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Starship Trooper Future

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Starship Trooper Future

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Love or hate Paul Verhoeven, the man makes movies that excite discussion. And Heinlein, whatever one thinks of his philosophical and political views, was writing a didactic novel, set primarily in the classroom, lecturing young adults on the need for sacrifice to the community. Combine Verhoeven's radical politics and Heinlein's preachy screed and you get coed showers, large bugs and NPH. I love it as an amazing satire from a man who brought us other comedies like Robocop, Hollow Man, Showgirls and Total Recall.

I see a listing for a film entitled Jesus of Nazareth on IMDB; I can hardly wait to see what he does with it. In all fairness The 4th Man is not a comedy, though it has some mighty peculiar scenes and shots, include a crucifix fellatio. [And his Jesus film appears to be serious. Warning: Verhoeven is a thoughtful, intelligent man, if a bit profane.]

Cracked provides an article higlighting how Verhoeven saw the future and the film showed everything to come after its 1997 release date. Except coed showers. A satirist and a seer, who knew?

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