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Around the Web on March 11th

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Around the Web on March 11th

Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark has been in the news for years? A long time in any case. By now everyone has probably heard of this very troubled, very expensive Broadway production still wrecking of the tracks as you read this. After multiple injuries, multiple delays, multiple retoolings of script and stunts, Julie Taymor, the director, has been … sidelined. I can't stand her work, but who thought a musical about Spider-Man was a good idea? Who gave the production 65 million dollars and pays 1 million a week to keep it not showing, not earning anything? Does anyone reading this blog plan on seeing it? I would think many of us are the demographic they are chasing.

X-men: First Class

New posters have been released. Bad posters. Devin at badassdigest.com notes why he thinks they are bad, and brings in Chinese mythology but really, a face in the crotch? Is it a subtle satire. A jab at fans, a clueless marketing department?

The Thing's Orange Rock Thing

Stan Lee answers a question in Vanity Fair that has been voiced at least since Mallrats and maybe on some of your (very disturbed) minds even longer. Does the Thing's thing stay orange and rock hard? Which answers, jumps to another hero's thing then slides right into how he got into trouble with his wife by being in Mallrats.


Bond. James Bond.

UGO has an article up on the 50 most bad ass Bond moments. Given the number of ads they have and how many pages this is spread across, I have just linked to their top 5. Really, the ski chase from The Spy Who Loved Me is not up there? Some bad blue screen work but this is one of the best openings in the series.

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Super 8

Spielberg and J.J. Abrams are bringing a new alien movie to life. About aliens, not Aliens. Although this one is not as cuddly and friendly as E.T. Seemingly.

Men in Black 3

There are always rumors online. In this case, for MiB, the rumors are kind of odd. It has been shooting, without a script, since November of last year? Why would you shoot without a script? To take advantage of tax breaks NY was offering through the end of 2010. The rumors make sense, in a way. But who thinks spending 100 million plus on a movie with no script and attempting to sew it together Frankenstein style is a good idea. For more rumory goodness, and reasoning, look here

How to Create a Superhero

This article is about creating your own original superhero, from names to origins to powers. Maybe not a lot of new material, but still thoughtful. Might make a good online series.

Mortal Kombat: The Web series.

Many of you watched this when it first came out. Mortal Kombat: Re-birth. Now it appears this violent, hard-edged take will be coming to a Web near you. Pictures are up with Scorpion walking in the snow. And a spine.

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