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  1. What will be your Legacy?

  2. All will burn in the fires of my disdain for daring to offer tic-tacs!

  3. Hay! What is up?!

  4. Check, check. Is this thing on?

  5. Aaaaaand, here's your sign!

  6. Aaaaaand, here's your sign!

  7. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the credit card call center I go...

  8. Back Tuesday Afternoon

  9. Gone until Tuesday again...

  10. Now that I've mostly disintered myself from work, I'm going on vacation! If I don't have Internets, I'll see you in a week.

  11. See you guys Tuesday, usual timeframe.

  12. I will be out of town a lot this month on business. If something comes up it may take a couple of days before I can respond.

  13. Will be back Tuesday Afternoon

  14. Between $WORK and $OTHERWORK, my brain is doing an imitation of Mentos vs. Diet Coke. I will likely have limited availability this week.

  15. Awwwww I'm Back yall!

  16. Outside of a quick buzz-by on SAT, I'm going to be unavailable over the weekend until Tuesday Afternoon again.

  17. And now they've changed things. Carpet goes in Monday and Tuesday, so I'll be off line from Sunday night until Tuesday afternoon. Grrr.

  18. :( and now they won't start the carpet until Monday. So, I'm gone Sunday night until Tuesday night.
  19. :D Doing some home repairs. I should be off-line from Thursday night until Saturday night, or Sunday morning.
  20. See you guys Tuesday... again.

  21. Happy Thanksgiving to USians from this Canuckistani.