Miscellaneous Trinity Articles

Forbidden Subjects

A fugitive Chitra Bhanu posts to the OpNet a controversial theory of the nature of Psi and Taint.
NEW! Posted 03.06.2000

Excel Trinity Character Sheets

Character sheets that calculate die pools and figured stats (like Initiative) for you. Requires Microsoft Excel. In .zip format.
Posted 21.02.2000

Trinity Shirt Transfers

Print these 3 designs onto inkjet iron-on transfer paper, put them on a shirt, and you'll be ready to impress everyone at the next 'Con with the latest in Psi Order-logo fashions. Print at 150 DPI for correct scaling. (By the way, they're supposed to be backwards, so they'll transfer correctly onto the shirts. If you just want to swipe the Order logo graphics, don't forget to flip them over.) And remember, these are for personal use only -- sell them, and you're in big trouble.
Legion Sweatshirt "Property of The Legions - Legion 7 - Squad No. 8R - Brisbane Training Camp." Made for a sweatshirt, muscle shirt or athletic tee.
Æsculapian Scrubs Three designs for the pocket of a hospital scrub top: "Montressor Clinic Staff," "Port-Au-Prince Clinic Staff," and for the conspiracy-minded, "Beaulac Clinic Staff."
Orgotek Golf Shirt Four designs for the pocket area of a tee or golf shirt: "Orgotek - Orgosoft Farms," "Orgotek - Knowledge In Motion," "2nd Annual Orgotek Golf Classic" and "Orgotek - Huang-Marr Project Team."
Posted 15.01.2000

New Trinity Vehicle Sheets

Keep track of your vehicle statistics. 5 sizes (represented in number of damage boxes). In Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
Fighter (smallest)
Cruiser (largest)
Posted 28.09.1999

New Trinity 2-page Character Sheets

Revised for the Player's Guide's flexible psi system. In Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Get Page 1 Get Page 2
Posted 24.09.1999

Beyond Kostbaar

Trinity fashion is not just Kostbaar. Dazyl Grenich takes Lifestyles viewers behind the curtains and beyond the runways for an inside look at five up-and-coming designers.
Posted 20.07.1999

OBC: You're On It!

A look at the proposed new broacast schedule for Trinity's second-biggest megamed, with some ideas of how to use entertainment as plot hooks.
Originally posted 10.12.1998

Baha'i in Trinity

A Baha'i believer looks at how the religion is presented in Luna Rising, and how to present more realistic Baha'i'ists and ISRAns in your Trinity games.
Originally posted 10.08.1998

The Mind Of The Maker

An interview with Trinity developer Andrew Bates.
Originally posted 08.06.1998

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