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Aberrant: [Razor's Edge]Character concepts/sheets

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Birth Name: Janet Waller
Nova Name: Not Yet, although the media is tossing ideas like ‘Stunner’ or ‘Titania’ around.
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Description: A devastatingly attractive young woman with red hair and green eyes, Janet is still visibly nervous with all attention focused on her as one of the most obviously metahuman of her Nova peers, no matter how she dresses down. Still, she manages a smile for those who seem to wish her well, a growing part of her enjoying the attention. That this mostly-harmless looking young woman can go from a demure 5’4 to a looming 85’4 with a thought only adds to things.
History: Born and raised in one of the nicer neighborhoods in the Bronx to a pair of domineering and high energy parents, Janet was almost terminally self-effacing, not one to stand out socially, athletically, or academically. She *wanted* to act out like her peers, to strive for more, but she could never quite push herself to action, not beyond signing up for karate lessons just down the street. The idea of trying and failing was too scary.
One thing led to another, and she started attending Bronx Community College after high school, working towards a computer science degree, the old safe and boring and suffocatingly frustrating route she’d always taken in, well, everything. Even N-day didn’t seem to change that, just another topic for conversations she wasn’t a part of. Fate had other plans.
April 15th, 1998. A late night study session. A stormy night. A delivery truck that failed to obey a red light. And one Janet Waller on the crosswalk, eyes wide as getting overlooked one more time seemed sure to end her story in blood and pain. A flare of quantum energies and the shattering of glass, steel, and stone as truck slammed into a woman taller than most of the buildings around her, failing to knock her off her feet.
Eye witnesses, a security video that was leaked to a media, and confused stories about a stunning young woman taken into police custody and released within hours made sure the incident wasn’t forgotten. Well, much as a set of 4 and 1/2 foot long sneaker prints at the site would allow the city to forget.
Janet herself hasn’t left her families’ apartment more than two or three times since her eruption and the crippling headaches that followed, trying to cope with a reflection she can’t believe is her own, people that suddenly wanted to please her, and a flood of messages from people wanting to interview her or hire her. She’s not quite sure what to do yet, but as her parents are increasingly insistent to tell her, she doesn’t have a lot of time left before someone forces a choice on her.
Nature: In Flux
Theme: Larger Than Life


Dexterity:4 (Graceful)
Perception:4 (Sensitive)
Appearance:5 (Stunning)

Martial Arts:2
Style: 2

Mega Attributes:
More Than Beauty (Mega Appearance 3 (Seductive Looks))

Node 3
Influence 2
Contacts 2
Mentor 1 (Martial Arts Instructor)
Resources 1
Attunement 1

Legendary Stature (Sizemorph: Grow 4)
Inviolate Flesh (Armor 2)
Stubborn Endurance (6x Extra Maimed Hls)

Health Levels: -0, -1, -1, -2, -3, -3, -3, -3, -3, -3, -3, -4, Helpless, Dead

Other (Initiative, Willpower, Quantum, etc)
Quantum Pool:26
Soak: 9 Bashing/7 Lethal
Dodge DV:3
Parry DV:3

Aberration/Flaws/Merits: Combat Paralysis, Sexy

Bonus Points: +2 Quantum (+14), Combat Paralysis (-3), Sexy (+1), +3 Background (+3)

Nova Points: Sizemorph Grow 4 (12), Mega Appearance 3 (6, tainted), Armor 2 (6), +6 Atributes (2), +1 Willpower (1), 6x Extra Maimed Health Levels (3)

XP Earned: 0
XP Spent: 0
XP Purchases: None

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Name: Quinn Torano

Concept: Old timer erupted

Nature: Traditionalist

Weight: 165 lb.
Height: 5”10
Age (apparent age): 63
Gender: Male
Ethnic Background: Caucasian (Italian)
Nationality (place of origin): American
Hair Color: Brown turning to gray

Eye Color: Blue
Handedness: Right-handed

Personality: Quinn is an older, more conservative man (fiscal conservative GOP moderate). He is pro-life but does not oppose abortions in the cases of rape, incest or mother's safety. He believes government should be limited, but it's reasonably needed, it's needed. Quinn is also a devout Catholic, but has not chosen to presume whether his nova powers are granted from the Almighty or not.


Right now in fact, Quinn is somewhat nonplussed over his abilities, and is currently observing other novas and the reacting world as he decides how to handle this dramatic shift in life.



Quinn Torano was born in 1935, to parents of struggling means. Honest and respectable work though, his father did as a firefighter. Bruno Torano left in 1941, signed up to fight in the Pacific, and Quinn had to learn a certain amount of self-sufficiency, helping his mother until World War Two's end. However, the post-war loans to GIs allowed the Toranos to move to Levittown, New York.


A few years too young for the Korean War before it ended, Quinn cycled through owning a general store before serving in Vietnam from 1965 to 1968. Bitter over the illusionary portrayals by politicians and yet equally critical of self-righteous young men and women demonizing those who went through horrors, Quinn went back to the Torano General Store and continued running it.


Business went well enough for him to open local branches in other towns through New York State, Quinn married Wendy Tompkins after a long seeming courtship, and they had three sons, Albert, Ian and Lawrence. Decades passed - the boys had their own families and Quinn stood grandfather to a nice brood...


