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  1. Iron Man and his ilk are staples of the super-heroic theme In my opinion, but Aberrant does not support them. So my question is this: How would you go about building Iron Man (or Spider-man's webshooters even) without making them quantum related (i.e. no Nova who has 2 forms for IM and no Quantum devices for webshooters)? I'm thinking of heroes who've created (illegal due to PU) high tech devices to help them hero... sure, straight Novas look down on them, but the populace might just love to see a baseline be able to go toe-to-toe with a Nova (a.la. Iron Man) and having a "power" that can't be stolen by another Nova would be a pretty good advantage in a fight (a.la. Imoblizing with webshooters). I'm just curious how other people have done this... Also, I'm sorry if this is an old, over done topic, I'm a newbie here after all... ::halo OH, just so everyone knows, I only own the Aberrant book... I'll be borrowing PU, Tera and the APG from a friend again soon, but I don't even have them right now (I know that a way of doing gadgets is in the APG, but those require you to be a Nova... no good for the baseline armored dude idea). Thanks in advance! Nerdvana
  2. With Griffin eagerly leading them out from Lounge Amanda had to remind him that they were meant to find Cheryl first. A quick text had her emerging from a nearby toilet on the concourse, struggling with both her own and Amanda's carry on luggage. This inevitably reminded Sakura that she needed to go back to the plane in order to get her own bags. So it was towards the plane that the group headed while Amanda introduced Cheryl to Sakura.
  3. Rebecca was waiting outside the Lounge for Millie, but just opposite the doors when the Black party including the two Taylor women left. Eyes following the ex-military bodyguard type she spots the barely suppressed shock/horror? on the face of the well dressed man coming up the corridor as he passes Viktor Black and his associates. The man stops a little way down the corridor, but Rebecca was still able to hear his side of the conversation he has after activating his blue tooth headset. "Yeah, its Gregory." ....... "No, not yet. Look I just arrived here to collect her and I just saw Viktor Black and entourage leave." ...... "Yes, of course I'm sure it was him. I had checked earlier and found he was on the flight." ......... "No, I can't be sure, but even if it's just someone close to him it's not going to be good news for us is it." ........ "Yeah, I'll be in contact later." With that he gives Rebecca a sharp look as he pushes off from the wall where he was leaning and walks past her into the Lounge. Millie emerges seconds later and together you head down onto the concourse and catching a member of staff passing by for directions you head back toward the plane to collect Millie's things.
  4. Hi all I've got a couple of ideas for a game with Psions as the main characters. 1. Trinity based after the return of the Upeo, with at least one character as an Upeo (could be NPC), likely to be Star Crossed. Aim is to head towards the New Order in Africa and perhaps beyond. 2. Modern day, something happens to turn less than 1% of world population into Psions, but about 10% of population dies in the process.
  5. Desmond quickly signed the requisite form after glancing over its brief contents and grabbibg one of the business cards in passing headed out of the lounge and onto the concourse. Finding his way back to the plane to get his carry on luggage proved more difficult and Desmind was forced to ask for directions from staff several times. However once he had collected his things, and noted that the few other peoples effects were being boxed up, it was easy to follow the signs to Baggage Reclaim. The large hall seemed quiet with just the passengers from his plane present, the other 5 carousels sitting emoty and still. Some of the people seemed to be in shock and some openly grieving, which reminded Desmond that not everyone had survived the process in the cocoons. With his new found senses he could pick out the other psychics from the Lounge amongst the crowd.
  6. Griffin dropped Sakura off at her hotel and made sure that someone helped her with her bags before saying good bye and returning to the car, Amanda and Cheryl. Inside the staff at the reception desk where very helpful and reassuring that the room was still booked, and smoothly handled the outstanding paperwork and whisk her up to her room.
  7. Activating his smart glasses Philip dived in the internet, only to be met by alerts from 5 of OBI's facilities that he had enhanced the defences and firewalls on before entering the cocoon. A brief examination of the alerts revealed that although 2 had had hacking attempts against them they had survived intact and the attacks seemed to have been called off. The other 3 were more serious in that the attacks were still underway and that the physical site of the facilities was under assault as well. Two of these sites were in America while the 3rd was in western Africa. Philip was good, but even he could not work effectively on more than one site at a time, so he had to chose what order to tackle them in.
