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Exalted: Dreams of Exaltation - Experance

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I've been thinking about how I was going to do this, and this is what I've come up with.

General XP: As long as one has at least 1 significant post a week, you get 8 XP a month, and by significant post, I mean at least a paragraph, not a one liner.

Stunt XP: If I declare a post stunt worthy, you get as much xp as the stunt is worth (+2 stunt, also means +2 xp)

Story XP: Writing fictions about your character, can net you 1 or 2 xp when the fiction is completed. In case it needs to be said, don't involve other pc's in your fictions without their permission.

Please record Experience on your character sheet like this.

Source				Rank 	Gain/Spent	Balance
Monthy XP Gain                  -       +8              8
Story XP Gain (Story Name)      -       +1              9
Stunt XP Gain                   -       +3              12
Raise Melee                     2       -2              10
Buy Deticated Charm Slot        -       -4              6

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The following is an new rule from Errata, it's an update regarding Combos, I'm putting it here cause it is regarding XP, and we will be using it.

Upgrading Combos

New Charms may be added to existing Combos by paying the usual experience point cost to place the Charm(s) in a Combo, plus a one experience point surcharge for modifying the Combo. This applies to all beings capable of creating Combos, not just Solar Exalted.

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