, “Hey Cade you still up fo going with me on my errand?” Cade followed Sara with his eyes but Cass’s question brought his attention back to her .”Yes of course,” he said with a smile. As they were coming down from the bleachers discussing which car to take they ran into Beth who was holding a cat in her arms. A cat that looked remarkably like the cat from lunch but the size of a house cat instead of a Doberman. Cass and Cade looked at each other. And almost in unison “Where did you get that cat?” “Is that your cat?” “No, mom would never allow that but isn’t she adorable? Or he, maybe,” she giggled, ”I was looking for you to see if you wanted to go to Bunnees and saw her by your car. She was so pretty I mean look at her ears.” It was about then she realized that she was gushing about a cat in front of Cade Alistair, and then it dawned on her that Cade and Cass had been up in the bleachers after school. Suddenly she blushed and looked down not wanting to embarrass herself further. “Or later if your busy.” Marissa, Lilly and Clara “Well that’s great,” said Clara “What?” “Sara and Jason were supposed to help me get the truth out of Ettie at Bunee’s this evening but doesn’t look like that’s going to happen now.” Lilly looked off at where Sara was just now leaving the fenced in field and noticed that Marissa was texting again. “Who are you texting? Mari looked up and was about to cut like a razor but stopped herself. “Autumn, she just texted me she was going to be late to the meeting. I told her not to bother the drama train done left the station. We can help with the traitor creep, sorry I mean Ettie,“ she smiled like a barracuda. “What you need us to do?” Clara considered a second then looked questioning at Lilly, her muscles would be just as good as Jason’s powers if push came to shove. “Lilly?” Lilly nodded “Sure.” “Good. Lets catch Sara.” Marissa looked annoyed. “Why do we need Sara?” Clara “To make sure he is telling the truth or to let us know if he is lying.” “Please I can do that.” Still they caught up with Sara before she left the school grounds and after briefly explaining the change in plans Sara nodded. “I’ll be there, just get him there, and we will find out everything he knows.” Sean and Laurie Everything had gone by so fast. Neither of them had the time to really form a question or make a remark before everyone seemed to say fuck it and left. Laurie looked at her big shorter brother “We are doomed.” Sean shook his head, “It isn’t that bad,” he held up his keys, “I have a jeep we can escape in when it all goes to shit.” The hyper intelligent brother and sister bumped shoulders and left the bleachers to go find the jeep that would save them all. Bannon Bannon stared straight ahead out the windshield as the car sped out onto the highway, music blasting wind tossing his hair from the rolled down windows, occasionally his eyes would flicker to his mirrors. It was during one of those flickers that he saw something. It wasn’t yet night so the headlights barreling up behind him wouldn’t have normally stood out but these were bright, not bright like those godforsaken blue things the assholes put on their 4X4s that blinded everyone, but bright like a flaming rocket. He put his foot down a bit and his speed edged up, still those lights closed the distance separating them. He edged his speed up more and now he could make out the car a big black beast with eyes of fire. The black caddy ate up the distance and seemed like it was going to slam into his rear. Jason hadn’t realized it but he was doing almost a hundred and the caddy was keeping pace easily. Suddenly it whipped into the other lane and pulled up beside him and Jason looked across at the man in black.
  9. Lona smirked and replied, “You sound like my therapist.” “You’ll be getting my bill in your slot anytime you want it,” he shot back, grinning at her. Lona grabbed a pillow and hit him with it, unaware of the fascinating gyrations she was creating. Devin noticed, which allowed Lona to hit him a couple of more times before he reacted, blocking the pillow and pushing her back down to the bed. They wrestled for dominance, but Devin was far more physical than Lona, and soon she had been pinned, gasping for air under him. “That wasn’t nice,” he told her, laughing. “I was just making my billing practices clear.” “Haha, yeah, right,” Lona said, running her hands over his toned arms. He lay in the cradle of her legs, and she could feel his desire. It blew her mind a little bit to know that he desired her. “So I need to go after what I want, huh?” “Yep,” Devin agreed in between kisses to her lips, jaw, and throat. “You wanna know what I want?” she asked him quietly. “If you want to tell me,” he answered. “You. I want you.” She smiled as he looked at her. “You sure?” “Positive,” Lona said, and started to wiggle out of her pants.
