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::devil  ::devil  ::devil

baby pics of jo!!!  hehehe...  :: evil plot forming ::

let me know if you ever get ahold of those pax....

::devil  ::devil  ::devil  ::devil


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*is suddenly very glad he locked all his baby pictures up many moons ago. . .gulps nervously at the thought*

. . .little sailor suit. . .uuuuggggh. . . ::wacko


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hehehe  ::sly  little sailor suit you say? hmmmm let;s see what we can come up with. I may not have access to your baby pics but Photoshop is a glorious program...

::sneaky Paxs Pimp

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*insert sarcasm*  Oh Help the mean Utopia Nova has a gun *end sarcasm*

*Begins Charge up for the "Pimpster Power Stomp" tm*

Bring it on Utopian  ::devil  ::devil  ::devil

::smokin Paxs Pimp ::smokin

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*grrrrr...* You got lucky this time Utopian... Next time you might not have back-up. We will meet again. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH*snort* erm....where was I? oh yes AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!   ::smiley1  ::smiley1  ::smiley1  ::smiley1  ::smiley1  ::smiley1

::devil Paxs Pimp

P.S. I really dig this whole evil villian thing... It fits like an old sock...

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MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH*snort* erm....where was I? oh yes AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!              

Paxs Pimp

P.S. I really dig this whole evil villian thing... It fits like an old sock...

pfft.....  amature....


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Oh great mistress of all that can be known about evil overloarding... I humbly present my self to you in hopes of learning all the wisdom that you have to offer....

I come bearing gifts of liquid refresment

::beer  ::beer  ::saki  ::saki  ::cola  ::cola

and signs with promises of Conventions

::eoncon03  ::eoncon03  ::eoncon03

Please Teach me of mighty ruler of ultimate evilness so that I may aspire to be half as evil as you some day...

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heh.....this is me making evil look damn good!

:D  :D

:: swipes saki but withholds all secrets ::

you call that an offering??  


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(In best Jack Nicholson Voice)

::eh great mistress of all that can be known about evil overloarding?

::sly Wait until they get a load of me!


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::eh   um....we were????  

damn...missed the memo again....

::blush  ::blush  ::blush

all well. just have a beer jo...it'll make it all better...


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top. . .ick? What is this top-pick you speak of?  ::eh

Heh heh. Sorry. Sugar and gamers: not always the best combo.  ::blush


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S'okay, Harle. I'll just blame Pax anyway. Good (ex) Catholic boy still has enough guilt to take the fall.  ::sly

Dammit! Now I contributed to the OT-ness of the thread.  ::cry


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Well since you've already been so welcoming, I reckon I'd better introduce myself...

Forum ID - El Enano Gigante (to anyone who actually has knowledge of the Spanish language, I apologise.  I looked up the words separately and put them together in the way that looked right to me....)

Other forum ID's - As above.

In the real world - Justin.

About me - Gather 'round kiddies.  This is what happens when your parents teach you to read using Super Hero comics........

I live in Harlow in England.  Just close enough to London to pay their prices, not close enough for my civil servant bosses to pay the monetary bonus for working there (cuuurrrrssseesss).  As I said above, I learned to read from comics and books about mythology, and grew up watching classic TV shows like 'Monkey!' and 'Sapphire and Steel'.  Asked for 1st ed. D&D for Christmas at the age of 8.  Got the board game Talisman.......

I've been roleplaying 'properly' for about (counts on fingers) twelve years, mostly as a GM.  In that time I've played pretty much all of the original 5 WOD games (Mage was always my favourite), Cyberpunk 2020, Shadowrun, Call Of Cthulhu, Castle Falkenstein, Star Wars (D6), Marvel and DC Heroes, Earthdawn and D&D (Drowning....in dice.......Too...many........), Millenniums End, and more that I can't recall right now.  I picked up a copy of Aberrant when a local bookshop was closing down, and have been playing that and Adventure! ever since.

Interests - Apart from roleplaying, I watch a lot of movies, read a lot of comics (old habits are hard to break), and study martial arts when I can get around to it (three styles for 20 years, on and off)

There's more, but I won't bore you right now.  I'll save that for later.......... ::devil

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Hi, guys! ::withbeer Oh, I love doing these things, because I'm such a friggin' egotist!

Handle: Heritage. Sounds like a bank, don't it? Named for a company/NPC in my late lamented Yahoo Trinity PBP  :(

Real Name: Bob. When I was little, I wanted to be called Robert, but everyone called me Bobby. Dad sometimes called me Trebor. I have since matured into a Bob.

