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  1. Iron Man and his ilk are staples of the super-heroic theme In my opinion, but Aberrant does not support them. So my question is this: How would you go about building Iron Man (or Spider-man's webshooters even) without making them quantum related (i.e. no Nova who has 2 forms for IM and no Quantum devices for webshooters)? I'm thinking of heroes who've created (illegal due to PU) high tech devices to help them hero... sure, straight Novas look down on them, but the populace might just love to see a baseline be able to go toe-to-toe with a Nova (a.la. Iron Man) and having a "power" that can't be stolen by another Nova would be a pretty good advantage in a fight (a.la. Imoblizing with webshooters). I'm just curious how other people have done this... Also, I'm sorry if this is an old, over done topic, I'm a newbie here after all... ::halo OH, just so everyone knows, I only own the Aberrant book... I'll be borrowing PU, Tera and the APG from a friend again soon, but I don't even have them right now (I know that a way of doing gadgets is in the APG, but those require you to be a Nova... no good for the baseline armored dude idea). Thanks in advance! Nerdvana
  2. Closure

    As of this writing, I am closing this game. RL is hitting me hard, and I do not have the energy or inspiration to manage this game, and give you all the fun experience you deserve. Thank you all for the work you put in, I'm sorry to do this, but it's how it has to be for me. Sorry everyone.
  3. In the month since the colossal battle against the Monster many simply called Zil, The world had been shaken completely. Tokyo Harbor had been turned into a low level zone, nearly spelling the end of the massive metropolitan area. Only the pride of the Japanese people, and the deployment of 90% of the JSDF to secure the borders of the zone allowed anyone to live within 2 miles of the water. as it was the first mile was a designated Military zone,, the presence of any persons without authorization was met with lethal force. When Zil had finally rose from the water, a Titan straight out of Toei movies, 400 feet tall, impossibly strong, and a force of nature in terms of power, The collected novas had engaged with their full might, seemingly to little affect. Busses, chunks of buildings, missiles, canon, all were fired, to little effect. Growing annoyed it was only through the sacrifice of Riccochet that Zil's breath attack, an intensified blast of destructive quantum didn't strike the city itself, instead blowing off the top fifth of Mt. Fuji. Redoubling their efforts after the massively televised and gruesome death of one of their own, The gathered novas kept up their assault, losing several more from their number, before Zil turned, and went back into the sea, followed by air, to the Marianas Trench, where he dove, and still resides. it was humbling for everyone, to see powerful novas killed in such fashion, to see the horrors of a monster like Zil, the creatures spawned within his zone killed as they could be, The 5th and 8th American Fleets, as well as the 2nd British and Australian fleets maintaining a cordon as best they can to ensure the safety of shipping in the region. Novastorm had not been idle, it's best minds devoted to creating countermeasures for larger novas, and a special chosen few to develop ways to cancel the zones themselves. Those not working toward this aim were sent out, gathering data on various zones, ,until another request came in, this time one close to home. The Mississippi River system is the longest in the United states, it's tributaries ranging as far west as the Rocky Mountains. It has been well documented that New Orleans has become a zone, Openly controlled by a nova, but still on "friendly terms" for the most part with those who would go there for research, on the surface. The flora fauna of the region however, is not friendly, and is openly hostile.In the last month 24 attacks by Alligators in excess of thirty feet long have been documented all along the River system. Two were slain, only through the use military grade weaponry by militant citizenry. more than that, at least six attacks by "Bayou Shamblers" occurred over 200km from the zone. The request was to find the nests where these creatures were spawning, and destroy it, as well as remove these Primalgators, as they were being called now, from the estuary proper. Calvin knew it was the New orleans Zone, so he called the team together, assembling all those remaining from the Zil engagement, and a few new faces, recent recruits with gifts that could come in handy for the task at hand. After thirty minutes he had gathered them all in the Situation room, and explained the mission. "Allright, questions, comments, or suggestions?" Some would likely not like to be removed from their research projects, but they had to stop this now, if they could.
  4. Ok so first off let me say that this is a thought exercise and nothing more. In absolutely no way shape or form would I ever condone the creation of such a character by a player in a game I ran. That being said, I'm talking enhanced cheese flavored cheese, to dip in your cheese fondu. If you were allowed to create a nova with absolutely no limits placed on how the points were spent, what is the cheapest you could possibly get away with creating the ultimate nova? I came up with 40 nova points. If I've done anything wrong please let me know (nicely). Here's what I came up with: Name: Mary Sue Concept: Break the system in the fewest possible points. Age, height, weight and all that won't matter because she'll become the ultimate nova during eruption. Str: 2 Dex: 2 Sta: 4 Per: 2 Int: 3 Wit: 5 App: 2 Man: 2 Cha: 2 Abilities don't matter and can be placed anywhere 23 points spent on whatever, although I would suggest points in science and medicine and awareness. Backgrounds: Attunement: 2 Node: 3 Eufiber: 2 (again these really don't matter) Willpower: 3 Quantum: 1 Bonus points: 14 on quantum 1 on a background, attunement So quantum is now 3 before spending nova points. Nova points: Jacking Quantum up to 10. That is going to garner 6 taint by itself, leaving the ability to spent 3 more taint to lower the cost of 3 of those Q down to 3nps each. 9 nps 3 Quantum (Tainted) 20 nps 4 quantum That brings us up to 10 quantum and 9 Taint, still playable. We then purchase one single power: 11 nps Planck Scaling Total expense 40 nova points. With Planck Scaling the nova can create a bubble of subjective reality within which their will is supreme. Each success rolled gives 2 nova points toward altering yourself permanently if you should so choose. It would take 10 to 12 uses of her power, but she would then have every possible dot filled in on the sheet, have removed all taint, and gained every power available. In short, be the ultimate nova on a mere 40 nova points. The ultimate cheese.