  8. 19:00 New York JFK airport and Terminal 7 is bustling with passengers and staff making their way to and from the numerous Gates. Gate 5 was quickly filling with the World Traveller passengers, while the Business and First class passengers loitered in their respective lounges. Viktor Black made a minor swirl as he arrived at the Concorde Room with his entourage, but that was more for the surprise at the teenage girl in the midst of the usual beautiful women, business executives and obvious security with him. She certainly peeked the interest of the daughter of one of his business rivals seated in the lounge chatting to a friend as they arrived. Down at the Gate 300 people slowly drifted in, struggling to find seats, somewhere to stand and balanced takeaway coffees on top of carry-on bags. Dotted around the Gate screens displayed CNN's Today programme with Amara Walker. Outside a few streaks in the sky from the new meteor shower are almost lost amongst the blaze of lights across the airport. 1930 A voice comes over the tannoy: "Flight BA0116 for London Heathrow is now boarding at Gate 5. This flight is scheduled for a departure at 20:00 EST and due to arrive at London Heathrow at 07:55 GMT." Those at the Gate start to gather their belongings and form a rough couple of lines while the rich, powerful or corporate backed make their way from the lounges and are escorted aboard first. While walking on to the plane Zoe receives a call on Viktor's work phone: "Miss Taylor, it's Steve Pang at Carbon Research I need to report an incident to Mr Black." "I'm sorry Mr Pang, but we're just about to board a fllight. I'll ask if he can speak to you, otherwise I'd suggest an email. He'll be able to pick that up and perhaps call you back after take-off." Putting him on hold, despite some odd background noise she took a few faster steps to catch up to her boss. Behind her, her daughter barely noticed the gap widen between her and her mother, after all they were just following the corridor to the plane. "Mr Black, I have Mr Pang on the line from Carbon Research, he has an incident to report." Viktor half turns and holds a hand out for the phone as he walks, "Unusual, Steven is not one to be easily fazed." "Hello, Steven. What is the problem? ... Steven?" Viktor turns back and returns the phone to Zoe, "No one there. Call him back once we are safely off. Perhaps he got called away." With that the passengers started to board the plane... Game Info Zoe has booked Viktor, herself, Temp, 2 other Execs and 2 of Viktor's security in First class. The other 4 execs and the various pa's and partners are in World Club (Business) along with the other 2 security. Amanda and her friend Cheryl are in First of course. Rebecca and her brother are also in First. Philip, Darksol's character whose name eludes me right now, and Marco (I believe) are in Business on lower deck. Evo, his mother (?) and Millicent are in World Traveller behind the business section on the lower deck. Mala, I can't remember whether Sakura was going First or Business class? Feel free to mingle/chat a little while boarding and pick seats if you wish, I'll post a seating plan on the Links/Newsfeed thread. Let me know on the OOC thread when people are ready to move on...with take-off and later events
  9. Does what it says on the tin This topic will be for In Game Newsfeeds that your characters may notice and links to relevant information from the real world (shock, gasp!). We'll start with some information for those in First Class on the flight. http://www.headforpoints.com/2014/10/04/review-british-airways-a380-first-class-with-photos/ And for those in Business (World Club) class... http://www.businesstraveller.com/tried-and-tested/airlines/british-airways/100925/british-airways-a380-club-world-2
  10. Leaving the First Class Lounge, the group head down the corridor and out on to the concourse, passing a couple of guys heading back in towards the Lounge. The better dressed of the two seemed to recognise Viktor and to get a bit of a shock about seeing him there as well. As they walked besides the shops, trying to find the way from the departure side to the arrival side and hence the baggage claim area, Viktor says to Zoe "I gather this will be a trying time for you with whatever changes there have been to you or abilities given to you so I don't want you to be worried about work at a time like this. You look after yourself and Tempest, I'll get someone from the London office to cover for you until we return to America. We may stop here longer than originally planned and I might take a detour to check on my family in German before we head back." As they stop briefly in a WH Smiths Zoe and the two men are all slightly bemused by the huge stack of glossy magazines that Temp picks up, although Cookie less so than the others. As the other two turn more to there own choices - Viktor the business, science and technology, Zoe the sports/workout/health sections, Cookie leans over to Temp and whispers. "I can guess what your doing, you got the shifter stuff as well didn't you? Yeah, so did I. If you wanna chat about it sometime just give me a call or an IM." So saying he slips a business card to her before drifting towards the history section. A few minutes later as people are taking their choices to the till the four bodyguards that Viktor had on the plane arrive with his and the Taylors carry on luggage, laptops etc. Josh hands Zoe's things over to her with a smile then announces that the way to Baggage Claim is down the 2nd corridor on the right, down a flight of stairs then 1st left. New purchases and hand luggage in hand, or towed as the case may be the enlarged group sets off and soon reaches the Baggage area which is eerily empty but for the one carousel with people from your flight collecting their bags as they go around.
