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  1. This may very well be my last time I visit the site for a while. I'll find out tomorrow.

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    2. Zaylee Zanne

      Zaylee Zanne

      Seconded, everything Nina said. HUGS

    3. Rorx


      Take Care Aphro, and get back when you can, we'll be waiting for you.

    4. Justin OOC

      Justin OOC

      I'll miss you too, we'll all be here when you return if you have to go.

  2. i officially have no keyboard. until i get one, i'm pretty much sidelined. this will be fixed by the weekend at the latest.

    1. Nina


      hugs sucks aph but we will be here waiting :)

  3. is off playing swtor for stress relief, will check in from time to time

  4. Moira wants to watch the world burn. For the greater good. The end.

    1. Sunstar


      But Aphrodite! If the world burns there would be no more lemon chicken !

    2. Jane "3J" James

      Jane "3J" James

      Wants to Burn the world for self amusement!

  5. Damn you real life, quit cutting into my imaginary life!

  6. Feeling dead. Be back soon. Resurrection and all that jazz.

  7. I want to be HEROIC!

  8. starting to feel a cold comeing back grrrr

  9. One more week until i hit the big Three Four. What's that mean? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

  10. A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.

  11. Hey, kid... Wanna score some marsupials?

  12. Ah taxes...the catalyst for no less than 70% of all crime...

  13. Life just dog piled on me. Between work and family, I should be busy every day of the week until forever. I'll try to keep up here, but it won't be an everyday thing.

  14. Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

  15. Revvin' up your engine Listen to her howlin' roar ..

    1. Sunstar


      Metal under tension ,Beggin' you to touch and go....

  16. Research, plot, post... repeat

  17. plotting. ... and desperately trying to find my Trinity books and ebooks.

  18. cold and out of sync with the rest of you peeps. 6-7 hours out of sync...

    1. Aphrodite Pandemos

      Aphrodite Pandemos

      Don't worry, some of us keep weird hours ;)

    2. Sailor OOC

      Sailor OOC

      Yeah if my wireless from home plays ball, I can try to be on whenever.