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DBV: Character Thread

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post your character bios here. Only what is Public knowledge, and a tournament history.. wins, losses rivalries...


No one haw won a Galactic level tournament, though you may have competed.

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Real Name: Datura
Allegiance: self
Planet of Birth: Vegetasai
Gender: female
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 275 pounds
Apparent Age: late teens
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Tail Color: Brown
Appearance: Datura is a tall, attractive Saiyan woman. Whether a human finds her attractive is up to the tastes of the human in question: many men don’t like the tall, muscle-bound physique natural to a Saiyan. She has the classic Saiyan coloration: Caucasian skin, black hair and black eyes.
Personality: If she looks like a typical Saiyan, Datura acts even more like a typical Saiyan. She’s arrogant and cross with those who haven’t earned her respect. For those that have, they find a different person: stern and stoic yet unfailingly polite.
Interests: Datura loves to fight. She also enjoys sparring, prizefighting, and brawling.
History: Datura was born in the lab like so many other babies. Unlike most, she was the Saiyan Empire’s first and last attempt at eugenics. Though successful in producing an attractive, strong female, none of the other embryos survived gestation, and Datura’s innate fighting ability wasn’t improved enough to make the process worthwhile.
Datura grew up in the government wildlands with the other kids who were raised with a ‘thrive or perish’ mentality. She leaned to care for herself, running with the packs of children who banded together to survive. Even those weren’t safe; Saiyans are always succumbing their natural competitive natures and often fought over food, shelter or for the thrill of battle.
When the ten-year-olds were rounded up for their general education, the handlers immediately took note of Datura. Even as a prepubescent, her coming beauty was apparent. She tested at the elite level and was trained accordingly, along with other elite-level children. Most of them were of the noble family, giving Datura and the other ‘common elites’ a glimpse at the upper-echelon life.
Once Datura had matured, trouble started. The princes of the royal family fought over her; a Saiyan’s passions always run hot and as their hormones began to race, the fighting grew worse. It was tolerated and even encouraged until the young males began to try to claim her as a mate. Their future mates were already carefully chosen for maximum genetic potential. The trainers decided to remove her before the King noticed and got involved. Datura was sent to Earth to train with the native Earth Saiyans; a move she protested. She still found herself removed to Earth.
There she trained hard. On some level, she knew why she was exiled from the homeworld, and she knew that she wasn’t likely to be allowed back, not unless she can lose some of her good looks. The Earth Saiyans were much calmer and able to handle their emotions. While she had suitors, they weren’t as fanatical as the ones on her homeworld and she was able to keep the focus on her training. Datura grew and strength and skill, and now she’s ready to show that to everyone.

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Capsule Corporation
Taken from a Capsule Corp
Promotional Campaign Poster

Name: Tetsuko Ueda
Location of Fabrication: Earth, Capsule Corporation Heavy Industries Factory #4
Allegiance: Capsule Corporation, All people of Earth
Serial Number: TPAP-CC00X1
Designation: Capsule Corporation Tactical Asset #1
Age: 3.256 years since initial fabrication and upload of OS v1.0
"Blood"type: Biosimulant Lubricant Formula #16
Handedness: Left Hand superior
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 195 Pds
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Blue

Early "Life": Tetsuko is a representative Android of Capsule Corporation's continued forays into Android Technology since their initial research over 200 years ago into the mechanics of Android 16. Tetsuko is one of two models produced, the other being Hoshiko.

She and her sister were originally designed to be test pilots, and they did have that duty for a few months, but rumblings of a resurgent Red Ribbon army moved Tetsuko and Hoshiko out of that program into Capsule Corporation's security research firm. There they were upgraded and prepared for potential combat.

Hoshiko proved to be too violent and competetive, but Tetsuko showed herself to be a perfect candidate to be given further upgrades to enhance her ability and be allowed to compete in any tournament that started on Earth. Also she was made the face of Capsule Corporation with her most recent outer envelope sculpt.

She wasn't without faults. Tetsuko's emotion chip is only a version 1.01 model, which shows very low-level emotional aspects. While others weep she would only cry a little, when people are rolling in laughter, Tetsuko only manages a chuckle. She also filled some of her programming to follow her hobbies instead of packing in tactical data.

In fact, in combat, Tetsuko is completely untested. Although Tetsuko awaits her first real test against an actual opponent.

Appearance: Tetsuko is a tall, photogenic girl who looks just turned 18, with piercing blue eyes and light blue hair. She tends to wear bodysuits, but has some bits of a wardrobe consisting of Capsule Corporation produced clothing. Everything from business to active wear. Although she also has a few other outfits she wears to accentuate her look or to somply look cute.

Personality: Tetsuko is generally calm and collected, although if confronted with someone that is a threat to other's well-being she will confront them. Otherwise, Tetsuko seems a stoic character, only rarely cracking a grin or smile.

Interests: Improving her combat skill, Protecting all life from Red Ribbon aggression, Cooking, Hiking, and improving herself however she can.