  11. Closure

    As of this writing, I am closing this game. RL is hitting me hard, and I do not have the energy or inspiration to manage this game, and give you all the fun experience you deserve. Thank you all for the work you put in, I'm sorry to do this, but it's how it has to be for me. Sorry everyone.
  12. Donald gladly left the Lounge and headed down on to the concourse. It took some hunting, but he eventually found someone who could point him back towards the plane. Once there he had to get past some of the other passengers leaving the plane to get back to his seat, only to find that his mother and his stuff had already gone. It felt strange to see all the seats with the remains of cocoon propped up on them as well as the few that still were intact and presumably occupied. The cabin crew were able to tell Donald that his mother was fine and had gone on to Baggage reclaim as far as they were aware. She had been told that you were fine, but just needed a while of medical observation as a precaution and would be able to meet her there. Finding Baggage reclaim is easy from the plane and for the most part Donald just follows the stream of passengers ahead of him. On the way Donald rings his cousin Eddie, who is fine, but doesn't have any of the cool new abilities that some people woke up with. Now they are being release Eddie will drive on down to the airport and meet them in a restaurant or something. It will take him about an hour to get there.
  13. In the month since the colossal battle against the Monster many simply called Zil, The world had been shaken completely. Tokyo Harbor had been turned into a low level zone, nearly spelling the end of the massive metropolitan area. Only the pride of the Japanese people, and the deployment of 90% of the JSDF to secure the borders of the zone allowed anyone to live within 2 miles of the water. as it was the first mile was a designated Military zone,, the presence of any persons without authorization was met with lethal force. When Zil had finally rose from the water, a Titan straight out of Toei movies, 400 feet tall, impossibly strong, and a force of nature in terms of power, The collected novas had engaged with their full might, seemingly to little affect. Busses, chunks of buildings, missiles, canon, all were fired, to little effect. Growing annoyed it was only through the sacrifice of Riccochet that Zil's breath attack, an intensified blast of destructive quantum didn't strike the city itself, instead blowing off the top fifth of Mt. Fuji. Redoubling their efforts after the massively televised and gruesome death of one of their own, The gathered novas kept up their assault, losing several more from their number, before Zil turned, and went back into the sea, followed by air, to the Marianas Trench, where he dove, and still resides. it was humbling for everyone, to see powerful novas killed in such fashion, to see the horrors of a monster like Zil, the creatures spawned within his zone killed as they could be, The 5th and 8th American Fleets, as well as the 2nd British and Australian fleets maintaining a cordon as best they can to ensure the safety of shipping in the region. Novastorm had not been idle, it's best minds devoted to creating countermeasures for larger novas, and a special chosen few to develop ways to cancel the zones themselves. Those not working toward this aim were sent out, gathering data on various zones, ,until another request came in, this time one close to home. The Mississippi River system is the longest in the United states, it's tributaries ranging as far west as the Rocky Mountains. It has been well documented that New Orleans has become a zone, Openly controlled by a nova, but still on "friendly terms" for the most part with those who would go there for research, on the surface. The flora fauna of the region however, is not friendly, and is openly hostile.In the last month 24 attacks by Alligators in excess of thirty feet long have been documented all along the River system. Two were slain, only through the use military grade weaponry by militant citizenry. more than that, at least six attacks by "Bayou Shamblers" occurred over 200km from the zone. The request was to find the nests where these creatures were spawning, and destroy it, as well as remove these Primalgators, as they were being called now, from the estuary proper. Calvin knew it was the New orleans Zone, so he called the team together, assembling all those remaining from the Zil engagement, and a few new faces, recent recruits with gifts that could come in handy for the task at hand. After thirty minutes he had gathered them all in the Situation room, and explained the mission. "Allright, questions, comments, or suggestions?" Some would likely not like to be removed from their research projects, but they had to stop this now, if they could.
