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[BESM] Mugendo - Character profile thread

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Alright, time to post your characters.

Feel free to discuss if your characters have met before, know each-other or the like.

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Looks like I'm up first. Alright. A retread of an old, old concept I've slung around and fiddled with to fit a low-powered BESM game.

Name: Baek Cho Hee (goes by Kim Cho Hee)

Nationality: Korean

Age: 17

Build: Petite and fit

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Grey

History: Baek Cho Hee is a newcomer to Yokorow, newly arrived from overseas and trailing a cloud full of troubles in her wake. An inheritor of the Baek Group of Vibrating Palm practioners in South Korea born two minutes ahead of her identical twin sister Baek Chun Hei, she has spent her entire life immersed in the claustrophobic politics of her family, learning their signature fighting style and the not-quite-legal skills needed to put it to use. She never quite developed the detached, ruthless personality expected of a Baek, retaining a deep and abiding loyalty to her twin that is emphatically *not* returned, dishonoring herself time and again by refusing to fight back against Chun Hei.

The last time, six months ago, got her exiled from the Baek Group by her disappointed elders, albeit with a twist: she would be hunted, tracked. Pursued. If she could survive a year uncaptured, she would be able to return, her honor clean and unblemished once more. If captured, she would die as an example to her peers in the Baek compound in the follies of sentiment.

To drive the lesson home, her twin was the one appointed to lead the hunt, her trial of passage a mirror of Cho Hee’s own. Return with her sibling and live in glory. Fail and die in shame.

Cho Hee doesn’t want to die. Nor does she want her sister to die. For six months the problem has festered in her thoughts behind the stoic mask and quiet joy of a young woman free to see the world unfettered for the first time in her life, running, hiding, and running again as the hunt draws upon her time and again. She needs a plan, one that spares her sibling and herself, makes her sister see reason. Something. Anything.

Perhaps she can find that miracle in Yokorow and it’s community of masters.

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Name: Isamu "Jones" Morikuma

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Height: 190 cm

Weight: 88 kg

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown


Description: Even he is actually young, he look much older and he had impressive muscles body that is covered with scares, and it doesn't help that he look like a thug or gangster. His black hair look very impressive with large afro hairstyle and he always wear his sunglasses, but without his sunglasses, his eyes look very hard and serious. He seems to like to wear his yellow karate gi with white belt and he always wear his geta outside the fighting. When he speaks, he will speak in heavy Kansai dialect.

Personality: Jones is a chivalry man who want to do the right thing and he is quit friendly person despite his thuggish appearance. He has an odd believe that having afro hair and strong spirit will make you a real man. He can be little overprotective of his sister Hana and he always making sure that she eated properly. His greatest dream is that he moved to USA and opening his own japanese restaurant.

Background: Jones was originally born in Osaka city along his little sister Hana. When he was five year old, his parents died in car accident so that he and his sister Hana moved to his grandfather home. Even since he was little kid he was often get bullied by other kids because of his extreme curly hair. When he begins in middle school, he becomes the bullies's gofer against his wills. One day he accidently got in troubles with school gang who are about to beat him up, but he was saved by a African-American with black afro who using odd karate.

After he was saved, the foreigner with afro hair encourage him that he can become stronger and teaching him the basic techniques of karate until he travel back to USA. Even since he meets his first karate master, his life become completely changed so that he started to get same hairstyles like his master and improving his karate. As he grows and getting stronger, the bullies in his middle school start to fear him when he finally fight back. But because of his chivalry behavior, he made plenty of enemies in Osaka mostly against other school gangs.

Even since Jones created plenty of enemies, his grandfather start to worry about his life so that he send both Jones and Hana to their uncle who runs a family restaurant in Yokorow.

Fighting Style: His fighting style seems to based on Kyokushin Karate with some mixed techniques of pro wrestling moves.

Quotes: "To be real man you will need to have strong spirit and afro hair!"

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Name: Mel Grimson

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: White

Nationality: American/Japanese

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'0

Weight: 162 lb.

Style: Savate De Rue


Mel Grimson was born in Chicago of '92, in some of the rougher parts of town even as gentrification started to work its way through the city. His parents Matthew and Melicia were busy working-class parents, and so Mel was out of the house often, scrapping with other kids or hanging out in the immigrant neighborhood. He didn't have much interest in school, though he wasn't stupid.

