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  1. Hello, I am hoping that I can join your Aberrant game. I have almost all the books from Adventure, Aberrant and Trinity. I love the system but I have never found a game until yours.

  2. magic is making me stumble

  3. communication

    1. 1 :  an act or instance of transmitting <the communication of disease>

    2. 2a :  information communicated :  information transmitted or conveyedb :  a verbal or written message <The captain received an important communication.>

    3. 3a :  a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior <the function of pheromones in insect communication>; also :  exchange of informationb :  personal rapport <a lack of communication between old and young persons>

  4. Irregulars are soldiers or warriors that are members of these organizations, or are members of special military units that employ irregular military tactics. 

  5. fuck it i am going back to bed

  6. am not in a good mood





  8. Merry Christmas to all my Friends!


    1. Sean Cassidy

      Sean Cassidy

      Seconded! To Friends who are distant and those present, a Merry Christmas!

  9. YAY!  Cleared the First Map of Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War!

  10. waiting with.....antici................pation

  11. I'm a package director now. This means I get to sit on my ass all day and answer the phone. Then again, I gotta listen to everyone complain. Such is life.

    1. Sailor OOC

      Sailor OOC

      Is the pay's the same at least? Might make it worth it.

    2. Nina
    3. Sunstar
  12. This week has turned hectic...I'm here but not here if you know what i mean I will get my posts as I can if you need me leave a PM

    1. Sean Cassidy

      Sean Cassidy

      Understood and nice to see the heads up... but I'm still gonna call you Schrodinger's Nina. :P

  13. There is only so much mundane I can take. I really want to be in two different places at once.

  14. sleep, then L5R, then Thule, then whatever

  15. posting today as they come

  16. depressed

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    2. Sean Cassidy
    3. Matt


      Hope you feel better soon. :alc:

    4. Nina



  17. Doin normal things. Bein a normal person. Boop.

    1. tOoN


      Boop boop be doop.

      Normal isn't all that. :P

    2. Bombshell


      Good to hear from you. Hope things are going well, or at least better, for you.

  18. Do you ever keep up with your old characters? Like once the game is over, do you think/write about what they could be doing afterwards?

    1. Sailor OOC

      Sailor OOC

      There's been times, yes.

    2. Sean Cassidy

      Sean Cassidy

      I think about old characters all the time, which it why I tend to remake a fair few of them on this site. I also sometimes insert them into others games as brief mentions or background characters/NPCs.

  19. December is supposed to be a happy time of year, yeah? <_<

    1. Sailor OOC

      Sailor OOC

      I wish I could still think that...

    2. Dawn OOC

      Dawn OOC

      Depends on your year, honestly. This year, it isn't great for me. Last year wasn't either. But I know that it'll be good again, in the future.

    3. Sailor OOC

      Sailor OOC

      Yeah, the thing about this is it'll be over and things can get better.

  20. ever feel like worms are in your brain... thats me today

  21. So, things are now surprisingly stable...

    What else can go wrong?

  22. If it's not my tooth, it's the weather.

    See everyone Tuesday.

  23. The turkeys have died a warrior's death. They shall await us in Sto'vo'kor.