  14. Character Generation Attributes (Std) 7/5/3 [This is post activation you'll actually have gained 2 dots from 6/4/3] Abilities = 25 [because there is no Allegiance stuff and I felt like rounding it up from 23], TPG update except for Linguistics. Backgrounds = 7 Primary Aptitude = 3 dots spread across its Modes Secondary Aptitude = 1 dot in one Mode of each Secondary Aptitude Other things as std until we come to Bonus Points Bonus Pts = 20 and use of Merits/Flaws from TPG where applicable, check if unsure. Variant Bonus pt costs Primary Modes = 4 Secondary Modes = 5 Tertiary Modes = 6 Alternate Mode dot = 2 I will allow a Primary Mode to start at up to 4, but expect to have dysfunction effects creeping in unless you have also developed another Mode to at least 2. Think a bit about how your characters skills/background/life might have contributed to the Psi they developed, but remember (especially with the Secondaries) that it might just have been chance/luck or random subconscious things that determined it.
  15. A thread for any fiction in the world of Psions Unute. Can be solo or collaborative, in character or third party. I may use ut to give a bit of background to NPC's or context to in play information.
  16. Ok so first off let me say that this is a thought exercise and nothing more. In absolutely no way shape or form would I ever condone the creation of such a character by a player in a game I ran. That being said, I'm talking enhanced cheese flavored cheese, to dip in your cheese fondu. If you were allowed to create a nova with absolutely no limits placed on how the points were spent, what is the cheapest you could possibly get away with creating the ultimate nova? I came up with 40 nova points. If I've done anything wrong please let me know (nicely). Here's what I came up with: Name: Mary Sue Concept: Break the system in the fewest possible points. Age, height, weight and all that won't matter because she'll become the ultimate nova during eruption. Str: 2 Dex: 2 Sta: 4 Per: 2 Int: 3 Wit: 5 App: 2 Man: 2 Cha: 2 Abilities don't matter and can be placed anywhere 23 points spent on whatever, although I would suggest points in science and medicine and awareness. Backgrounds: Attunement: 2 Node: 3 Eufiber: 2 (again these really don't matter) Willpower: 3 Quantum: 1 Bonus points: 14 on quantum 1 on a background, attunement So quantum is now 3 before spending nova points. Nova points: Jacking Quantum up to 10. That is going to garner 6 taint by itself, leaving the ability to spent 3 more taint to lower the cost of 3 of those Q down to 3nps each. 9 nps 3 Quantum (Tainted) 20 nps 4 quantum That brings us up to 10 quantum and 9 Taint, still playable. We then purchase one single power: 11 nps Planck Scaling Total expense 40 nova points. With Planck Scaling the nova can create a bubble of subjective reality within which their will is supreme. Each success rolled gives 2 nova points toward altering yourself permanently if you should so choose. It would take 10 to 12 uses of her power, but she would then have every possible dot filled in on the sheet, have removed all taint, and gained every power available. In short, be the ultimate nova on a mere 40 nova points. The ultimate cheese.
  17. Hi Peeps Due to popular demand, a place to show off your character making skills. I may even get around to putting some NPC information here.