  5. April First, 2009. It was a day which would live forever in the History of Humanity, as the Cosmos seemed to make the ultimate April Fool's Day joke... only it didn't end afterwards, The world didn't go back to how it was, It only got wierder. No one really knows exactly what happened, what caused The Surge, but its effects were felt immediately. High Concentration radiant Quantum flooded the entire globe. From Space the phenomenon was visible as a gold-white glow suffusing almost the whole world. For nearly seventy Five percent of the world, it receded within an hour. Where it didn't, well these vast accumulations of still-hot Quantum energy are known as The Zones. Within the Zones, Physics, and normal biology have been grossly rewritten. The Middle East, Perhaps one of the larger Zones, is a Verdant Jungle, populated by monstrous creatures, some of which may have been human, once. In Seattle, The City exists, but it's occupants can only be seen at night. They seem to carry on normal lives, but the town is an eerie ghost town by day. New York City, one of the world's major Urban Sprawls, Called an Urban Jungle, truly is now. Many buildings are overgrown with what seems to be almost sapient vegetation. Los Angeles is a barren wasteland, ruled over by its former residents, now all mutated by intense quantum forces. Within the Zones humans do not remain human long, and as such, they avoid the zones. All is not however dark and bleak. Because the Surge receded so quickly much of humanity remains, indeed The nations of the world are largely present, though somewhat diminished in some regards. The interet functions, though Quantum storms over the oceans do sometimes interfere with all sorts of signals. Perhaps the side affect of the Surge that was most unusual, The Rise of the Novas. Humans empowered with the very forces of quantum itself, Immune to the Ambient Quantum of most zones, The wield fantastic superhuman abilities, and through them, Humanity can explore the zones, and defend themselves from the creatures that emerge and attack from the zones. Perhaps the most ubiquitous change has been the proliferation of the Q-scanner, a device that ranges from the size of a cellphone for personal use, with a range of fifty meters, to the massive two ton thirty mile range scanners mounted on ocean-going vessels. Every vessel at sea requires a small detachment of soldiers, armed for repelling most of the known monsters the world has become home to, or, in rare instances, a nova. Most cities have several Q-Scanners, situated around the city to act as an early warning system for Quantum powered threats. In the midst of the chaos and order of the new and old world, there exist many companies who have hired out their staff as security consultants, both nova and human. More than that, thanks to some nova's vastly enhanced intelligence, There's been a boom in technology, allowing humans to better defend themselves, New medicines to treat many diseases, ways to fortify crops against quantum contamination,, as well as the Hypercombustion Engine, which can run on 1/10th the fuel of older internal combustion engines, ten times longer. While this cut down dramatically on demand for fossil fuels it still exists, and Most countries are in the process of shutting down all nuclear plants they operate. The Game- The players are being pulled together, either with a recent offer of employment, highly lucrative in monetary terms, or already employees of Novastorm Technologies. NovaStorm created the Q-Scanner devices, as well as the cure to most forms of cancer, HIV, and several other major diseases plaguing the world. The medical releases were released as open source, available to anyone, free of charge. The Head of NovaStorm is Dr. Calvin Aziz. A Nobel winning Physicist, and subsequently a molecular biologist of great skill since S-Day. Each of you, as novas, were recruited by him personally. His most Fervent wish is to uncover the cause of The Surge, and that is why he has assembled you. You are his troubleshooters, the Team he sends when a job takes a more unconventional approach. Saying that, you do have great latitude in your personal lives. His only condition is that when the small communicator each of you has been given chimes, you answer. When extreme Alacrity is needed, He has retained the services of one of only five novas in the world with the capability to open gateways between locations, but more often than not re relies on each of you to respond arrive in a timely Manner. NovaStar Technologies is Based in Houston, Texas. Character Creation rules 50 np base starting quantum-3 (can be bought no higher than 5) base quantum pool- 50 Characters start with backing 3 in Novastar technolgies for free Starting Taint may not exceed 3 I am allowing powers and enhancements from New Flesh, Forceful Personalities, and Brainwaves, beyond the APG, and core book. Powers from the Teragen book are not allowed. Warp, Transmit, Teleport and Body mod: Improved Attribute are not allowed in this game. If you have any questions ask me in PM, or in chat. ,, each odd dot of a mega att will provide an additional "Free" enhancement (1, 3, 5) One note about zones, there exist zones that ARE harmful to novas, and can actually cause them to gain temporary taint just by being in the zone. However, Quantum offers them some protection, so long as there is quantum in their pool. It is rumored that there is are zones that will literally drain quantum from any source of it, so They can be a threat.
  6. This thread is a fun special project (free xp situation) for you all the players. What I propose is to let each of you create a single zone for the game. A submission is worth 3xp. A submission that I actually use in game, and officially declare Canon, is worth another 3xp. Los Angeles, and New York City are already done, but the rest are open to do. So far Miami, London, and DC are not zone areas. Have fun with this.
  7. Please post all approved character profiles and sheets here. If all characters are posted by 4-11-14, all players will get 3 xp ,,
  8. (Request to a mod or admin: can you sticky this topic?) We can use this thread to announce any major or minor updates we want everyone to know, or to request any information/website links/book sources we may need, or to reveal your current progress on something, or to openly discuss any other issues regarding the project that aren't a part of any other thread. I must say that I won't have much spare time until about about July. I pretty much have three or four spare hours a day that aren't spent sleeping or at work. I'm doing what I can already, and I'm almost done compiling every relevant piece of info for Bright Continent (I only have Deception and Terra Verde left to check over). I've already started putting together something coherant from what I've gathered. I'll have it up in a few days, or whenever I feel that I have something substantial done. I don't want to present what I have until I'm done, or nearly done. Anyways, feel free to voice any concerns or questions here.
