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Celebrate the site's 10th year, share your story.

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To celebrate this site turning 10, I am offering a free website, or web page, to a randomly selected person. All you have to do to win is post a positive memory from this site in this message.

The site/page can be something for you personally, a place for your game, or an in character device.

The Fine Print

  • The winner will be chosen randomly on July 9th, 2009.
  • Your post must be unique and from your experience.
  • The site can not be adult oriented, no porn, spam or illegal material.
  • You will be able to select your own domain name, which will be valid for 1 year.
  • The site will be CMS driven so you can update it with whatever you like.
  • Your post must be made on or before July 8th, 2009.

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Ok so it's not just memories, but more of my experience as a whole on this site. It's hard to just pick one of the many awesome things I've had the Privelage to be a part of.

I came to Nprime through the referral of another player here (Amped). To put it plainly I was a crappy roleplayer and I made my characters about as cheesy as i could. I was a powergamer who subscribed to the Theory "It's a Role-playing game, Someone has to win." Characters were a collection of dots and numbers on paper, there really wasn't much more to it than that.

This site and several people on it (Two in particular) changed that and really taught me how things should be done.

The First memory I have of this site is a good one, Involving the first party fiction I took part in, "Tokyo Overdrive." Back then there was only NPrime 2014 and a few PbP games. I couldn't have asked for a better group of players to work with and they were VERY patient ith me. This story involved a group of novas just going out and having a truly great time doing something fairly normal.

I mean just Imagine close to a dozen novas in a Karaoke bar in Tokyo, each one taking a turn. We had several Ex Elites, Several Terats, and even a couple ex-Utopians. It was truly awesome and began several friendships that are still around today, Even if many of the players are now gone.

Later on I'd meet a wonderful woman and gamer in the form of Jess who played the character Timeslip back then. She got me to change my entire method of gaming, forcing me to step up my own writing abilities to keep up with hers. Our characters went through hell together, exploring the nature of other worlds, of Ibiza, (When we went off Canon) of being a Teragen couple and A very large Wedding fiction. We had some obstacles along the way, (my fault mostly, as my powergaming ways were still everpresent) but Everything worked out. Even Now the PC's aren't together, though they have a young daughter. They're both very different PC's from when they first met and it was a true pleasure and adventure in storytelling going through it with her.

Through Jess, I met Dawn, and I came to understand what a truly great writer really was. There's no one on this site who's better in my opinion. It's been my great pleasure to write with her in the Open world games and to either have her as a player in my games, or be a player in hers. I can remember a time where it was joked that there was a line to do any sort of work with Dawn, so good a writer she is. Now it's not a joke, it's just an accepted fact.

I started my first PbP game almost two years ago, and it's significant in that it is really my first big forray into being the Storyteller. I started with ten players and even though we lost some early on the game stayed strong and is Still going even now. My players are the best, and they make the game as fun for me as I hope it is for them. I look forward to that game contiuing on.

Before this site I played in maybe two to three tabletop games at once, and one was always Dungeons and Dragons, the other generally OWoD or Abberant or BESM 2nd Edition. Now I play in virtually every game and I even broke my own rule about NWoD.. That's the level of players and Storytellers we have on here.

This place has been truly awesome and I can't thank all of you enough for making it so great.

Chosen for putting all this together you are simply THE MAN.

I look forward to the next Decade of NPrime with great anticipation, I can't wait to see what happens next.

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In 2002, I was looking around for a system for a superhero game I wanted to run. It'll no doubt shock anyone who knows me to learn that I was enamored with the Freedom Force PC game, and I intended to run a game set in that world. I had outgrown Palladium in general and the utterly wonky Heroes Unlimited wasn't going to serve my needs, so I purchased Aberrant based on an review that claimed that the system was awesome, but the setting was largely throwaway.

Which just goes to show, sometimes a reviewer can sell you on a product in exactly the wrong way and still get you to buy it.

After some reading I decided to set my game in Aberrant instead. After a few months of searching for Aberrant resources online, I found the N!Prime community, which had as one of its chief features an open world Aberrant forum. Open world forums that last longer than thirty seconds are a rarity online; they tend to collapse under a mountain of crazy. It's a testament to the dedication of N!Prime's players that it's lasted this long.