  10. A few weeks ago we had Deviant: The Renegades developer Eric Zawadzki on the Onyx Path Twitch channel to run a game of Deviant for a collection of friends who stream other Onyx Path games. That video’s now up on YouTube, which you can watch here: You can preorder Deviant now on BackerKit!
  11. "Wait," he looked off like he was doing the math in his head. "That's kinda hot, actually. "Seriously?" His half naked counterpart glared at him disapprovingly. "What," Devin protested. "Old Spice has it going on, I'd spread cheeks for him." "Oh, my god," she covered her face with her hands, trying to be both amused and disgusted simultaneously. "You're horrible. Absolutely filthy." "True, but Avalon, you dedicated all your time to your father before his passing because you wanted to show him how much you cared, and how much you loved him. He left knowing that. Your mom? Babe, you can't worry about what other people do. She's gotta tote the burden of the type of human being she is, and she has to live with the destruction the person she is leaves in her wake. Her, not you." His hand traced her belly, teasing her softly with finger tips and as his eyes continued to feed his urges with how beautiful she was. "Focus on you. Do the things you want and live your life. Trust me, one day all her antics will comeback on her, but in the meantime you have no control over how other people act, or how they grieve. Let her have her fun and one day, when the fun's all used up... she'll want her daughter. Then you can decide the sort of person you're going to be that day." He gently kissed her his tongue teasingly dancing across her upper lip. "For now, Avalon has too much going on to worry about petty people and their small problems. Keep being that beautiful woman who loves big, cares a lot, and," he looked down at her naked body and chuckled. "Obviously has been working out without telling anybody, because she looks amazing." They both laughed a bit until Devin gently kissed her again. "The world will sort itself, Avalon. At the end of the day, you're the only person you have to live with. So, worry about you and what you want."
  12. This was a dumb idea. Why would you have a costume party on the shores of a sunny, sandy beach in ninety degree tropical weather? He'd rather be swimming than dressed up. Rich people made no sense. Sebastian had been such a nice kid growing up in Shelby, Montana, until the storm came and imbued him with powers he never asked for. Since then he'd been imprisoned by the government, and essentially told that because he didn't stop to cover his face up before putting the lives of others before himself, that his options were essentially 'go into witness protection and up root your life', or 'eff off'. He was a minor and didn't have any real say, it fell to his parents who the government did a real number on with professional HUMINTers that preyed on their fears and worries and spun it all into an 'it's in the best interest of everybody' tear line that took Sebastian from his friends, his home... and that's how they lost the family Ranch that had been in their family for four generations. All because he didn't cover his face when saving lives? He'd never felt power like what he did when he smashed that pillar of stone. It was incredible. It opened his eyes to the reality of the world... it was a weak, frail place that needed guidance and stricter, less corruptible leadership. He was growing more powerful by the day and one day he would deliver a simple message to the world: join under his protection, or eff off. It would even come with a clean to read tear line on why it would be in the best interest of everybody. His costume was simple. Jeans, combat boots, and a black t-shirt with a red 'S' on it. Now all he had to do was mingle and learn how exactly this company was going to put all the super powered under one roof. As far as ideas went, it was a great one... it was the mingling he was having a problem with. He'd arrived through a portal like everyone else, something he still wasn't okay with traveling through, but he'd accepted the invite, and felt obligated to show up. He'd stepped through and didn't greet anybody, he just kept walking until he found a quiet spot on the beach and sat down under a tree and looked out over the ocean. It was arrivals time. Everyone had to show up and show out. He'd wait until later to see what this Davian guy could do to help him get his family's home back and help him topple all the people that had a hand in taking it away from him. There was no more Sebastian. He was pushed aside to make room for Bastion. Someone with power who could make people understand the basic principals of human decency and kindness. If people didn't want to act like human beings, then he would treat them like rabid animals. Like a certain Colonel that came to mind.