He ended up dropping out to the disappointment of his parents in high school and took construction working up for a time - as well as being a handyman in the mixed immigrant neighborhood until Monsieur Gassion passed him on a special offer.

Mr. Gassion, referred to by Mel as Monsieur Gassion - was Mel's mentor since he was 10. An old Frenchman from Marseilles and expert in authentic Savate De Rue, Mel had made friends with him and Gassion had taught him the fighting style. In truth, it was the thrill of the simpler pleasures, inspired by the training that had convinced Mel to quit school once he'd gotten the hang of Savate - and Gassion made him an offer.

A Tokyo martial artist and friend of Gassion named Mr. Ohata had passed on word of the martial arts subculture in the suburbs, and with Gassion and Ohata's help, Mel gleefully moved to Tokyo and took up a new construction working job - paying rent to Ohata-san to get room and board.

After all, he had enough money, and more happiness than could be bought.

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Name- Maia Ashikawa

Age- 17

Height- 1.8m (6')

Mass- 68 kg

Gender- Female

Race- Japanese-Caucasian

Eyes- Blue

Hair- Platinum Blonde/nearly white

Bloodtype- AB+

For Maia Ashikawa,The martial arts are her life.

Born on the Island of Okinawa, into a large family, Maia’s had a happy life. Her mother, Melissa, Is a well respected Doctor, and her Father, Minobu, runs The Ashikawa Shorin-ryu, a well thought of school of Okinawan Karate. With five older siblings, Maia had no shortage of sparring partners growing up.

She is the second youngest of the seven children in the family, and thanks to her unswerving devotion to Shorin Ryu, her Father’s favorite, which does cause some friction with her elder brothers and sisters. In the end it was pressure from them that would cause her father to send her to Tokyo, Under the Aegis of learning other styles, and seeing other ways that personal combat has evolved. Minobu sent word of her transfer to Yokorow High School to an old friend of his, Sensei Susumu, the Owner of Mugedo, asking and securing a place for her to stay there. She receives a regular allowance into her account each week, provided she continues her studies, writing home each week regarding something she learned about either life or the martial arts.

Now in a new home, surrounded by mostly strangers, she looks to learn of other styles, and further her own training. Beyond that Maia is a young woman at the dawn of a new era in her life, and she seeks to find the path that’s meant for her.

Home life

As the youngest daughter, Maia often received hand me down clothing, when it fit. She is a fair cook, and thanks to her mother knows English in addition to Japanese. She learned well from both mother and father, learning whatever they would teach her. She is someone who’s always willing to help around the house with chores, be they cooking or cleaning, as her father taught her that all aspects of life are important, a healthy, clean home is a healthy environment, a good place to further her training.

At Mugendo Hostel, she mostly keeps to herself, and does whatever chores need to be done, as well as helping out in the kitchen, where her specialty dish is Yakiniku.


Maia has some mixed feelings regarding public school. Part of it of course is due her looks. Being a very attractive young woman, she draws a lot of unwanted attention from men, at a time usually that’s very inconvenient. Every day she finds more confessions of love in her locker, and at least once a week it seems there’s some boy confessing his undying affection for her. She remains polite but aloof, turning them down every time. PE is arguably her favorite class, followed by home economics, where Mathematics and Science rate as her least favorites, and the ones where she has lower grades.

She has many friends, mostly female, as despite how she treats men, not badly mind, just more aloof, she’s highly amicable towards other women, and generally well thought of by the student body. She hasn’t shown to have a temper, though she’s largely unwilling to talk much about her siblings. Pressing her about it has made her become quiet, and she simply seems to shut off, and walk away.


Father- Minobu Ashikawa Head of Ashikawa Shorin Ryu school of Karate, a well thought of Master, with several national and international tournament victors too his credit, and even more to his pupils. He hopes that Maia will grow and one day take up the mantle of head of the Dojo from him.

