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The Day of the Doctor | Doctor Who at 50 Years

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Well, it's rare to see something in popular culture become more popular the longer it has gone on, but Doctor Who has managed to do just that. It has changed over time from a simple Science Fiction serial for youngsters into a defining foundation of pop-culture and a science fiction icon.

So on the 23rd, the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who's first airing, "The Day of the Doctor" Will air around the world. Simultaneously. At 2:50 PM Eastern Time, around the world, then again at 7pm Eastern time. It is also showing at movie theaters around the world at the time of the airing, with more showings over the weekend.

It is rare that a Science Fiction series reaches this level. So, here is to you, our madman with a box.

Trailer of "The Day of The Doctor"


A special trailer with all 11 doctors featured

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I can honestly say, without spoilers, that Mofatt didn't lie when he said this episode would secure Doctor Who for the next 50 years. It was brilliant. In one broad stroke he did one of his "game changer" moments that I personally feel Doctor Who needed. Not to be edgy, hip, and cool, but to return to it's roots.


I can't wait for what Peter Capaldi will bring to the role of The Doctor.

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