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Around the Web on February 11th

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Around the Web on February 11th

Brad Bird is a genius.

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The Iron Giant is one of my favorite movies and in terms of animated films, it is easily comparable to the works of Miyazaki. Liekwise, The Incredibles (theatrical trailer) is an amazing superhero film. The brief retrospective and acceptance speech above shows an incredible body of work and has a discussion of live action films, including the first one he has worked on Mission Impossible 4, which turns out to have a twist.

The Hobbit

Because we can never know too much about The Hobbit, the filming start date is set: March 21, 2011. Ain't It Cool also has a confirmed cast list. All the dwarves (actors) and the Hobbit are together at this press conference.

Graphic Adventure Games

An article I have been negligent in posting is up at Ars Technica. It is a fascinating look at computer Graphic Adventures. I remember playing many of the ones the mention, with Grim Fandango being a favorite.

Superhero Optical Trickery

There is a cool Wolverine / Batman optical illusion up at Unreality.

White Wolf

White Wolf has totally redesigned their site. If you haven't seen it yet it is better looking, easier to navigate and has more information available. This includes news of a Vampire Translation Guide ($.99 on drivethrurpg) for bringing Old World of Darkness material into the New.

Attend GenCon on the Cheap


Crafty Games has up a note about GenCon Indy 2011. They are looking for booth volunteers. Which includes free 4 day badge, partial room compensation, discounts and other stuff. They make Fantasy Craft and Spy Craft among other things and it would be a cool way to get into the Con. The forums also have a link to a new

Vampire: The Masquerade MMO

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Darth Vader joins the Boy Scouts and meets Godzilla

Boy's Life did some photos of kids (boy scouts) in Star Wars get up playing with toys. This is what that looks like.

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