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Sandman XI

Dungeons and Dragons 3.5?

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I found this excel sheet character generator. It's been helpful for me, and it seems to have just about every crunchy that you could want. The only thing that I found was the armor check penalty for jump is about twice what it should be.


Also a question. Since we have both psy and magic, are we using psy=magic transparency or are they two different things? Just curious.

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I have all the stats and all the crunch finished and tweaked. I'm good to go and submit that whenever Sandman wants it, I even got a profile pic. I was waiting to submit it to hear what everyone else had settled on and see if maybe we could make backgrounds mesh. But I can submit without the background, never had a problem with that before.


It even has a waterskin for you fragile meatsacks, in case one of you happens to need one (or he needs to wash some blood off his sword or dirt off his armor or any other myriad reasons someone might use water besides drinking it).

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Common is a mashup of the languages, as per normal. But they're based off regional languages instead of racial languages. If you come from Homeland you get Home Tongue, if you from the North you get North Tongue, if you from the South you get South Tongue, if you from the East you get East Tongue.

This is on top of Common and any racial languages you get.

Racial languages are called (god's name) Tongue. You do not speak Dwarven, you speak with Hephaestus Tongue. You do not speak Gnome, you speak with Eris Tongue.

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Malachite is a whole ball of awesome ideas.

Cliff Note

* The North, called Agrios in Homeland, is mostly Norse themed. There are small Russian, Celtic and Germanic tribes. Agrios is seen as primal and barbaric by Homelanders, which is not far from the truth but is a great oversimplification.

* The South, called Karykevo in Homeland, is a mix of Egyptian and Middle Eastern cultures. The area closest to Homeland is more Egyptian the more southerly you go you'll find your Arabian Knights ;)

* The East, called Evrythmi in Homeland, is your Far East cultures (India, China, Mongolia, Japan and others).

* The West, called Erimia in Homeland, is protected by a great sea. There are large (somewhat connected) islands out there. They visit Homeland (and the surrounding areas) and bring exotic trades to the civilized world.

*Homeland will NOT be European a European area with a Greek skin. I'm going to try to make it work without pulling from European fantasy tropes (well besides the group of four strangers banding together to help out and save the world, but thats hardly a European-only thing :P)

* Homeland will consist of city states based on Ancient Greek society. Sparta, Athens, Corinth, Megara, Argos; these will be your 'main hubs'. other areas exist around Homeland, but these will be your main areas.

* IF I missed anything, I apologize, Malachite!

[sandman XI]: Malachite (and others in the D&D game) I was wondering how strict i should be about setting. I mean I dont want Homeland to be European fantasy with a greek backdrop :P

[Malachite]: Sand - I don't really know what you're asking, or more specifically, your statement/question was too vague for an actual response.

[sandman XI]: Malachite, I was wondering what the setting should look like. Sparce cities with trade toutes connecting everything

[sandman XI]: trade routes

[Malachite]: Well, if you want a heavy Greek feel in Homeland, I'd go with large city-states surrounded by a few miles of farmland and then wilderness before hitting the next farmland ring for the next city-state.

[sandman XI]: everything ive read about greek fiction doesnt mention what kind of cities they lived in just what their society was like

[sandman XI]: Malachite, yeah, i thought so

[Malachite]: Trade routes between city states....to avoid the 'generic fantasy' feel, I'd just avoid many (or any) multi-city kingdoms or large countries.

[Abyss Phantasia]: which game is this?

[sandman XI]: D&D

[sandman XI]: Also, the city states will be modeled after fantastic versions of ancient greek citystates

[sandman XI]: with a few 'new' ones there

[Abyss Phantasia]: Oh!

[Abyss Phantasia]: name one Caprica!

[sandman XI]: Also, I'm thinking of dropping the idea of the shroud to the west and making it a great sea from which tehere is a mysterious continent across from

[sandman XI]: you get visitors every once in a while from there

[Malachite]: I like that more than a shroud. It's very thematic.

[Abyss Phantasia]: Hmmm

[Abyss Phantasia]: which direction?

[Abyss Phantasia]: depending on where it is you could get Egyptains, Celts or Chinese

[Malachite]: I'm thinking that my character (who I will buckle down on once I get home from Conflation) has a parent from Homeland and a parent from the Egyptian-esque area. Greco parent worships Hermes, Egyptian parent worships Thoth and they both view the two gods as one diety in two forms. Is that okay? I don't care if it

[Malachite]: 's actually -true- or not, just asking if it's fine that the parents -think- that way and would have raised her to believe that way.

[sandman XI]: Right, there will be people who believe that THEIR deity runs everything and thinks other deities are just extensions of thiers

[Malachite]: Also, she would have been raised travelling between Homeland and the South fairly often. I think the Greco parent came from a merchant family and the marriage was for trade route access and merging/expansion of both families business and wealth.

[sandman XI]: Since its gonna be 99% in homeland, should i pop names for the north/south/east?

[Abyss Phantasia]: I'd say either the Norse or Celts to the north

[Malachite]: I think the Egyptian parent is a gov't official or from a priest-caste family.

