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Aphrodite Pandemos

[Interest] Mage: the Expendables

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OK, that's totally not the name of the game, but that's what I'm setting up.

A mercenary band of brothers infiltrating an island nation. With magic.

Sure there will be shooting. Sure there will be exploding. That's a given, but there are other action cliches that I want to explore other than shooting and exploding.

And now the kicker. No paradox as a mechanic. You read that correct. This will be an action game made of awesome. I feel paradox as a mechanic detracts from that. Now there will be magical fuck ups, but they won't happen because of a roll or someone saw you. They will happen when it needs to happen.

So, what do you think.

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Lita, in chat you expressed concern about not having gotten submissions. I'd like to suggest that you make your presence here felt more often. We have a lot of people log in, talk about running a game and then leave, never to be seen here again. That's fine, if that's the way they want to be, but we tend to see those people as not invested in running a game. You keep returning, which is great, but if you could be seen around here more often, people might feel that you're more invested in the game than you appear to be.

That's just a suggestion.

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Tell ya what.

Send me a PM on what sort of theme outside of "Action Movie awesomeness" you're going for and I might consider this.

Mind you I got three problems.

1: I don't got the core books outside of the main nWoD book. If anyone is a expert on this game, I could use the help.

2: I got a weekend schedule. This probably won't change for the near future.

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