  13. Shhhhh. Mum’s the word! A few weeks ago in this blog, I mentioned that we’re working on a bunch of secret projects that for one reason or the other we can’t announce as yet. But that we’re going to announce during the year as we can, particularly at conventions as we attend them. (Werewolf: The Apocalypse 5th Edition is not one of them. Saying that now, because I know how rumors start.) This is why we have what appears to be a lighter than normal First Draft section below in the Blurbs!. But now it’s time to reveal one of these projects! This Wednesday, the Phone PDF version of Scion Origin goes on sale on DTRPG! If you had a chance to check out the free Pugmire core Phone PDF, then this version of Scion Origin is based off of that process and set-up. Hyper-linked out the wazoo for ease of use, but still containing all the great info and art of the regular PDF and print versions. Here’s some info about Phone PDFs from DTRPG: When we put up the Pugmire Phone PDF, there were a few demands that we investigate ePub as a format for this rather than PDFs. Long time readers of this blog know that we have, in fact, been working with ePub for years, trying to find a way for it to allow us to present our projects with the same usability and beauty as we have ported from physical books to PDFs. So far, there just hasn’t been a way to produce something that will hold charts and visuals the way we need them. Maybe someday, as we keep pecking away at it. But that day is not today. Today we had an opportunity to create a phone-based version of a core rulebook, and we did that. One does not preclude the other ever happening, and now we have a very user friendly hand-held electronic version that is still very much recognizable as Scion Origin. V5 Chicago Folio art by Michele Giorgi Of course, this week’s headline also refers to our ongoing Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition Kickstarter as it approaches the two week mark and 200% funding with almost 1000 backers. We’re thrilled and gratified at the reaction the book is receiving, and we’re REALLY looking forward to hitting more Stretch Goals that start creating extra projects to expand this new version of Mummy. If you just aren’t sure it’s your cup of tanis leaves, please check out the last several weeks’ blogs, or last Friday’s Onyx Pathcast, or one of the many interviews developer Matthew Dawkins has given out, or one of the actual plays linked below in the Media section. In fact, you can ask Matthew all of your Mummy 2e questions on our Onyx Path forums, right here on this site, as he prepares for a Twitch Q&A planned for 15:00 EST / 21:00 GMT on Tuesday 19th: http://forum.theonyxpath.com/forum/main-category/main-forum/the-new-world-of-darkness/mummy-the-curse/1348728-mummy-the-curse-twitch-q-a-questions-thread Deviant: The Renegades art by Michael Gaydos One question you might ask Matthew is how he managed to make sure that the Timeless Chronicle (the subtitle of the game) was included in the book. I hear that it was something that permeated every decision, yet at the book’s earliest stage wasn’t actually directly written about. An oversight Matthew messaged someone not-me about: “…failed to add the Timeless bit.” And then he added, after making sure that the book actually did directly address and include that Chronicle: “I won’t tell Rich if you won’t”. What a rapscallion! (This info, by the way, was revealed during last Friday’s Onyx Pathcast deep dive into Mummy 2e because Matthew thinks I don’t listen every week). But Judge Rich, you might say, “Traitorous minions aside, what if I can’t make it to that Q&A, plus I’m more interested in other Chronicles of Darkness games, or Exalted, or V5, or Scion. Whatever can I do?” Well, I have good news! We’re running an Onyx Path AMA on Reddit on Wednesday November 27th starting at 12 noon Eastern US time and running until ya’ll run out of questions. It’ll be labelled more for Chronicles of Darkness questions, I think, but bring and ask whatever you’re into. More news on that next week and on our various and many social media venues! Memento Mori art by Drew Tucker When we talk of social media, it’s often with a sort of worst expectations mind-set, but just a few years ago a post led to a viral campaign to celebrate a brand new holiday: Wolfenoot. This is an annual festival which commemorates the anniversary of The Great Wolf’s death. The holiday is observed on November 23. According to tradition, during Wolfenoot the Spirit of the Wolf brings small gifts to homes and hides them around the house for everyone. People who display kindness to dogs receive better gifts than everyone else. The holiday was created by a 7-year-old boy in New Zealand. his mother shared the idea for the holiday via Facebook in 2018, and the post was quickly shared more than 2,000 times. The FB event page for the holiday got more than 13,000 Facebook users marking that they were interested in the event or planned to attend. An official page was created and soon numerous FB groups, pages, and events followed. The central theme