Then Wendy grew sick, and sicker. It turned out she had cancer... discovered too late except to provided a dignified passing. Quinn had to take comfort in her and the Lord's shelter, and soldier on. But it was tiring. Six months after the funeral to the day - was N-Day.


A carnival in Central Park of NYC was in swing, and Quinn was visiting the fun. But a squabble between a young man and his girlfriend became heated - and the brat actually was hitting her. Shocked, Quinn was one of the bystanders who tried to tried to break them up when the boy clutched his head, and then starting hovering with flames dancing around him.


Quinn himself felt a sharp, searing headache, before quite unconsciously raising his hand. The fiery youth found himself restrained by light blue energy bonds, and Quinn somehow making the flames go out....





Intelligence •••, Wits •••, Perception •••• (Observant)

Strength ••, Dexterity •••, Stamina •••

Charisma ••, Manipulation ••, Appearance ••



Academics •

Athletics ••

Awareness ••

Biz ••

Bureaucracy •

Endurance •••

Etiquette ••

Firearms ••

Investigation ••

Martial Arts ••

Melee ••

Rapport ••

Resistance •••

Stealth ••

Subterfuge •



Influence ••, Node ••, Resources •••


Personal Stats

Willpower ••••• ••

Initiative: +6

Movement: Walk 7m/ Run 15m/ Sprint 35m

Soak: 3B/1L


Quantum Stats

Quantum •••

Quantum Pool: 26

Taint •



Mega-Perception • (Quantum Attunement)



Disrupt ••

Immobilize (Intangible) ••

Mental Blast ••

Psychic Shield ••


BP Log

Quantum +1 - 7

Willpower +4 - 8


NP Log

Quantum +1 (Tainted) - 3

Immobilize (Intangible) +2 - 10

Disrupt +2 - 6

Mental Blast +2 - 6

Mega Perception +1 - 3

Psychic Shield +2 - 2

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Naomi Minami

Concept: Detective

Nature: Analyst

Eruption: Near-Fatal Stabbing


Vital Statistics

Age: 24

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 130

Hair: Black

Eyes: Gold

Nationality: Japanese American

Residence: Manhattan, New York City, New York



Naomi had a privileged childhood. Summers with her mother in Okinawa, and her winters with her Father in upstate New York provided her a diverse understanding of the world. She wasn't want for anything either as both her parents were very well off, and her parents made sure she wouldn't notice the two were divorced a while back.


Around her 10th birthday, her parents made a decision after a few months in a cold cabin and rekindling a spark they thought they lost, to get back together. Leaving Naomi with her Aunt on her Father's side, the couple planned to go to Japan to meet up with family there to start arranging the renewal of vows. Unfortunately fate would intervene. On the way to the airport, the car was stopped in Harlem. It turned into a carjacking. Naomi's father was shot dead right there, and her Mother was left for dead. She was found by the police, and she eventually passed quietly the next night. Naomi was devastated, and for years after her mood moved between melancholy and outright nihilism. One thing her teachers couldn't deny was she was smart but her psychological wounds hampered her. But it took one of her teachers in her freshman year in High School to bring her out.


He was a Chemistry teacher, who at one time funded his time through college through being a private detective. After seeing her completely pick apart an error in a project she was working on all on her own and manage to be the only person in the class to figure out how to fix said issue, he saw in her a deductive genius in the making. Over the year, Naomi and William Castelli traded extra credit back and forth, not in Chemistry, but William using his notes from several cases he had worked on, and let Naomi figure things out. Eventually, he trusted her enough where when she graduated, he took her on as a assistant. He helped her get her licence in New York and New Jersey, then started on new cases.


The man was much older now, but for a man in his late forties he was still very much active. Naomi's youth showed from time to time, but she was quite useful. For instance her father was a man who loved the outdoors and taught Naomi many a survival technique, useful to be out in the middle of nowhere staking out a target, and Naomi showed herself as a stickler for detail.


Then one day on a dock in lower Manhattan in 1998, everything changed.


The Night of Naomi's Eruption

Naomi had been nursing a headache for a day, she had taken it as just stress from trying to figure out one of the latest cases William had taken on. Knowing she had a good lead on outing a member of high society as the head of a small crime family who had been under the nose of the Port Authority, she was going to take a risk that her mentor expressly refused her to follow.


She wasn't going to just stake out a warehouse where the head of the family was going to meet with several distributors of Cocaine in the neighborhood, she was going to go into that warehouse, take pictures, then get out. To her she had everything planned, even at least 4 escape routes.


Her entry was easy, in the middle of the day the warehouse was just a warehouse. Legitimate even. Hiding among the crates she waited. But at sunset, before the people arrived, she was violently pulled from her hiding place like a bear had grabbed her and she was tossed into more crates, the wind knocked from her and her senses spinning, there was a sudden, sharp sensation again and again as a blade went across her as she reflexively tried to avid being stabbed. Then the attacker stepped on the inside of her lower right leg, breaking it, then slamming her into the floor of the warehouse. He stood over her with a grin like man possessed, scars all over his face like some surreal abstract art masterpiece from Jackson Pollack. A 8-inch knife more suited for use in the kitchen than combat in his hands. Then he buried it into her chest.


