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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to Hero High! A 3rd Edition Mutants and Masterminds Game The sales pitch! So, you want to play teen heroes? Great! But…why? For starters, all the adult supers are trying to tell you what to do and how to do it. They’re older than your parents, and they’re wearing tights! How gross is that? And speaking of your parents, they always ground you right before the big alien invasion. You also get blamed when your extra-dimensional pet wreaks havoc at the mall (nobody said feeding it french fries covered in nacho cheese was a bad thing—or maybe they did…you weren’t really listening at the time). Oh, and they still give you homework. Shouldn’t having powers give you a pass on certain things, like maybe high school? Yeah, you wish. Between the powers, the hormones, the homework, the rivals, and all the drama, it’s bad enough out there without throwing villains into the mix. Unless, of course, beating on the villains is your version of therapy, in which case, they’re the one thing in your life that isn’t complicated. And beating them down sure does put you in a better frame of mind.... Hero High is a Mutants and Masterminds game set in the Emerald City campaign setting at a West Coast campus of Claremont Academy or ECCA (Emerald City Claremont Academy). Emerald City's version of Claremont Academy was built to be an exact duplicate of the campus in Freedom City and was built in 2005, just four years after Duncan Summers, the original Raven, had finished remodeling the original campus in Freedom City. In the past twelve years the academy has been under the supervision of Lawrence Hunt and his hand picked faculty. Claremont Academy is a private school catering exclusively to super-powered teenagers. The general public is not aware that the Academy is for super teens only and Director Hunt spends a lot of his time refusing grants and endorsement from Emerald City's rich elite trying to buy their child's place within the halls of such an exclusive private school. So, what are the rules? Glad you asked. The rules are simple: characters are super teens from the ages of 15 to 19 and you may have any background except: Child of a God. You want to be a sorcerer? You got it. Want a battle suit? Okay. An android from an alternate Earth? Fine by me. Just keep in mind I approve what's acceptable. Your character should be PL8 and 120PP. I'm not a sticker so if you go a point or so over I'm not going to enter beast mode as long as you can justify it. Keep in mind the Claremont also offers College level classes, so older heroes are possible if you would prefer not playing someone too young. The tone of the game shouldn't change, after all, we're not trying to market a television show to Cartoon Network to appeal to a younger generation, we're playing a game. What Age are we playing in? This game will be set at the beginning of the school year, 2016 in the Modern Age. Basically the mélange of things, the Rocky Road of the eras. The age has a bit of everything, with a drive by some heroes to revisit the Silver or Golden Age ideals (but not their naivety). There’s a general distrust in authority, and many teens are not only coming into power independently, but also fighting crime on their own. Just as you might expect from modern comics, nearly every nerd and geek of Claremont are built like professional surfers, cleavage is rampant and there's never a short supply of leather, latex and spandex ready to be vacuum sealed to ones flesh while sporting heels no respectable teen should be caught dead in. Robots, guns, explosions, eye lasers, satellite space stations... it's all on the table. Modifiers and Benchmarks Abilities – There is no change to ability scores. Skills – Starting skill ranks may only as be as high as the PL. This is to reflect that as teenagers it is very unlikely that the characters will have extensive knowledge in any one field of study, especially professional fields. The exception to this rule are those characters where professional skills are part of their shtick. Budding engineers with battle suits, sorcerers with magical studies. Note that it says 'professional skills'. Amazons don't get to max out close combat simply because 'they like to fight' no more than the schools emotion manipulating hottie gets to max out persuasion because 'that's what she does'. Advantages may add to a skill totals per normal rules up to the normal rule of PL x 2. Advantages- Characters should have advantages appropriate for both their age and their shtick. Chances are you do not have Tony Stark money. Your parents might (which is how you built your battle suit), but the most they're giving you is a small trust fund or a weekly/monthly allowance to get the things you need. Powers – Powers are pretty much powers, providing they fit the shtick. As a rule of thumb, if I can not relate the powers you've created with one of the powers presented in the Power Profiles books then I'll ask you to change it. This game will be slated to start sometime by the end of the month, pending interest.
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