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Found 8 results

  1. A Quantum of Hope Lothian and Borders Home Guard Office; Edinburgh; July 3rd, 2122 “Ah. Uh’ve been wunderin’ when yoo lot wud arrive,” meaty, carrot-topped Sergeant Feargan MacDonald unashamedly closes down an OpNet dating site page to haul himself out of his cheap office chair and shake each of your hands with a giant, sweaty and yet strangely careful hand. “FEER-gan Mac Dohn-uld, Pleased t’meet ya” He’s the sort of man that can rumple a morning suit by looking at it, and his black Home Guard uniform hasn’t fared any better - and you’d guess he was a size or two smaller around the middle when it was issued. Feargan nods respectfully as you introduce yourselves - apparently committing your names to memory. “Senior Operative Alistair Reynalds” your immaculately suited ‘Evaluator’ replies in the polished tones that they seem to hand out at Eton for a small fortune in tuition. “Can I ohffer you gentlemen a wee cup of tea, or a cohffee?” “We were well catered for on the MagLev from London, Sergeant, so please, let’s dispense with the pleasantries,” Reynalds says as he brushes an imagined bit of lint from his tailored suit jacket. “We’ve reviewed the salient points of the files en route, but it might be helpful if you can talk us through events from your perspective.” The sergeant nods slowly and scratches at the side of his mouth. “Aye, Right. We can well do that for you.” He waves a fleshy hand at the plastic chairs in front of his cluttered desk and sits back down himself. “We’ve seen a bit of a rise in our missing perrsons over the last few months. Nothing, massive you understand... just a bit above the normal. Mostly down in the Frehnch Quarter, sorry - I mean down by the sewage worrks where we have quite a few Europeans housed. That sort of thing doesn’t show up on our radar much... but in context of thus. Well, it bohthers me.” “Oh-K, So, last Thurrsday a Mr Wulliam Logan, a contractor from Abernathy and Finlay Waste Management, was doing maintenance on some natural waste recyclers over at the university. He found thrree bohdies in the machine’s hohpper – all of them in prutty much the sayme staite. The skin of their faces and hands had been removed leaving their flehsh exposed. The thing is, right, the machine wud have been running that afternoon if the maintenance hadn’t happened, and that was overdue by more than a month. Mr Logan also found that the machine’s safety sensor had been deactivated – quite expertly he says. So we haven’t got any idea how many more bohdies there might have been. We’ve got some people over there now having a look at it and suchlike.” “Anyway, that in itsehlf might be enough for the Captain to call London, but there’s even more. We bring the bohdies back here to the Station for examination by Doc Fraser, right, when one of our forreign Psion guests, here to update his papers, starts wailing a madman… He says we have an aberrant in the station. So we break out the heavy wehpons and line everyone up and everyone takes the test. Eventually we figure out it’s not anyone… but this mad Swiss goes ‘Noo, I can still feel it’ and wanders about the building and finally gets to the corpses, and ‘e says ‘These are aberrants!’. That was when we booked the daftie for time wasting. Course, that meahnt he’s still here for you to interview. His name is Marcel Vogel, and he’s one of those Ayesculaypiuhns. Says he’s going to be mussed if he’s not back in Basel at the end of the week, but I says he stull has two months worth of holding without charge to go and that shut him right up.” “We’ve identified the bohdies from the DNA rehgustry, though Doc Fraser had some trouble - said there’d been some odd cellular degeneration. All three of them are foreigners. One German exchange student, one Irish bartender and one Spanish sex worker. All around the university at one time or another. Other than that there’s no tie between them that I can see.” “Let me know if and whehn you want to talk to Mr Vogel – we had to isolate him from the others in lockup after he broke a drunk’s arm and made himself unpohpular.” “So, my remit is pretty clear, if we hear anything that might suhggest an aberrant we call yourselves. I’m noht sure thus quahlifies, but we might have a serial killer on our hands at the very least.” Reynalds steeples his fingers and considers – clearly deciding to fall back into his ‘Evaluator’ role.