Blood was everywhere moments after as she coughed out, struggling to get away. But he stayed on her, observing her last moments, waiting for the light to fade from her eyes. Her world went black, every impulse to get away with her.


But then things changed. She felt like she was in almost 6 billion places at once. Every mind every thought. This didn't feel like dying. Not by any means, this felt like omniscience. She touched the mind of her mentor for a moment that could only be measured in theory... a Royal Navy pilot in training had awoke well before dawn like someone walked over his grave. A Israeli Soldier paused in her marksmanship training wondering who that person was behind her. A Olympic athlete in training stumbled in his run in Australia wondering where that rock was that stumbled him up.


In that last moment she gasped. Everything was there... every secret laid bare... she understood... but before she could understand everything...


She awoke in a puddle of her own blood. What followed was her stumbling out, into the light shed by 5 police cars. All she had on her was a blue tarp that was originally over her. She had wrapped it around herself, her clothes were torn off as EMTs tried to revive her. Everyone was in shock. They couldn't understand why she was standing there, when for an hour she was dead to the world! At least that was what the coroner had assumed. Her mentor had called in to a contact he had with the NYPD and he sent a squad in to save her. Her mentor was sitting in an ambulance still mourning when she stood there, people still staring.


After a awkward moment all he could do was embrace her. Then he said something that marked the day Naomi Minami will always remember.


"You're one of them, child... by god you're one of them."


It sunk in fast. She knew where she was stabbed, she shouldn't be standing. She should be headed for a slab in county. She was like "The Fireman"... But why was everyone looking at her funny?


Then she looked into a rear-view on a police car...


Current Disposition

Naomi's personality ranges from cool and calm to energetic and playful, fitting of her appearance as part cat part human. Outside of her cat ears and tail she seems a athletic asian woman of 24 years of age. She prefers to dress in 3 different ways. Either business-proper, formal, or in her motorcycle gear. Occasionally she wears something baggy so she can keep her tail warm or dry in a leg sleeve. She's still getting used to the fact she is now not just Human. She is part of something growing in the world and she's still getting a sense of it all. She prefers to talk out a conflict, but when things are tense she has discovered she's a crack shot, preferring the venerable M1911A1 pistol, she has impressed those working in the NYPD with her marksmanship. Her skill not to mention her apparent change has made her the talk of police headquarters, and many on the force knowing her skill have made overtures to put her through the academy to become a actual police officer, although the city has been more than happy to offer jobs particularly tough cases once she's gotten a handle on her new situation.


Character Data


Attributes (Megas in Bold)

STR: 2, DEX: 5/1, STA: 5/1, PER: 5/1, INT: 5/1, WIT: 5, APP: 2, MAN: 4, CHA: 3



DEX: Athletics: 5, Drive: 4, Firearms: 5, Martial Arts: 2, Melee: 1, Pilot: 3, Stealth: 3

PER: Awareness: 5, Investigation: 5

INT: Academics: 3, Computer: 3, Intrusion: 2, Linguistics: 2 (N: English, Japanese, Italian), Science: 3, Survival: 3

WIT: Biz: 2, Rapport: 5

MAN: Interrogation: 5

CHA: Etiquette: 2, Perform: 2



Mentor: William Castelli, PI - 3, Resources: Inheritance from parents - 4



Willpower: 8, Initiative: 12, Walk: 7, Run: 18, Sprint: 38


Quantum Traits

Quantum: 2, Quantum Pool: 24


Mega Enhancements

DEX: Accuracy

STA: Regeneration

PER: EM Vision, Hyper Hearing

INT: M. Prodigy: Investigation


Body Modifications

Balancer Tail, Directional Ears


Merits and Flaws


Ambidextrous (1)

Acute Sense: Hearing (1)

Acute Sense: Vision (1)

Internal Compass (1)

Concentration (1)

Speed Reading (2)

Debt (Someone owes her after taking on a case for them pro-bono) (2)


Phobia: Dogs (2)

Enemy: The Scar Faced Man (roughly as powerful, wants her DEAD.) (4)

Flashbacks: Of her stabbing (3)