Mother Melissa Ashikawa (DuBonnet) Born and raised in the United States, Melissa is a Medical Doctor well thought of in the Region. Despite being Caucasian, her patients offer no complaint as her diagnosis is seldom in error, and she doesn’t speak with the inflection of someone who had to learn Japanese, but as though it were her native tongue, gaining slightly more acceptance. That she married Minobu and has given him a fine family doesn’t go unnoticed, as their five grown children are all doing well for themselves.

Brother- Toshiro (26) The eldest of the seven children, Toshiro is relatively small in stature and build like his father, and possessed of his mother’s keen mind. He recently graduated with a Doctorate in Medicine from Tokyo University, and has already signed on with one of the larger hospitals in Tokyo. He studied the family martial art as a child but proved to be too fragile in health to continue.

Brother- Issei (25) The second oldest, Issei is built like his father, but possessed of a wiry strength. Currently he is in Akibahara, working for a Video Game company that hired him right out of college, and the main reason the entire family is kept in the loop regarding the day to day goings on of the tech world.

Sister- Yumiko (22) The eldest of three daughters, Yumiko is already married, living with her husband, with a baby due in six months. She was once as devout a follower of Shorin Ryu, until she discovered boys, and pretty much gave it up to be with her boyfriend and later husband.

Sister- Akemi (20) Akemi is the middle daughter, She’s also one of the only two siblings Maia seems to like, as she does till practice martial arts, just not regularly, and sees it as a way to keep in shape. She works at a popular beachside inn, as the primary hostess, and stays fairly busy with her job at all times. It was actually her words that convinced her father to send Maia away, stating that she needed to see more of life to be a better teacher, quoting stories she’d heard from their mother when younger.

Joshua- Brother (7) The youngest of the seven children, Joshua is only seven, and came as a great surprise to her parents and siblings. Alone among the boys, He more strongly resembles his mother, with blonde hair, and dark blue eyes. He’s quite studious in all that he does, showing to be a very intelligent child, and a natural aptitude in the Martial Arts. He practically Idolizes Maia, and misses her. He writes to her weekly, both as an exercise and to keep in touch with her, and Maia writes him back, checking up on him. It’s plain to see she cares most for him, as she was the one who cooked for him and took care of him most of the time.


Maia is beautiful by virtually every scale of measurement. Her cerulean blue eyes seem to lighten and darken with her mood, but most of the time the bright, crystal clear, and pretty much the only outward sign of her mixed heritage, as they have the epicanthic folds associated with most Asian races. Standing a whopping six feet tall, she’s actually two inches taller than her mother, and somewhat intimidating physically to most who meet her the first time. There’s not an ounce of fat on her, though with her bust size, some have teased her playfully that there might be some weight that’s not muscle and bone. She has long platinum blonde hair, so light, it’s almost white. Long smooth legs seem to go on forever, and much to her chagrin the PE outfit shows them off for the whole world to see. Those who see her smile think to be looking at an Angel, full of life and happiness, and cannot help but join in. She is not possessed oh phenomenal strength, and even with her conditioning while she can endure quite abit, she’s not particularly robust in health, a solid average there.


Maia is Dutiful student, a stalwart friend, and a loving sister, despite her current circumstances. She feels somewhat Alone, though this is mitigated by Penny’s presence, being in a strange place with mostly strangers far from home. She’s thankful that the martial arts seems to unite them all, and hopes that she’ll learn enough to one day return home, and make her parents proud. She does have an underlying competitive streak, as most martial artists do. She has one several regional tournaments, but downplays this most of the time. She’s fairly humble, and seldom boasts of her school’s superiority, or her own skills, simply allowing her actions to do the talking for her.

Special Skills

Maia has no special skills per se, though her abilities in close combat are incredible. Her physical strength may simply be average, but her strength of will is incredible, allowing her a razor focus that allows her to put her attacks exactly where she wants, with far greater strength than one would believe could come from her. She does know a fair amount of about medicine, for someone her age, a mixed blessing, in that she’s needed to know because of various injuries to herself or others, and that it is something else that brings her close to her mother. Something that's not generally known is that Maia is actually ambidextrous, a great asset in a martial artist.

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Seems like we have a case for a 'You all meet in a Martial Arts Hostel' opening so far from my end of things, maybe perhaps. I'm good with a blank slate start.

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