  9. Okay, I typed this up last night in a sleep-deprived haze, so excuse any repitition in my wording or any bad grammar. I tried cleaning it up a bit. Here's my proposed system for the Second Triggering of psions: ********** Rules for Second Triggering (A new term is needed for psions that have undergone Second Triggering. Until then, I shall refer to them as new-psions for simplicity. Also, a term for the new tubes will be needed; they aren't the Prometheus Chambers, so they shouldn't be called such.) The Transformation The psion enters a tube similar to the Prometheus Chamber. The process largely mimics that of a psion's First Triggering, with few differences. The triggering time within the tube generally lasts three times as long as with a normal Prometheus Chamber. During this time, the various noetic barriers implemented by the Doyen are removed. At the current time, the new chambers are unable to trigger latents; they can only remove the barriers in already-triggered psions. Proto-psions/psiads also will not benefit from the process, as they don't have any barriers to remove. If a latent or a proto-psion/psiad (or even a non-latent neutral) were to undergo the process, there would be no change to them at all; there simply isn't anything within them that the process applies to. During the Second Triggering, the psion is given Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary psionic Aptitudes. The Primary Aptitude is always the Aptitude the psion was originally triggered with. So if a psychokinetic goes through a Second Triggering, he will then have Psychokinesis as his Primary Aptitude whether he wants it to be or not. Then, the player chooses two Aptitudes to be Secondary. The other Aptitudes then automatically become Tertiary. Only the six standard Aptitudes may be chosen like this; read below for information on Teleportation and Quantakinesis. Auxiliary Modes If the psion has Auxiliary Modes, he is then forced to take whatever Aptitude he has an Auxiliary Mode in as Secondary. So if a Clairsentient has Telepathy's Mindshare as an Auxiliary Mode, one of his Secondary Modes must be Telepathy. When this happens, Mindshare is removed as an Auxiliary Mode, and becomes one dot of full-blown Mindshare under Telepathy. In the case of a psion with Auxiliary Modes from more than two Aptitudes (extremely rare, but not unheard of) then the player chooses the two Aptitudes he prefers and the remaining become Tertiary; there can never be more than two Secondary Aptitudes. Teleportation Teleportation is always Tertiary, with two exceptions. The first exception is if a Teleporter undergoes Second Triggering; in this case Teleportation remains as Primary, per normal rules. The second exception is in the case of Auxiliary Teleportation, in which Teleportation becomes Secondary automatically as per the normal Auxiliary-to-Aptitude rules from above. So unless a psion is a Teleporter or has Auxiliary Teleportation, he will be forced to take Teleportation as Tertiary. Quantakinesis Quantakinesis is special. Quantakinesis may not be chosen by the player for a new-psion in the same way Teleportation cannot be chosen. The only way for a new-psion to have Quantakinesis is if they are already a Quantakinetic or if they possessed Auxiliary Quantakinesis before their Second Triggering. In the second case, they gain their Auxiliary Quantakinesis Modes as normal Modes under Quantakinesis, as with normal Auxiliary-to-Aptitude transfer. The difference between Qunatakinesis and Teleportation is that Quantakinesis is always considered Tertiary in this case (not Secondary), and the new-psion even replaces a Secondary Aptitude slot to compensate for it's presence. Example: An Electrokinetic has a dot of Auxiliary Energetics and undergoes Secondary Triggering. Electrokinesis becomes his Primary Aptitude automatically. He wants to take Psychokinesis and Biokinesis as Secondary. However, his Auxiliary Quantakinesis automatically manifests as a Tertiary Aptitude, limiting him to only one Secondary Aptitude. He chooses Psychokinesis as Secondary. The Emergence The new-psion emerges after the duration as he would from a Prometheus Chamber. He gains one automatic dot in any Seconday Mode. This dot must be the first dot in a Mode; it cannot be used to raise a former Auxiliary Mode to two dots. The new psions must then increase Modes with experience points. New Benefits The costs to train depend on whether an Aptitude is Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary. Experience Costs Primary (costs are normal as per standard rules) New Primary Mode - 7 xp Primary Mode Increase - current rating x5 Secondary New Secondary Mode - 10 xp Secondary Mode Increase - current rating x6 Tertiary New Tertiary Mode - 13 xp Tertiary Mode Increase - current rating x8 In addition, he automatically gains the Basic Techniques for his two Secondary Aptitudes, even before purchasing any dot in those Aptitudes' Modes. This represents his new noetic perception of reality. Psionic Dysfunction is normally not a problem for a new-psion. The presence of Secondary and Tertiary Aptitudes balances his mind, preventing one Mode from dominating. Psionic Dysfunction is still possible, but it acts differently in new-psions (a system for this will need to be developed). Limitations New-psions still have limitations to what they can do. They are limited in how many dots they may have in Modes. Primary Aptitude - up to 5 dots in each Mode (as per standard rules) Secondary Aptitudes - up to 4 dots in each Mode Tertiary Aptitudes - up to 3 dots in each Mode They also cannot learn or manifest Auxiliary Modes, as the Doyen barriers have been removed. Instead of taking Auxiliary Modes, the new-psion simply learns the Mode normally as per the above experience costs. ********** There you have it. My main concern right now is the experience point costs to train. Primary looks fine (and should be left alone) but I'm not sure how to handle Secondary and Tertiary Mode costs. Thoughts? I also think some form of new Psionic Dysfunction should apply to these new-psions. Normal psions have psionic dysfunction and novas have aberrations, and characters shouldn't be without drawbacks to thier powers. Maybe new-psion dysfunction applies when a psion trains his Tertiary and Secondary too much, and not his Primary enough? His mind tries too hard to grasp every spectrum of noetic reality, and he begins to lose it...he needs to focus on his Primary Aptitude to give his mind "safe ground" so to speak. Without a strong Primary Aptitude, the new-psion starts to lose his grasp on reality. Thoughts? Edit - Oh, I forgot to note under "Quantakinesis" that Quantakinesis is *only* Tertiary if it was an Auxiliary Mode...otherwise, it cannot be trained, ever, and is not considered available for training. Unlike Teleportation, which is Tertiary unless the psion was a teleporter (Primary) or had Auxiliary Teleportation (Secondary). Sorry if that was confusing.
  10. Use this thread to discuss, brainstorm, pose questions and so forth.
  11. This is the dedicated combat thread where we can post initiative and actions. Once resolved it will be summed up back in the thread in which the combat is taking place.
  12. I'm working on a 1999 Aberrant game for my tabletop group, and to get feedback and just to share the fluff, am going to be posting some of the "news of the world" type stuff I'm writing for the front of the campaign document, like the core book did for the game line. And so, behold random news articles and blurbs from the first year of novas, some of them based on canon, some of them with me filling in blanks on canon, and some of them just made up completely. We start out on N-Day... Headline article of the New York Times, March 23rd, 1998: MIRACLE FIREMAN SAVES CHILDREN FROM INFERNO A collision between a school bus and a gasoline tanker truck on the 400 block of Roosevelt Avenue in Queens amazingly resulted in zero fatalities and only minor injuries when responding FDNY units from the adjacent Engine Company 273 were suddenly reduced to the status of bystanders at what can only be described as a miracle. The collision had resulted when a sudden brake failure on the school bus resulted in its uncontrollably entering an intersection against the red light and directly impacting a tanker carrying several thousand gallons of gasoline to a nearby fuel station. Both vehicles were entangled in the wreck as torrents of spilled gasoline drenched the street. "That intersection is only a couple blocks down from the station house, so we actually saw the crash ourselves before dispatch got the 911 call to us," said Captain Ron Beckwith, commanding Engine 273. "But even with as fast as we got the pumper rolling we could still see it was one of the nightmare scenarios. There must have been fifty kids in that bus and the entire street was soaked in gas for dozens of feet around. Thank God that it didn't go up right when they crashed, but even with some of the older kids getting the back door open and tryin' to get everybody out as fast as they could we still knew that so much as one spark from anywhere would have the whole intersection covered in flames before we could get everybody clear. And sure enough, me and my guys had barely gotten down off the truck and the hoses hooked up before FWOOM, we saw it ignite right before our eyes. We all just froze in shock. Right then we were all thinking, God dammit we're just gonna stand here and watch all those kids die. Just standin' there holding those damn useless hoses like a bunch of idiots. And then… then it happened." In an event that outright defied the laws of physics as we know them, all of the flames engulfing the intersection were suddenly absorbed by one of the firefighters present, in a scene described