of the Nov 23rd holiday is kindness to dogs and wolves. Various celebrations along these elements have been proposed by participants, such as feasting on roasted meat, giving gifts, donating time and money to charitable organizations which benefit dogs and wolves, and decorating homes with wolf and dog themes. Participants are encouraged to celebrate by eating roast meat and cakes decorated as a full moon. Those who prefer not to consume meat are encouraged to omit the consumption of meat and celebrate in the spirit of “being kind to animals.” To celebrate the holiday, DriveThruRPG will have a Pugmire sale from Nov 21th-28th. As part of the celebration, we’ve also given the Canis Minor community their own gift: Now Canis Minor creators can write and sell Pugmire and Mau fiction! Check out the Canis Minor program for details: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/cc/17/canis-minor Pugsteady and Onyx Path be donating 50% of our earning from the Pugmire sale to the Guide Dog Foundation. And that then, is our blog this week. Hope everybody can find at least one part of it of interest; something that speaks to you about our: Many Worlds, One Path! BLURBS! Kickstarter! The Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition Kickstarter funded within a day, and is now almost at 200% funding with over two weeks to go. Backers have already unlocked the Mummy 2e Screen as a Stretch Goal, additional Utterances, and are now headed towards starting a whole new project, the Mummy 2e Companion! Please check out this blog from the last two weeks for a description of all the amazing features of this new edition! Be there to witness the majesty and terror of this new version of Mummy: The Curse! Onyx Path Media! This Friday’s Onyx Pathcast features a discussion by the Terrific Trio of some of the weirder elements and plot points of the Vampire: The Masquerade metaplot! The Onyx Path Twitch schedule continues apace with a staggering number of games, including Vampire: The Masquerade, Pugmire, Hunter: The Vigil, Aberrant, Scarred Lands, Changeling: The Lost, Mage: The Awakening, and even an exploration into Expedition: Scarred Lands! Stay tuned to the Twitch channel, as this coming weekend we have a Deviant: The Renegades one-shot at 16:00 EST on Saturday, and on a date to be confirmed, an interview with developer extraordinaire Meghan Fitzgerald. We also have a Q&A regarding Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition planned for 15:00 EST / 21:00 GMT on Tuesday 19th, so do check it out and ask us your questions live, or post them in the following thread: http://forum.theonyxpath.com/forum/main-category/main-forum/the-new-world-of-darkness/mummy-the-curse/1348728-mummy-the-curse-twitch-q-a-questions-thread In other words, do check us out on twitch.tv/theonyxpath and give us a follow and a subscribe! We ambush the channel with news episodes every week, so keep your eyes open! It really helps us to have subscribers on our Twitch channel, and you can do so for free and catch premieres as they go up if you have an Amazon Prime account. Just type Twitch Amazon Prime into Google and you’ll be shown how to subscribe for free. The rampage of Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition media continues: The Story Told Podcast interviewed Matthew Dawkins regarding Mummy: The Curse right here: https://thestorytold.libsyn.com/mummy-2nd-edition-with-matthew-dawkins Red Moon Roleplaying continue their World War II era Mummy: The Curse chronicle right here, run by Matthew Dawkins for players including Onyx Path writers Bianca Savazzi and John Burke: https://youtu.be/MxNxPx7TPeU And Red Moon Roleplaying have a Mummy: The Curse character creation session here, in case you missed it, where a mummy, an immortal, and a mortal are created: https://youtu.be/GJIEAEAx2MY But there’s more to our media than just Mummy: The fine folks at the Story Told RPG Podcast have recorded and uploaded a review / overview of TheTrinity Continuum:Æon: http://thestorytold.libsyn.com/episode-40-trinity-continuum-on-overview Satyros Phil Brucato and Jacqueline Bryk were interviewed for the Symposium podcast about Book of the Fallen and Technocracy Reloaded for Mage: The Ascension: https://symposium.podbean.com/e/the-symposium-podcast-episode-6-m20-book-of-the-fallen/ And Red Moon Roleplaying, who put out so much content, continue with their actual play of The Sacrifice from V5 Chicago by Night, including Matthew Dawkins as a player and Klara Horskjær Herbøl as the Storyteller: https://youtu.be/XHl9-2dqHpw Finally, if you’ve not subscribed to our Onyx Path YouTube channel at youtube.com/user/theonyxpath, you really should, because if you miss any of our content from Twitch it ends up over there! 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I say “in a way”, though, because his huge novel Jerusalem postulates that all time is an illusion and we are born, live, and die all at the same time – so the concept of a separate day of birth seems a bit artificial and limited to our perception of reality. Can’t have that!
