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Aberrant RPG - Aberrant: The New Flesh Teaser

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Aberrant: The New Flesh to be available for download in October


Look for Aberrant: The New Flesh is on the way at www.eononline.net and www.rpgpost.com.

The New Flesh is divided into four chapters and three appendices:

Chapter 1: Unnatural Selection talks about the biotechnology of the Nova Age; of which new drugs (nova-derived and otherwise), bioweapons, gengineered lifeforms and augmentation cyberware are only a few examples. Background details on the individuals and organizations behind such developments, their customers and their foes are also examined.

Chapter 2: Blood and Thunder gives expanded rules for combat in Aberrant. Also included are expanded listings for weapons, new combat-oriented Mega-Mental and Mega-Social enhancements and an array of new combat-oriented Body Modifications.

Chapter 3: Storytelling offers advice for Storytellers on how to rein in Mega-Physical characters when necessary and how best to integrate them into a chronicle. Also shown is what it takes—in Aberrant terms—to accomplish the feats that the Mega-Physicals are famous for. Rounding out the chapter is a closer look at the public defenders of the Nova Age.

Chapter 4: This Different Flesh provides a close look at all three Physical Mega-Attributes and their associated perks and drawbacks, along with new enhancements, aberrations and some good strategies for using the Physical Mega-Attributes to their best effect. In keeping with the expanded rules presented in the Aberrant Players Guide, Physical Mega-Attribute listings for ratings at 6 dots and higher have been established and are ready for use in higher-powered Aberrant chronicles. Also included are an in-depth look at the Body Modification quantum power, an array of new Body Modifications and a collection of new physically-oriented quantum powers.

Appendix 1: New Miscellanea contains a variety of new physical and/or combat-related items; including Merits, Flaws, a Background, Background Enhancements, new nova-only Abilities and a nova-only language.

Appendix 2: Mental and Social Mega-Attributes beyond 5 dots details the Mental and Social Mega-Attribute listings for ratings at 6 dots and higher, ready for use in higher-powered Aberrant chronicles.

Appendix 3: Mental and Social Mega-Attribute feats presents a look at the bare-bone basics of what novas with a given Mental or Social Mega-Attribute should be capable of in real-world terms.

Preview a few pages from Aberrant: The New Flesh.


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I just have to say this is awesome, and I really happy to see that the book is almost done.. special thanks to those who have been working on it too.

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