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DC Comics Resets to Issue 1

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dtc_cv1.jpgDC Comics Resets to Issue 1

This has been kicking around online for a while, but in case you missed it, or some of the new covers, DC is relaunching a bunch of titles at number 1. In part to line up digital comics to launch day and date with the print versions. In part because Number 1 sells a huge number, which goes down rapidly as you move away from one, but apparently that is not a consideration.

With Flashpoint consuming the summer, in September everything changes. In September, all the DC Comics published set within the DC Universe will be renumbered with new issue ones. Characters will die and change, retconning will rule and maybe a few months later we will find out that Earth 2 continuity and Earth 1/prime whatever have interwoven or some such thing. Anyway, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee are set to discuss how everything changes for DC sometime this month.

I haven't followed a superhero series in quite a while. I read graphic novels and limited runs. I got tired of everything being rewritten, retconned and left meaning nothing--Jean Grey should have stayed a. Dark Phoenix and b. dead. So all of DC changing doesn't really mean anything in the general scheme of comics. Everything changes all the time, maybe just not all at once or with such fanfare.

Some might argue this has everything to do with the new digital market, with ebooks outselling real books on Amazon, with superhero movies doing really well and a new medium for distribution making it much easier than walking into a comic book store. There is a brand new audience, impatient, willing to spend money, but wanting to feel like they have come in on the ground floor, not 600 issues in. DC is trying things out with this audience. They know long term readers will put up with anything.

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