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Found 12 results

  1. Go crazy on here guys =D This is for character discussion and for questions directed at me that the rest of the group would benefit from hearing the answer.
  2. It has been several days now that the spirits have fallen silent the land over, the Earth Kingdom is in a quiet turmoil as the spirit temples over the land had lost all communication. Ba Sing Se remained staunch as always, the inner most ring was ablaze with talks and important visitors from abroad, the rest of the rings remained calm at all times, the tremendous city of Ba Sing Se had been a bastion of peace for the last thousand years and the Earth Emperor was to see it remain as such. The rich families of Ba Sing Se were scared, if the discontent spread among the common folk of Ba Sing Se, as literally hundreds of visitors to the city entered every day since the spiritual silence started, mostly spirit counselors and handlers, they were becoming more and more common view among the street as they gathered in ever bigger numbers, from other cities or from towns among the Kingdom, and even from other nations as they were summoned by the nobles or by their own curiosity. The evening of the third day approached as black clouds rolled over Ba Sing Se, a heavy rain was scheduled to come down from the looks of it, the kind that soaks any bystander to the core and it´s better to leave alone. On the far western horizon the sky under the clouds was tinted red as it started setting, and the first thunder rolled through the clouds and the showers did not make themselves wait.
  3. (OOC: This post is for Lan and Lien, and anybody who followed them) Before the great gates of the Earth King´s Fortress, two lone figures stood under the heavy rain, both wearing traveling clothes, but one of them wearing a very expressive hair ornament. The great wall reveled an opening, when a richly dressed man, holding a fan over his mouth at all times came out, an aide held an umbrella over him at all times. "Good evening travelers, my name is Liu Ten. I´m a personal aide to the Earth King, and have come to verify the claims of two travelers who request an audience. Other than the hair piece of the heir, may I receive a different kind of proof from both Heir´s to be?" the smile of the man could be heard across from the fan even if the fan hid everything but his eyes.
  4. Running through the storm was a horrible thing to do it had been several times by now that the poor soul had crashed face first into the mud that covered the earth city of Ba Sing Se, not a single soul was on sight and the rain drowned most of it´s screams down, desperate it ran towards the only flame light it could find. Running like a bull, the mud covered soul trampled over the doors and skid to a halt on the ground, barely with any breath he managed to eak out. "Help him, he is in trouble."
  5. Yana walked comfortably through the rain with Kiara the Air Bison, usually a sight to bring out crowds due to the impressiveness of Kiara`s size and Yana`s beauty, right now they were alone, very much so as Yana was accustomed to the whispering of the spirits fleeting by. As she walked through the desolate streets covered in shadows and dark corners, she could feel a light tug on her presence, like something was directing her, a faint whisper toyed in her ears "Ianis is waiting, we are waiting" the sound was mysterious, almost haunting as it came to her ears without the usual echo associated with the small hallways of Ba Sing Se, and it seemed to almost supersede the sound of pouring rain all around her.
  6. I just thought of this... an A:tLA game using Abberant rules. Does that sound good/interesting to anyone else? Does it sound good enough to anybody that they'd want to run it? (years after the end of the series sounds like a good setting to me)
  7. If at all possible, characters should have a public profile, the size and depth depends on how famous/infamous the character is. Profile can go from "He looks like this, nothing else is known" to "The character has a long history of drunken disorderly, and stealing bedsheets that were hung up to dry." in details >_> Also, preferable to include the origin geographical location, where the character is now, and who is the character with. TY!