Point Expenditures

Bonus Points

8: +4 Willpower

7: +1 Quantum


Nova Points

7 NP: 42 Ability Dots

4 NP: 12 Attribute Dots

15 NP: 4 Mega Attribute Dots, 1 Enhancement

3 NP: Body Modifications

1 NP: +1 Willpower

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Name: Siva Talia Ilia Moore
Nature: Visionary
Theme: Mistress of Molecules
Job: Scientist, Inventor, Entrepreneur
Pre-Eruption History
Born in California, the only child of her parents, Julian and Nyasa Moore. Her family was fairly well off, but would move to New York when she entered high school because her father had better job opportunities in his business, when he was offered a promotion in their New York office, this would create a few problems for her, leaving old friends behind and having to make new ones.
On a different note, Siva was a reader from a young age, with a love for science fiction, so her closest friends were books, whats more she had liking and talent for mathematics also. As she grew up she knew that she wanted to be a scientist, she dreamed about designing spaceships, inventing and pioneering new technologies, and she also wanted to be a artist, to paint, sculpt and carve beautiful art. Siva was a honor roll student in school pretty much her entire life, with the sorts of troubles a very intelligent young girl had in school. She got in habit of regular exercise, though she wasn’t all that physically inclined, she wanted to stay healthy and fit.
As she grew older she was to realize that some of her dreams of being a artist and scientist were impractical, she could dabble in one, but to really excel she would have to concentrate on one of them, and even there, she’d have to pick a field, though she was somewhat saddened by giving up her dream of it all, she decided in the end to explore chemestry and physics.. of course, fate was to lend a hand further down the road, and prove her wrong, when she erupted, but that was for the future. In the last two years of her her years in high school she applied to a number of Universities and was accepted in NYU.
Siva came from a fairly well to do family, well off enough that she was covered when she chose to go to collage at NYU, to get a degree in chemistry, maybe physics as well, but chemistry seemed to her where there was the most to learn in terms of study and experimentation. Entering collage in her 18th year, she was 21 when it happened, N-Day occurred, and everything changed...
Eruption: Revelation (30 NP)
Siva’s erruption was a slow thing by comparison to other Nova’s, it started with splitting headaches as things simply became.. easier, and she began to absorb information at astronomical speeds..
Day One of Eruption (4 Nova Points into Attributes, 3 Nova Points for Mega-Intelligence 1)
Mind and Body Idealization, Intelligence increased to Super Human Levels
Attributes + 12 (Mental Comprehension and Speed grow ( + 1 to Intelligence and Wits) Idealized Appearance and Capabilities (+ 2 to Appearance, + 3 to Dexterity, + 2 to Stamina), Comprehension of Social Dynamics and Interpersonal Manipulations Increased (+3 Manipulation)
Bypasses Human IQ scale, though not yet at full Mental Capabilities she would possess (Mega-Intelligence 1) - Also gains super-human scientific understanding (Enhancement: Scientific Prodigy)
Day Two and Three of Eruption (6 Nova Points for Mega-Intelligence, 2 Nova Points for Abilities)
Blinding Headaches begin to ease, thirst for knowledge and speed reading talent have evolved into something truely superhuman, goes to school library and begins to go though books at extreme speed..
Intelligence becomes even more remarkable, begining to push past most other nova’s appearing, and rise of other nova’s, together with superior intelligence realizes that must be what is happening to her.
Mental capabilities increase still further ( Mega-Intelligence + 2 )
Speed Reading and Intelligence add considerable knowledge, adds all kinds of knowledge and understanding to her capabilities, stays up day and night reading everything she can. [Abilities + 12 (+2 to Science, + 2 to Medicine, + 2 to Academics, + 2 to Business, +4 to Engineering)]
Day Four of Eruption (3 Nova Points for + 1 to Quantum (Tainted), 3 Nova Points for Molecular Manipulation 1 (tainted), 6 Nova Points for Mega-Intelligence + 2 (Now 5), 1 Nova Point for Backgrounds, 2 Nova Points for Willpower.)
Headaches fade, but now possesses Super-Human intelligence of amazing levels,
Mental Intelligence pushed to Limits of Quantum, intellectual tasks that had seemed hard once now seemed simple and easy (+ 2 Mega-Intelligence), ..
Scientific Understanding merges with Quantum capabilities to developing the superhuman capability of matter manipulation, begins to experiment with tranmuting one element into another...(Quantum + 1, Molecular Manipulation 1 (Technique: Molecular Alteration)
Begins to use new capabilities in the world of business and science, using a small inheritance, to start a process of building a new enterprise, using super human understanding of mathematics and first inventions, as well as ability to alter things using her new molecular manipulation capabilities, uses inventions to begin to increase influence in markets and governments around world. Intending to fund her own scientific exploration rather then depending on grants and the like, and to make herself truly independent. Intelligence indicates potential future problems, so begins to look into the possibility of a super human bodyguard if she can manage it, which eventually would draw her to her old friend Cedric. (Allies +1, Resources + 2, Influence +2)
Personal confidence and will begin to increase (+2 to willpower)
Post Eruption Day One
While continuing to build business capabilities and influence, plans to challenges school with an ultimatum and offer, will give school several million for schoolarship if school allows her to take and if pass give certifications in every science that she completes all classes and doctoral thesis for.. it takes a week for her to be able to produce the funds and convince the school board to give her the go.. and in the next few weeks she completes all courses and doctoral thesis for Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Geology, Geography, Law, History, Philosophy, Surgery, Medicine, Business, Agriculture, Architecture... to the stunned amazement of the school and the worldwide scientific community, and she continues to add degrees even now.. scientific magazines start calling her the Da Vinci of this age.
This also begins to make her enemies, a number of folks she simply bypassed along the way, who are extremely jealous of her, her newfound beauty (she went from just being cute to being Stunning), superhuman intelligence, as well as the fame and influence she’s gained along the way.
Siva is near sighted, requiring glasses to see distances clearly, has a morbid fear of spiders, in part due to some serious teasing when she was little, which included dropping a tarantula down her shirt, something that sent her into screaming histerics, and spiders can seriously frighten her to this day. Also to much imagination mixing with a distaste for hurting people has her hesitating when she's in a combat situation, making her slower then she might normally be, this weakness she is aware of, and will try to avoid combat, but is also part of why she has sought to hire Cedric.
Post Eruption Stats
Physical: Strength 2 || Dexterity 5 (Graceful) [Abilities: Athletics 3] || Stamina 4 (Energetic) [Abilities: Endurance 3, Resistance 3]
Mental: Perception 2 [Awareness 1] || Intelligence 5 (Imaginative); Mega-Intelligence 5 [Enhancements: Mathematical Genus, Scientific Prodigy, Speed Reading] [Abilities: Academics 5, Computers 1, Engineering 5, Medicine 5, Science 5] || Wits 5 (Creative) [Abilities: Art 1, Biz 5, Rapport 1]
Social: Appearance 5 (Stunning) || Manipulation 5 (Persuasive) [Abilities: Subterfuge 1] || Charisma 3 [Abilities: Etiquette 1, Perform 1]
Backgrounds: Allies(Cedric) 1, Resources 5, Influence 5(Scientific Community), Node 1
Special: Willpower: 5 || Quantum: 5 [Pool: 30] || Taint: 3
Powers: Molecular Manipulation 1 [Techniques: Molecular Alteration]
Allies 1 (One Ally of equivalent power level)

