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The Nucleus - contributed by Mario A. Aguilar Robles

Many baselines use this OpNet fortune tellers site, an ESP nova answers on the other site, frequently solving simple problems (jobs appliances, romantic affairs, etc, and with this underused abilities, this novas power's are of limited range.

But, where are the real power players?, the novas with the most developed ESP abilities are divided among the Gestalt and the Nucleus. While the Gestalt is concerned with the impact of novas in the daily life, the possible implications of this interaction and the protection to human privacy, the Nucleus is more concerned with the future.

Its base lies in France, where? In a little cottage where Michael of Nostradamus lived (appropriate to what the Nucleus is dealing with). There are gathered the most secretive and also some of the most powerful ESP novas in the world. The founder and nominal leader of the Nucleus is the French nova Henry Ducard, son to a influential and rich wine producer, was able to buy the residence for his group, Ducard has seen the future, and his visions were of conflict and destruction, decided to explore and to prevent this future (or so he claims) found another "pretercognitor" as him: the native American of Apache lineage Dawnstar Wingfoot, also concerned with the future of novakind and humankind.

The Nucleus has reunited about 50 novas all possessing mental and ESP abilities (hypnosis, intuition, disorient, disrupt, domination, empathic manipulation, ESP, mental blast, mirage, premonition, stun attack, telepathy, telekinesis, cyberkinesis, pretercognition are examples of the powers employed, although, there are exceptions and a nova might carry more power than he/she knows), and all agree in their visions about destruction and war, and all agree in their role of no intervention (or not so evident intervention) in the events that will shape the future.

The Nucleus is divided in two factions:

THE VISIONARIES: these members deal with more positive visions, and are decided to stop the apparent inevitable future, also they provide resources to the group, investing, buying, selling using a network of brokers all around the globe.

THE HARBINGERS: this faction has the members that experience the nightmares about war, and destruction in a massive scale, and keep their minds in guard, his duty is to wait and prepare for the inevitable, also they deal with the issue of new recruits, often arriving 2 or 3 days before a person erupts.

Also the Nucleus has some physicians, and trained psychiatrists and psychologists among its ranks (humans which frequently erupt into mental novas) to help in their research of the so called TAINT, this results in the low mental (but not physical) TAINT trait among the Nucleus members, which also have developed a way to share visions on a limited level.

The apparent absence of psychic, mental or ESP novas in the community has to start ringing some bells to any curious nova in the world.

Henry Ducard

Nova Name None

Birth Name Henry Ducard

Nature Architect

Eruption Revelation

Allegiance The Nucleus (founder)


Strength 2 Dexterity 3 Stamina 4 (Everlasting) Perception 5 Intelligence 4 Wits 4 Appearance 3 Manipulation 5 Charisma 5


Athletics 1 Drive 3 Legerdemain 3 Stealth 4 (Vanish from sight) Endurance 5 (24-7) Resistance 3 Awareness 2 Investigation 3 Academics 3 Bureaucracy 4 Linguistics 3 (Native: French; English, Dutch, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew) Biz 5 Style 1 Interrogation 3 (Subtle) Subterfuge 4 (Blatantly lying) Etiquette 3


Allies 5 (The Nucleus) Contacts 3 Followers 5 (OpNet followers) Node 4 Resources 4

Quantum 5

Quantum pool 28

Willpower 8

Taint 4 (Anima Banner: the Death, as the tarot card)

Movement 7/15/29

Soak 4/2

Initiative 8


Mega Perception 3 (Fast sense, High-end Electromagnetic Scan) Mega Wits 2 (Human Nature) Mega Appearance 1 (Mr. Nobody) Pretercognition 3 (Dependency 2 only at nights, 2 more dice to Prercognition) Psychic Link 5 (Dawnstar Wingfoot)

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