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Found 131 results

  1. It is said no plan survives contact with the enemy, this was all the more true of Satoshi's final assault on the great Demonic Stronghold on Aradia. Everything did appear to go smoothely, until the insertion of the surgical team of heavy hitters, and then there was a flash of etheric black light, and the leaders of the group found themselves separate, yet able to see each other. Above them a grisly image was playing out. The Small contingent of battle armored troopers was fighting against overwhelming odds, what seemed like a dozen hives of demons. They found themselves unable to speak, unable to look away, and all they saw was carnage, and the sounds of valiant people dying. As the final Trooper, their leader, -087 Kelly, fell, and was brutally torn apart, they heard not a visceral scream, but a soul crushing whisper. "I'm sorry I failed you." She was obscured from view and then only something vaguely human was left when the demons cleared. Whether she meant Her Head Captain, the Princess, her comrades in arms, the time traveller and the angel; or her fallen team one couldn't know perhaps she meant them all. Then the lights came up revealing a grand throneroom, under hundreds of miles of bedrock. They were in the very Core of Aradia, it's beating heart shining with only a small section of glowing golden light, the rest was a ghastly green luminescence, shot through with crimson red, the color of blood. Upon the throne sat the white haired man they'd seen that night at the school, his grand katanna at his side. At his right sat Amaya, looking fully recovered from her fight with Kai. Arranged around the throne were a group of six circles lit upon the floor in which each of them found themselves the center of. "This is probably for the best. I tire of watching you scurry like ants. So I will simply hasten things to their final conclusion. Within the Heart of Aradia is the high council chamber, when the last of the golden aura is consumed, all within will die, and this world will permanently become a haven of demons. You will fight six of my champions, and only if you win will you be able to fight me. Those barriers are made to keep you within, their are no doors, Two will enter, and the fields will not disappear until one remains." Kai looked up at him, and practically growled out.. "Why should we play along?" "Because dear boy, if you do not, I will not stop until I consume or corrupt every soul you brought with you. They do not share the immunity you all possess to that power of mine." "Now, let the games begin." Amaya rose first, landing in Kai's circle. "This will not be like last time." "I won't let you live, this time." For Lily, It was a surprise to see Archer, of all beings standing in her circle. "We have great unfinished business, you and I, Princess of Dalaraan. I am no longer bound by a false master, and What I do now, I relish." Francis found himself face to face with Someone from his past, hideously deformed, contaminated and corrupted by demonic power. Years before he'd had a partner, Albert Grimm, who went missing after saving him. Now, his whereabouts were no longer secret. Chitinous claws sprout from his back, spines lining his arms and legs. his eyes were the same piercing green they'd been before. Gone was the jovial gleam, replaced with brutal bloodlust, and homicidal instinct. For Hideko, It was a young woman, similar to her, except in the blink of an eye, her hand became some sort of fusion cannon. The white haired demon called out, "She's the prototype for you. The nano machines fully assimilated her, and now she is just a tool a weapon. What you will one day be." For Sakura, an armor clad woman strode into the ring. "I am proud of this one Sakura. She's one of my greatest triumphs." As the woman drew her sword, Sakura felt a familiar aura. "Your mother didn't die in the bombardment, but right now as she stares down her blade at you, I'm betting she certainly wishes she had." Finally a robed and hooded figure appeared in Skye's circle. "Now this one takes me back. "You were in hell, and so was he. You both had real power at one point, but threw it all away. You'd be amazed how easy it was to turn him back again though. Brilliant metal wings unfurled from beneath the robe, shredding it and the hood fell away as Kazuo Kanai stood there, murder in his eyes. "Miss me?" one of his wings curled and unfurled, the sound of razor edged blades scraping together, and he chuckled. "I won't miss you.." (initiative time for everyone)
  2. [This takes place during Chapter 14] Level One The Invaders circled and moved about in their nest. Cave-like crevices dotted the perimeter of this level, and the multi-legged monstrosities gathered and waited, whatever malign intelligence controlling them did not call for an assault on the remnants of Aradia yet. A glint of a blazing projectile caught some of their notice, but far too late as it exploded into a burst of fire and wrath. A gap burst in the motley horde, and screams, alien burst about. At that point from behind a section of rocks, Francis and the Spartans swung their weapons over the cover and began blazing away at the surprised and disorientated morass. Finally, the Invaders got their whits together, even as more limbs and the smell of their discolored blood began to paint the rock in an dark parody of ancient cave paintings. They charged - which was exactly the idea the Spartans had in mind. With the roar of their guns switching to fully automatic - except Nagareboshi, the tide of Invaders soon became a trickle. Two burst onto the rocks, still alive - but Grace suddenly blew hails of bullets into one, then adjusting with surprising speed to put down the next less than a moment later. "Whooo!" Ryan pumped his fist into the air, with excitement, "Way to go!" Francis clicked his tongue and Kelly nodded despite their glee. "Five more to go, team. The hard stuff's ahead." They formed up with Ajax on point, and quietly moved onwards.