So I fired off my first character. She was fuzzy and had tails and her background was a pile of plot vomit that years later makes me wince. She drew quite a number of fans and a not insignificant number of detractors.

I've come and gone throughout the years. I've written actual novels - or at least, enough words in the same narrative to be considered a novel. I've clashed with other writers which is always draining in the short term and fantastic in the long, because it forces you to articulate why you write things a certain way and refine your take on a world that everyone shares. I've learnt to get very good on the pitch, to communicate just what a character is all about succinctly. I've learnt how to build a plot that has a stronger dramatic structure than "this happens, and then that happens."

This community has taught me how to be a better writer. I call myself a writer and so that's the highest praise I can give it, and everyone in it.

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I distinctly remember the first Aberrant game I played. My friend Dan, who played here a few times as Lucious "Metropolis" Clay introduced me to it after I had bought the core rules for him as gift. Kelly, known to many of you as Apep, had been playing it with him during his initial feeling out of the system and seemed to enjoy it.

As I listened to the world he was describing to me, I knew that my first character was going to be a Terat. Not because I wanted to be an antagonist, but because I wanted her to be an agent of change. I envisioned her as a cross between Jodie Foster's Eleanor Arroway in CONTACT and Jennifer Jason Leigh's Allegra Geller in EXISTENZ: a visionary with Arroway's dreams coupled with Geller's understanding of how technology and biology might interface. She was going to be a benign spokesman for transhumanity, with the resolute fragility that Arroway possessed at the very end of CONTACT and the Mega-Socials to be that kind of savior-figure.

I named her Allegra Ramsey, and thus I stepped into the world of Aberrant. Of course, first-runs being what they are, the story did not turn out in any way how I thought it would and Ramsey ended up becoming something else entirely, as noted in 1,001 Aberrant Nights where she is known more as Machina. Not to be confused with the man's man Machina that everyone loved to hate and hated to love.

Dan and Kelly took an extended hiatus from Missouri, and when they returned, Dan had his storyteller's fire back. Some RPG storytellers are like that; give them time away from the game and they will return with an epic adventure. And what an adventure it was. It tied in characters and elements from plots long idle, and he was going to create a core group of about seven player characters from seven different players.

Before all of this started, he took me aside and asked if I would play the interloper. I would be the one sent to watch the others. This was a bit of a challenge, considering it was Aberrant after all and PC's tend to latch onto abilities like Lie Detector but I was honored that I was asked to do it. Only Kelly, who would be playing the assassin and co-consipirator, would know who I was.

As the game passed, the intrigue became almost suffocating, and it came to a head when my character learned that Kelly's character, Viper, was her daughter. This was a masterful moment of storytelling that left me as a player and a character utterly devastated. Everyone will say that I should have seen it coming, but I was completely blindsided. No twist could have been so simple and yet so transformative, and even at the pinnacle of his storytelling genius do I think Dan could have imagined what he just unleashed upon our circle.

This was the moment that Ashnod came into being.

Aberrant was never the same fore me. And for the next few months, I was living and breathing the Teragen in a way I could not possibly have as Allegra Ramsey. It was not anger that motivated Ashnod, though I'm suppose one might make arguments to the contrary. No, it was the understanding of what was necessary to ensure her species, her children, would emerge as free and unshackled beings.

Ashnod consumed me for a little while, and it was during this little while that I came across N!Prime.

I've waxed poetic on this many times, probably to the boredom of many of the newer players, but when I came across N!Prime there wasn't even a forum. Just a few posted articles, some info here and there, and a single thread called Opposing Views that allowed contributors to add their weight to the current topic.

And did we ever.

The current topic when I arrived was simply "The Null Manifesto vs The Zurich Accord." But as I read through the responses, it became clear that this was far more than a discussion. Fully-formed personalities were sharing their lives, and yes, some of them were completely off-the-wall. At the core of all of this were two dominant voices: Jager, who was easily the linchpin amongst the cast and the one who went out of his way to make the newcomers feel welcome; and Hazzard, an unrepetentant sociopath whose boasts of combat prowess were tempered by his outlandish wit. Ashnod fit in well amongst the colorful personalities; she was a Terat who preached separatism over supremecy, all the while listening to the tales of the mini-warp-drive ships and proclamations of love for Shrapnel.

