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Penman Wright

[Part-Time Gods] Penman Wright

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Penman Wright is his real name, but given what he became a god of, it rather suits his divinity as well. As a child he would say that he loved books, but as he grew and experienced more and more forms of storytelling, he realized that it was the story itself that he loved in any and all forms. Life itself was a myriad of stories combining and separating to create stories that grew beyond the individuals participating in him. His discovery of fanfiction enriched this even further, as he was exposed to what was once the truth of all stories--that there were a thousand ways to tell every story, a thousand branches that the story might have taken. At some point, a point not clear even to him, he began to perceive the... threads of the stories, the course a story could take even before it began, including the stories of people's lives. He had developed a spark of divinity, which attracted the attention of a member of the Phoenix Society, who inducted him into their beliefs and practices.

He has since devoted his time and effort to developing the used book store he ran into a business that not only rivalled, but surpassed the big box bookstores. Unlike those companies, which had their business spread out over nations, all of his work went into developing his one store, upgrading it further and further. Today, the store takes up most of a city block, subdivided into categories, not just books used and new now, but also a music and video store, a theatre that plays both regular movies and has a section set aside for dollar movies(funnily enough, he makes more money off of the dollar movies, as people buy concessions either way, and that is where the real money lies), and a social center which hosts seminars for aspiring authors and a safe zone for after school activities, especially a very comfortable area designed to baffle sound where role playing groups are encouraged to meet, all served by a central restaurant/cafeteria. There is an occasional 'ook' from the depths of the darkest parts of the bookstore.

An increasingly large group of regulars have joined an author's group run by Penman, who has already helped several budding authors get published(no best sellers yet, though). None have started worshipping him yet, though some of his jokes about offerings to the god of stories have been taken a little more seriously than he intended.

Penman often spends his afternoons checking out other used book stores for rare books, and his evenings attending open mic nights, looking for promising individuals to invite to join his group, and slowly expanding his domain.

Penman is a slight fellow, rather unassuming in demeanor most of the time. His general attire would likely best be described as 'academic casual,' leaving him generally looking like a professor on his day off. He works hard to maintain the feel of a small family store by encouraging close communication with his employees, keeping them happy, and encouraging them to know the regulars as much as possible.

Traits that the other gods would know: Dominions: Stories, Creativity

Entitlements: Strong Spark, skill excellency performance(storytelling), Tongues

He rarely looks like my current avatar, but can if he wants to.

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