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Aberrant RPG - What is Aberrant?

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What is Aberrant?


Aberrant is a role-playing game from White Wolf Publishing focusing on the lives and exploits of paranormal humans. Set 10 years after radiation from an exploding satellite triggered bizarre powers in a fragment of the earth's population, Aberrant chronicles the struggles of these "novas", or "new humans", and their quest to fit into - or forever change - human society.


Revised Storyteller System (d10)


Earth 1998 - mid 21st Century


Normal people suddenly 'gifted' with unusual powers - think 'Unbreakable' movie.


Yep - manipulation of Quantum energy bestows some 'amazing' powers


Kinda. The yellow spandex brigade is possible, but not the norm.


Oh yeah. Some novas go very bad. E.g. Divis Mal, Geryon et al


The Teragen, Project Utopia, The Directive, Elites and much, much more


Plenty, the books list to date is: Aberrant unlimited Ed., Aberrant Limited Ed, Aberrant Players Guide, Project Utopia, Teragen, The Directive, Elites, Aberrant Storytellers Screen, Worldwide Phase 1, Aberrant Year 1, Fear & Loathing, ReignofEvil.com, Church of Michael Archangel, XWF, Expose Aberrants.


Aberrant is the 'middle' game of the three Aeon Continuum games which chronicle the activities of the Aeon Society. Aberrant, if taken as 'Da Rulez!', leads to a war between humanity and 'Aberrants' in the mid 21st Century. The recovery from this war is the 'backdrop' setting for the Trinity game - the third and final Aeon Continuum game, set in the 2120's.

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