Also Known As: Plonksi (on WW forum, after my Trinity character, who spells it with a Y), Chimera367 (on Yahoo, after my then Aberrant PBP PC), and Mopin' Bob the Tiny Slob (when I was little and my brothers were mean to me).

Age: 34

Other Stuff: I'm also currently working at a Blockbuster, but I told my boss I was looking for a new job today - well, technically yesterday. I'm hoping to a get a job at yet another evil corporation, Starbucks!

I'm a Unitarian-Universalist, bleeding heart liberal Democrat who is disgusted by both major parties most of the time. I'm one lousy stinking credit away from my BA in Film/Video in Chicago, though I'm currently caught in a web of debt and hiding out in suburban Lombard, IL where I'm slowly going mad ::omg  

I plan to attend classes at the Second City Theater (where just about every popular American comedian got their start)next year, as I have caught the acting bug and want to give it a try.

I've been playing RPGs since I was 12 or 13, and I think I'm finally getting good at it. Play lots of fun games, but mostly I run Aberrant and play D&D 3rd Edition. Ran an Adventure PBP here on the forums that I still miss. ::smiley4 I have a thing about playing female characters that I'm still trying to figure out, though I have some theories ::lookaround

Have yet to meet that special someone, and I hope it might happen at Second City, 'cause I dig actresses and I'm not too smart :)

Wow, it's 3:20 AM! Better finish this up.

I love hiking, cycling, camping and canoeing, reading comics and travel books, all kinds of music, movies in the theater or on DVD, live theater and playing extremely violent video games.

Oh, I'm a Leo Earth Monkey - I often figure out my PCs signs to help flesh 'em out.

That's it. I'm spent. (collapses in a pile under computer desk)

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Heya gang!  Please excuse my rudeness - I've been so busy fiddling with TFR: Noetics [Yeah!!!] that I've been a bit lax in reading the other forums... but I'm here now ::smiley5 [and verily there was much rejoicing... or whatever...   ::smokin ]

Anyway - about moi!

Handle, AKA Knave, Knave99 (someone else got there first... a lot of them)

Real Name Reg... yes it does.  yes.  I know.  I have no idea ::crazy

About me Well... lets see.  I'm 27 and am technically South African.  Like almost all the South Africans I know I live in London (yes - the one in England) and have been here for the last 3 years.  Move over pommies - we'll take it from here :P.  Actually I'm only half joking.  Seriously though - London is a blast... and it's a lot closer to everywhere else than a 14 hour flight too!  What else?  Er... I'm a programmer...

Likes: Rpgs :P, Reading, Travelling, alternative music (some 70s, some 80s, mostly late 80s/early 90s), chilling with friends, cheesy movies (yes - i own all the evil dead dvds just to start with.  really wish i could get my hands on ford fairlane: rock and roll detective...outrageously bad!)

Dislikes Dance music, Train Strikes, Bad driving (much gesticulation), unreasonable people, er... knowing that the list is longer but having lost track of it.

RPGS:  Well - I've been main Trinity GM since the game came out - for a bunch of programmers, accountants and psychologists in SA (yes - the games can get interestingly nitpicky).  I haven't had a regular Trinity game since coming to the UK - but my vacations tend to involve spending 3/4 days a week GMing.  I'm that good apparently ::rolleyes.  Here I'm now finally playing in a Mage game (was GMing before) using Hero Wars rules (which makes it considerably better... that and a GM who knows loads about Myths and whatnot)

other than that - I've been roleplaying since age 14.  Over the years I've played:

Trintiy (as we all know and love it!),

Fading Suns (brilliant!),

Ars Magica (Wicked Game)

In Nomine,

Hero Wars (Glorantha), Runequest,

MERP, Rolemaster

Vamp, Mage, Werewolf, Changeling (yawn)

DnD 2nd Ed, (FR, Ravenloft, Dark Sun, Dragonlance... sigh - no more please),

Nephilim, Call of Cthulhu, (Phone conversation: Now remember investigator - whatever you do - DO NOT TELL ME WHAT THE CREATURE LOOKS LIKE!)

Paranoia (er... what am I supposed to do with 14 thousand litres of nuclear waste and two 2litre cannisters and one 500ml cannister exactly?),

Tales from the Floating Vagabond,



Top Secret SI,


the system we shall call X (don't ask),



Star Wars (WEG version)

er... there are bound to be more...