by Captain Beckwith as "straight out of the comic books I read when I was a kid. It was like watching the Human Torch™ eat a fire in the Fantastic Four, only for real." Nearby security-camera footage as well as the testimony of all eyewitnesses available for comment unanimously agree that the miracle firefighter, whose name is being withheld for privacy reasons, somehow compelled all of the flames engulfing the area to come together into a single stream and then be sucked into his own body, where they vanished without a trace. (See accompanying illustration.) In a few moments the entire intersection was clear of any trace of flame or smoke, and the responding firefighters were able to resume operations. Except for several cases of smoke inhalation and minor crash-related injuries, there were no casualties. According to Captain Beckwith "I went over to [name withheld] right after I'd finished telling the crew to start foaming the place to catch any reflash and make sure everybody was evacuated to a safe distance and triaged, and asked him what he just did. He looked perfectly okay to me – I couldn't even smell any smoke on his clothes! – but the poor guy also looked totally out of it, and who could blame him? It was pretty obvious that he didn't know what the hell had happened any more than I did, so I waved over a couple of the EMS guys and told 'em what I'd seen happen, and said that [name withheld] looked like he was in shock and would they please take him to [hospital withheld]." As of press time, the FDNY Public Affairs office had no further comment except to confirm that the firefighter in question was not injured and was being held overnight for observation. This entirely inexplicable phenomenon of "The Fireman" is only one of many incredible incidents being reported around the world today…
  13. Folks, I have some questions for the Aberrant players here, especially those who have played in high-powered chronicles. You see, one of the topics I'm writing up in Aberrant: Nexus - which is about 60% written at this point - will be guidelines for playing high-powered novas and making such chronicles as fun for everyone as possible. This matter was touched on in the "Power Isn't Everything" gray sidebar on p. 67 of the Aberrant Players Guide, but apparently it did not go anywhere near as far as it should have. I'd like to correct that, & it looks like this ebook will be my last shot at doing so. I also write this after having read the archive for the "Children of Quantum Fire" game held here at RPGPost. From what I can tell - and please do correct me if I'm mistaken - not everyone who played in that game found it as satisfying as it should have been. So there's me second impetus to correct this error. So my questions are as follows: 1- What were the problems with playing high-powered novas - 2ndGen or otherwise - that you encountered? Were they due to the geopolitical situation of Earth in Aberrant regarding powerful novas, or something else? 2- What do you suggest that a Storyteller could do to fix those problems? 3- If not everyone was getting the type and level of role-playing action they desired, what could a Storyteller do - either before the gaming begins or during it - to fix that? If you have any other relevant comments, feel free to add them in also _ I might have missed something important.
  14. Just had a random thought. So, the super-secret Nipponese novas in the Trinity era. Capped at quantum 4 and node 2. Can never develop any Taint. Artificially maxed out. All fine fine. But, does Nippon also sterilize them? If not, then all those totally Taint-free novas are eventually going to breed up some 2nd gen Trues. Meaning that Nippon's government will have secret novas that are as totally Taint-free as anything they have going now... but have unrestricted nova power development. And the Nipponese government secure archives escaped Project Rewrite -- hell, some of their oldest government ministers were still alive during the Aberrant War. They will know the full potential power of what they're sitting on. How would their long-range plans change, if they knew that a couple decades from now their youngest nova assets would be, by far, the most powerful beings in the world? It's a thing for thought.
  15. If I wanted to start a high-power Aberrant game in 2030, based loosely on the same themes that Children of Quantum Fire did but not using the same storyline or some of the base story assumptions they did, then I have about 15 years of alt-history to design as Worldwide Phase II only takes me so far. But I'm lazy, so why design it all by myself when I can stea-... errr, be inspired by the brilliant work of others. Besides, traffic been sorta slow in here recently so meh, let's inspire some post count. Now, the reason I don't just steal CoQF's timeline -- well, asides from the fact that I'd be using a shit ton of other people's storyline and characters -- is because I started with a different set of design assumptions than they did, notably about Taint (see my house rules thread for details on that) and about some of the 'A Breed Apart' content that I'm not going to use. Specifically, my starting thoughts were these: On Nova Fertility Not going to use 'Motherhunters' because, let's face it, we are talking about professional baby murderers here. Guys who can get up in the morning and go 'Today I am going to stalk and kill some innocent people and small children whose only crime was in wanting to have a family/being born'. While I grant that you can entirely find some people this evil, in order for the 'motherhunting' strategy to work you have to find an army full of people this evil. Even from a strictly utilarian and amoral standpoint, the 'motherhunting' strategy only works if you actually can ensure 99.9+% clean-out; just getting 80% or 90% guarantees that the surviving 10-20% really direly want to kill you. And since the entire point of the strategy was the eventual fear that 2nd gen novas would become worldshakingly powerful, you can't afford even 10-20%. As any hunter knows, you do not just wound the grizzly bear. "Never do an enemy a small injury" applies here, epically. Also, any world that can reliably find enough hundreds of operatives to do a job this dirty, so reliably that they don't get a dozen Slider Incidents or more on their hands, is a world slightly above tolerance on the grim-o-meter. That having been said, Proteus is certainly going to do something about nova fertility, once the sterilization drugs aren't enough. They just need to do something evil that's a more "ostensibly intelligent people could actually believe this was going to work" evil, as opposed to a strategy that's pretty much inevitably doomed to cause precisely the type of backlash that happened in CoQF. Thetis might be crazier than a shithouse rat, but let's at least write her smarter than this, so she makes a more satisfying thump when she hits the floor. So, what are they going to do? 'Some type of airborne contact sterility virus' is what first comes to mind (even with the risk of a million or several baseline deaths from mutation, etc. Thetis would still do it; like she cares? It's getting 11 minutes to doomsday here! Release the germs!). So, some type of Spanish Flu type incident, but hey, at least Utopia solved it soon enough, right? Meanwhile, nova birthrates crash-dive again... only this time, the novas who were already working on it know enough to figure out that Proteus just fired the next shot in the war... On The Directive My players and me have always had a sympathy for the Directive. Far too often the canon treats them 'Like Proteus, only with better wiretaps but a lot fewer novas, and also much stupider and more ignorant'. Far too often they're depicted as basically the General Rosses of the setting, always out there to get in your way when you're trying to save the world, but never really saving it themselves. Yeah, well, toss that. This is the 21st century and we prefer something more like the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of SHIELD. Even with all the problems that was revealed to have recently. I can entirely buy a Directive that does gritty spy shit all the time and doesn't trust most novas farther than it can spit. But I don't want to buy one that sits around wishing it were in the Marvel Universe so it could build some giant purple robots, let's put it that way. So, what would this 'slightly less of a dick and slightly more on the ball' Directive be doing with its opportunities? Hrm, the first thing that comes to mind is 'Remember General Endicott's exoskeletons? Maybe if it applied some of that blacktech research budget into coming up with something that let the average Directive agent at least compete vs. novas harder than your average mitoid could, they'd be slightly less paranoid-fear all the time.' Besides, as the 'world without DeVries' thread got into, it took massive writer's fiat to delay effective VARG research into the Trinity era anyway. In the real world, we went from the Wright Flyer to the F-22 Raptor in 100 years... for it to take 200 to go from the Nova Age to exoskeletons at least as effective as the ones in the recent Tom Cruise timeloop movie is silly. Also, slightly relax the nova chargen restrictions for Directive operatives. "Absolutely no Taint" stays, because that entirely makes sense (and is even easier to achieve under my house rules), but as the DeVries recruiter always says 'There are no worthless nova abilities, some are just worth more than others.' Yeah, isn't really much of a set of starting thoughts, is it. I'm staring at a piece of blank paper and trying to make it a timeline. So, any random bits from your own prop boxes that you've never gotten a chance to use, that you want to toss in here?
