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Mutants & Masterminds - [Review] Power Profiles #26: Teleport Powers

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Power Profiles #26: Teleport Powers

Vitals: Published By Green Ronin • 6 pages • $0.99 • full color PDF


Descriptors, Countering & Features

The Teleport effect gets a lengthy breakdown, nearly a page in length, that includes various extras and flaws for use with the base effect. The Precised extra is explained as it applies to Teleport which provides for interesting options. A new flaw, Transit Time, is introduced allowing for Teleports which are not instant. This is an especially nice addition as it is something I have seen requested more than once.

Teleport descriptors and countering are relatively brief, though still thorough. Five features are provided which present some of the more interesting features we have seen in a while. But wait, there's more ... nearly half a page more, dedicated to the discussion of a couple of Teleport power tricks which require no additional investment on the effect build. This was an especially nice add, and coupled with the lengthy effect breakdown really kicks the profile off strongly.

Offensive Powers

Six powers. Apport allows the character to teleport other people without teleporting himself. I think a word of advice for GMs with regards to dealing with the classic "teleport death drop" might have been nice, since falling damage avoids PL caps and could become a bit of a game breaker. Teleport Flurry makes use of the Shapeable Area effect which seems an odd choice since Shapeable is supposed to be continuous (and Teleport would seem to be the antithesis of that), but abstraction is part of the game and this works as well as any other.

Defensive Powers

Four powers. Blink Teleport is an interesting and powerful effect, but it's also one that strikes me as being potentially very powerful; it's the type of power I would need to think very strongly about allowing in to a game. Redirecting Warp is a nice build based on Deflect, and one where the Redirect option is actually very much in theme.

Movement Powers

Four powers. Beyond the basic Teleport there is a portal version, including detail on how to increase the size of the portal and how to allow for an easy to maintain portal. And a long range Astroport allows for ranges sufficient to cross the gulf of space.

Utility Powers

Four powers. Peephole suggests an ingenious use for very small teleportals, allowing for long ranged spying. Spatial Beacon is a very interesting effect, with an unexpected application of Enhanced Traits and Affects others. I like what this opens up for possibilities for other similar effects.

Teleport Complications

Due in part to the great length of the opening section, and the nominal lengths of the various power sections, only a half page remains for complications. On the bright side only four are provided and are given their proper due.

Closing Thoughts

Teleportation powers are among some of my favorites. This Profile does an excellent job of covering all the bases, including not just simple movement effects but a variety of uses. The extended discussion of the base effect, its extras and flaws, and the tricks that accompany it is excellent, and is worth the entry price alone.

My sole complaint lies with the lack of a sidebar or a paragraph warning inexperienced GMs of the potential balance issues that some Teleport powers may pose. Blink Teleport has the potential to provide a near blanket immunity for only a small handful of points while, the unrestricted damage potential for dropping people or objects can easily increase a character's damage potential beyond their PL. A GM would do well to be wary of such effects and give them good thought before allowing them into the game.

Rating: 95% Nearly perfect in every way, marred only by potential balance issues the effects may pose for unwary GMs.

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