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Mutants & Masterminds - [Review] Power Profiles #29: Cold Powers

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Power Profiles #29: Cold Powers

Vitals: Published By Green Ronin • 6 pages • $0.99 • full color PDF

Descriptors, Countering & Features

The two primary descriptors of Ice and Cold are discussed thoroughly. Countering also includes mention of how Cold Powers might interact with other effects like Electricity Powers. Five Features are provided and a couple of paragraphs about Cold Damage are given to detail what kinds of lasting conditions such attacks may impose.

Offensive Powers

Ten powers that cover the standard gamut of damage effects (close, ranged, area) and afflictions of various types. Discussion of ancillary effects like adding linked Damage to certain types of Afflictions provide additional benefit beyond the base effect builds.

Defensive Powers

Four effects. Infrared Invisibility is really quite fun, and a use for Cold based powers that might not be immediately obvious. It's low cost can easily be stunted or absorbed as an Alternate effect to mitigate the situational usefulness of the power.

Movement Powers

Seven powers. Multiple Movement based effects allow for elimination of the usual hindrance penalties for snow and ice, while powers like Ice Slides and Speed Skating mimic well known ice-themed movement modes.

Utility Powers

Eight powers. The effects here are similar to what we have seen in similar Profiles. Control over the local environment, summoning creatures of ice and cold, alternate forms, and the like are all here. The subtle difference between Ice Form and Snow Form help to show off the alternate possibilities based on a specific phase and structure of matter.

Other Ice Powers and Complications

A few short paragraphs help to provide suggestions on related effects depending a character's specific themes and the scope of their powers. Seven complications close out of the profile giving players suggestions to help round out characters and provide ways to earn Hero Points.

Closing Thoughts

Cold Powers does a good job at its task, presenting the reader with ample options and suggestions on how to make characters with powers based on Cold and Ice. While the profile covers all the bases and gives all of the expected powers and effects there is little innovation here to drive up the value of the product for veteran players or long time fans of cool characters. As usual with this series it is a near must for new players or those not very familiar with comic book tropes. Experienced players and comic readers may not get as much out this one as others however.

Rating: 80% - A solid profile that more than adequately details the chosen theme without innovating heavily on the common tropes.

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