  16. A question for those of us who have played Adventure! well enough to know: how would you create an Inspired character that has survived through to the Nova Age or even into the Trinity Era? IIRC, that's a gap of 80-100 years between Adventure! & Aberrant. Likewise, the gap is further increased by another 12 decades if an Inspired manages to make it to the Trinity Era. The "how" of the characters' survival into the latter Eras is obvious: Optimized Metabolism (as knack or Innovation), suspended animation, anti-aging drugs & so on. What I'm asking is how would you create such a character from the whole cloth. Is it just a matter of adding in a huge amount of transformation points into character creation, or would the process need further tweaking (Boosted Attributes/Abilities/Backgrounds)? If it's just a matter of adding more transformation points, then how many would be needed? I'm figuring that an Inspired who actually lived through most or all of those decades between the Eras would get more points that those who were "in stasis" as human popsicles or the like. And yes, this question pertains to the Aberrant: Nexus project I've been working on.
  17. Dumping some house rules ideas here for discussion. Those of you who recognize bits and pieces of these, yeah, I was inspired by some earlier posts around here. My thoughts as I was laying this out were several-fold: To give my players a reason to actually use Last-Ditch Defense and Power Maxing, 'cause I just named two things they never bother to use because let's face it, the canon rules for them suck. Solution: Give them notably more bang for the buck. To actually make Taint a part of the drama, but only by player choice, because another consistent buying pattern is that nobody Taints up anything and takes all the Taint Resistance they can get. So I wanted to increase the opportunities to get temporary Taint, and make it more tempting to risk temporary Taint, while at the same time making it harder to get permanent Taint except by racking up enough temporary Taint to kick you over. I realize that other people have different interpretations of Taint, but this is mine. Solution: Make temporary Taint an inevitable consequence of power maxing (you take temp Taint instead of spend Willpower to max), but make the recovery/downtime period to roll to lose temporary Taint shorter. (The reason to make temporary Taint recovery easier is to increase the temptation to risk getting some, while still allowing people to occasionally powermax without automatically becoming Taint monkeys, while also still allowing for 'Taint is what happens if you push your powers too long' because the rest period is still not trivial to arrange for in the middle of a big project or a war or something.) To make it slightly more tempting to take permanent Taint at chargen because let's face it, nothing is worth it. Solution: Significantly increase the XP cost to raise permanent Quantum after character generation and forbid people to purchase Quantum with bonus points at chargen, but make permanent Quantum bought Tainted cost zero. To let people use their quantum powers more freely, so that fights don't have a strict endurance cap, while at the same time not allowing infinite use. Solution: The 'Quantum Flux' trait, which some of you have probably seen before (I think Steve Kenson's Aberrant house rules originally came up with it.) Unt zo... Changes to Quantum Pool and Quantum Points Quantum Flux All novas have an additional trait called Quantum Flux. Their Quantum Flux is equal to half the quantum expenditure granted them by their Node rating. This is an amount of energy the nova can draw upon each turn to power quantum abilities. Quantum point expenditures each turn below this threshold are essentially free; the energy comes from the fabric of the universe, not from the nova's personal reserves. Points spent from Quantum Flux do not count against the nova's quantum expenditure limit per turn as determined by his Node rating. Example: Jason has Node 1, allowing him to spend up to 8 quantum points/turn. His Quantum Flux trait is therefore 4, and he may spend 4 'free' quantum points per turn. Quantum costs above the Flux rating (up to the nova's Quantum Expenditure limit) come from the Quantum Pool as usual. Quantum costs from Maxing Out and quantum lost to effects like Quantum Leech always come from the character's Quantum Pool. A nova must have at least 1 quantum point remaining in their Quantum Pool to use their Quantum Flux. Otherwise, they lose access to their Quantum Flux trait until they have recovered at least 1 quantum point. Quantum Pool A nova's Quantum Pool is equal to their [permanent Quantum] * 4. Changes to Merits Taint Resistant [5 point Merit] Taint Resistant novas do not receive double temporary Taint for botching a roll while Maxing Out, accrue no temporary Taint for failing a roll for rapid quantum recovery, and receive only a single point of temporary Taint for botching a roll for rapid quantum recovery. Quantum Recovery [1-3 point Merit] Each level of Quantum Recovery increases a nova's Quantum Flux trait by one. Changes to Last-Ditch Defense A Nova may always pay 1 or more quantum points (up to their Quantum expenditure limit) to subtract 1 health level of damage from a single attack after soak. This may reduce an attack to 0 levels of damage. If the amount of damage the nova takes would have otherwise have killed the nova if last-ditch defense was not used, then the nova adds 1 temporary Taint. New Advancement Costs Permanent Quantum now costs (Current Rating x 12) XP to advance, not CRx8. A level of permanent Quantum can be purchased Tainted for zero cost. The cost to purchase permanent Quantum at character generation remains 5 nova points. Due to its increased usefulness via Quantum Flux, dots in the Node background now cost double, both during and after character generation. Changes to Taint Starting Taint Characters are limited to a maximum of four permanent Taint at character generation. Taint, Quantum, and Node No permanent Taint is automatically gained for obtaining high levels of either permanent Quantum or Node. A quantum 5 node 5 nova with zero taint is entirely possible. Buying Powers Tainted Permanent Quantum (and only permanent Quantum) may be bought Tainted, at a cost of 1 permanent Taint per dot. Doing so allows it to be obtained for a cost of zero XP or nova points. How much of your humanity will you sacrifice for power? Losing Temporary Taint Due to the new Maxing Out rules, it is far easier for novas to gain temporary Taint. Therefore, the time period for losing temporary Taint is reduced to one day of downtime (either dormed down or utilizing all quantum powers and Mega-Attributes at a maximum of half normal strength, and botching no rolls), not one month. A nova receives +1 automatic success to the Willpower roll for losing temporary Taint if they spend the entire day dormed down. Botching a roll to lose temporary Taint adds one temporary Taint on a botch, not one permanent Taint. Changes to Maxing Out To Max Out, the nova first takes one point of temporary Taint. In return, the nova gets a number of automatic successes equal to their permanent Quantum rating or a flat 3 successes, whichever is greater. (You will always be able to add at least 1 extra or 3 successes if you max out, even as a puny Quantum 1 nova). Additional successes may be