  18. April First, 2009. It was a day which would live forever in the History of Humanity, as the Cosmos seemed to make the ultimate April Fool's Day joke... only it didn't end afterwards, The world didn't go back to how it was, It only got wierder. No one really knows exactly what happened, what caused The Surge, but its effects were felt immediately. High Concentration radiant Quantum flooded the entire globe. From Space the phenomenon was visible as a gold-white glow suffusing almost the whole world. For nearly seventy Five percent of the world, it receded within an hour. Where it didn't, well these vast accumulations of still-hot Quantum energy are known as The Zones. Within the Zones, Physics, and normal biology have been grossly rewritten. The Middle East, Perhaps one of the larger Zones, is a Verdant Jungle, populated by monstrous creatures, some of which may have been human, once. In Seattle, The City exists, but it's occupants can only be seen at night. They seem to carry on normal lives, but the town is an eerie ghost town by day. New York City, one of the world's major Urban Sprawls, Called an Urban Jungle, truly is now. Many buildings are overgrown with what seems to be almost sapient vegetation. Los Angeles is a barren wasteland, ruled over by its former residents, now all mutated by intense quantum forces. Within the Zones humans do not remain human long, and as such, they avoid the zones. All is not however dark and bleak. Because the Surge receded so quickly much of humanity remains, indeed The nations of the world are largely present, though somewhat diminished in some regards. The interet functions, though Quantum storms over the oceans do sometimes interfere with all sorts of signals. Perhaps the side affect of the Surge that was most unusual, The Rise of the Novas. Humans empowered with the very forces of quantum itself, Immune to the Ambient Quantum of most zones, The wield fantastic superhuman abilities, and through them, Humanity can explore the zones, and defend themselves from the creatures that emerge and attack from the zones. Perhaps the most ubiquitous change has been the proliferation of the Q-scanner, a device that ranges from the size of a cellphone for personal use, with a range of fifty meters, to the massive two ton thirty mile range scanners mounted on ocean-going vessels. Every vessel at sea requires a small detachment of soldiers, armed for repelling most of the known monsters the world has become home to, or, in rare instances, a nova. Most cities have several Q-Scanners, situated around the city to act as an early warning system for Quantum powered threats. In the midst of the chaos and order of the new and old world, there exist many companies who have hired out their staff as security consultants, both nova and human. More than that, thanks to some nova's vastly enhanced intelligence, There's been a boom in technology, allowing humans to better defend themselves, New medicines to treat many diseases, ways to fortify crops against quantum contamination,, as well as the Hypercombustion Engine, which can run on 1/10th the fuel of older internal combustion engines, ten times longer. While this cut down dramatically on demand for fossil fuels it still exists, and Most countries are in the process of shutting down all nuclear plants they operate. The Game- The players are being pulled together, either with a recent offer of employment, highly lucrative in monetary terms, or already employees of Novastorm Technologies. NovaStorm created the Q-Scanner devices, as well as the cure to most forms of cancer, HIV, and several other major diseases plaguing the world. The medical releases were released as open source, available to anyone, free of charge. The Head of NovaStorm is Dr. Calvin Aziz. A Nobel winning Physicist, and subsequently a molecular biologist of great skill since S-Day. Each of you, as novas, were recruited by him personally. His most Fervent wish is to uncover the cause of The Surge, and that is why he has assembled you. You are his troubleshooters, the Team he sends when a job takes a more unconventional approach. Saying that, you do have great latitude in your personal lives. His only condition is that when the small communicator each of you has been given chimes, you answer. When extreme Alacrity is needed, He has retained the services of one of only five novas in the world with the capability to open gateways between locations, but more often than not re relies on each of you to respond arrive in a timely Manner. NovaStar Technologies is Based in Houston, Texas. Character Creation rules 50 np base starting quantum-3 (can be bought no higher than 5) base quantum pool- 50 Characters start with backing 3 in Novastar technolgies for free Starting Taint may not exceed 3 I am allowing powers and enhancements from New Flesh, Forceful Personalities, and Brainwaves, beyond the APG, and core book. Powers from the Teragen book are not allowed. Warp, Transmit, Teleport and Body mod: Improved Attribute are not allowed in this game. If you have any questions ask me in PM, or in chat. ,, each odd dot of a mega att will provide an additional "Free" enhancement (1, 3, 5) One note about zones, there exist zones that ARE harmful to novas, and can actually cause them to gain temporary taint just by being in the zone. However, Quantum offers them some protection, so long as there is quantum in their pool. It is rumored that there is are zones that will literally drain quantum from any source of it, so They can be a threat.
  19. This thread is a fun special project (free xp situation) for you all the players. What I propose is to let each of you create a single zone for the game. A submission is worth 3xp. A submission that I actually use in game, and officially declare Canon, is worth another 3xp. Los Angeles, and New York City are already done, but the rest are open to do. So far Miami, London, and DC are not zone areas. Have fun with this.
