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Aberrant RPG - Aberrant RPG Quantum Power: Incorporation

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Level: 1

Quantum Minimum: 1

Dice Pool: Stamina + Incorporation

Range: Self

Area: N/A

Duration: Special

Effect: Character can safely incorporate hardtech devices into his body without surgery.

Multiple Actions: Yes

Description: With Incorporation, a nova can literally make nearly any hardtech device—weapons, communications devices, sensors, etc.—a part of his own body and use it as such. This includes cybernetic implants and prostheses, but excludes Trinity-era bioapps. The nova's tissues literally rearrange themselves around the device in question, safely integrating it without any need for surgical procedures. The maximum size of items that the nova can incorporate is dependent on an item's Concealability rating (Aberrant core book p. 275) and his power rating - one dot is sufficient for Class P items, two dots for Class J items, three dots for Class T items, four dots for Class N items, and five dots for extra-large items such as vehicles or heavy weapons. Concealability ratings for non-weapon items (if applicable) will be established by the Storyteller. It's important to note that this power's effect is reversed somewhat in the case of incorporated heavy weapons and vehicles, as the nova's body will become an additional component of the device instead of the other way around. In any case, portable incorporated items are still subject to the Encumbrance rules (Aberrant core book p. 233). Die rolls involving incorporated devices use (Quantum + power rating) plus the relevant Ability, instead of the normal "Attribute + Ability" Skill Total.

Incorporating a device requires a Stamina + Incorporation roll and spending 1 quantum point, although incorporating Class N or extra-large items will cost 2 or 3 quantum points respectively. The number of successes on the roll indicates the duration of the incorporation. Scoring just one success means that the device will be automatically expelled from the nova's body (Stamina + power rating) turns after being incorporated. Two successes increases the duration to (Stamina + power rating) scenes, three to (Stamina + power rating) days, and four makes the incorporation effectively permanent until the nova wishes to expel the item from his body. Expulsing an incorporated device is treated as an automatic action, and does not require a power roll or spending quantum points. The drawback to this is that small devices that have been incorporated will usually protrude from the nova's body in an obvious and sometimes unsightly manner, which can result in the nova suffering an increased difficulty penalty for interacting with baselines at the Storyteller's discretion. This will not apply to baselines with a cyborg fetish and some science fiction fans, however. Class P or J items can also be completely hidden within the nova's body with 2 or more successes on the power roll, concealing the device from casual observation. The nova may also suffer a difficulty penalty on his Dexterity rolls if the mass of an incorporated item would throw off his balance in the Storyteller's opinion.

Extras: Ammo Synthesis (the nova may spend quantum points to generate "ammunition" for an incorporated weapon or device that uses such - bullets for a firearm, electricity for an energy weapon or electronic device, etc. 1 quantum point will suffice for an additional 10 "shots" of the incorporated weapon or device); Biological Amalgam (requires Quantum 4; the nova can incorporate a living creature - including Trinity-era bioapps - into his body by spending 3 quantum points and rolling (Stamina + power rating). The victim may resist by rolling Willpower, with any success negating those of the nova on a 1-to-1 basis. At the Storyteller's discretion, victims that are unconscious, sedated or in shock cannot resist the nova. If four or more successes are gained, the nova can use the creature's body to help heal his own injuries. Once incorporated, a victim cannot physically fight off the nova, as their bodies are now joined on a cellular level. This is a horrific fate for the incorporated creature, as its body will be slowly absorbed by the nova in the process, losing health levels to the nova at a rate of anything from 1 per scene to 1 per day - the exact rate is left to the Storyteller's discretion. If the nova wishes to keep an incorporated victim alive for some reason, a Willpower roll is all that's required to stall the absorption process. Unless the nova is of truly gigantic proportions, he will be limited to incorporating only 1 adult human-sized victim at a time. The nova can also access an incorporated creature's memory through a direct nervelink with a Perception + Incorporation roll, using the mechanics for telepathic mind-reading (Aberrant core book p. 225). Once the victim's memory has been accessed, all information gained becomes a permanent part of the nova's memory and will be retained when the victim dies. Incorporated sapient creatures have the option of making a contested Willpower roll against the nova's Willpower to take command of the nova's body for [victim's permanent Willpower] turns. Trinity-era bioapps will die from exposure to quantum when incorporated, negating any possibility of the nova using their noetic functions, but the nova will still be capable of accessing any data they store. Fortunately, Inspired beings of any type cannot be incorporated by the nova).

This is a part of Aberrant RPG: The New Flesh. Aberrant is a role playing game from White Wolf that shares a common universe with the Adventure! RPG and Trinity RPG game lines. Download the sourcebook for Aberrant: The New Flesh.

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