obtained by taking more temporary Taint (gaining additional sux equal to their permanent Quantum each time), or by spending 2 quantum points per success (up to their normal quantum expenditure limit per turn). A nova may not exceed (Permanent Quantum * 3) successes on a Max Out, by any means, without specific GM permission. If a nova botches a roll while Maxing Out, the amount of temporary Taint taken from Maxing Out doubles. The nova does not need to pay double quantum cost to activate the power being Maxed Out. Increase Effect: Each success spent increases the Effective rating of the Power being used by 1 dot to calculate the chosen effect. This is purchased separately for each effect: Dice Pool, Damage, Range, Soak, or Area. This explicitly allows the nova to violate the cap on the rating a power can possess at his Quantum rating. Add an Extra: 3 successes spent will add a new, temporary extra to a quantum power the nova possesses. This explicitly allows the nova to violate the cap on the # of extras a power can possess at his Quantum rating. Increased Duration: 2 successes spent will increase the duration 1 step from Instant to Concentration to Maintenance. Effects at Maintenance level or with a set duration are doubled in duration per 2 successes spent. Increased Mega-Attributes: 2 successes will grant an additional dot in a Mega-Attribute for one use (be it a combat turn use, or a scene long exertion). This may exceed the normal Quantum limits. The nova must have at least 1 dot in the Mega-Attribute already. Add an Enhancement: Spending 2 successes will gain the character a new enhancement for one use (be it a combat turn use, or a scene long exertion). Enhancements with prerequisites still require all prerequisites (which may be purchased via additional sux if need be). (Acknowledgement: Yeah, most of this one was swiped straight from the Taint discussion thread on 200X and slightly tweaked. Good work there, guys.)
  18. I have several campaign ideas I am never going to use. This is one of them. Campaign: The Final Aeons You remember so many things. You remember the old days, when the Aeon Society met in a brownhouse and invited everyone to come look through the filing cabinets for free. You remember Maxwell before he came obsessed with his ideas of the 'ideal' future, and Michael before he was overtaken by his inner demons. You remember Annabelle before she left the Society to fight at Michael's side. And you remember her shooting Whitley through the spine on the day the Second Hammersmith Event was to happen, and her being laid low by Tallon's enraged punch. And you remember how she screamed as she died, with Mercer unhesitatingly throwing her helpless body headfirst into Donighal's telluric engine to jam it with the handiest thing available within reach one second before it would have started a posthuman age in 1943. You remember old Safari Jack mysteriously disappearing in 1955, almost a year before Liberty Cross Medical started producing 'experimental' anti-aging remedies reserved for favored Aeon board members only. You remember Whitley Styles being unable to look you in the eye while explaining to you that the reason the anti-aging remedies weren't being distributed more generally is because 'the field test' of himself, Margaret, and several others wasn't showing consistent results. This while his hair stayed dark, and yours went gray. This after he was finally out of the wheelchair he'd spent the past decade in. You remember the Babel Dossier being moved to a secure undisclosed location. You remember openness being traded for secrecy, help giving way to manipulation, adventures being phased out in favor of black-bag jobs and wetworks. You remember seeing the handwriting on the wall and running for your life. You remember hiding out in the cracks of the world, reading between the lines of newspaper articles and knowing that the ideals of the old Aeon Society were vanishing further and further into the night and fog. But despite your own Inspiration, despite all the impossible adventures you had survived when you were younger, you knew that there would be no happy ending and upraised glasses in the old brownstone this time. It was a new world, a darker world, a world more firmly in the grip of the new Aeon than it had ever been gripped by the King of the World or the Ubiquitous Dragon or the Czar. Your choices lay stark before you; a heroic death vs. impossible odds, or an unremarkable death as you crawled off into obscurity to rot. Because several adventurers, even Inspired ones, could not hope to overcome an entire society of their peers. But people who were more than adventurers? That would be something else entirely. Although you had not seen or heard any signs of Donighal since 1943, you knew he was still out there. You knew that he would never rest. That sooner or later he would recover enough power for another attempt, as his "terrible angel" only waxed further and further. Sooner or later he would progress beyond the power of even the most modern weapons to kill him, if he had not already. And that while they had to succeed in stopping him every time, he only had to succeed once. So you fled to the long-lost golden pyramid of Aton, whose exact location had remained a secret even to the Babel dossier. And amidst the dust-covered ancient secrets that had once been used to empower a maddened, victimized child, you added the products of more modern labors -- the Dixon telluric-ionic power cells, lenses carved from telluric energy crystals gathered in half a dozen nameless lands, even the Mechanitrix's old z-ray projector rifle that had once brought down an artificial moon. And you set up your suspension capsules, with the power-focusing array precipitated above it. And so you slept the decades away, waiting. Waiting for the year when Michael would finally succeed in bringing fire to the sky, and creating an entire new culture of superhumans that you could vanish into, "merely" several more wonders in a world newly full of wonders. The last unfallen members of the original Aeon, to save the world from the unspeakable evil that their old friends and their heirs had become. The idea of the campaign is that the party are powerful novas with Cipher 5 (as they've been in hibernation for decades), that are effectively True 2nd Generation Taint-immune due to their unusual origin (while they obviously didn't know everything about novas, they knew enough about telluric energy to effectively guarantee their eruptions on N-Day by creating a quantum-focusing grid that would, on the day of the next Hammersmith-type Event, make sure to affect them as if they were at ground zero -- and of course they were already all Inspired)... who are 'in the know' re: the existence of the Aeon conspiracy, and devoted to wrecking its shit. Disadvantages are that they're men and women out of time, and about to buck one hugely stacked deck, as they expected to be Dr. Primoris-level super-stalwarts (i.e, novas) going up against a bunch of daredevils and their organization, and didn't expect them to have a Project Utopia-sized nova army. But hey, why not?
  19. Lets say that, a few days before she would have otherwise erupted, Anna DeVries gets killed in a mugging gone bad. Thus, no DeVries Agency, and none of the various things they did to underpin elite culture and business. What effect does this have on the setting?