Name: Cedric Shannon Raelan
An old friend of Siva's, he also erupted though his eruption was not as drawn out as her's, his capabilities were the result of being attacked by thugs when he was trying to help a shopkeeper, but he had no idea what to do with his newfound power, his plans for the future were clearly no longer the best of choices, and his old friends simply couldn't keep up with him anymore.
Fortunately for him, with the appearances of super humans in the world, it wasn't hard for Siva to track him down, and her exceptional intelligence indicated to her that a bodyguard would be a very good idea, so she offered him a job, if he was interested... Cedric accepted. He also serves well as a confident, as he understands better then normal humans how completely she surpasses normal human capabilities on levels they don't understand.
Power wise, Cedric possesses mega-physicals, control over his own density, and superhuman physical toughness.
Pre-Eruption Capabilities
Strength 2 Perception 2 Appearance 3
Dexterity 2 Intelligence 4 (Imaginative) Manipulation 2
Stamina 2 Wits 4 (Creative) Charisma 3
Athletics 3 Awareness 1 Subterfuge 1
Endurance 3 Academics 3 Etiquette 1
Resistance 3 Computers 1 Perform 1
Engineering 1
Medicine 3
Science 3
Arts 1
Biz 3
Rapport 1
Resources 3
Influence 3
Point Breakdown
-21 Freebies (Quantum + 3)
- 4 Freebies (Lightning Calculator, Speed Reading) - 25
+ 1 Weak Sense (Vision: Near-Sighted) - 24
+ 2 Enemy (less Powerful, wants humiliated) - 22
+ 2 Obsession: Knowledge - 20
+ 3 Combat Paralysis - 17
+ 2 Phobia: Spiders - 15
Nova Points (detailed further in history)
Mega-Intelligence 5 Prodigy: Science [15
Quantum (Tainted) + 1 [3/18]
Molecular Manipulation (Tainted) [3/21]
Attributes + 12 [4/25]
Abilities + 12 [2/27]
Backgrounds + 5 [1/28]
Willpower +2 [2/30]

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Personal Information

Real Name: Sean Fionn Cassidy
Nicknames: Finn, Cassidy
Nova Name: Currently none

Nature: Somewhere between Architect and Survivor, but may start sliding towards Hedonist

Concept: Sex-changed Siren
Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Kieran Cassidy (Father; History/Irish Studies/Gaelic Professor at NYU), Evelyn Cassidy (Mother; Former Homeworker, part-time accountant working from Home), Teagan Cassidy (Sister; 21; Student at NYU), Dylan Cassidy (Brother; 13; twin to Liam), Liam Cassidy (Brother; 13; twin to Dylan)
Date of Birth: February 7th, 1982
Date of Eruption: April 1st, 1998
First Public Appearance:

Nationality: American
Home Region: Manor Heights, Staten Island
Occupation: Student at Susan E, Wagner High School; Part-time clerk at Blockbusters

Allegiance(s): Family, Friends

Physical Traits

Gender: Female, very (now)
Ethnic Background: Caucasian (Irish, Scandinavian, Slavic)
Age: 16

Apparent Age: Late teens to early twenties
Height: 5'5''
Weight: 111 lbs

Measurements: Amazing and Embarrassing!
Eyes: Large, exotic, tilted eyes of Incandescent, shifting hues of blue and purple, flecked with bright silver, like stars in a twilight sky
Hair: Vibrant red with gold highlights/streaks, glistens as if metallic or constantly hit by sunlight; falls to mid-back
Handedness: Left


Appearance: Formerly a tall and lanky boy of average looks with short brown hair, pale grey eyes, and glasses, Sean is now an impossibly gorgeous woman - quite possibly the most attractive woman in the world - of average height (which is the only thing average about her), who combines aspects of many types of women into a glorious, overwhelming whole. Even straight women and gay men question their sexuality in her presence.