  8. Brin walked like a mountain given life, his feet thudding solidly into the ground one at a time, step by step. Over his broad shoulders the long haft of his maul lay with his arms draped over it. The heavy stone head was counterbalanced by a reinforced basket that held provisions for the group that would last a week or two. There were treats inside as well, smoked and cured meats, pickles, fish, and cakes from the town. Brin always made a point to purchase food that they couldn't steal normally, it helped to have a treat other than purloined pies and stolen fruits. Beside him Rikka moved with more grace and less brute force. The girl looked even younger than her fifteen years next to Brin's hulking mass. She was playing with a handful of glass beads. Moulding them into odd shapes, pulverizing them into sand and then compacting them once more into glass. Brin wasn't sure where they had come from, nor did he care so long as they stayed out of trouble. He warned her often enough that stealing while in town was dangerous but he wasn't going to push the issue after the fact, there was no point. They were perhaps halfway to their hidden camp, a series of caves that Brin had enlarged over time, when Brin looked down at Rikka and asked, "Did you set the warning lines like I asked?" Brin's voice sounded like it came from a creature even larger than himself, deep wasn't the right word for it, his voice was practically abyssal. The warning lines were a series of tripwires that would trigger decoy birds and marked tree limbs or rocks to the presence of an invader to their territory. Brin had asked Rikka to set them as they joined with the main road to the village but now he noticed that one of them was tripped, or had been left unset.
  9. Lan Huo sighed as he once again struck all the targets dead on. This exercise was getting old, yet his master asured him it was essential. He'd surpassed all expectations of his bending ability, far surpassing his Sister and heiress to the throne. It didn't really matter to him though. He just loved bending. He couldn't show off his real love, but, he did get to use everything else. He stopped, taking a towel from the wrack as one of his Father's messengers came to the training area. "Prince Lan huo, the Fire Lord commands your presence within the marking of the hour to meet with him." "I will clean up, and meet with him by the appointed time." he hated the high speech, but it was necessary considering who he was, and who this messenger would return to. With that the messenger left and he looked to His Master. "Looks like that's it for today, Sifu Chang." "Indeed, it's rare that he sends so formal a summons." ---------------------------------- For Lien Huo, She had just settled for the night's bath, when there was a knock at her door. A young female servant entered, never making eye contact, and averting her eyes. "The Firelord has summoned you Princess Lien Huo, and your brother, Prince Lan Huo, to the Audience Hall. He wishes you there within the marking hour." Both of them had about thirty minutes to finish and prepare to meet their father.
  10. -------------- Setting information! TIME LINE: The setting is 500 years after the "Fire Century" the surviving kingdoms of Earth and Water imposed harsh sanctions on the Fire Nation after the hundred years of war. Restricting their military might, removing their colonies from their lands and being reduced to their original lands, Avatar Aang of the time was busy managing the restoration of the North, West and Southern air temples and their populations with newly created Air benders from among the other nations. The Southern water tribe received much aid from the Northern water tribe, and it has grown into a kingdom of it´s own being able to stand by themselves on the past centuries. A full cycle and more of Avatars have gone by since that day, and Sozin´s Comet day is every hundred years taken as a remainder of the old Air benders, and the reason of birth of the new Air benders. Eventually the past became past, and stayed in the past. The sanctions against the Fire nation were gradually weakened and removed, it became once again a sovereign nation with it´s own army and it´s own economy, and Fire benders were not seen as an ugly reminder of the past anymore. That is until this last Century, the Avatar was born among the Water bender tribes, at a very young age, the Avatar peaked on her understanding of Water bending, her Earth and Fire bending excelled soon afterward, only Air bending proved to truly be challenge for the young Avatar Xue, for many years she toiled in the air temples to learn their secrets and by the time she was 17, she could truly be called an Avatar. Almost two