  2. Hey gang. This might interest you. Royal Marine Ranks 6 Dots - Overall Command Officers General 5 Dots - Staff Officers - Note - these guys don't get to see combat very often as they're not attached to divisions. Lieutentant General Major General Brigadier 4 Dots - senior officers Colonel - Note this is about as high as you can advance and still see combat. Lieutenant Colonel Major 3 Dots - Junior officers - Note Most VARG Drivers are Junior officers Captain Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant - Note this is the lowest rank you can be as a VARG Pilot 2 Dot - NCOs Warrant Officer 1st Class Warrant Officer 2nd Class Colour Sergeant // Staff Sergeant in the regular army Sergeant 1 Dot - Enlisted Men Corportal Lance Corporal Private
  3. A Quantum of Hope Character Creation: Characters will be newly recruited to the I.I.S as Field Agents or Field Capable Analysts and will have been drawn from outside organizations (as per Bert’s book). Characters should be created as starting characters, but with 25xp to spend representing the experienced gained in these other professions. (See the Trinity UK Sourcebook for ability groups) Given that the IIS employs a number of psychological profiling tests characters will not be admitted unless they are: -reasonably intelligent -prepared to make certain sacrifices of conscience for the greater good of the country -without ties to any foreign powers or organizations The I.I.S. is not in the habit of employing thrill seekers. What they’re looking for are extremely controlled individuals who either operate with a high level of precision, or with a focussed intensity. Men and women willing to get the job done without causing embarrassment. Inspired One of the starting characters may be an active psion - although this may be an NPC if no-one wants it. If you don’t get to be the psion, assume that your character will manifest at very least strong latency quite soon.
  4. Name:Alistair Robert Arthur Reynalds Citizenship: British (English) DOB: 10/10/2083 Occupation: I.I.S. Senior Field Operative Appearance: Tall, Dark and Handsome. Dresses extremely elegantly. Notes: Reynalds went to Eton and Oxford and did well enough to be offered a place in the I.I.S. directly after graduating. An injury in the line of duty a few years ago curtailed his foreign exploits, and he now spends his time evaluating new agents. In your rather limited experience of him so far he is extremely no-nonsense with the sense of humour of a fossil. Name:Sergeant Feargan MacDonald Citizenship: British (Scottish) DOB: 01/03/2081 Occupation: Home Guard - Sergeant Appearance: A red headed, flush faced meaty giant of a man. Notes: MacDonald has repeatedly turned down promotion in order to stay in his Lothien and Borders station.
  5. Primer for Operatives of the Integrated Intelligence Services dealing with Psionically active opponents Author: Agent Jemima Carter, Analysis Division Classification: Eyes Only Encryption: DSE Investigating the activities of Psions is likely to be one of the most difficult tasks asked of agents of the field division. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, Psionic powers represent considerable danger in and of themselves. Secondly, Psions are likely members of world spanning organizations that have influence and power comparable to His Majesty’s Government. The document continues to give brief synopses of the various orders, being particularly suspicious of The Ministry (because of its National Interest), and particularly critical of the Norca for their criminal links. The document also gives a brief overview of the particular aptitudes associated with each order, but warns against assuming that any particular psion follows his or her order’s default - as horse trading does take place. The general recommendation is to not trust any psion, to not trust anyone who has been around a psion for any length of time, to only use agents who haven’t had access to sensitive information to deal with psions, and, in conflict, to shoot first and ask questions later. Other notes include to avoid physical contact with psions if possible, and to always confront psions with groups of agents rather than alone. The document goes on to describes the current view that Psi and Taint are opposed forces - allowing Psions to both detect Aberrants at range, and giving them a slight edge when it comes to fighting them. Special Report Taint Illnesses Author: Sir Milliard Coleman Classification: Top Secret Encryption: DSE The title refers to the group of generally non-infectious diseases which exhibit a ‘Taint Register’ detectable by psions. It is currently believed that the sufferers of these illnesses all came into contact with ‘Taint (Aberrant) Radiation’ at some point - either from external or internal sources. If the Taint is generated internally by a developing Mazarin-Rashoud node, the patient is designated as a sufferer of Aberrant Syndrome - i.e. he or she is in the process of becoming an Aberrant. In some cases this change is quick, but in others it is slow and incredibly painful for the victim. Virtually any prognosis is possible - everything from mild headaches to random rapid mutation. If a case of Aberrant Syndrome is strongly suspected or greater, field agents have authorization to forestall any developing threat using any discrete means at their disposal. If the victim has been affected by an external source of Taint there are a large and growing number of possible prognoses. However, agents