  20. Please post all approved character profiles and sheets here. If all characters are posted by 4-11-14, all players will get 3 xp ,,
  21. (Request to a mod or admin: can you sticky this topic?) We can use this thread to announce any major or minor updates we want everyone to know, or to request any information/website links/book sources we may need, or to reveal your current progress on something, or to openly discuss any other issues regarding the project that aren't a part of any other thread. I must say that I won't have much spare time until about about July. I pretty much have three or four spare hours a day that aren't spent sleeping or at work. I'm doing what I can already, and I'm almost done compiling every relevant piece of info for Bright Continent (I only have Deception and Terra Verde left to check over). I've already started putting together something coherant from what I've gathered. I'll have it up in a few days, or whenever I feel that I have something substantial done. I don't want to present what I have until I'm done, or nearly done. Anyways, feel free to voice any concerns or questions here.
  22. Okay, I typed this up last night in a sleep-deprived haze, so excuse any repitition in my wording or any bad grammar. I tried cleaning it up a bit. Here's my proposed system for the Second Triggering of psions: ********** Rules for Second Triggering (A new term is needed for psions that have undergone Second Triggering. Until then, I shall refer to them as new-psions for simplicity. Also, a term for the new tubes will be needed; they aren't the Prometheus Chambers, so they shouldn't be called such.) The Transformation The psion enters a tube similar to the Prometheus Chamber. The process largely mimics that of a psion's First Triggering, with few differences. The triggering time within the tube generally lasts three times as long as with a normal Prometheus Chamber. During this time, the various noetic barriers implemented by the Doyen are removed. At the current time, the new chambers are unable to trigger latents; they can only remove the barriers in already-triggered psions. Proto-psions/psiads also will not benefit from the process, as they don't have any barriers to remove. If a latent or a proto-psion/psiad (or even a non-latent neutral) were to undergo the process, there would be no change to them at all; there simply isn't anything within them that the process applies to. During the Second Triggering, the psion is given Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary psionic Aptitudes. The Primary Aptitude is always the Aptitude the psion was originally triggered with. So if a psychokinetic goes through a Second Triggering, he will then have Psychokinesis as his Primary Aptitude whether he wants it to be or not. Then, the player chooses two Aptitudes to be Secondary. The other Aptitudes then automatically become Tertiary. Only the six standard Aptitudes may be chosen like this; read below for information on Teleportation and Quantakinesis. Auxiliary Modes If the psion has Auxiliary Modes, he is then forced to take whatever Aptitude he has an Auxiliary Mode in as Secondary. So if a Clairsentient has Telepathy's Mindshare as an Auxiliary Mode, one of his Secondary Modes must be Telepathy. When this happens, Mindshare is removed as an Auxiliary Mode, and becomes one dot of full-blown Mindshare under Telepathy. In the case of a psion with Auxiliary Modes from more than two Aptitudes (extremely rare, but not unheard of) then the player chooses the two Aptitudes he prefers and the remaining become Tertiary; there can never be more than two Secondary Aptitudes. Teleportation Teleportation is always Tertiary, with two exceptions. The first exception is if a Teleporter undergoes Second Triggering; in this case Teleportation remains as Primary, per normal rules. The second exception is in the case of Auxiliary Teleportation, in which Teleportation becomes Secondary automatically as per the normal Auxiliary-to-Aptitude rules from above. So unless a psion is a Teleporter