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August Turner

World of Darkness: Attrition - The Plot Ideas Thread

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So I hinted that we should do this, but I've decided to do it myself. Mods, if this is a problem, please let me know.

The idea for this thread to submit random plot ideas that you have. People then use them to create stories. I've included some notes from the OOC thread about this specific part of the discussion.

I agree with what Max said. However...

I'd like to see a separate thread for plot ideas. If we put them here, they'll get lost. Another thread for just those ideas will allow us to go, "Man, we need something to happen. Oh! See what plot ideas are out there."

The only thing I'd add to Max's post is this: we should voluntarily limit the number of people on a story. Not because I don't want to play with you all, but because the more people you get, the more likely it is to get slowed down and eventually lost by one person having RL issues or slowdown problems. We've had it happen to all of us. And I'm not saying that every story has to go gangbusters. But a post every third or fourth day is the minimum to keep stuff moving. So maybe four people jump on a story together, and everyone else lets them do that while they find something else to glom onto.

And of course, there can be stories where we all have a part in it, and the final chapter is epic and involves everyone. There should be times we all get together for something other than parties.

Just my thoughts.

Sound reasoning, Dawn. Though we'll need to have a good way to work out who gets into any given plot thread, if it's a popular one. First come first served?

I suppose the players contributing can decide. Ideally...IDEALLY...the plot will lend itself to some PC's more than others, and those of us that it doesn't really touch on can keep ourselves out. :)

Like if a plot is not really tied to mages, environmentalism, or spirits...then Triessa may not be a good choice for a participating PC.

Hopefully there'll be enough plot threads at any given moment that everyone can have a story that fits them, without feeling like they have to try to crowd into a story that might not be suited for them.

Max, or we break it into parts. Rather like Jim is doing for Sam right now, we have a large plot that everyone touches from a different angle. Like the vampire thing Jer mentioned. The developers buying the park could upset environmentalists, which gets most of the ferals and Tree involved. Then you have Sarah and Nigel dealing with it from the supernatural end, while Lucien notes it's a competitor and he's trying to deal with the business issues it's causing. Then if it goes to a head, we deal with the Epic Ending - or perhaps Lucien's boardroom antics kill it before the ferals can do more than start to sniff around. Perhaps the ferals save Lucien from having to deal with it because they shut construction down violently by getting hints from Sarah (who can't be seen acting against this much more powerful vampire) about the true powers pushing this.

That doesn't leave room for all the PCs to naturally be involved, but that did include a chunk of them in that example.

Now, here are my offerings: I took Dave's list and tried to come up with something for each. It was hard at first, and I think I got better as I went. Regardless, they are all here for everyone to enjoy.

Were-Critters – Someone of the shifting bent has an eye on your territory, but who? They’re being cunning and careful and it’s more than one feral or Uratha pack can handle.

Vampires – There is a man who is rising to prominence in the city. He seems to have uncannily good luck, until he crosses one of the PCs. Now, inquiries into his background are turning up supernatural backers – of the fanged variety.

Mages – An underground, secret hollow has been found on the UCLA campus. A small shadow cold-war has broken out between two cabals, vying for power over the spot.

Demons – Someone close to one of the PCs has started to hear odd things when alone in their house. The group shows up prepared to deal with a malicious ghost – only to learn it’s something more.

Hunters – Someone has been targeted by a group of hunters – only problem is that they’re not supernatural at all. A friend to the PCs is going to get hurt if something is done. And why are the hunters making such a gross error?

Spirits – Spirit activity is on the rise, and they are overflowing even in the Twilight. It is as if Los Angeles were a locus, allowing every spirit in the area to cross the Gauntlet. Who and what is responsible for this, and why are they doing it?

Mortal Crazies – A group of survivalist nuts has holed up in the hills around Los Angeles have gotten their hands on a small arsenal. When one or more of the PCs are captured by this group while hiking, escape without revealing their true natures becomes a fight.

Cults – The cultists need material components (read: some part of their body that they can’t live without) from a specific type of creature – and they’ve targeted a PC for it.

Evil Artifacts – It is the weapon of ultimate power, a vehicle of pure destruction. The problem is that it can only be operated by the members of a specific bloodline. The bigger problem is that a member of that line has it – and has been given reason to use it by one of the supernatural powers.

Bizarre Rituals – The ocean contains a tremendous amount of energy. Not only the life within, but the fury of her storms and the kinetic relentlessness of her waves are all exceptionally powerful. Now someone is going to leash that massive power to restored their beloved child back to life. The consequences to nature, the world and even the realms of the dead are unimaginable.

Ghosts – The ghosts are all gone. After one particularly terrible storm, the mediums and Sin-Eaters of the city woke up to an eerie, supernatural silence. The geists of the Bound are still there, but there are no answers. While some beleaguered mediums are happy, most of those who deal with the dead know this to be a Problem.

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You left out the Changelings and Fae... not like nothing can spring from their works. :D

And my idea, reposted:

Unreal Estate

Hombly Park is being bought out by real estate developers, and Sarah realizes bloodsuckers are behind the push for some dangerous reason (or being bloodsuckers can be dangerous enough). Obviously this calls for a response... call in the reinforcements.

Ways In: (borrowed from Dawn) Sarah of course has her home to protect. The environmental impact will certainly give reason for the Ferals (Dec, Finn and Jeremy) and Triessa to intervene. Furthermore, the company involved are competitors of Lucien's. And did I mention this is attracting the wrong sort of spirits, Swara?

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Another one: a gang of mortal humans (large and well organized like the 18th Street Gang) see someone's terrority as ripe pickings. They move into it with the intention of taking it for themselves. It is more than one supernatural body can handle.

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Haunted/Demonic/otherwise-nasty supernatural doll - this doesn't need further clarification, because there's plenty of examples of this.

Landslides - these are common in CA, even in LA. This doesn't have to be supernatural and can be a way that the PCs have to deal with something mundane.

A magic-user (Mage, 'Ling, mortal whatever) has a restaurant, and he or she is imbuing the dishes for certain guests with nasty spells. Nothing obvious, but something that the PCs should note.

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