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jameson (ST)

Dragon Age: Learn to Play - Ryoma - Avvarian Warrior

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Avvarian Warrior

Race: Avvar (human barbarian)

Communication 0

Constitution 3 (Stamina)

Cunning 0

Dexterity 4 (Initiative, Riding)

Magic 0

Perception 1

Strength 4 (Climbing)

Willpower 2 (Self Discipline)

Health: 53

Speed: 11

Defense: 13

Armor: 5

Weapon Groups: Brawling, Axes, Bludgeons, Heavy Blades

Language: Trade Tongue

Equipment: A backpack, traveler’s garb, a waterskin, two-handed maul, 2 throwing axes, light mail armor.


Two-handed Maul • +4 • 2d6+7 damage

Throwing Axe • +5 • 1d6+6 damage • Short Range: 4 yards • Long Range: 8 yards • Reload: Minor Action

Unarmed • +2 • 1d3+4 damage

Class Powers & Talents:

Armor Training

Novice: You have learned to fight while wearing armor. You can wear leather and mail armor without suffering a penalty to Dexterity. You only take the armor’s penalty to your Speed.

Thrown Weapon Style

Novice: You are adept with throwing weapons. Your accuracy is uncanny. You gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls with throwing weapons (this is already added to your attack above).

Two-Hander Style

Novice: The length of your weapon and the power of your attacks forces foes to yield ground. When you hit with a melee attack with a two-handed weapon, you can move the target 2 yards in any direction.

Journeyman: You can strike fearsome blows with your weapon. You can perform the Mighty Blow stunt for 1 SP instead of the usual 2 when wielding a two-handed weapon.


You are an Avvarian Hillsman; considered a barbarian by the Ferelden people you rely on your own in born strength as well as your considerable natural hardiness and agility to make a living as a sell-sword. The Ferelden look down on you, but despite this they are willing to pay for your facility with a weapon and your willingness to shed blood.

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