  14. Ryan chuckled at Donald's comment. "We're our own bosses, and there's lots of other perks. We can talk about all that later if you like. No need to mix business with fun just yet." He gave a knowing smile as Donald moved on to fanboying abit over Einherjar and Valkyrie. He'd seen the released footage, and it was damn impressive. He was glad they'd come as well, if only to connect with other Stormers. There weren't so many of them out there. "And that ladies and gentlemen, is how you make an entrance." Ryan said softly, as Emily showed up. Normally he wasn't one for gender-bent costumes, but he had to admit, She certainly pulled it off, and given her abilities, he thought it pretty fitting as well. "No wonder you never called me back, you have it all under control." She smiled coyly at him and he was grinning widely "You look great Emily." "I need a drink." Ryan nodded "Sure thing, come on, I'll get you fixed up and then I can introduce you to everyone."
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  17. "If only your knack for understatement was as keen as your daily haircare regiment," Marissa grumbled as she kept straightening Autumn's fiery mane. After a few moment's of silence she nudged her guest. "I'm kidding, lighten up." She chuckled and stopped brushing. She stepped around to face Autumn and leaned against the dining table that was not far from the 'bar'/island that sat divided the small kitchen, dining room areas. "Why do I scare the hell out of you?" "You're kidding, right?" The red haired teen looked at Marissa like she was out of her mind. When her hostess just raised her eyebrows and nodded, she conceded an answer. "Marissa, you're intimidating, an absolute bitch, now let's tack on that you're also incredibly rich, gorgeous, and powerful in terms of the social hierarchy. You've never been nice to anybody, as far as I know - you twins have been godawful to everyone for a long time. Hell, you were friends with Courtney." Marissa's eyes went wide as she took it al in, slacking her lips into a frown and nodding in appreciation of Autumn's honestly. When it looked like she might apologize for something she she said, Marissa raised her hand to stop her. "No, no, it's okay. You're right. Except the Courtney part. We weren't friends so much as associates. I've never had friends before, I've never even had a sleepover. Hold on..." She gestured for Autumn to wait a moment and scurried off not far to the book shelf just by the massive television and gaming consoles. She lid a book off by its spine and ran back over, handing it to Autumn as she leaned on the table again. It was an old book, or at east, it seemed to be old. It was folded, creased and worn with all manner of writing and little post-it tabs sticking out from practically everywhere. It was titled '200 Tricks for Making Friends and Finding Self-Confidence'. Autumn turned it about in her hands, looking at it from all angles, expecting it to maybe explode or be a glamor that concealed the fact that she was holding Marissa's spell book and she was really a witch. She thumbed the pages like a deck of cards and inside the book were all kinds of notes, either scrawled on the edge of the pages or on little post-its or torn notebook paper. "Wh-what's this?" She asked, a bit confused. "Origin story time," Marissa smiled, pushing her butt from the table she went back to brushing Autumn's hair. "Listen for the pizza. So, Devin and I have never really had friends before. Our mom was always trying to use as a stepping stone to get into Hollywood, because, well, California. From as long as my brother and I can remember it was pageants and talent shows and commercial auditions. We did the whole Disney casting thing every year. I mean, we were twins, and we were attractive... so mom just wanted to get rich making us child stars." "So, as you might imagine it was a lot dance classes, acting classes, all manner of instruments and of course gymnastics and singing. You name it, sister, we did it." She said in a rather unenthusiastic tone. "Can Devin really do flips and stuff?" Autumn asked. She tried to tild her head back to ask Marissa directly, out of habit, until Marissa pushed her by the cheek with three of her fingers so she was looking ahead again. "I heard he was like doing all kinds of flips and stuff over the picnic tables at school, once." "He can, and he was," she laughed. "He took to that as his outlet. I just walked away with stage fright." She sighed. "Anyway, school in Malibu is a bitch. We were going to school with children of actual celebrities and senators and the richest of the rich the world had to offer. We all know kids are brutal, well, rich kids are worse. By Malibu standards, out family's almost seven figure income was like trailer park living, so we got treated like the poor kids. Picked on, talked down to, and when they heard our mom was trying to get us into the child star racket, well... it got worse because overtime we didn't get a part or win, they destroyed us over it." Marissa laughed. "You think I'm gorgeous? Autumn, these kids were professionally pretty. They were living, breathing, walking images of what their parents needed them to be in public so they made mommy and daddy's cred look better. We had a girl in our class, we were," she paused to think for a moment. "Twelve maybe? Right before we moved here, so yeah. Anyway, she started filling out her training bra and within three months... she had implants." "What?" Autumn exclaimed, shocked. "Yup. Like, is that even legal? Answer: In the real world, no. In California... yes. I swear to god when I tell you that this was her reply when she was asked about them... 