What I like in RPGs: Politics - it makes for the best and sometimes most bizarre reasons to do things... or have things happen.  Also Technical Stuff - and not in the cheesy - 'lets reroute power to the main deflector' way either.  It needs to make pseudo-sense in the setting in a H-M conspiracy kinda way.

anyway... that's me...


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Ah-ha! When you lesser mortals have finished. Kneel before the power of Darth Phil! All of you will suffer!! Feel the power of my... oh ####! My backs just gone! Some one help! PLease?!

Username darthphil1

Real Name Phil

Reason for this It's what my parents named me

Occupation Work on customer services desk for a childrens book sellers.

Occupation would like to have Full time Sith Lord. Or Indiana Jones style archaeologist (It's what I have a degree in.) Or professional games player.

Location Birmingham (in England, not Alabama).

Fave book War of the Worlds by HG Wells

Fave Author HP Lovecraft

Fave band Rush


Where do I come from? Well mummy and daddy loved each other very much...

No seriously, I'm 28 and live in Birmingham with my lovely girlfriend Param who tolerates my eccentricities such as gaming, wargaming, painting figures and boundless enthusiasm for progressive rock music. I've been roleplaying and gaming since I was about 10 years old when my older brother introduced me to Champions. I got older and went to King Alfred college in Winchester to study Archaeology and history. Worked in retail for a bit there and then moved back to Birmingham. Been with Param for about two and a half years and very slowly she is coming round to my way of thinking. She is currently painting some Warhammer 40K space Orks that I can't be bothered to do.

I discovered this site through the WW website and I love it! Great piece of work for al those involved. Right emough kiss ass.

Trinity, Aberrant and Adventure are three of the best games I have discovered in recent years. Our group plays Star Wars (WEG edition. Not the sucky D20 system), Legend of the Five Rings, Call of Ctulhlu and whatever else takes our fancy.

What else have I done? Umm...stuff. I like sci-fi but not a big fan of fantasy. I listen to all kinds of music. Apart from dance, house, garage, folk, hip-hop, and other stuff that borders on rubbish.

I thinks that is about everything. So without further ado I must leave, for where there are people in distress and needy then there is always a calling for a person like me. To exploit them. NOW WORK MY SLAVES!! DAMN YOU!!

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Hey, I've never posted in this thread! Here goes...

Username: Ezekiel (From Pulp fiction if you're wondering...)

Real name: Philippe

What I do: (thank god for the edit button...)

I'm 22 year old and a second year law student specialising in Information and Technology law. Lately I've been gobbling up any intellectual property and internet law books I could get my hands on and practicing ISP traceroutes (as Chill will attest to...  :) ) I've also just started sending deaththreats to evil spammers and my spam count has gone from 35-45 per day to about 7-12...Ahhh, the power of threats of litigation..:) (and this was against a Korean ISP too) I was born in Québec, lived for four years in PA when I was quite young (learned my english there), came back to Québec, lived a year in australia, back to Québec and now I'm studying on exchange in Ontario.

Interests: Information technologies, travelling, RPG's, travelling, Sci-fi, anthropology, travelling, music: a whole lot of stuff, really...Indian music, japanese music, african (let's just say world), classical, progressive, electronic...especially mixes of traditional and electronic music like Talvin Singh, Cheb i Sabbah, etc. Oh, and did I mention I've got tickets for Peter Gabriel's "Growing Up" tour...   :)  I'm all giddy with excitement! I like pretty much any music 'cept rap+ R&B,  death metal and country western (redneck) music...though lately I've been force fed R&B and have started to develop a palate for it...

Dislikes: Whiny teeny-boppers (I'm living in residence with some first years at the moment, real first years, not law or grads...good thing I have a single room.) Losers that hit people when they're down, I take a delight in exacting revenge on behalf of the latter party. (for example a student gave a presentation last week on conciliatory family law and a fellow "colleague" hammered the week points in questions without relent...I felt bad for the presenter. I'm gonna study up on whatever the person's doing their presentation on to hopefully destroy their line of argumentation...) Godfather part 3...never happened

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Hey everyone, I haven't been on the forum long but I'll let you know a bit about me.



Forum ID: Dr. Arbitrary

Known elsewhere as: Insideoutsock

And in real life: Billy

About me:

  I'm currently 18 years old and taking classes at Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix, AZ. In about three months I will be entering the US Navy.