or has Auxiliary Teleportation, he will be forced to take Teleportation as Tertiary. Quantakinesis Quantakinesis is special. Quantakinesis may not be chosen by the player for a new-psion in the same way Teleportation cannot be chosen. The only way for a new-psion to have Quantakinesis is if they are already a Quantakinetic or if they possessed Auxiliary Quantakinesis before their Second Triggering. In the second case, they gain their Auxiliary Quantakinesis Modes as normal Modes under Quantakinesis, as with normal Auxiliary-to-Aptitude transfer. The difference between Qunatakinesis and Teleportation is that Quantakinesis is always considered Tertiary in this case (not Secondary), and the new-psion even replaces a Secondary Aptitude slot to compensate for it's presence. Example: An Electrokinetic has a dot of Auxiliary Energetics and undergoes Secondary Triggering. Electrokinesis becomes his Primary Aptitude automatically. He wants to take Psychokinesis and Biokinesis as Secondary. However, his Auxiliary Quantakinesis automatically manifests as a Tertiary Aptitude, limiting him to only one Secondary Aptitude. He chooses Psychokinesis as Secondary. The Emergence The new-psion emerges after the duration as he would from a Prometheus Chamber. He gains one automatic dot in any Seconday Mode. This dot must be the first dot in a Mode; it cannot be used to raise a former Auxiliary Mode to two dots. The new psions must then increase Modes with experience points. New Benefits The costs to train depend on whether an Aptitude is Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary. Experience Costs Primary (costs are normal as per standard rules) New Primary Mode - 7 xp Primary Mode Increase - current rating x5 Secondary New Secondary Mode - 10 xp Secondary Mode Increase - current rating x6 Tertiary New Tertiary Mode - 13 xp Tertiary Mode Increase - current rating x8 In addition, he automatically gains the Basic Techniques for his two Secondary Aptitudes, even before purchasing any dot in those Aptitudes' Modes. This represents his new noetic perception of reality. Psionic Dysfunction is normally not a problem for a new-psion. The presence of Secondary and Tertiary Aptitudes balances his mind, preventing one Mode from dominating. Psionic Dysfunction is still possible, but it acts differently in new-psions (a system for this will need to be developed). Limitations New-psions still have limitations to what they can do. They are limited in how many dots they may have in Modes. Primary Aptitude - up to 5 dots in each Mode (as per standard rules) Secondary Aptitudes - up to 4 dots in each Mode Tertiary Aptitudes - up to 3 dots in each Mode They also cannot learn or manifest Auxiliary Modes, as the Doyen barriers have been removed. Instead of taking Auxiliary Modes, the new-psion simply learns the Mode normally as per the above experience costs. ********** There you have it. My main concern right now is the experience point costs to train. Primary looks fine (and should be left alone) but I'm not sure how to handle Secondary and Tertiary Mode costs. Thoughts? I also think some form of new Psionic Dysfunction should apply to these new-psions. Normal psions have psionic dysfunction and novas have aberrations, and characters shouldn't be without drawbacks to thier powers. Maybe new-psion dysfunction applies when a psion trains his Tertiary and Secondary too much, and not his Primary enough? His mind tries too hard to grasp every spectrum of noetic reality, and he begins to lose it...he needs to focus on his Primary Aptitude to give his mind "safe ground" so to speak. Without a strong Primary Aptitude, the new-psion starts to lose his grasp on reality. Thoughts? Edit - Oh, I forgot to note under "Quantakinesis" that Quantakinesis is *only* Tertiary if it was an Auxiliary Mode...otherwise, it cannot be trained, ever, and is not considered available for training. Unlike Teleportation, which is Tertiary unless the psion was a teleporter (Primary) or had Auxiliary Teleportation (Secondary). Sorry if that was confusing.
