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Trinity Universe: Utopia rising: The Next Generation

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For those that are interested, I've recently started an Aberrant e-group game. Setting will diverge slightly from canon to give it more of an X-Men feel - mistrust and hatred of Novas is much more widespread.

The setting is a Rashoud facility - Novas go to study their powers, and also to recieve a regular education.

Affiliation should officially be Project Utopia, as all the characters will be residents of the facility. However, this might change over time, as characters develop their own agendas.

There's no ST, as we're all going to make our own story seeds and NPCs and the like. Characters should be created to the standard rules, with a Quantum maximum of 5, and power maximum of Level 3. And try and make concepts that are going to fit in with the other characters - having leanings towards this or that faction is fine, but to be an outspoken Teragen recruiter or a Directive investigator is just disruptive. ::sly

The group is at:


Just submit your character to the links or the files section and jump right in!


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