My interests are Mathematics, Literature, Philosophy, and (just a little bit) Politics. If anyone ever wants to debate something I would Love to argue you into submission with my superior reasoning and vast supply of anecdotes. (Mega Int 1, Mental Prodigy:Trivia)

Unlike many (most, all?) I haven't had the opportunity to actually participate in a game of (Abberant, Adventure, Trinity) although I have done some of the other White wolf games. I spend most of my time pondering the metaplot.

Why the name Dr. Arbitrary:

the name Dr. Arbitrary is from the name of my alter ego in a band that my friend and I never really got around to doing anything with. We had settled on the name: "the loyal retainers of Astro Man, The man with the Metal Hand"

My friend went my the name "Emperor Devastation" (complete with death ray helmet) One of these days I'll get my Dr. Arbitrary costume and use it as my avatar picrure.

Astro man was an inside story made up by my friends and  I, he was the ultimate Super Villian with unlimited power granted by his "Metal Hand," he could theoretically do anything, but just to be a jerk he would rob (Utterly annihilate) gas stations and banks.

Uhhmmm... I can't think of anything else interesting about me...


Dr. Arbitrary

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First of all, hello to all of you  ::smiley5

Hey DarthPhil...  Birmingham eh?  I'm in Telford, so technically just up the road, small world isn't it?  :D

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Forum ID:


Known elswhere as:

Berandor (virtually anwhere, and as B.A.Felton on imdb.com)

nicks include "The book of rules knowledge" (messageboard of the German D&D publishers)

"the German sage" (on the German D&D Fan centre, as well as on the above board)

....and in real life?:

Patrick, or Perry (from liking Perry Rhodan and having no similarity to Luke Perry whatsoever ;))

....and about me:

Well, where to start? I am 25 years old, and I live in Krefeld, Germany (which is near Dusseldorf, and the old capital, Bonn). After unsuccessfully studying law, then Japanese/Englisch, I am currently finishing my traineeship to become an industrial sales clerk. I am contemplating on becoming a teacher afterwards.

My real life blood is in writing, however. I write short stories in the genres of fantasy, sf, thriller, detective, horror, and more. I have several ideas for a full-blown novel fleshed out, but I lack the time at the moment to really get on with one. I have already sold some of my stories and recently won a contest by one of the biggest German publishers. I write both German and English.

My other hobbies include politics, history, tea, Japan, football (the european version, or soccer), reading, and MOVIES. I am a movie buff and like to review the films I have seen (unfortunately, since upgrading to Apple, I have not yet a functional web site editor, so all my reviews are offline).

I am a very liberal person who totally dislikes unfairness or a lack of respect towards other people and challenges these things in daily life. Otherwise, I am a very kind person.

I tend to be quiet until I take real interest in things at hand, when I transform into a talking machine :)

I like to postulate extreme views in order to lure people into an involved argument.

At the moment, I am single, but constantly on the lookout for some intelligent geeky Japanese model type of girl... ;)

However, being a solitary person, i don't feel rushed in my search for her, although I would love to have more than one kid in the future. In the meantime, I am thinking about getting a pet, but can't decide between a cat and some smaller critter.

I not good with plants, however.

I am a very music-oriented person; always having a song on my mind, humming or singing along. I write with music in the background, and so on.

Huh? That's not what you wanted to hear?


Oh! Role-Playing!

I was introduced into role-playing roughly 5 years ago, and started my first campaign one year after. I have played (A)D&D for a long time - in fact, I still do - and got to know Vampire: the Masquerade around 1999.

I instantly liked the world, and we made AD&D-conversions for the combat system (yeah, blasphemy, I know...)

After my Vampire campaign ended with 75% of my group being blasted away by human military and a pyromaniac sabbat, we returned to D&D. We mostly played the Forgotten Realms, but my thirst for DM'ing (I played most of the time) and my quirky mind led me to a short-lived Planescape campaign.

Then I had some personal problems after attending university for the first time, leading to a short time-out, during which our long-time DM went to Canada. Soon, I was back in the game again, becoming a member in the Black Dragon Circle, a RPG club that plays Vampire roughly every two weeks, while managing my FR 3E campaign the other two weeks.

After switching to Kalamar, playtesting the Player's Guide and getting a contract for writing a Kalamar supplement (which I had to pass on due to time restraints), the group wound out. I had started another campaign in the Realms in the meantime, where I was only a player, so that wasn't too hard.

Between playing V:tM every two weeks and D&D every four, I had no group to storytell for, however. I wanted a campaign set in the present, like V:tM, so that I could make use of modern ressources like the internet. Furthermore, I love to play about two weeks behind real-time, so that players can relive real events in the WoD way (9-11 being a Sabbat attack, and so on). I did not want to challenge the current ST, however, so I couldn't ST Vampire.