  20. So the gaming group I'm am with has started dividing. Long story short the normal storyteller and two others, not including myself are really into the games possibilities and looking to play two or more times a week. the two other players only play once a week at best because of a lack of time and a chance of burning out on game. ,, So, I've been thinking of running a Oneshot with the possibility of growing into more. This is the basic framework of what I have for an idea should I take the Storyteller spot. ,, ,, Players are told to go thru the first half of character creation, but stop before Nova points get spent. each comes up with a backstory and game starts. PCs wake up in a Saw-esqe room, one door out, and no Idea whats going on. ,, (Behind the scenes, a Nova erupted. bare bones info on him/her is that they are a serial killer that hunts humans in a labyrinth style building. The building is old and falling apart, but any viable exit bar one is sealed and booby-trapped. The Nova has Poison and other low end powers for combat. His MO is that he stalks his victims, poisons them with his quantum power that has a delayed effect of making them pass out. He them kidnaps them and takes them to his house of horror.) ,, A message plays letting them know the score. They are rats in a maze. Their only option is to attempt to survive for a chance to escape and get their lives back. There would be threats like traps or starving animals that the players have to navigate while getting stalked by a killer. The Nova, like many a bad guy trope, would torture them by hounding them. Do things that force them to run just as they slowed down to rest, or try to pick them off. ,, (I would actually be going for character sheets, as any player could remake a new character and still keep any character power Ideas without having to copycat the last character.) ,, The endgame a couple of sessions in would be a confrontation with the Nova. At the beginning of the game when the Confrontation is going to happen I have people finish Character creation. They will have a good idea of their character and how they react in games so they can tailor the powers to their character better, and they get to participate in a fight that will make them feel like a badass after going thru a horror storyline. ,, Any ideas that might help to make this take off, Help reinforce the idea of initial helplessness, or interesting traps/organic threats/Nova powers that would mess with the players?
  21. Calvin Aziz was unusually troubled as morning came to Houston. A great many projects were underway, ranging from the development of a large population sustainable space station, down to quantum research on the root of the Surge, as well as why it caused some to become tainted and twisted monsters, and others it granted fantastic powers as novas. He had just ended a call with the Security Chief of Japan, with a most troubling problem. Four Hours earlier, the Japanese Navy had been conducting maneuvers Southeast of the main Islands, when they detected a massive quantum zone forming. It was the first new zone that had been detected in three years, and Three of Japan's fifteen novas had been deployed to investigate. After ten minutes they lost communication with the team, and within a hour, The 2nd JSDF fleet went radio silent. Since then no contact had been made, and The Japanese government sought assistance from the the leader in quantum studies, even as they began to redeploy their fleets. Within Five minutes, the Secretary of State called, asking Novastorm to send a team with all haste to Japan to investigate this new and obviously dangerous new zone. Satellites were already being moved to focus their sensors on the new zone. With the expo having only been a day prior, Calvin sighed. "Whom shall I send?" The company would be Compensated fully he was sure, one way or another. He quickly typed up a summons to The group of Novas who'd been present at the Expo. They were all still at hand, they would do nicely. By assigning half his nova staff, he was gambling big, putting many projects aside for the moment, but a new zone with such prodigious offensive abilities, it was something they had to unravel fast. "You are to Meet in Conference room Seven in thirty minutes, a debriefing will follow, then deployment of all personnel to the incident." He hit send and sent the text to everyone who'd been at the expo, and sighed. It would be enough. He rose from his desk, and began to make his way down. He called up the one nova he knew he could count on to move so many, quickly. "Transit, I will need your services, likely within 1 hour." "How far?" "Japan." "Not cheap." "It never is, but time is of the essence. I'm assembling my team, It will be two drops, on personnel, the other gear." "Standard rates." "Mary will wire half upfront, half on completion, as always." "A pleasure as always, Cal." The call ended as she hung up, and he sighed, two million in expenses already, and that was before the began talking gear. Using a dataslate, he began the process of assembling gear with a priority for scanning gear, with some offensive weapons in the mix for defense, not all novas were gifted combatants. as it came under his personal code it would all be assembled in the dock, crated and ready within an hour. All that was left now, was to bring the team together.
  22. This topic is to discuss the new setting Cosmos Nova. Cosmos Nova: Q6 limit for the duration of the setting/story No Mastery at start No Q Supremacy ever Must stick to a power Theme Only original/ or inactive characters allowed (no active copies from other games or versions from other IE universes) No backgrounds over 5 at creation No gadgets over 5 at creation (only 1 Gadget at 6 ever, this would be a defining item) Aberrant compendium not allowed (mega att books o.k.) Any irregular power from another sources needs approval Free enhancement with every odd Mega Att dot Any other limits or suggestions? NOTE: These rules apply only to the Cosmos Nova universe and not to the IE multiverse as a whole.
  23. This is the setting thread for the Axis and Allies setting. Feel free to discuss and ask questions in the thread. Please mark threads in IE and characters with the [A&A] tag. Please note, this setting deviates from standard IE rules. Axis and Allies—a Steampunk Aberrant World In 1900, the first of the Dynamics became known to the world. Since then, these super-men have aided the technological advances that have brought the world into the ‘modern’ era of 1939. The use of ‘quantum æther’ has allowed advances such as round-the-world blimp flights and the ability to contact someone across the ocean. Vast knowledge is transmitted via quantum on devices called ætherlabes. Medicine has defeated many of the ills plaguing man, including polio and measles. Cancer is rarer, and people usually survive it. AIDS is a new disease, just making itself felt as soldiers in Africa carry it out of the bush and into civilization. 1939. Hitler’s Germany is on the warpath. The first to fall was Poland, who was split by Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania, and their ally, Soviet Russia. Poland had 100,000 military personnel evacuated, while those Poles who remained behind formed the Polish Underground State, complete with an underground Home Army. All of the Baltic countries were forced to allow Russia to station troops in their countries. When Finland refused, they were invaded. By mid-1940, Germany had invaded Denmark and Norway, and controlled Sweden as well. Finland fell, while Russia helped Germany circumvent the Allied blockade. Iceland was controlled by Britian, and the discontent over the war had already ousted British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. He was replaced by Winston Churchill. The Allied powers were angered by Germany’s aggressions, but that was nothing compared to their outrage when the mad-man’s Iron Blitzkrieg invaded Western Europe. France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg were invaded in May. The speed of their advance terrifies Britain, despite their Dynamic heroes who defend their shore. Other Dynamics from neutral countries such as the United States have come to Britain to join the war effort. Concept: Steampunk with modern trappings in World War II. Starting Date: January 26, 1941; for a timeline which we are using as a guide, click this: http://www.historypl...ine/ww2time.htm Intent: Beyond the usual ‘have fun’, this setting is to tell the stories of