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jameson (ST)

Dragon Age: Learn to Play - Kolani - Orlesian Rogue

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Orlesian Warrior

Race: Human

Communication 3 (Deception, Persuation)

Constitution 1

Cunning 1

Dexterity 3

Magic 0

Perception 2

Strength 2

Willpower 0

Health: 30

Speed: 13

Defense: 13

Armor: 4

Weapon Groups: Bows, Brawling, Light Blades, Staves

Language: Orlesian, Trade Tongue

Equipment: traveler’s garb, waterskin, heavy leather armor, crossbow, quiver with 20 bolts, short sword, throwing knife, and 22 silver pieces.


Short Sword • +3 • 1d6+4 damage

Crossbow • +3 • 2d6+3 damage • Short Range: 30 yards • Long Range: 60 yards • Reload: Major Action

Throwing Knife • +3 • 1d6+2 damage

Class Powers & Talents:

Class Power - Backstab: You inflict extra damage with a melee attack if you strike from an unexpected direction. You must approach your target with a move action and win an opposed test of your Dexterity vs. your target’s Perception (Seeing). If you do both you can use your major action this turn to backstab. This is a melee attack with a +2 bonus to the attack roll that inflicts +1d6 extra damage. You can’t backstab the same target in successive rounds.

Class Power - Rogue’s Armor: Ignore penalties for wearing leather armor (already figured into your stats).

Talent - Thievery: If you fail a Dexterity (Lock Picking) test you can re-roll, but you must keep the second result.

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