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Trinity RPG - Martial Arts system clarification needed!

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Hello fellow Trinity players!

Help and advice are needed!

Me and my troupe are currently playing Aeon Trinity, the setting itself is very good however the mechanics are a bit ambiguous.

We are debating on martial arts system in Trinity universe.

Let's say, for the sake of an argument, that one character has 5 dots in Martial Arts ability and has chosen 2 different martial arts styles, aikidio and muy thay respectively (please note that this is a discussion of in game mechanics and not in compatibility of various MA styles).

So, my question is, how do you combine those two MA styles (or any of the others for that matter)?

Should she decide turn by turn which of her's style is "on"? Should she always use the best from the two? Or some other solution? What would be your interpretation of the rules? The player's idea is to create a character competent in Mixed Martial Arts.

Thank you for your valuable input!

p.s. You might want to read pages 242-245 of Trinity Core Rulebook and pages 114-116 of Player's Guide before answering. Thank you!

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From a real world perspective, if you know multiple martial arts, how you fight is a choice/instinct. If someone is throwing a punch at me, it's up to me how I want to respond, I could block then counter punch (karate style), or grab the arm and use a Judo throw to put him on the ground.

So, from a mechanics perspective have the player choose turn by turn which they are using.

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Yes I concur, we are thinking along the same lines. Simple solution and well balanced.

However, from real life perspective, I think you it would be more like switching styles in the same turn (ie. block/counter punch (karate) then clinch/throw (judo) and for the finisher stomp on his face (insert style) in good old ground 'n' pound fashion). Everything is happening on the same turn, you just take 3 actions (and penalty of course).

However, interpreting rules thus smells like D&D (not that it's a bad thing... I just don't think the original developers had that in mind.)


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