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Found 4 results

  1. So, Now You're a Nova… contributed by Jack Monroe - aka Nomad So, Now You're a Nova… Answers and Information for the recently erupted nova Paid for by Project Utopia No doubt there are hundreds of questions racing through your mind. We here at Project Utopia want to help you through this time of change and answer any questions you may have. What's happening to me? Nothing for you to be concerned about at all. The headaches and nausea you, no doubt are experiencing are a natural part of the nova birthing experience. Specifically what has "happened" is that the Mazarin - Rashoud, or M-R, node has moved to an active state. As a result you will find yourself possessing one or more new abilities. How can I safely learn to control my new abilities? Learning to control your new abilities can be a difficult process, but Project Utopia can Help. We have set up several Rashoud facilities worldwide that are specifically designed to train novas Each of our facilities is staffed with top doctors and experienced novas to help you learn all about your new skills and what if any affects they are having on your body. Training at these facilities comes free of charge and will be available to you even after your training is complete. You can register for your nearest Rashoud facility or get more answers by calling 1-800- 555- 3567. What if it's an emergency? Call * 11 In the event of an emergency simply dial *11 to contact an emergency response team that will arrive in mere moments. Please use this number only in the event of an emergency. Am I going to be okay? Absolutely. Nova eruptions rarely turn dangerous for the nova and the help of Project Utopia, there won't be anything you can't handle. If You have any Questions, Please Call 1-800-555-3567
  2. The Nucleus - contributed by Mario A. Aguilar Robles Many baselines use this OpNet fortune tellers site, an ESP nova answers on the other site, frequently solving simple problems (jobs appliances, romantic affairs, etc, and with this underused abilities, this novas power's are of limited range. But, where are the real power players?, the novas with the most developed ESP abilities are divided among the Gestalt and the Nucleus. While the Gestalt is concerned with the impact of novas in the daily life, the possible implications of this interaction and the protection to human privacy, the Nucleus is more concerned with the future. Its base lies in France, where? In a little cottage where Michael of Nostradamus lived (appropriate to what the Nucleus is dealing with). There are gathered the most secretive and also some of the most powerful ESP novas in the world. The founder and nominal leader of the Nucleus is the French nova Henry Ducard, son to a influential and rich wine producer, was able to buy the residence for his group, Ducard has seen the future, and his visions were of conflict and destruction, decided to explore and to prevent this future (or so he claims) found another "pretercognitor" as him: the native American of Apache lineage Dawnstar Wingfoot, also concerned with the future of novakind and humankind. The Nucleus has reunited about 50 novas all possessing mental and ESP abilities (hypnosis, intuition, disorient, disrupt, domination, empathic manipulation, ESP, mental blast, mirage, premonition, stun attack, telepathy, telekinesis, cyberkinesis, pretercognition are examples of the powers employed, although, there are exceptions and a nova might carry more power than he/she knows), and all agree in their visions about destruction and war, and all agree in their role of no intervention (or not so evident intervention) in the events that will shape the future. The Nucleus is divided in two factions: THE VISIONARIES: these members deal with more positive visions, and are decided to stop the apparent inevitable future, also they provide resources to the group, investing, buying, selling using a network of brokers all around the globe. THE HARBINGERS: this faction has the members