  23. I'm working on a 1999 Aberrant game for my tabletop group, and to get feedback and just to share the fluff, am going to be posting some of the "news of the world" type stuff I'm writing for the front of the campaign document, like the core book did for the game line. And so, behold random news articles and blurbs from the first year of novas, some of them based on canon, some of them with me filling in blanks on canon, and some of them just made up completely. We start out on N-Day... Headline article of the New York Times, March 23rd, 1998: MIRACLE FIREMAN SAVES CHILDREN FROM INFERNO A collision between a school bus and a gasoline tanker truck on the 400 block of Roosevelt Avenue in Queens amazingly resulted in zero fatalities and only minor injuries when responding FDNY units from the adjacent Engine Company 273 were suddenly reduced to the status of bystanders at what can only be described as a miracle. The collision had resulted when a sudden brake failure on the school bus resulted in its uncontrollably entering an intersection against the red light and directly impacting a tanker carrying several thousand gallons of gasoline to a nearby fuel station. Both vehicles were entangled in the wreck as torrents of spilled gasoline drenched the street. "That intersection is only a couple blocks down from the station house, so we actually saw the crash ourselves before dispatch got the 911 call to us," said Captain Ron Beckwith, commanding Engine 273. "But even with as fast as we got the pumper rolling we could still see it was one of the nightmare scenarios. There must have been fifty kids in that bus and the entire street was soaked in gas for dozens of feet around. Thank God that it didn't go up right when they crashed, but even with some of the older kids getting the back door open and tryin' to get everybody out as fast as they could we still knew that so much as one spark from anywhere would have the whole intersection covered in flames before we could get everybody clear. And sure enough, me and my guys had barely gotten down off the truck and the hoses hooked up before FWOOM, we saw it ignite right before our eyes. We all just froze in shock. Right then we were all thinking, God dammit we're just gonna stand here and watch all those kids die. Just standin' there holding those damn useless hoses like a bunch of idiots. And then… then it happened." In an event that outright defied the laws of physics as we know them, all of the flames engulfing the intersection were suddenly absorbed by one of the firefighters present, in a scene described by Captain Beckwith as "straight out of the comic books I read when I was a kid. It was like watching the Human Torch™ eat a fire in the Fantastic Four, only for real." Nearby security-camera footage as well as the testimony of all eyewitnesses available for comment unanimously agree that the miracle firefighter, whose name is being withheld for privacy reasons, somehow compelled all of the flames engulfing the area to come together into a single stream and then be sucked into his own body, where they vanished without a trace. (See accompanying illustration.) In a few moments the entire intersection was clear of any trace of flame or smoke, and the responding firefighters were able to resume operations. Except for several cases of smoke inhalation and minor crash-related injuries, there were no casualties. According to Captain Beckwith "I went over to [name withheld] right after I'd finished telling the crew to start foaming the place to catch any reflash and make sure everybody was evacuated to a safe distance and triaged, and asked him what he just did. He looked perfectly okay to me – I couldn't even smell any smoke on his clothes! – but the poor guy also looked totally out of it, and who could blame him? It was pretty obvious that he didn't know what the hell had happened any more than I did, so I waved over a couple of the EMS guys and told 'em what I'd seen happen, and said that [name withheld] looked like he was in shock and would they please take him to [hospital withheld]." As of press time, the FDNY Public Affairs office had no further comment except to confirm that the firefighter in question was not injured and was being held overnight for observation. This entirely inexplicable phenomenon of "The Fireman" is only one of many incredible incidents being reported around the world today…
  24. Folks, I have some questions for the Aberrant players here, especially those who have played in high-powered chronicles. You see, one of the topics I'm writing up in Aberrant: Nexus - which is about 60% written at this point - will be guidelines for playing high-powered novas and making such chronicles as fun for everyone as possible. This matter was touched on in the "Power Isn't Everything" gray sidebar on p. 67 of the Aberrant Players Guide, but apparently it did not go anywhere near as far as it should have. I'd like to correct that, & it looks like this ebook will be my last shot at doing so. I also write this after having read the archive for the "Children of Quantum Fire" game held here at RPGPost. From what I can tell - and please do correct me if I'm mistaken - not everyone who played in that game found it as satisfying as it should have been. So there's me second impetus to correct this error. So my questions are as follows: 1- What were the problems with playing high-powered novas - 2ndGen or otherwise - that you encountered? Were they due to the geopolitical situation of Earth in Aberrant regarding powerful novas, or something else? 2- What do you suggest that a Storyteller could do to fix those problems? 3- If not everyone was getting the type and level of role-playing action they desired, what could a Storyteller do - either before the gaming begins or during it - to fix that? If you have any other relevant comments, feel free to add them in also _ I might have missed something important.
  25. Just had a random thought. So, the super-secret Nipponese novas in the Trinity era. Capped at quantum 4 and node 2. Can never develop any Taint. Artificially maxed out. All fine fine. But, does Nippon also sterilize them? If not, then all those totally Taint-free novas are eventually going to breed up some 2nd gen Trues. Meaning that Nippon's government will have secret novas that are as totally Taint-free as anything they have going now... but have unrestricted nova power development. And the Nipponese government secure archives escaped Project Rewrite -- hell, some of their oldest government ministers were still alive during the Aberrant War. They will know the full potential power of what they're sitting on. How would their long-range plans change, if they knew that a couple decades from now their youngest nova assets would be, by far, the most powerful beings in the world? It's a thing for thought.