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POLL# 1 What are people intrested in?

What do you want?  

19 members have voted

  1. 1. What Genre do you want to Play/Write in?

    • SuperHeros (Comic book style, fighting crimes/evil, wearing costumes, secret identity, etc.)
    • Super powers (as above but in a realistic setting featuring normal people embued with powers of some sort.)
    • Fantasy (Standard D&D style fantasy with all the basic tropes)
    • Sword & Sorcery/Sword & Sandal (Grittier, Conan, Fafred and the Grey Mouser, Magic is usually evil and is always bad)
    • Modern Games With Powers (Psi, Magic, but not super powers vote one of the above for that)
    • Modern Setting without Powers
    • Horror/WoD (players play the monsters sort of game)
    • Horror Traditional (Games like call of Cuthulu, Chill, Bureau 13, etc.)
    • SciFi/Space Opera
    • SciFi/Hard
    • Specific game/system/setting
    • Other (please expand in seperate post)

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With the "Other Option" I've always been a nerd for settings where I could be a Fighter Pilot, that and there is nothing like piloting a Giant Robot. :3:

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