should note that there is a somewhat increased risk of Aberrant Syndrome developing in sufferers of other Taint illnesses. In this category the most common disease is known in the medical profession as Wexler’s Disease, but is more commonly called Decay, or simply D. Wexler’s takes between one and three years to kill its victim. The only vaguely merciful thing with the disease is that the nerve endings are one of the first things to atrophy, leaving the victim free from most pain during the ugly, disfiguring end stages of the disease. Loss of tactile sensation and hearing accompanied by a prickling on the skin are early warning signs of D. Gruber’s Rot appears to be an increasingly common subcategory of D. With this variant, only the victim’s skin is affected - breaking down more and more and leaving the sufferer more vulnerable to infection. Like Wexler’s proper, with this variant the sufferer loses sensation first, but hearing is unimpaired. [ Trifal (a blood disorder), Compound Breakdown Disorder (CBD) (a disease that shuts down multiple organs and impairs cognitive function) and Genomorphic Compression Syndrome (GCS) (a mutative diseases) are also described, but are listed as being quite rare. ] All the Taint diseases are detectable by psions. All of the Taint diseases are resistant to treatment by psions; although Psions have also had the best success rate, but even so, it is statistically insignificant. Should Taint diseases begin to spread via any of the usual disease vectors, lethal force should be used from the outset to contain them. The security of the Crown and State are at Risk. Mills.
  6. Hey Gang, Bertjammin's stuff and the lack of activity on this board has lit a bit of a torch under me (owie - etc ) What I'm trying to say is that I have a reasonably decent concept for an IIS game that I'm prepared to give a go. However, I don't mean to steal Bert's thunder and should he wish to run something along these lines consider this post a figment of your imagination... ::unsure Clearly I'm an old eonite and my free time and (these post Warcraft days) my attention span is limited so if it gets off the ground it'll be a short story arc - to be followed by another arc if the inclination is there. By short, I mean say 3 - 4 narrator posts a week for maybe a couple of months. Additionally I only want 3-4 players so it doesn't blow my fragile leetle mind if everyone goes off on their own. The tone of the first arc will be grit and horror and xenophobia. The characters will all work for the IIS - at least one of them being a 00. At most one of the characters will start as a dunked psion (Clear, Electro, Psychoken or Vita) Behind the scenes I will be using my own version of the freeform system allowing anything possible for a particular aptitude to be attempted - with varying results based on mode level. However I will be doing my utmost to avoid putting things in game terms - rather describing everything on the basis of how characters feel in a given moment. Non-active characters are guaranteed to become something cool if the game lasts through the first arc - although you'll have to trust me as to exactly what. The game will start shortly before certain events South of the Thames ::tongue so it could even be an OMGomorph! Ok - based on that - is anyone interested? ::wink
  7. Flashback: Induction The man sitting on the desk at the front of the very small class of athletic, steely-eyed inductees doesn’t look like much: thinning ginger hair, ears too large for his head and dark beady eyes haven’t ever exactly been in fashion. Perhaps that’s the point. “My name is Harrison Greaves.” The voice really doesn’t match up with the little man’s appearance - it’s almost the opposite in fact - clipped, commanding, confident. Not the voice of a little man. “I’m the co-ordinator for Avalon Section. That’s you.” He lets that sink in for a second. “The fact that you’re in this room means that you’ve been hand picked from already elite groups. It means that you’ve passed psychological profiling tests to prove that you posses the necessary sense of purpose to be in this agency.” “I’ll tell you right now what that means, and that’s piss-all.” He glares at each of you in turn. “You are now agents for His Majesty’s Integrated Intelligence Service. Sooner or later you will find yourself in a position where you must decide whether or not a mark lives or dies. There won’t be any orders. Ending someone when you’re following orders is a different thing altogether. A much easier thing.” “I’m saying that you will be in a situation where you must make the moral choice whether or not to take that life. Whether or not you do it, you and all of us will have to live with the consequences.” “There are no easy choices. This job makes each of us a potential judge, jury and executioner.” “If you’re strong enough to pull the trigger you’re half way to what we need.” “The hard part is finding people who can shoot and not grow to like it.” A flicker of some dark memory touches his features. Harrison gets off the desk and takes a data chip from his suit pocket. He places it on the desk next to him. “This is your first assignment. It’s away from London. A possible aberrant sighting. Backup is likely to be sparse from this agency for this one. We have our hands full with this beanstalk business.” It’s pretty clear that he doesn’t approve. “I’ve assigned a veteran agent to accompany you and evaluate your performance, so do try not to fuck it up too much.”