She has the dramatic curves of a glamour model, with a tiny waist most women need a corset to match, if they even can. Her finely sculpted features, entrancing twilight eyes, and full, perfect lips are the envy of any cover model. Her sleek, toned legs are surprisingly long for her modest height, and she moves with the smooth sensuality of a dancer, Latin ballroom or exotic. She possesses a glamour and sex appeal that dwarfs any starlet, from the golden age of Hollywood to anything on the internet, yet retains the intoxicating cuteness and approachability of the ultimate girl-next-door.


Despite looking like a woman designed by a teenaged boy, she somehow avoids coming across as trashy or tawdry, or really understanding just how insanely hot and sexy she is.


Sean's beauty is only matched by her exquisite voice, a mellifluous and velvety soprano, that makes the finest music sound dull in comparison and a simple greeting like an invitation to bed. She has a faint, exotic accent which she didn't have before, which is undefinable beyond vaguely European. Her singing is heart-achingly beautiful and her laughter one of the most arousing sounds in the world.


Despite her changes, Sean's fashion style is basically the same: relaxed-fit jeans, running shoes, and layered shirts, though she's added baggy hoodies to try to hide her figure with poor success. The only real concession she had made is to wearing a bra. Despite their considerable size, her breasts are remarkably firm and perky, but the bra really helps restrain their jiggle and bounce and her from nipping out all the time with her shirt rubbing against her sensitive bits.


Also, her mother adamantly refuses to let a daughter of hers strut around town braless, especially one as well-endowed as Sean.

Known Powers: Very obviously, Sean's peerless and voluptuous attractiveness is instantly known to anyone who sees her. Her exquisite and compelling voice is almost as well known.

Abilities/Special Skills: As a high school student, Sean isn't particularly skilled at much. Good at many subjects in school, if never the best. Likes science and math classes, decent in art and athletics, though never joined any official school sports. Is a member of Wagner's FIRST Robotics team and the RPG club. Was poor in music class and only made a token effort to learn the guitar, but with her eruption, Sean was surprised to find out she's really good at performing, singing in particular.

Personality: Sean is an easygoing guy girl, a bit shy, quiet, and self-effacing, except in the company of her tight circle of friends. Has a self-deprecating and dry sense of humour, and is extremely loyal to her friends.


As a boy, she had an easy enough time talking to girls, in a casual manner, but no clue how to flirt or read interest. When she does get angry or frustrated, tends to bottle it inside, so she can deal with it later in a more calm and logical manner, but is finding it harder to do these days. She is a good student, if not the best; she could be if she pushed herself, but once the school day is over, she doesn't like thinking about it anymore, and tries to do as much homework while at school as she can.


Though she hung around the periphery of the popular and athletic kids and got along with them, she wasn't part of their clique - she is more of a nerd. Loves video games, roleplaying games, and comic books, plays Magic: The Gathering and other collectible card games. Likes computers, and was considering studying architecture or engineering when she got to University, if couldn't find a way into the video game industry.


Naturally, with her eruption and change in gender, and looks, Sean is having a hard time adjusting to suddenly being a girl... and the center attention, with everyone wanting to be her friend... and more, and the expectations they have of someone with looks and a voice like hers.


Scary part is... she might be starting to like the attention...


Despite being of average female height, Sean feels quite short and is sensitive about her height - she used to be 6'2'' and her family is a tall one; her younger brothers are already 5'11'' and so is her sister, her mother is 5'10'', and her father is 6'2''.


Background: Kieran Cassidy, an Irish expat who moved to the US for work, was a professor of Classical History, Irish Studies, and Gaelic at NYU when he met his wife. Evelyn O'Shaughnessy, a native New Yorker, was a practicing accountant who was seeking to learn more about her Celtic roots by attending NYU part-time, where she met the intelligent and funny Irishman teaching her Irish Studies and Gaelic classes. Their mutual attraction was immediate, but they kept their flirtation casual and platonic until Evelyn passed her classes. Then they let their relationship blossom into intimacy, followed by marriage a year later.


The Cassidy's settled on Staten Island in a comfortable middle-class house in Manor Heights. Kieran continued teaching at NYU, while Evelyn stepped down to a part-time, work-from-home position at her firm so she could raise their brood. Time passed in relative domestic bliss - after with four children, three of them boys, there were bound to be squabbles.


Sean squabbled less than most - with his quiet demeanor and being the middle child, he was often left to his own devices, which suited him fine. Beyond his tight circle of friends who he'd known since they were all toddlers, it was often the same at school. He played with the jocks during recess but didn't join any school teams, talked with some of the more popular kids and did school projects with them but was never invited to their places for parties or just to hung out. He was just... there, the next thing to invisible. Especially to the girls.


That all changed one bad day, a week after N-Day.


Everyone was talking about the Galatae explosion and the appearance of the Fireman and others like him showing up around the world. Sean was feeling odd, had a bit of a headache, but was feeling excited too. People with superpowers really existed! And he had finally worked up the nerve to ask Alina Duffy out to the Green Day concert next month. She was one of the prettiest girls in school - in his opinion anyway - and had always been one of the friendlier girls among the popular kids.