that experience the nightmares about war, and destruction in a massive scale, and keep their minds in guard, his duty is to wait and prepare for the inevitable, also they deal with the issue of new recruits, often arriving 2 or 3 days before a person erupts. Also the Nucleus has some physicians, and trained psychiatrists and psychologists among its ranks (humans which frequently erupt into mental novas) to help in their research of the so called TAINT, this results in the low mental (but not physical) TAINT trait among the Nucleus members, which also have developed a way to share visions on a limited level. The apparent absence of psychic, mental or ESP novas in the community has to start ringing some bells to any curious nova in the world. Henry Ducard Nova Name None Birth Name Henry Ducard Nature Architect Eruption Revelation Allegiance The Nucleus (founder) Attributes Strength 2 Dexterity 3 Stamina 4 (Everlasting) Perception 5 Intelligence 4 Wits 4 Appearance 3 Manipulation 5 Charisma 5 Abilities Athletics 1 Drive 3 Legerdemain 3 Stealth 4 (Vanish from sight) Endurance 5 (24-7) Resistance 3 Awareness 2 Investigation 3 Academics 3 Bureaucracy 4 Linguistics 3 (Native: French; English, Dutch, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew) Biz 5 Style 1 Interrogation 3 (Subtle) Subterfuge 4 (Blatantly lying) Etiquette 3 Backgrounds Allies 5 (The Nucleus) Contacts 3 Followers 5 (OpNet followers) Node 4 Resources 4 Quantum 5 Quantum pool 28 Willpower 8 Taint 4 (Anima Banner: the Death, as the tarot card) Movement 7/15/29 Soak 4/2 Initiative 8 Powers Mega Perception 3 (Fast sense, High-end Electromagnetic Scan) Mega Wits 2 (Human Nature) Mega Appearance 1 (Mr. Nobody) Pretercognition 3 (Dependency 2 only at nights, 2 more dice to Prercognition) Psychic Link 5 (Dawnstar Wingfoot)
  3. What is Aberrant? Aberrant is a role-playing game from White Wolf Publishing focusing on the lives and exploits of paranormal humans. Set 10 years after radiation from an exploding satellite triggered bizarre powers in a fragment of the earth's population, Aberrant chronicles the struggles of these "novas", or "new humans", and their quest to fit into - or forever change - human society. System: Revised Storyteller System (d10) Setting: Earth 1998 - mid 21st Century Character: Normal people suddenly 'gifted' with unusual powers - think 'Unbreakable' movie. Powers?: Yep - manipulation of Quantum energy bestows some 'amazing' powers Superheroes?: Kinda. The yellow spandex brigade is possible, but not the norm. Anti-heroes?: Oh yeah. Some novas go very bad. E.g. Divis Mal, Geryon et al Organisations?: The Teragen, Project Utopia, The Directive, Elites and much, much more Books: Plenty, the books list to date is: Aberrant unlimited Ed., Aberrant Limited Ed, Aberrant Players Guide, Project Utopia, Teragen, The Directive, Elites, Aberrant Storytellers Screen, Worldwide Phase 1, Aberrant Year 1, Fear & Loathing, ReignofEvil.com, Church of Michael Archangel, XWF, Expose Aberrants. Metaplot?: Aberrant is the 'middle' game of the three Aeon Continuum games which chronicle the activities of the Aeon Society. Aberrant, if taken as 'Da Rulez!', leads to a war between humanity and 'Aberrants' in the mid 21st Century. The recovery from this war is the 'backdrop' setting for the Trinity game - the third and final Aeon Continuum game, set in the 2120's.
  4. Lets get ready to Ruuuuumbllllllleeeeeeeee! Welcome to room Monday_Massacre! The topic in this room is: X! W! F! La_Arana: [Jojo] And to night we have adapted Wing's Hockey Statium for our arean. La_Arana: [Jojo] Thus no pit. But there are still lots of Roman columns and wires abound. Megaton: {Dylan} Plenty of space for these two speed demons to work in La_Arana: [Jojo] Indeed. And I think the IR cameras and slow motion viewers are about set up... Megaton: [dylan] Wjicj isn't in Megaton's favor, La Arana's 'Dark Web' gives her a huge advantage in open space La_Arana: [Jojo] Yes, for those of you just turning in, eariler we saw Superbeast defeat Bones "The Chainsaw" Megaton: [Dylan] Talk about brutal! I almost lost my lunch! La_Arana: [Jojo] Now, we have the recently unseated former Silver Circle champion "La Arana" vs. the up and comming "Megaton"!!! Megaton: [backstage] Megaton is pacing, flexing his muscles and stretching, working off some of the rust from going so long without competing La_Arana: ((Spider is Mute; her manager will translate as needed)) Megaton: [Dylan] I am excited! Megaton has got the spark of greatness in him, but La Arana held onto that title for quite along time, she's a cagey veteran to be sure. Megaton: (ready to start?) La_Arana: [Jojo] And it looks like they are ready to start... La_Arana: ((Backstage buzzer sounds for Megaton; that is your cue)) Megaton: (sorry, phone) Megaton: (I'm back) Megaton: "The house lights dim to nothing, only two yellow glowing eyes are visible as Megaton's music starts Megaton: "A modern day warior mean mean stride, today's Tom Sawyer mean mean pride!" as the first baseline hits, the lights and pyros go up Megaton: Megaton as at the entrance almost vibrating with power and ebergy as he flips and tumbles impossibly well towards the arena, and lands sending a blast of energy at the ceiling Megaton: (done) La_Arana: The "Funeral March" plays and La Arana zips into the ring. La_Arana: [Jojo] The viewers will need slow motion replay for that one. La_Arana: She does a complex flip and and is ready (done). Megaton: (Megaton is visibly impressed by her speed) [dylan] By the look on Megaton's face he might need them too! La_Arana: The Kombat clock counts and then sounds. Megaton: 15 init Megaton: max 15 levels of damage? La_Arana: Init roll time; Round 1; Init=28 La_Arana: What do you mean, we are both Silver right? Megaton: Right, but I can often dish out 18+ levels Megaton: on my first fight it got capped at 15 always or it was a DQ La_Arana: Is that from a bolt, or strength, or acc or what? Megaton: Strength and acc usually Megaton: Bolts sometimes, but not too often La_Arana: Lethal is banned. Her soak is 15 so this would take to long if we put a cap on it. Megaton: actually bolts usually do that much, so no lethal (damn! I just bought claws!) Megaton: My bolts are bashing, it's your turn La_Arana: <i>That</i> is banned. But it sounds like everything else is in. Megaton: Right no claws La_Arana: She snaps her fingers and darkness fills the stadium. La_Arana: (your move) La_Arana: (I'd say we are 50'm apart) Megaton: Megaton, holds still, getting into a defensive stance (readying an action) La_Arana: (Move to round two?) Megaton: OK Megaton: 14 init Megaton: I doubt I'll ever beat her init La_Arana: (Darkness means you are at -2 Diff for <i>everything</i>. So am I because of concentration. But I have +2 dice since you are blind) Megaton: OK La_Arana: (Init = 21) La_Arana: In a blur of speed, the Spider closes and attacks! Megaton: [Dylan] The cameras are working great for once! La_Arana: She closes the 50 meters in a second and attacks 5 times! Megaton: (Megaton waits and then is pummeled repeatedly, head and body knocking back and forth with each blow) Megaton: [Dylan] Oh boy! Set your vcrs people! It could be over quick! La_Arana: Succ are 6/4/5/8/5 her damage is 10[50+acc (and my succ are after the concentraition reduction) Megaton: soak is 16 La_Arana: Sorry, make that 10[5]+acc La_Arana: Didn't you dodge or something? Megaton: Not this round Megaton: what's the damage on each attack after soak? Megaton: damage dice I mean? La_Arana: So that would be 3/2/3/3/3 dice. <i>Blinks</i> La_Arana: Sorry, that first 3 should have been a 4 Megaton: [Dylan] Megaton is down! He's Down! He's...no wait, he's getting back up! How is it possible? Megaton: "Let's...let's try that again." La_Arana: Spider is in a defensive crouch. La_Arana: (Start round 3?) Megaton: (still round 2) 2 attacks, spinning back fist, followed by a MeltDOWN (Q-bolt) Megaton: 5 sux on the punch La_Arana: OK, her other action (from Quick was to defend against 5 attacks) We both still have -2 diff. Megaton: (right) La_Arana: So was that 5 succ before