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American Gods

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American Gods

Neil Gaiman's American Gods seem to be a polarizing book. The reviews on Amazon run the gamut, a little heavier on positive, but a lot on the lower end too. Out of 885 reviews, 144 are 2 stars or fewer. No stranger to mythology and modern personifications of the numinous, his book has a fascinating conceit ... and then the arguments begin on the execution. I liked the book, but I love mythology, modern reworkings, theological and philosophical musings and off beat humor, and this book has those, but it also has long, surreal stretches were nothing seems to happen or minutiae is dwelt upon for pages.

Now the book is to be an HBO series.

New reports reveal that Tom Hanks and his Playtone Productions are now developing what’s being described as an “open-ended” series for HBO, with six seasons being set up already. Each season will run 10–12 episodes—each of which will run around an hour in length—and will cost about $35-40 millions per season. Hanks will act as an executive producer along with Gary Goetzman, Bob Richardson, and Gaiman, who will also act as a writer on the series.

If the series becomes a chance to explore mythology and religion in modern life, with offbeat humor and Gaiman's skewed sensibilities, it could be great.

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