  8. Name: Manfred Johan Schoder Citizenship: New Weimar DOB: 07/09/2102 Occupation: Student Residence: University of Edinburgh, 409 Wallace Residences Next of kin: Ida Schroder, Mother (Ida.Schroder@OpTek.de) Notes: Schroder was an ‘A’ student genius reading Mathematics on the Mercer Open Scholarship for Excellence. He wasn’t well liked, but appears to have been quite respected by a few members of the faculty. Reported Missing: 01/04/2122 Time of Death: 31/05/2122 Cause of Death: Blood strangulation and partial severing of the carotid arteries of the neck by extremely sharp ligature. Possibly a Military issue garrote? Medical Notes: Interestingly the skin of the hands and head has been completely removed – most likely shortly after death. Marks indicate that a very sharp object was used to cut the skin away from the flesh – most likely a surgical scalpel. The instrument and cleanness of the incisions strongly suggest that the culprit is an experienced medical practitioner. There is cellular degeneration of the remaining skin consistent with longer exposure to radiation, although both Geiger and Nakamura detectors register clear. Recommend further investigation by personnel with enhanced forensic skills. Medical Examiner: Dr Martin Fraser (martin.fraser@lothianandborders.homeguard.uk) Name: Maria da Luca Citizenship Portugal DOB: 21/03/2100 Occupation: None (Sex Worker) Residence: Last Known: University of Edinburgh, 12 St Joan Residences Next of kin: Jose da Luca, Brother (OpNet Address out of date) Notes: da Luca was a Fashion student who fell into drug use in the second year and dropped out. Three solicitation convictions and two possession of narcotic substance convictions followed. Reported Missing: 16/05/2122 Time of Death: 01/06/2122 Cause of Death: Blood strangulation and partial severing of the carotid arteries of the neck by extremely sharp ligature. Possibly a Military issue garrote? Medical Notes: Interestingly the skin of the hands and head has been completely removed – most likely shortly after death. Marks indicate that a very sharp object was used to cut the skin away from the flesh – most likely a surgical scalpel. The instrument and cleanness of the incisions strongly suggest that the culprit is an experienced medical practitioner. There is cellular degeneration of the remaining skin consistent with longer exposure to radiation, although both Geiger and Nakamura detectors register clear. Recommend further investigation by personnel with enhanced forensic skills. Medical Examiner: Dr Martin Fraser (martin.fraser@lothianandborders.homeguard.uk) Name: Joe Doherty Citizenship Republic of Ireland DOB: 05/05/2090 Occupation: Publican Residence: The Rose and Lion Pub, 57 Kirkbrae Road Next of kin: Judith Doherty (Wife) (judith.Doherty@greenking.uk) Notes: Doherty’s pub is a few hundred yards from Blackford Glen which abuts the university. Reported Missing: 24/06/2122 Time of Death: 02/06/2122 Cause of Death: Blood strangulation and partial severing of the carotid arteries of the neck by extremely sharp ligature. Possibly a Military issue garrote? Medical Notes: Interestingly the skin of the hands and head has been completely removed – most likely shortly after death. Marks indicate that a very sharp object was used to cut the skin away from the flesh – most likely a surgical scalpel. The instrument and cleanness of the incisions strongly suggest that the culprit is an experienced medical practitioner. There is cellular degeneration of the remaining skin consistent with longer exposure to radiation, although both Geiger and Nakamura detectors register clear. Recommend further investigation by personnel with enhanced forensic skills. Medical Examiner: Dr Martin Fraser (martin.fraser@lothianandborders.homeguard.uk)
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