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  1. I try to split my time in entitely too many different ways.

  2. exhaustion caught up to me

    1. Firanis 'Fi' Flux

      Firanis 'Fi' Flux

      Unacceptable! I expect you entertain me, woman!

    2. Firanis 'Fi' Flux

      Firanis 'Fi' Flux

      Seriously, take the time to recover. We'll still be here later

    3. Seahawk
  3. You ever ask for something and get it full hose? Work is plentiful. Very, very plentiful.

    1. Sailor OOC
    2. Nina


      hugs yes i know exactly what you mean lol

    3. Sunstar
  4. Oh it's real. It's damn real.

  5. Oh I... I... I! I'm still alive!

    1. Nina


      Hugs glad your ok hope to see ya soon

    2. Sunstar


      *hides necromonicon*

  6. Hmm... now to find something...

  7. done done done done

  8. Can't even right now.

  9. Fried Catfish

  10. Things will get interesting... incrementally. Starting... NOW.

  11. Dark mood gone now


  13. wants to quit school and go live in alaska and become nature girl or maybe just get a pizza

  14. wants to quit and go live in alaska and become nature girl or maybe just get a pizza

  15. This mindless stat-mongering middle-managers do today is just an excuse for them to bitch about nothing and make those of us that actually work miserable. It needs to be purged, bloodily.

  16. It's been real guys. Thank you for your friendship and hospitality. Once I get on my feet I'll be back. Goodbye.

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    2. Gabe OOC

      Gabe OOC

      Aww man. We'll miss you.

    3. Sunstar


      Take Care Aph

    4. Noir


      It's been a month. I hope you are doing okay even if you can't be here atm.