'my mom said I'd grow into them'." She fumed and although Autumn couldn't see it she was rolling her eyes, heavy on the roll. Devin used to be beat up all the time. Sometimes just because, most times because he was standing up for me. I was just average in a world of glam gods. So, through out the years when Devin needed someone I was the person who he collapsed into and cried. When Mom had ran us ragged with dance and gymnastics classes and my ankle was swollen to the size of an orange? He was the one rubbing my ankle with Icy Hot for hours until the swelling went down. We were the only friend the other had." "Growing up for us was a miserable experience," she chuckled but Autumn caught the stress in her voice, like she was trying not to get emotional. "I mean, look at this place. They even moved us down stairs and gave us our own apartment-like basement so we wouldn't bother them." "So, what about the book?" Asked Autumn, wincing as Marissa caught a small knot in her locks. "How does it play in? Because honestly, I thought you were going to say something like you were bit by a radioactive mantis or something..." "When we moved here we hated the idea, but we had all summer to prepare for, well, Shelly High. We were the rich kids now, frankly Shelly was a fun-void, and we were bored as hell. So, we discovered that if you applied those two hundred lessons to ourselves, and bullied the opposite into others, we could rule the school. We wondered if it would actually work, so I started wearing more makeup and YouTubed up my Diva vibe, and Devin, well, he just kept acting like himself, honestly, and we gave it a shot. Sure enough I were elevated to god-like status in only a few months. We were never going to feel like we did in California. We were weak, bullied, picked on, constantly put down because have the life all the other kids had. Three years later, I guess the persona has stuck, it's who I am now. You should have met me in California. I was the sweetest thing, naive, completely stupid and fighting evil spirits in four inch hiking heels? Not a chance." Autumn laughed. "You know that's not a thing right? Hiking heels. Ow!" Marissa tugged her hair. "I stand by my purchase." She said flatly. "So, you and your brother, as a demented social experiment, decide to use a self-help book, emotional abuse, and reverse psychology to brow beat and bully an entire school district into worshiping you," she shrugged like she was guessing because the idea seemed so ludicrous. "...because you were bored?" "Pretty much." Marissa replied as a casually as the raw truth could pass a woman's lips. There was a long moment of silence. Marissa sat her brush down and it appeared she was done with it for now. Autumn did all the math in her head and shook her head with a grin. "The is, without a doubt, the single most messed up, evil, and maladjusted thing I've ever heard... also, the coolest. Points for dedication, you two are beasts." "We try." She smirked and handed Autumn a mirror. "See?" At that moment the door bell rang and Alexa announced the pizza had arrived. "Duh, stupid robot voice. Be right back." With a bounce in her step that seemed out of character for Shelly's unofficial ruler, she ran up the steps to collect dinner.
  18. James's eyes feel on a bunch of handles; he pulled on one and found himself armed with a pickaxe.
  19. Greeeeeat! It had to be spiders. LaHaye managed to mentally snark even through his instinctive reflexive terror. He hated spiders. Snakes were fine. Snakes he was comfortable around. But spiders, especially big spiders, freaked him the fuck out. And these spiders were goddamn huge. Still, there was no way he was going to sit back and watch as Graham got his insides liquified and sucked out through a straw (he really hated spiders), and he damned sure wasn't going to sit back while Juno threw rocks like an star pitcher for the Yankees on crack. There had to be something he could do to help, here. Rocks. Broken up rocks. Why would they be hauling rocks? For construction, probably. Grind them up to make aggregate, or maybe the rocks had some ore in them. But what else was in the wagons. If anyone was paying attention, they'd have noticed Jimmy LaHaye being decidedly un-dashing and unheroic as he turned and ran past the rock-wagon to the next one in line, lifting the tarp and peering under. There had to be something useful - tools, weapons, a spare F-16 Viper with air-to-ground payload... Right now he'd take anything over trying to fight giant arachnids with frickin' rocks.