It's amazing how much time you can spend refreshing a web-browser for updates on a single thread. I don't know how many hours of Microsoft Certification study were lost to N!Prime back then, but it was certainly engrossing.

Eventually the topic switched to "Divis Mal: Visionary or Madman?" The conversation didn't slow down, however, and the lives of these characters superceded the topic at hand. Chosen, recognizing that the characters had begun dominating the site, eventually transformed N!Prime completely into a full, proper forum to give them room to breath and grow.

Almost immediately, we had "On Wizard's Watch," the first full-length collaborative fiction between the novas of N!Prime. And then things really began to pick up.

I had to revise Ashnod to make her more properly fit into the N!Prime universe, which was a difficult task considering her table-top was still going on and some of those events kept bleeding into how I played her. But as I kept stripping more and more of her table-top life out of N!Prime, and streamlining how she would have developed without those influences, the character became more than just another terat and evolved into something larger. The writers of N!Prime all but demanded that she take that evolution. Not in any request to me, but in the way their characters challenged her and forced her to hone every last facet of her philosophy until it was a razor. The very same thing would happen to Salamander, whom I intended originally to be little more than a young, female homage to Hazzard and eventually became the unapologetic voice of the self-erupted community.

Because, above all, that's what rpg-post demands of you and gives back to you. The original cast of N!Prime has slowly filtered out and been replaced, but the heart of the site remains a dedicated group of writers that crave a fully-realized world with breathing characters to inhabit it. Challenging your peers to do better and be better than they are is a time-honored tradition here, as much as the conflicts and the in-fighting that are bound to happen in any environment where the creators have so much invested in the world.

Some of the best writing I have ever done has been for this site, and I'm exceedingly proud of the body of work I've contributed here, both in terms of OpNet posts and Fiction posts. But much of that would never have been possible without the interaction of everyone here; this place has inspired me, given me joy, and created lasting real-life friendships. Despite my inactivity, this place still calls to me and I continue to find myself popping in to see what is happening, longing for the thrill of a story and the interplay of the personalities that we use to drive that story forward.

It gets in your blood, this place does.

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Thank you all for sharing such great posts. I did a random rolling in the beta chat and Long won the honors.

Thanks to the 3 of you, and to everyone for sharing part of the last 10 years with me and

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I had no interest in a website so I held off from posting 'till now.

I cam here for the first time probably 7 years ago. I looked around and I didn't get what I saw. In part because what I saw was Open World and at the time I couldn't wrap my head around the idea of having a character but not having a GM to give me stuff to do. I first joined the site 5 years ago this past April for a game of Adventure! For nearly 2 years I played in that game and its follow up and learned just how immersive PbP games could be. I also learned a not about how to not roll play and how to role play.

Once my feet were at the precipice it was easy to jump off and 3 years ago this September I started Phoenix Rising. At the time there wasn't much in the way of PbP games being run by STs, I think there were less than half a dozen.

Fast forward to today. I've made dozens of friends, some who may well know me better than those I go to dinner with on weekends or grab a burger with during lunch hour at work. I run 3 games (not counting another game that fell apart on two separate occasions) including Phoenix Rising which is by far the longest I have ever had a game run as player or ST/GM. I play in a handful of other games and spend more time in chat than I really ought to.

So yeah, somehow my gaming hobby has survived the fact that I haven't had a table top game in 8 years and has instead flourished. I blame/owe that entirely to this site.

Thanks Chosen for everything. Here's to another 10 years or more.

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Like Jameson, I didn't want to compete for a website. I've got two already for my side business and I can't even get around to getting them done right... heh.

Like Jameson I first stumbled onto the site a year or two before I actually joined and like him I too started a game right about the same time, the Long March. To add even more parallels, since moving to Dallas I haven't been able to get a decent TT group together to game so this site has become my outlet for the addiction. wink

In the last three years it has been a real sanity saver. I work 12 hour shifts and the ability to jump on here and get my mind off work for a few minutes or sometimes a few hours and to chat has really kept me going at times.

I don't know if I can say that you guys are friends that know me better than the folks I hang out with in the day to day world, but yeah, I have made friends here and wish we were all closer, because I think I'd rather hang around and go have a burger with you all than with any of the folks I work with or see on a day to day basis (family excluded).

May we have another 10 years of friends and stories here! Thanks for making it possible Chosen.

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