or after darkness? Megaton: q-bolt (I split my actions) 4 sux both have -2 sux on them so punch is 3 bolt is 2 La_Arana: Whew. She only had 3 succ on first dodge. Megaton: did she dodge the bolt? La_Arana: And she has 3 succ (again after dark) for 2nd dodge. Megaton: OK Megaton: round 3 unless she has more La_Arana: No. Megaton: init 18 La_Arana: Init = 25 La_Arana: (rolled a 9) Megaton: go ahead La_Arana: (She will do the same thing) Megaton: this time I dodge Megaton: full defense on first action La_Arana: [Jojo] And the slow motion camera is showing that La Arana didn't hit Megaton 5 time, <i>She hit him 50</i>? Megaton: (mega dice were good to me, 8 sux total on dodge) Megaton: wait Megaton: forgot darkness Megaton: 6 sux Megaton: [dylan] I wish my tax returns were that fast! La_Arana: Succ on 5 attacks 9/5/2/1/3 La_Arana: First attack that would be 2acc bonus for 17 or 1 die. Megaton: Ok Megaton: The others miss? La_Arana: You tell me. What were your succ to dodge. La_Arana: My second attack was 5 (see above) Megaton: I rolled 6 sux total, I spent my first quickness action dodging Megaton: you can't split quickness actions right? La_Arana: You went totally defensive. La_Arana: Actually, you can. Megaton: yes Megaton: OK let me get the rest La_Arana: That is how she gets 5 multiple attacks and then 5 defenses. Megaton: 2/1/1/1/0 after darkness Megaton: 2/1/1/1 sorry La_Arana: So that would be 7/4/1/0/2 Megaton: 6/2/1/1/1 Megaton: that's my total dodge rolls La_Arana: 9/5/2/1/3 becomes 3/3/1/0/2 Megaton: (soaked the rest thank God) Megaton: wait, I have more to roll Megaton: OK, damage is done La_Arana: Acc bonus becomes 2/2/0/NA/1 Your soak turns that into 1/1/1/NA/1 Megaton: (Megaton is getting battered and bruised from every which way, his healing ability not quite able to cope with all the blows La_Arana: You should have rolled 4 dice. Megaton: (got it) you're next Quickness action comes now. La_Arana: For everything I mean. Megaton: Full defensive again La_Arana: She defends. La_Arana: [Jojo] And both fighters drop into defensive positions after that combo. Megaton: OK I'm going to try and get her in a clinch for my last quickness action La_Arana: (round 4)? Megaton: I have one left La_Arana: Go for it Megaton: 2 sux after dark La_Arana: She has 5 defensive succ. Megaton: dman Megaton: damn La_Arana: (All of my succ are after dark) La_Arana: (And that move is where she lost to J.A.) Megaton: (OK I'll do it that way, next round) Megaton: (It's the only thing to do really) La_Arana: Round 4; Init = 21 Megaton: Init 18 La_Arana: (Same deal) Megaton: me 2 Megaton: dodge sux 0/1/3/5/0 La_Arana: Succ on 5 attacks 4/5/7/4/7 Megaton: so is it only her acc that will have a chance? La_Arana: That's acc of 3/3/3/NA/5 La_Arana: Your soak is 16 and her attack is 15. La_Arana: If she gets enough acc she might get more than one die. Megaton: 2/2/2/5? Megaton: wait La_Arana: 2/2/2/4 Megaton: dammit I'm dumb sorry here goes La_Arana: (rest room break) Megaton: (no prob) Megaton: [Dylan] Megaton was really tagged there, he just can't keep up with her especially since he can't see her, he's dazed and groggy but he's on his feet! Megaton: (Going for the Clinch) La_Arana: Roll your attack. Megaton: 3 sux plus 1 for Willpower La_Arana: Botch. Damit. La_Arana: How much do you do? Megaton: {Dylan} Megaton was playing possum! In burst of speed he's got her locked in a hold! Megaton: 10 levels + 11 dice for acc La_Arana: [Jojo} THis might be it... Megaton: (Hope hope hope) Megaton: [Dylan] What an upset this could be! La_Arana: Without a botch, I'm not sure you get acc (which is limited to 5 btw) but with it, sure. La_Arana: Wait, what is your STR? Megaton: 5 str 2 mega str Megaton: clinch is tsr +2 La_Arana: That would be 5[10] + manuver + acc Megaton: right La_Arana: Ow. 4 levels. And she will toss in the towel. La_Arana: (Got to go, Bye) Megaton: {Dylan} He did it! That was so fast! Megaton must have been desperate! What a match! Megaton: (Thanks man)
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