  20. “Tickles, tickles!” Lona gasped, dropping her phone and grabbing for Devin’s face. He resisted, adding kisses to the laughter that had Lona squirming. For several minutes, they tussled before Devin relented and allowed her time to breathe again. “So, what did Clara want?” he asked, propping himself up on one elbow while his other hand toyed with the hint of white lace peeking over the top of her jeans. “She wanted to be sure we weren’t having unprotected sex,” Lona said with a sigh. “So, she really is like your mom,” Devin noted. “I’d get tired of her mothering me all the time.” “It’s not like that, not since we had our fight. She’s just worried about me, she cares. And, no, my mom is lame and Clara at least cares more about me than getting laid,” Lona groaned. “Your mom’s got a boyfriend already?” Devin asked, idly dipping his fingers into her jeans far enough to realize that it was all lace. Lona froze, debating what to say. She was quiet so long that Devin stopped what he was doing and looked at her expression. Before he could ask, she said, “So, I’m invoking the ‘don’t talk about this with others’ rule you mentioned earlier, but…” She swallowed and said, “She’s banging Clara’s parents. Both of them. Has been since Dad died. For all I know, they were doing it before Dad died.”
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  22. Renata frowned at Don's question, realizing belatedly she hadn't even thought of that before. "How about just Mask," she suggests. "That's a thing, right? Darth Mask? Darth...ess Mask. Whatever, just Mask." She had really flexed her powers for the costume. The actual clothing part of it was pretty simple. Baggy black pants with a black sash...a sort of black bustier top that went into big black shoulders. Some of it improvised, some bought online. The hard part of the costume would have been the makup, but Renata had used her power over her body to deepen her skin tone to an angry red, mottled with dark grey. She'd even gotten a sidecut hairstyle for it and altered the pigment in her eyes to a bright yellow...trusting the different hair and coloration to provide adequate disguise. And of course, she'd discovered she could alter the proportions of her body as well, giving herself the bust and abs to pull off the look. She gave the hosts an acknowledging nod and glanced at the rather extensive preparations being made in the backgrounds. "Looks like quite a thing you're planning for," Ren remarked. At that point her eyes grazed over the hot pirate girl and the scantily clad, uh...mermaid? Whatever she was, she was hot. "Definitely glad I let Luke Starwalker rope me into coming."
  23. After Superboy shattered the rock and all illusions that things were ever going to be the same again, Emily had gone back tot he same old do what your told and speak when spoken too like she had been at the Academy. Luckily that didn't last much longer. When it was time to go, she knew that home to her family was not where she wanted to go, she still couldn't bring herself to face the disappointment from her grandfather, the Admiral. But neither could she face returning to Hawaii, not yet, she needed to unwind and come to terms with … this, on her own first. So she took the 'Witsec' offer at least for the time being. Emily ended up in Santa Monica, she needed to be near the ocean, it had always been a part of her life and being in the desert, if it did anything at all, it drove that home. She spent a couple of weeks just wandering around and hanging out on the beaches up and down the California coast and it was there she discovered a new change that ht storm had wrought. She was swimming off of Catalina when a pair of dolphins started swimming around her. The frolicking twosome filled her with joy as they played with each other and her and she joined in. Suddenly without ever realizing it Emily became aware that she was deep underwater and had been for a very long time. She had lost track of, well everything except her new friends, and now she found herself underwater at a depth way beyond what a human should be able to dive unassisted, and on top of that she wasn't drowning. She wasn't exactly breathing either, it was as if the oxygen she needed was being absorbed directly from the water. And while she should have been almost blind at that depth she could see still as if her eyes had some how amplified the meager light available. It was all very strange and captivating and life changing. She belonged here in the ocean and she knew that with all her being. A few days later she returned to Pearl with the intention of picking up the pieces of her interrupted life. She had powers and abilities that she could put to use and NOAA was a good place to start. Soon after that the party was announced. At first Emily was going to skip that whole scene but it kept nagging at her that she had made a less than stellar impression and in the end that is what decided the matter. The Party Thank god for schedules. The surf was ever present as the background noise between songs and conversations. Ryan was the busiest Stormer there, having to open portals around the world and everything was scheduled rather tightly. He had been surprised when he had received a text from Emily a couple of days earlier asking for when the best time to arrive at the party would be. She had said she was looking at arriving some time in the middle of the arrivals you know not too early not too late. He gave her an idea of when that would be and she told him she would get back to him with a time for when she would need a lift. She hadn't though and Ryan, busy as he had been, simply forgot about it. Until now' The surf drew back from the beach as the water was pulled into a monstrous wave which rose and rose almost fifty feet up into the air And there at the waves pinnacle was a figure riding on the backs of two dolphins made of animated water Emily dressed as a gender-bent Aquaman complete with trident and tattoos made an entrance.