I went to my local game store, looking for a real-world game with a WW-like mechanic (which I find highly superior to D20 especially concerning abilities, but also combat-wise).

In the end, three games interested me. Exalted (very real-world, I know), Adventure! (my quirky mind again ) and Trinity. I bought both A! and Trinity, and instantly liked, nay loved, both! After speaking to the club's members, we decided to settle on Trinity, and I began planning my campaign, which started October 12th and will see its second game November 16th.

Meanwhile, I attended the biggest games fair in Europe (or worldwide?), the Spiel ind Essen. In case you don't know it, it's like a convention but with regards to all kinds of games (Settlers of catan, chess, monopoly, poker, everything - including rpg). There, I bought Luna Rising, Shattered Europe, Aurora Australis, Stellar Frontier, America Offline, Tech manual, the four TFR: media, psi laws, alien races, extrasolar colonies... and I am currently in the process of navigating through them all.

My ST style is based on a healthy rules knowledge (from my D&D days), but focuses on freedom for player characters. You want to kill the president as soon as she hands you your medal? Go ahead, but live with the consequences. My strengths are winging plot and planning an involving adventure, as well as maintaining continuity throughout a campaign, takiong into account player goals and ressources, and so on.

My weaknesses are winging economical details ("How much is a red-orange striped cat?"), a tendency to rely on dice rolls and rules (which I try to fight) and sometimes making it too hard for players to get information.

My games are very story-heavy with a rare combat (1/3 nights).

... further information:

favorite book: Hagen of Tronje, Wolfgang Hohlbein; (Song of Fire&Ice)

favorite movie: LotR, and about 40 great movies more, among them the Sting, Casablanca, Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon, L.A. Confidential, ...

favorite song: Hotel California, the Eagles

favorite author: Elizabeth George, among many

least favorite book: a lot, unfortunately. Not counting RPG fiction: some Anne Rice stuff, don't remember the title.

least favorite music: all those techno songs that use familiar tunes to better their sales stats

least favorite movie: Scary Movie, among many, many more than on the good shelf, including Big Mama's House, Battlefield Earth, Virus, and Shepherd.

I hope that helps,


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addendum: just edited my post.

Also, I am known for posts that are meant to be funny, that are jokes, that are satirical/ironical - but that are totally misunderstood as absolutely serious!

So, if you ever read one of my post that irates you, or that makes you think "he can't be serious", I most likely am not.


Aside: Is there really such a thing as "American" sign language? I mean, do American and german deaf people have different signs for "road", "tree", "I love you", and "your boss is pretty smart - for an ass" ???


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as a former american sign language student, i don't know how similar it might be to the german version. it may be close as that many signs are meant to resemble what it is they are trying to communicate. *shrug* joseph knows much more about sign than i do, maybe, (if his job lets him) he'll come on and be able to answer your question.

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...as a current ASL student and knowing some people who've tried it before, American sign is actually much different from French or other sign languages....

it's about the same as speaking english and trying to walk up and talk to someone who only spoke french....they're that different.

sad thing is there's technically more than one American sign system...ASL and SEE II (sign exact english) which is more engilsh based and is more used in academic situations, but they overlap and are intermingled pretty regularly w/o it being realized often....

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it has to do partly w/ the fact that French SL was developed long before american, and the french and the england had two very different approaches to dealing w/ the deaf....american sl was based off of both systems...

ASL (and i'd assume other sign languages) is constantly adapting...just like spoken languages take in slang words and change, only in ASL they seem to be larger sign changes rather than just the slang type stuff....so they just grew apart after that....

...that's at least the impression i've gotten fromt the history lesson's in ASL.....

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You sound like a fascinating person Berandor. I know exactly what you mean about the satirical posts. I hope to get in a debate with you sometime. Depending on what you mean by "liberal" we will either get along nicely or spend the next few months slipping poison into each others drinks :P

On another note, perhaps you might have more appreciation for the movie "Battlefield Earth" if you watch it while playing the "Battlefield Earth Drinking Game!!" just take a drink whenever the

A: camera is not horizontal

B: The phrase "Man animal" is used.

C: Plausability is totally disregarded (as in cavemen learning to fly Harriers over the course of a few days)

D: someone makes a stupid joke.

The real challenge is to not get drunk within the first half hour of the movie.

Dr. Arbitrary

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