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Justin OOC

BESM: World of Recovery

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It is the Year 2525. Fifty-five years ago humanity was a race that had it all, a fledgling stellar empire, an interstellar military and commercial fleet, and the respect and admiration of many other races within the galaxy. Then Humanity was the first to meet a new Race, the Xydarians. This humanoid species was more imperialistic than any other, and responded to the first meeting with a declaration of war. Humanity's colonies were destroyed, and any other race that sought to aid them felt the Xydarian's wrath. Within five years the Galactic Alliance was shattered, billions were dead, and the various races had withdrawn to their homeworld fortresses. Humanity though, had been pushed beyond the edge, and pursued the Xydarians, using every weapon they had, committing genocide on the same scale as their foes, culminating in a final climactic battle that saw the homeworlds of both races devastated in a Holocaust of mutually assured destruction.

Humanity's highpoint had passed, but rather than wait to die, those few who survived set out once again to rebuild the world, to reclaim their heritage, and perhaps one day return to the stars. The Nova Alliance of Humanity is commited to ressurecting their homeworld and race as an Interstellar power, and is the largest faction in the aftermath of the war, They possess only 5 operational starships, all of them save one transports, and far too few mecha to try and police the entire world. Their primary focus is Africa, site of the the Kilamanjaro and Cairo Castle Brian Fortresses, and the only remaining orbital elevator.

The bombardment tainted the earth, increasing radiation resulting in new horribly monstrous creatures roaming the earth, and large swaths of land too tainted to even travel through. Add to that some less than scrupulous people have taken to marauding across the habitable regions of the world, using military hardware from the last war to enforce their will on the mostly defenseless populace, and there's no shortage of obstacles facing those who wish to return the world to prominence and prosperity.

This is where the Pilots and crew of the Rising Star come in. A mercenary force, the ship and pilots move across the globe from hotspot to hotspot, quelling unrest, ferrying supplies, and removing threats to the slowly recovering settlements of humanity.

You the PCs will be the Pilots of the ship's mecha. You are the frontline in interaction with hostile forces, and often friendlies, as you will relay whether it's safe for the ship itself to come in. Your mission is to help make life better for humanity, either through valorous service fighting those who would attack the helpless, and radiation spawned horrors from the wastelands. Or your mecha, unencumbered by weaponry, make powerful construction tools. The sword may double as a plowshare, but in the end, it will still be a sword.

Game rules 325 cp build

Characters should be human level no attribute over 7, and only one at 7.

up to 75 points may be used to customize your mecha, the size may not be increased or decreased.
Power Flux and Dynamic powers are not usable

Mecha may have Regeneration for HP only

All energy weapons take energy to fire each time (Damage value/5)

All Forcefields take energy to keep active, 10 per turn up to level 10, over level 10 is 20 per turn

All ranged weapons have an ammo count of 10 shots with that weapon. if you have the same weapon twice, the ammo count is 10 for each weapon, though it can be shared, provided the weapon is not destroyed.

Toughness and Energy bonus cost 1 cp a rank, and give 10 HP or EP respectively.

6,6 always hits and does double damage for PC's
6,6 is auto hit for anything attacking
6,6 auto defense for anything defending
1,1 always misses for attacks
1,1 always fails for power activation
1,1 always hit when rolled for defense
Defender always wins

reduced to negative HP

characters with regeneration regenerate all negative HP in one turn, regardless of how deep they go, so long as they do not die.

The use of a healing power on someone in negative heal will always bring them up to at least 0 hp, regardless of how deep into the negatives they are.

Basic mech stats (these are free)
Mecha- Humanoid Trooper
Height- 50 feet
Weight- 50 tons
2x Battlefist- Weapon level 12
2x Alloy Combat Knife- 15 penetrating 5
2x Rotary Chaingun- Weapon 15 autofire
Armor 25
(effective superstrength rating 7
Landspeed 4 (60 mph)
Normal jumping distance 20m
Flight 3 (100mph)
HP 500 EP 400
Features- Fulll cockpit ejection (included Life-support), homing beacon, gps, Full standard senors with a max range of 10 miles on basic mode scanning
movement- Bipedal or flight


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I got one question, do we start at 0/0/0 on our BMS or 1/1/1? Sort of important so we know the final cost of stats.

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After seeing how I'm having a hard time getting started, that and I just can't get a handle in my head on what I want to build, I've realized I've burned out on making new characters in general.

I'm out.

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