war through the eyes of novas. Nazis are the villains, and both sides have Dynamics. Eruption: No one is born dynamic in this setting. Anyone can erupt, as far as science can tell, and they show no sign before eruption. There is a slight hereditary tendency, but it is not safe to assume that you will be a Dynamic just because a relative is. Eruptions generally occur from stressful events. Lab experiments have once or twice resulted in eruption, but it believe that they occurred due to the stress of the tests, not from the experiment itself. Culture: Most people are set in the 1950’s, but the interconnections of the ætherlabe has allowed people of certain counter-cultures to connect and grow. LGBT, women and minorities are all learning the powers they have, both through their representative Dynamics and via the power of unity. However, ætherlabes are still very expensive, so most people only gain access to one via public institutions such as colleges or libraries. The ‘æthernetwork’ is not all pervasive: third-world countries do not have one, and Axis and Allied ætherlabes do not talk to one another. Themes: Though I intend to focus on the war in Europe, the tale of the War Hero is not the only possible story that can be told in the Axis and Allies world. There are many other things to explore: quantum æther experiments, the culture war that is slowly gaining traction, or just exploration of a steampunk world. Remember, steampunk is a genre about the best and worst of humanity: the bright shining light of human innovation struggling against institutionalized classism, racism, and tyranny. We threw this into WW2 because who doesn’t like to kill Nazis? The Isms A player who chooses to play a minority, woman, non-cissexual or any other "-ism", you as a player are free to explore the themes of bigotry or not, as you wish. Racism, sexism and all forms of bigotry can be triggering for various individuals, so we're not mandating that the cultural norms of the 1940's be followed. Players should not feel constrained by these cultural norms. On the flip side, players who explore those themes should not be censured for a realistic portrayal of -isms of the time. Mechanics Aberrant standard with the following exceptions: 40 NP Start at Quantum 3, max Quantum is 5 Base Quantum pool is 40 No taint from Quantum or Node (A&A is meant to be a low-taint world) No strengths and weaknesses 10 xp per month for every month you have at least one IC post, and the IE birthday bonus is 10 xp; no story awards Allowed books – all of the published materials, the mega-attribute books. Character limit - no more than 2 active characters per player; if you want another character, one of your active characters needs to be definitively retired before the new one of introduced. ‘2nd Gens’ – There are no such thing. Anyone can be descended from Dynamics; becoming a Dynamic is something that happens or not. Children born from two Dynamics are only slightly more likely to someday be a Dynamic than other children. Devices – built by calculating the cost of each power on the device, then subtracting 1 NP or 3 xp. Ex. Laser sword-gun – Quantum Bolt 3, Claws 3. Q-bolt is 3+3+3-1 for 8 NP plus claws 1+1+1-1 for 2 NP for a total of 10 NP. Playing Axis – Not allowed at this time, though playing an Allied spy in Axis territory is Justin, anything else to add?
  24. Kaitlyn smiled politely and made the umpteenth polite social noise as she slipped away from the self-important Senator from New Mexico trying to convince her to start a new company on her own across the state lines. She loved the expo for the chance for novas to show off what they could do and hopefully inspire another year of innovations and solutions to problems across the globe, but she hated the 'groupies' that invariably showed up, pushing selfish or just downright stupid personal platforms. Hell, even the kids that always tried to sneak into the high security labs were more interesting and promising to her than the dozens of petty politicians and narcissistic billionaires that flocked to the Expo just to be seen and thought important. ,, An arm caught her around the waist and pulled her down onto a man's lap. He was dressed in a suit, because she'd insisted, but it was a tie-die suit because so had he. "Here," her husband slipped a flute of sparkling liquid into her hand and chuckled. "Drink this. You look like you've been chewing on lemons again." ,, She leaned up against him and took a few cautious sips of the drink. "Is it that obvious?" ,, "We can go, if you want," he offered in total innocent selflessness. ,, "Uh-huh. You promised me opening and closing day, mister. I'm holding you to it." ,, He kissed her on the neck, not ready to resign himself to a day of 'Yes, my wife and I actually are happily married,' and 'No, it doesn't bother me at all that she's got a successful career and I get to stay home and do whatever I want all day long, because I'm not a Neanderthal, thank you.' Suit required, attitude thrown in for free. "I know something else we could do...." he murmured against her skin. ,, An arched brow looked down on him from her perch on his lap. "Really, that's your ploy this year?" ,, He sighed and gave her an unapologetic shrug. "Well, I couldn't get Dragon Age III released early. I did try." ,, Kait laughed and kissed him. "I know you did and I'm totally taking a day off when it does come out. Now, the buffet is open and the new lines of computers are being demo'd in an hour. Steven got them up and running a week early so we could bug test, and in return once the boring adult demos for the military and corporations are done, he's installed like every game ever on them and we're going to open them up for the kids and the captive spouses to play on as a sort of 'extended demo' for the rest of the day." ,, His face lit up and Kait couldn't help but smile back. "How big are the monitors, again?" ,, "Wall sized," she grinned and stood back up, fortified to wade back into the fray of media frenzy and nova show-offs (hey, that's what the expo was about, right?) again. Daniel scooted out of his seat, taking the empty flute from her, and kissed her goodbye. "Don't forget to eat and drink yourself, okay?" ,, "I wo-" ,, "....Dr. Weaver!" A petite woman with cinnamon skin and fetchingly exotic features bustled over to the couples temporary shelter. Daniel waved and made his escape before he became part of the interview as well. "Jo Seo-young with the South Korea Yonhap News Agency; I'd like to ask you about the exhibitions this year. It looks like there are six new novas debuting this year...." ,, Kaitlyn sighed, pasted on her PR-smile as the woman prattled off her questions non-stop, and reminded herself of all the good that came out of the Expo every year. Also, watching everyone show off was always so cool. ,, Social Thread! So, here's the deal: Each year, Novastorm hosts a show-off expo for their resident novas (and some select others that get special invites) and R&D teams to present the projects they've been working for the year. It's always held the week of April 1st and started in 2010. This is a big international event, lots of press and people looking to impress. Feel free to socialize with each other, making up media/politician/business owner run-ins, and to do a 'showcase' post of your PC showing off for the Expo.
  25. “Just find the most Aryan American you’ve ever seen in the middle of the forest. He’ll be friendly. And he should be able to speak German.” ,, The instructions from Wilheim had been unhelpful, to Silvestru’s point of view. The archer ghosted through the woods without a final destination or end point, without concrete instructions, without a defined timeline, and with a description that matched half the strapping farm lads of the area. ,, Worse, this entire affair annoyed her. She hated being sent out to babysit an Allied soldier who was probably coming. Probably. The radio communication had stated that he was, but this was a war. Silvestru held out zero expectation of things happening as they should. ,, She came over a hill and paused, pulling out her map. Tilting it so that the dim moonlight fell on the paper, she glanced at it and checked the position of the stars and the terrain. The valley below was the meeting place for the G.I. Joe. Silvestru thought about going down there but instead she clambered up into a tree, settled against the trunk and waited for the Allies’s miracle. ,, Maybe I’ll have someone else rail against the useless resistance with me.