  24. "You really planning on covering your face?" Donald asked Renata. The two had received invites to the big Stormer party, courtesy of Deezy and Ryan. The two had pointed out to their hosts that they would be coming together, since they lived close by. Saved a teleport for good measure. Right now, the two discussed costumes, and Renata seemed to be thinking about a ninja. "Yeah," was her immediate reply. She glanced over at him quizzically. "It's a costume party. Besides, I'm still trying to keep this whole Stormer thing at arms length from the rest of my life." Donald, restrained the urge to ask what life? He'd happened to remember Renata a couple weeks ago, at the park describing her life as "just reading books and listening to lectures and kind of dying inside." But also he then remembered the issues she'd mentioned as a senator's daughter and acknowledged Ren had a point here. Still, Donald thought his friend needed some guiding towards pepping up her life. And having looked into ninjutsu when he'd been in Japan, was discouraged to learn about how all the popular media images didn't match up with reality. "Ok, but you need something better." That's when he got the inspiration. "I'm going as a Jedi, you should be Darth Vader, or some other Sith. I mean, you have the Force!" Renata rolled her eyes. "You know, I only saw those movies once each, and I wasn't even paying attention. But even with that, I know I can't afford a Darth Vader costume. My family's loaded, but I'm not, and I'm also not asking Dad to cover a Halloween costume. Besides, I don't have a glowy sword thing, so...isn't that the whole point?" Donald shrugged. "I am loaded, so I can buy both for you. Does that work?" She grimaced. "A big full suit thing like that seems like it'd be really hot too...and...I dunno. Darth Vader. Do they even MAKE costumes for him to fit women?" "Yeah, we're going to a tropical island." Donald reconsidered. "I'm sure I can google 'Sith costumes' and come up with a good one for you." "Uuughh...I don't even know what 'sith' means," sighed Renata, rocking her head back to scowl theatrically at the ceiling. Then she scooted over next to Donald so she could see his computer screen. "Okay, do it. Lets see what hot pot of nerdery I'm getting dunked into." =========== The next portal flared to life, and the next pair came through. The first wore a long black hooded robe with a gray mask covering her face. The second had on an oddly cut black suit of sorts. After a moment, those with a head for sci-fi realized it was the Luke Skywalker outfit from Return of the Jedi. Deezy and Ryan recognized Donald, with a smile that definitely fit the style of Luke. "Deezy, Ryan! I heard you went corporate, but your own island? Nice." Then his eyes widened as he took in Steve and Kyria. "England's Einherjar and Valkyrie." A tad of awe, because they'd taken down a literal frost giant. Made fighting a bunch of zombies seem paltry. "I'm Donald Wallace, and this is..." He gave Renata a sudden wry look. "Actually, should I just call you Ski Mask?"
  25. They did say they'd leave us for the spiders, thought Juno dimly. Guess this is what they meant. The panic was shuttered off in the back of her head; she could feel it there, like a shape moving behind smoked glass. There'd be time to deal with it later. Right now she had spiders to kill. Juno didn't have a weapon on hand, but there WAS a wagon full of chunks of rock that they were pulling along. Why? No idea. It didn't look like ore or anything to her untrained eye. Just jagged chunks of rock in sizes ranging from a little smaller than her hand to a little smaller than her head. Her wrists her chained, but there was enough length of chain between them that she could still move her hands fairly freely. She paused only long enough to get a look at Siobhan. There were spiders near her, but it looked like they were going after Nazis. That suited her just fine. She'd keep an eye on her charge, but right now Graham was about to get his face sucked off. Juno selected a rock she judged as heavy and sharp enough to be dangerous, but light enough to throw with some force. For the first time in a long time she silently thanked herself for all those windows she'd vandalized with her buddies back in the day, idly throwing rocks through the windows of abandoned buildings. Time spent pitching street baseball didn't hurt either. There wasn't really a good wind up pitch to be had, but by relaxing her left arm so it didn't drag or pull on her right, and concentrating the force of the throw in her hips and back instead of her arm...she got off a sizzler. The kind of throw that sent little boys home crying that they hated this game. The rock sailed at the spider on top of Graham and nailed it right between the eight of its eyes, squarely enough that it stuck there for a second before falling off when the spider recoiled, trailing a little thread of ichor from the crack in its shell. (Spider takes 2 bashing damage!)
  26. Juno hucks a big rock at the spider threatening Siobhan! DiceParserBOTToday at 6:40 PM # 9 Details:[5d2 (2 2 1 2 2)] 4 successes!
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