decades ago, the still very young Avatar Xue and the world she protected, for a whole week the spirit world went quiet on all the lands, after wards followed a week of natural disasters like earthquakes that split the land in half, volcanoes erupting ash and blackening the skies, hurricanes that uprooted even the oldest trees and flash frost storms that froze large patches of the ocean among many others due to this the people clamored for a stop to the disastes but Avatar Xue was a single person even if she was an Avatar, convinced that the spiritual silence and the natural disasters were connected she undertook the dangerous adventure of a physical journey to the spiritual realm, hoping to be guided by the past Avatars that inhabited within her. It worked, the disasters stopped within days of her leaving, but then a week went by, as did a month and a year, and nobody heard again of Avatar Xue. She was mourned the world over, as any Avatar had been mourned upon their death, unfortunately this was not the end of it as Avatar Xue had a very hands-on policy regarding Pirates, Bandits and Mercenaries. Traveling the world over to bring them to the appropriate authorities, due to her presence the bands had met a need of organization and power that in centuries had not been seen, many benders went Rogue as did many career soldiers and masters of antique martial arts, and now without the powerful presence of Avatar Xue, the smaller towns were being raided almost constantly by this bands of roving scum. The forces of the country were not always enough for this groups of random villains, and thus was started what was deemed to be the reinforcement corps, large groups within the countries that would keep peace together with the army, this groups are mostly consisting of bending masters and highly skilled warriors, having jurisdiction over large swaths of land they are usually left to their own devices and to their own judgment on how to proceed, they are what over the last ten years have kept the peace around the world. That is, until today, as today all spirit action has stopped suddenly and the world has been submerged into a deep, deep spiritual silence. --------- Countries: Air Nomads - The Air nomads are small in number in comparison to the other tribes, they also are almost literally a mix and match of the other three kingdoms, they considered to be the New Air Nomads, and most of their traditions stretch only as far back as 500 years ago, that is except for their Air Bending prowess, Avatar Aang had access to hundreds of Avatars inside of him when he was recreating the basis of Air bending, and not a single detail was left out. Fire Nation - an Industrious nation that has recovered it´s ancient radiance thanks to it´s smart traders and great amount of natural resources, the Fire Nation is a very open country to the other three and welcomes any visitors to their main lands, that is as far as the common folk, the Nobles on the other hand always talk about how they have the responsibility to uphold the traditions of the Fire Nation and live in a very archaic style of life either inside the capital city that is closed off to visitors, or on the surrounding islands of the main land. Water Tribe - The water tribe is split in two by the poles, Southern and Northern. The northern water tribe has a rich history of military might and great bending masters. The southern water tribe has fame for it´s talented healers that can help anybody recover from near death, and a highly spiritual tribe, then again "Do not prickle the Ice Wolve´s side, it has claws and fangs and knows how to use them." is a very common saying when referring to the Southern Water tribes inhabitants. Another great difference is that the N. Tribe are very centralized, living all together in a single fortress city, meanwhile the southern tribe all love their space, even if they consider all of them brothers they live in small villages around the pole and officially, the only city in the south pole is the main city from where the S. Water Tribe leader oversees his domains. Earth Kingdom - The titanic earth kingdom has as always had a single Earth Emperor overseeing the whole of it, and several local Earth Kings that manage smaller sections of the country to ease the burden, they are still the most numerous of all the countries and maintain a status as a neutral country even with a standing army being kept at all times. Among the bending nations, they are the ones with the most variety on the styles they use, each style having their own kinds of ups and down, and special abilities to work around the other styles. ----- Ok, that´s it for now, if you guys need me to put anything else here, I will just PM me.