Alina turned him down. It was a gentle and apologetic refusal, but a refusal all the same. Though he accepted with a calm nod and a self-deprecating laugh, Sean was hurt and angry - it had taken a lot of nerve just to ask her out. Then after school during RPG club, his PC died, the stunning Harper Bard Lorelei Sharessune, thanks to a Zhentarim attack and extremely shitty die rolling on his part - but at least he had taken down that bitch Ashemmi with him.


Following that, he had a short shift at Blockbuster's, where he got chewed out by his manager for something that wasn't his fault. A customer came in screaming about finding soft-core pornos in the four Disney movies she had rented, so he ended up spending his entire shift looking through all the soft-core films looking for other mix-up. His headache got worse, and so did his frustration, looking at all the hot girls on the movie boxes.


When he got home, Sean tried to unwind playing some video games. But that only got him more frustrated when he got stuck on a level of Tomb Raider II for over an hour - he almost threw his controller through the TV. Giving that up, he pulled out the CD his friend Kevin had made him and loaded it onto his computer. He perused all the pics of hot chicks he had downloaded from the net, especially the curvy Page 3 girls - Kevin's father the Torano General Store on Staten Island and carried a big selection of papers from around the world, and Kevin had pointed out the Page 3 Girls in the London Sun to their circle of friends. Some time at self-love was disappointingly unsatisfactory and just left him feeling sore and achy as well as with a pounding headache.


He just wanted to go to bed, but couldn't sleep, so lay in bed, reading a Xanth novel, following the exploits of Mela Merwoman. It was well after midnight when staggered out of bed and ran from his room in the basement to the bathroom at the end of the hall, barely making it to the sink before he vomited.


The night was an indistinct blur of running to the bathroom, vile fluid coming from both ends and staggering back to bed, trying to sleep. Next thing Sean knew, he was exhaustively waking up in bed, covered in thick, greasy sweat that reeked and a painful pressure on his chest from sleeping on his front.


Getting up seemed took more effort than it should have, but seemed to relieve the pressure, but he was hardly aware, mostly asleep, and felt very strange - his body didn't seem to move right. Running his tongue around his mouth, he felt loose bits of metal and spit his broken braces through lips that felt terribly swollen.


It took him six tries to find his glasses on his bedside table - they seemed further away than they should have - but putting them on only seemed to make his vision worse. He clawed them off, feeling them bounce of his chest, then clambered to his feet and awkwardly made his way to the bathroom, propping himself up with a hand on the wall. It took a long time and he felt very weird, like he was all flab flopping around, but finally made it to the bathroom...


To smell the worse odor he had ever experienced. There was a viscous pink-magenta sludge over-flowing the sink and green-brown diarrhea over-flowing the toilet, along with more of that thick, slick grease all over the place. He was only aware of all of that for a moment though, when the reflection in the mirror drew all his attention.


Even with matted hair, and sweat covered skin, she was the most insanely gorgeous woman he had ever seen, and the woman was him! His high-pitched scream woke the entire house, who all ended up finding out what happened to Sean in short order.


It was April 1st, the biggest prank in history had been played on him.


Sean missed school for the rest of the week, and all of the next. His parents took him to the family doctor to find out what had happened to him. The Doctor was completely bewildered and ran a complete battery of tests and sent Sean's bloodwork to a respected endocrinologist who worked for the Triton Foundation.


The results stated he suffered from a severe case of Complete Androgen Insensitive Syndrome - though genetically, he was still technically male, with an XY chromosome, he was phenotypically female, with a functional Müllerian system. His hormone levels were wild, with astronomical levels of estradiol, and there were the presence of hormones the endocrinologist had never seen before. It was suspected her spontaneous transformation was due to the radiation from the Galatea since there was no other possible explanation.


For all intents and purposes, Sean was now a woman. An impossibly beautiful and sexy woman, with a voice to match, as she soon learned, as her doctor's physical examination grew far too personal for comfort. After that, Sean's mother took Sean to her doctor, who was female. It made it somewhat easier.


Before the Cassidy's could determine what they going to do about Sean's transformation and what they were going tell people, her best friends Kevin, Chris, and Peter found out about the new her. The secret got out before it was even in, and quickly everyone in school and most of Staten Island found out about Sean, and the rest of New York is following quickly - it just isn't possible to hide a woman that looks like as good as she does, especially not one who is one of the new Novus people.


It's just been over three week since her eruption, and Sean and everyone around her is still learning to deal with the new her.


Girl World is a different land than Guy World, and she's still learning the rules. She's quit her job at Blockbuster after her manager tried to molest her - she wish that was the only time, but it wasn't, a teacher tried too, though she didn't tell anyone, since he was one of her favorite teachers up til then. More than half the school has asked her for a date, and she gets hit on by almost everyone, including men older than her father.


She's been pressured to join the SING! event - with her looks and voice, the Sophmen are sure they can beat the Juniors and Seniors this year. She still plays Magic with her friends during lunch, but now many others are vying for her attention. It's still bewildering to her now being the center of attention and the most popular girl in school. The school board is debating if she should still be allowed to attend public school, since her presence is so distracting. The dynamic with her long time friends is changing too, and Sean is afraid that will break the friendship.


