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Savage Worlds: Rifts?

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In the interest of trying to encourage all my online gaming sites to merge into a collective hive mind with myself as the organizing consciousness, I present Savage Rifts. It is a site devoted to a very specific game; the recent Savage Worlds Rifts setting. It's a revision of the age-old (some would say classic) game setting made (in)famous by Palladium Press in which the world has ended in a bath of nuclear fire and magical hoo-doo, and now is a shattered, desperate realm ruled by the technocratic despots descended from humanity, and the slavering horrors that emerged from crossdimensional rifts...and the heroes who try to walk the thin line in between.

I post this here to sort of cross-pollinate. Savage Worlds Rifts is a very specific sort of game, one I feel I'm not likely to see run here, so I don't see it as taking away from this site to talk about it here. Similarly, I'm talking about this site over there! Win win!

Check it out if you're interested; they's good people: http://savagerifts.com/index.php

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You do get to do that! One of the guys is kicking around a game where you play Coalition soldiers too, and that could be an interesting reversal on the usual formula. But most of the games are playing the good guys, and there's room in several of the squads for more. :)

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