  11. Character Creation: We are looking at a 400 point character creation, skills available and any change to them will be detailed on the following section. Air bender - Air benders are a pacific race, composed of mostly monks who are spread among the four temples, located among the other three nations. They live a very spiritual life and have the highest number of benders among them, very little is known about their past since the genocide by the fire nation and rebirth after the Avatar who finished the last great war among nations, lost monks and information that can be found are still heavily treasured by the current nation. The Air bending arts are based around using your surroundings, and complete Evasion, focused on stopping enemies without hurting them as much as possible, specializes in acrobatics, high flying jumps and misdirection. Fire bender - Fire bending is the art of turning the human passion into flames by manipulating the ambient heat, either natural flames or even the heat of the human body itself. Their powers grow and wane with the power of the sun itself, and every 100 years the Sozing´s Comet increases their powers hundred fold for one day. The Fire bending arts are based on true offense with very little defense beyond basic evasion skills, a Fire bender has no need for defense as no one can stand their attacks to return them. -Lighting bender The art of Lighting manipulation is a secret kept by the strongest Fire bending master because of how dangerous it is to it´s practitioners, any kind of mistake will end in heavy damage, as a best case scenario. -Explosion bending Practiced by a small amount of sects, Explosion bending is a small variation to the theme of Fire as it dosen´t in fact create explosions, but instead they superheat the air in an area creating an outward shock wave that looks very much like an explosion. Water bender - The water benders are based around the stability of mind and body, the tranquility and balance of things, they are the only art that can accelerate the regeneration of living things, it manipulates water and it´s forms, be it ice, vapor, steam or liquid -Blood bender Only the most powerful masters of Water bending can create the effect of Blood bending, which consists on controlling the water inside the bodies of living beings to pull invisible strings like a puppeteer. This is a forbidden technique and is mostly spoken about in hushed tones and ancient texts. -Plant bender The ability to control water rich plants on swamp environments. -Healing Specialization Water bending is the only bending that can help wounds regenerated faster than if normal. Earth bender - Earth benders are based on powerful strikes and rooted poses, with the ability to mold rock to their desire, they usually fill any deficiencies they might have with rock solid weapons and armor. -Sand bender -Crystal bender -Metal bender Non-benders - Hundreds of Martial Arts and combat styles, both secret and public have been created to handle the skills of benders gone rouge, this is also the secret of the strength of many groups of elite bandits and prates, who know exactly how to fight and when to fight when against overwhelming odds. Energy benders - Exceedingly rare even among the avatars, said to be the basis for the creation of life and the universe and that can only be achieved by people who spend their whole lives working towards this secret, the power of bending the energy around and inside everything that shares life. Spirit Specialist - This are priests and priestesses who tend to the spirits of the world, they are knowledgeable on the spirit world and can even communicate with them, they are also the ones to go in case of possessions by evil spirits, or any other kind of spirit acting up. -------------------------- Armor - People can´t have armor unless wearing an item that grant´s it, or using abilities that give it, can be emphasized but not optimized. Attack Combat Mastery - as is. Aura of Inspiration - as is. Combat Technique - as is, except for Tournament Encyclopedia (the world is too big and communication too slow) and Brutal (You better off just taking Weapon (Fist)) (as a note, Fast is capped at 4 ranks if anybody is crazy enough to take that many) Companion - GM Discretion. Defense Combat Mastery - as is. Divine Relationship - as is. Elasticity - Limited to Water and Sand benders. Energy Bonus - Cost reduced to 1, Bonus Energy augmented to 10/rank. Environmental Influence - Only Water and Fire benders allowed. Exorcism* - Restricted to Spirit specialists. Extra Arms - Restricted to Water or Sand benders. Extra Actions - as is. Extra Defenses - as is. Features - Everyone has 2 free features. Flight - Restricted to Air benders. Force Field - as is. Healing* - Healing is not instant, but rather a help to regular regeneration, using Healing on a damaged patient will give a bonus of 4 HP per rank, recovered along a full day of rest, doing any work other than resting will reduce this in half, heavy activity like combat will cancel it out. Heightened Awareness - as is. Heightened Senses - as is. Item - as is. Jumping - Slow progression instead of medium. Massive Damage - as is. Melee Attack - as is. Melee Defense - as is. Mind Control - 7/lvl, cannot be used in combat, more akin to complete brainwashing, uses a contested roll, user must win at least 3 rolls in a row to complete the procedure, no more than one roll per hour. Mind Shield - as is, also helps against Spirit Possession. Nullify - Relevant stat changed to Body, point cost 8/lvl, can only eliminate one power source per target, decided when striking the target, and only reduce it up to ranks in Nullify, does not stack, if enemy has more ranks than user may still use nullified ability at new lowered power level. Due to training constrains, Benders never learn this ability during the course of normal training, only specially trained Bending masers or trained normal people are allowed to know it, teaching it outside of the norm is considered a serious crime by all four nations unless special permission to do so is granted. Organizational Ties - as is. Ranged Attack - as is. Ranged Defense - as is. Resistance - as is. Shield - as is. Sixth Sense - No Pre or Post cognition, only to sense nearby things. Skills - We will be using the Low Fantasy skill costs. Special Defense - Based on Bending, usually as protection from own bending. Special Movement - Bending Dependant. Super sense - Bending dependant, only one per bender. Super speed - Bending dependant after first rank. Super strength - Bending dependant after first rank. Telekinesis - 4cp/rank The bender can concentrate on his particular element on a sphere of influence up to 1m per Telekinesis rank, when throwing as a ranged attack consider the Weapon and Rank to be equal to Telekinesis ranks. The amount that can be possibly affected is regardless of the weight itself, but it´s instead measured by volume, starting at .5m^3 and doubling with every rank, this means that at Rank 12, it caps at 512m^3 or roughly, an 8*8*8 cube. Should be more than enough for any of ya =D In the case of having a subset of Bending (Crystal, Healing, Metal, Sand, etc etc) for every 3 ranks you have in our base Ability you can pay an extra 3 CP to add a subset to your abilities. I.E. "Ling Lin is a master Earth bender (8 ranks) and he starts dabbling on Sand bending, a subset of Earth bending (Pays 3 CP) now he can use what he knows of Earth bending to control sand in a lesser quantity, some time after he continues his training in Sand bending (spends another 3 points) now he almost controls Sand as well he does pure rock and can freely change them between each of them." Ranks from 1-4 are considered as in training benders, 5-8 are new bending masters, 9-12 are full fledged masters of the art, and anything above 9+ is almost unheard of, having a rank superseding 11 means you are in the top 1% of your Bending class and WILL be forced to have Marked and Hounded. Depending on your status on your original nation, you might also be marked as a target for Red tape, after all 12+ ranks mark you as a walking Nuke no matter what element you control. As an extra, I must remind you that this rules apply for attacks mostly, as outside of combat no matter if you can affect only .5 or 512, you can still affect the element around you, it might just take longer depending on your ranks and small changes can be done by anybody with the skill. Tough - Cost is 1cp/rank, bonus increased to 10 HP/rank. Tunneling - Bending based, dependant on material. Water Speed - Gee I wonder. Wealth - 8 CP/rank. Weapon - As is. Weapon Variables will be reviewed in a per case basis before approval, because some are just too strong if used too much. ---------------- When designing Bending Techs or Skill techs, remember the important part, there are some restrictions. When you are making a tech, note down a name for it and What variables you will add to it. I.E: "Water Whip Flexible 2, Range 2" you note down the cost of 2 CP for the tech purchase, and then use your base rank in TK/Weapon and the variables, and find the EP Cost (explained below) When creating techs, you have the ability to create specially damaging techs, for example an Air Bender Razor blast, or a Water Bender deep freezing prisons, or a Fire bender Lightning Blasts you can add Weapon ranks to it at the regular cost to increase their damage, this will count as base ranks for the EP Cost, and having more than one per char will have to be reviewed as combat chars will probably be able to take down a dragon alone if abused. I.E. "Lighting Blast: Weapon 3, Piercing 3, Incapacitating 3" Assuming somebody with Rank 9 in Fire bending, this would count as a Rank 12 weapon and deal damage accordingly. As for Skilled characters, all techs can be done with or without base ranks just like Bending techs can be done, adding up Weapon ranks to signify more powerful techs of course this is assuming you are sticking to Weapons from the book, and nobody wants to grab "Swords of Avatar Slaying +20 Ranks" from the start All techs, Skilled or Bending are to be accompanied by a Energy cost to avoid constant spamming of them, energy costs begin at 1 per 2 ranks in Telekinesis/Weapon and +.5 per Variable added to the tech.
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