She's only getting by with the complete support of her family, without which, Sean is sure she'd have gone to pieces that first day she woke up with an epic rack.


Her father is far more protective and concerned for his new daughter's safety - she is a great deal smaller and not as strong as she used to be, and so far, doesn't seem to have any other real super powers to protect herself, but tries to lighten the mood by seeing the humor in the situation, which Sean is struggling to see too. Her older sister claims to be thrilled to finally have a sister and is trying to show Sean the ropes... but has also said she's never letting her boyfriend see, or even hear, her, ever. Sean's younger twin brothers are by turn teasing their older brother who is now shorter than them and a girl, and being fiercely protective of her, when they are feeling... strange, around her. And her mother, well, Sean's still her child no matter what - she'll help her make her piece with what has happened to her, and accept what she decides to do about it... as long as she at least wears a bra to preserve a modicum of modesty.


And Sean is still trying to figure out what she is going to do now. Really, no different than when she was a dude, just more so. And wondering if Alina would be willing to go to the Green Day concert with her now....

Character Sheet



Strength: 2

Dexterity: 5/1 (Graceful)

-Athletics 1

-Martial Arts 1

Stamina: 4 (Healthy)
-Endurance 3
-Resistance 3

Perception: 3
-Awareness 1

-Investigation 1

Intelligence: 3
-Academics 1

-Computers 1

-Engineering 1

-Linguistics 1 (Gaelic)

-Science 1

Wits: 4 (Creative)
-Arts 1
-Biz 1
-Rapport 1

Appearance: 5 (Exquisite)

Manipulation: 2

-Subterfuge 1

Charisma: 5 (Enthralling)
Etiquette 1
Perform 5 (Singing)


Ability/Skill Points: 19/29


Known Languages
Native: English
Others: Gaelic

Backgrounds (0/7; still just a high school student, if a ridiculously sexy and attractive one)

Merits & Flaws
Enchanting Voice (1pt): Her voice is an incredible, mellifluous and velvety soprano, with a faint, exotic accent that captures the attention of all who hear it.

Photographic Memory (3pts): Oddly enough, with her eruption, Sean has found her memory sharper than ever; makes school work even easier. Her father mentioned something about Celtic Bards able to retain and recite their entire oral tradition.
Sexy (1pt): The new Sean possesses an instinctual, unconscious sensuality, much to her dismay

Speed Reading (2pts): Sean has always been able to read and comprehend easily, great for getting school work done.
Aberrant Eyes (1pt): Incandescent eyes of shifting blue and purple hues, flecked with bright silver, like stars in a twilight sky
Distinctive Looks & Voice (1pt): With her implausible hourglass figure, melodious, magical voice, intuitive yet potent sex appeal, and luminous complexion and shimmering hair that glow almost as if under sunlight, Sean is unmistakable by any means (Forceful Personalities, p. 72)

Low Pain Threshold (3pts): Not only is Sean's feminine flesh incredibly silky and smooth, it is also remarkably sensitive. Eerily arousing at times, it also makes her unusual susceptible to pain

Minority (1pt): Despite her ineffable attractiveness and sex appeal, some can't see pass the fact Sean was born a man
Quantum Beacon (1pt): Sean's nova nature is immediately apparent to all, and she doesn't have the slightest means to hide it, much to her disgust (Forceful Personalities, p. 72)

Uncontrollable Power: The Voice (3pts): With her compelling, exquisite voice, Sean can get people to do things just by asking... Unfortunately, sometimes she uses the power of her Voice without meaning to, which can cause all sorts of problems, from the humorous to the tragic.

Sex Object (0pts): Sean is way too attractive her - or anyone else's - own good, and many people just can't help themselves around her, to Sean's disgust... and growing concern. (Forceful Personalities, p.72; No points for this flaw - Not always active, and will go away - mostly - once Sean learns how to handle herself around people)


Quantum: 4
Quantum Pool: 28
Temporary Taint: 0
Permanent Taint: 3
Willpower: 5
Initiative: 10


Walk: 5m

Run: 18m

Sprint: 38m

Stamina: 4B/2L

Total: 4B/2L

Healing Rate: x2

Health Levels



Mega-Dexterity 1 [Physical Prodigy]

Mega-Appearance 5 [blind Bewitchment: Voice/Sound, The Voice]

Mega-Charisma 1 [Performance Prodigy]


Creation Log

Nova Points (29/30): 7 dots of Mega-Attributes (20np/1 dot tainted), +1 Quantum Rating (3np/tainted), +1 Enhancement (2np/tainted), +9 Attribute Points (3np), +6 Ability points (1np)


Bonus Points (25/25): +2 Quantum Rating (14bp), +2 Willpower (4bp), Enchanting Voice (1bp), Photographic Memory (3bp), Sexy (1bp), Speed Reading (2bp), Aberrant Eyes (+1bp), Distinctive Looks/Voice (+1bp), Low Pain Threshold (+3bp), Minority (+1bp), Quantum Beacon (+1bp), Uncontrollable Power: The Voice (+3bp)

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