[sandman XI]: Abyss, the Northern territories are based off Norse myth

[Malachite]: Sand- That entirely depends on if the Homelanders have specific names for them or just refer to them by regional direction. :)

[sandman XI]: The South is a mix of Egypt and the Middle East

[sandman XI]: and the east is everything in the Far East

[Malachite]: North - Agrios (means fierce in Greek)

[sandman XI]: Right, they believe the north is full of primal barbaric people

[Abyss Phantasia]: I mostly was just tossing it out because Celts were pretty cool too

[sandman XI]: which they ARE primal and barbaric, but that's a simplification :P

[sandman XI]: Abyss, i've never studied anything Celtic :(

[Abyss Phantasia]: and I found the Tuatha De Dannan a intresting mythos

[Abyss Phantasia]: oh

[Abyss Phantasia]: nvm

[sandman XI]: I'd be up for suggestions if you want to play

[Abyss Phantasia]: nah. I'm good

[Malachite]: South - Karykevo (means spiced)

[sandman XI]: I'll be noting these, Malachite

[Jordan]: Heh, my potential character is coming from he south as well...

[sandman XI]: thank you for your help

[Malachite]: Still working on the other two. :)

[Jordan]: If I play him I'll be dropping the Totemist and just go pure Swordsage

[sandman XI]: Yeah, i think i messed up mixing the Middle East and Egyptian culture

[sandman XI]: but I wanted to have both

[Jordan]: well the histories of those regeions do intermingle and Egypt is often thought of and refered to as a middle eastern country

[Jordan]: wb 'Becca

[sandman XI]: aloha rebecca

[Abyss Phantasia]: Kanzaki Kaoru?

[Jordan]: Abyss Phantasia - Sounds like he's going to suicide fly into an american battleship

[Malachite]: East - Evrythmi (means orderly)

[sandman XI]: And the west doesnt have a name yet as its technically a 'new' thing

[Abyss Phantasia]: what's greek for Unknown

[sandman XI]: going with the land across the sea

[Abyss Phantasia]: it has Aztecs doesn't it

[Malachite]: West - Erimia (the wilderness)

[sandman XI]: Aztecs, Native Americans, Incans, Aborigines, Maori. Anything that wast around in the ares accounted for, Abyss. Its not really one island (surprising reveal!)

[Malachite]: Abyss - Unknown is a long, akward word in Greek.

[sandman XI]: I feel like i'm arbitrarily leaving out russia, but i have no idea what their ancient culture was like

[envoy]: roaming horsemen, I think.

[Malachite]: Sand - As for the South mix of Egyptian and Middle East, I'd say it's more Egyptian in the areas closer to Homeland and blends into and then becomes predominantly ME/Arabic the further south you go. :)

[Malachite]: Sand - Fairly similar to the Black Forest Europe culture until you get really far East.

[sandman XI]: Good idea

[sandman XI]: Man, i do like picking your brain, Malachite :D

[Malachite]: You could have a bubble culture in the North made up of a few more Germanic/Russian tribes.

[Malachite]: This is what I do. :) Don't ask me to write a -novel-, but I'll pump out RP settings day on end.

[Rebecca OOC]: Heh.

[Charlotte]: I wouldn't sweat historical accuracy too much. It's your world. No one's going to be going "that's not the right shade of brown for Prussian aristocrats" when the world's made up

[sandman XI]: Malachite, mind if i copy paste out back and forth in the thread?

[sandman XI]: our*

[Malachite]: Sand - Feel free.

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So umm....what are people playing again? I don't remember what classes and roles are covered. Have we got a magey type and a healy type? I think I remember reading Mala is going for a Factotum but I don't want to put words in anyone's mouth...

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I'm looking really hard at a Psionic. Was looking at telepath but if Max is dropping the shapechanging, I may shift gears to Egoist or something along those lines (shapechanger)

Psion is a full caster equivalent on the same level as say a sorcerer.

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I'm curious if you guys are ever going to get a game going. You've been making characters for 2 1/2 weeks... after that long if shit isn't together then chances are it isn't going to go anywhere.

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Warforged Psychic Warrior. Made in Homeland then wandered down south, open to character ties with other characters from down that way.


Dave: I have my character made, just working on the background. Haven't submitted yet, but I'm good to go whenever Sand and the others are.

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Okay so we have a fightey type, a caster type (both with psionics), a character that can cover the rogue type stuff somewhat, and maybe a healer by way of Druidism...

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Okay I have to confess something. I am really having trouble settling and being happy with my character. What I really want to play is an Incarnum-based character, but I realized that the house rule that I use to make it playable in an actual setting won't be in play.

So I'd like to just post up the rule to see if people think it's fair and to see if it's acceptable to you. So the basic problem is that when you Manifest a soulmeld, it's always there and always on regardless of it's appearance. for some, it's not a problem. They just look like weird looking boots or gloves and so on. Some however, pose real problems outside of a dungeon or even direct combat situation. Take the Incarnate Weapon for instance. Once manifested if it leaves your hand for any reason, it reappears in your hand the next round.... really? you cant let the damn thing go or sheathe it?

So my house rule is this. As a swift action you can repress any and all manifested soulmelds. They are still manifested, they are just not visible. While repressed, the soulmelds are purged of all invested essentia and their benefits are not active. Expressing any and all Soulmelds is also a swift action. When they are expressed they function exactly as written.

Does that seem fair?

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I really dont see the stigma with soulmelds being visible. Unless they're Necrocarnum, people will write them off as magical weapons and armor if they don't know what they are. If you wish to sheathe your incarnum weapon you can, that's silly that you can't put it away. But you can only sheathe it. no putting it somewhere and leaving it. Once it's manifested it's either at your side/back or in your hand

Also, please post in this thread from now on. That thread is he most current one. This thread here is for archival purposes.

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