Civilian Look


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Real Name: Kelage
Planet of Birth: Earth

Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 125 pounds
Apparent Age: early twenties
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Red
Blood Type: AB+
Handedness: Ambidextrous

Appearance: Kelage is impossibly curvy, like an hourglass on shapely legs. She always moves with grace and poise. Her thick hair is long enough to reach her butt. Her voice carries a slight French accent. Her almond shaped eyes are a bit of an unusual color, one of the identifies of being a witch. Though what really marks her is a large magical brand on her back. Arcane symbols cover it, each mark telling the anyone with occult knowledge her path up to now.

Personality: She's a bit grim in her determination, but not so much that she doesn't stop to smell the roses. Her humor is a bit morbid though.
Interests: Magic. Death. Bloody carnage. Pop music.

History: Not much of Kelage's past is known on the fighting tourney circuit. She appeared recently and has a brutal and deadly fighting style. She also travels around with a sassy talking skeleton named Bob. That's pretty weird.

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Darrik Reynolds

Age: 20

Height: 6'0

Weight: 160 lb

Hair: Red and black striped.

Eyes: Red

Blood Type: A

Handedness: Right


Darrik Reynolds has been a well known celebrity - a singer (his debut album Quintessence ranks as one of the most successful in the century), movie star and infamous hedonist. Completely unconcerned by, and in fact perfectly willing to seek the spotlight and the notoriety of attention, the bisexual dark Adonis has well-surpassed Wilt Chamberlain's total - and with very little shame about doing so.

Eventually, Darrik's unbounded desires got into a form of trouble he was unprepared for. Juniper Harada, the girlfriend of a man Darrik had casually seduced, tracked him down and played on his ego to pull Darrik into a fight. Fancying himself a martial artist - Darrik was trashed on live TV - and the humiliation widespread.

Shortly after the incident, Darrik disappeared for over a year - causing investigations - but he was not found until he was spotted at Juniper's dojo, and witnesses saw him call her out for a rematch. Juniper didn't stand a chance.

Since then, Darrik has entered the martial arts world in addition to maintaining his high lifestyle and entertainment career. His ki powers are present and Darrik is a devastating fighter now.

The bad news: he's still as vain, arrogant, and lecherous as ever.

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Name: Serrana of Planet Beppa


Appearance: An imposing 7’1 of green-haired, emerald-skinned amazon, Serrana has the long-limbed, scar-marked build of a life long fighter in her physical prime. She likes to dress to show off her current success, knowing that half of arena fighting is putting on a display of confidence both before and after a fight *if* you’re lucky enough to get an after.


Personality: Boisterously self-confident and quick to throw out a welcome and forgive a slight, the Beppan is slow to genuine anger but when it does comes it’s volcanic as her homeworld and free of concern for collateral damage. She has a bit of a fascination about Earthlings, knowing that one of them was the fighter who killed the tyrant who ruled her sector and her planet with an iron fist.


History: Serrana is a 32 year old veteran of the fiery arenas of the planet Beppa, a local champion with abilities literally head and shoulders above her peers. She's never competed at this level before, very much accustomed to being a big fish in a small pond. Only time will tell if her experience and bloody-minded endurance translate to success against the locals of Earth.

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Name: Vela
Gender: Female
Race: Khazrak
Height:5' 10"



Vela is tall and slender, in the manner of her people, seeming slightly elongated in her neck and legs. She has dark tan skin, with darker striations running in dappled patterns over it, a little like a tiger's. Her hair is thick and bristly, a sandy shade of brown like wheat. Each strand of hair is much tougher and thicker than a human's, making the long locks seem more like a mane than a normal head of hair. Her clothing is sparse and clings tightly to her to maximize mobility...it is clearly not armor. Her eyes are a shade of yellow-gold, like fresh melted honey.



Vela has a stoic demeanor and a stiff, disapproving glare for most things not of her world. She does not suffer fools, though she will ignore them if it's an option. She cares deeply about her people and world, and knows well the consequences of war, should it come. To avoid that, she must win, and will do anything to do so.



When Frieza's empire and its army of Saiyan began to disintegrate, the Khazrak people took the opportunity to begin expanding into new worlds. Their own homeworld was swiftly running out of resources, and their population was exploding as they mastered its dangers. The return of the Saiyan was a stumbling block however, due to a long standing grudge on their part over a brief and one-sided war fought in the past.


In an effort to keep the aggression of the clan chiefs in check, a champion of the Khazrak people was chosen by right of combat to go to Earth and face not just the Saiyan but all others in the great contest of strength. There, before the eyes of the galaxy, that champion would win back the honor of their people, and in doing so would silence the drums of a war they were not ready for.


Vela won the position of champion by fighting and defeating the others of her planet in single combat. It now falls on her to do the same in the great tournament of Earth, and win her people's future.

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Age 21

Height -6'1

weight - 150lbs

Blood Type- AB+

Handedness- Ambidextrous


Appearance- (until I can get the damn picture to post, just imagine Future Trunks, only with black hair and blue eyes.)

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