  3. Many years before, Aradia took in Refugees from Arcadia. Sadly this wasn't all that came through. The Blight, Wormwood, also set upon a tiny corner of the world, isolated behind powerful barriers or Aradian magics. There it has remained, the sole blight upon the glorious peaceful realm of Aradia. Thhe destruction of realms, dimensions, worlds, however you term them, is not new. This threat rose once before in times of antiquity, before even the Precursors. It has come again, and now, The bravew Warriors of Satoshi, the Ruler of the Dalaraan Empire, The SPiritual Guide for the empire, they stand at the cusp of a war to save or end all things. With them stand travelers both planned and unplanned, of the dimensional and temporal pathways, thrust into the swirling chaos with only minimal guidance, and a burden of responsibility beyond all ken. ONe remembers ancient ways, her people all but extinct, her slumber of millienia interrupted, her fate tied to these new comrades. The story cannot be told without the sole remaining female Amaha, Sakura. Revealed by her cousin to be the Master Key of the realm of Aradia, only her forgotten power can unseal the barriers isolating Aradia. The Young halfblood faces a great decision, risking her life to undo the seal, or risking her sole remaining relatives, and everyone around them. It was never really a decision. Sakura had been trained for this, to fight on for the betterment of others over herself. How could she deny this fate if it was to be hers. She sat with Kai in the Meteor, the Mecha itself positioned between the tuning fork bows of the Madesico, the largest, most powerful ship of the fleet Kai had mustered to combat this threat. The Aegis Class Chronicle was being left to defend the Homeline space station that had been pulled along in the warp field, if the need arose they could use it to escape to one of the few remaining realities. It was all they could afford, now. Any other time, the cockpit would be arranged for each person to have their own seat. This time, Sakura sat with him, on a seat that accomodated them both, on the left was the slot occupied by Senbonzakura, his Zanpukto. To the right her own Crimson Blossom was slotted. The two swords were humming in a sychnronized resonance, They too were cousins of a sort. He smiled and nodded. "It's time Sakura." There was no gate, so they'd be using the warpfield itself from the entire fleet spun up to full power, to forge ahead, wuth one chance. The lines of his Command Mantra began to shine brightly, as The Meteor's sword split into millions of pieces, forming a large gate. "Gate of The Infinite, now open, Onward to Bright Aradia." The gate shifted, and a cascade was begininning,from the feedback from the world's defensive locks. "Now Sakura." She spoke with clear tones, as everyone heard them, "Hear my call and grant passage, I the Master Key of this world, Bid these locks open." As she spoke the words, The gate shifted, the cascade calmed and she could feel more power than ever before flow through her. The cascade storm of light vanished, and Aradia, home to her father, home to Angels, long the symbol of light and order lay before them. She slumpted into his arms, the usage of power leaving her feeling exhausted, Still they could only go forward now. "Admiral, Take us in." The fleet moved forward, with the Nadescio going last the gate collapsing as the bits were recalled, reforging into the great blade of the Meteor, as they emerged on the other side, the gate now firmly closed behind them. Kai could feel the door lock behind them, and he knew there'd be no escape here. Below them what should have been a blue-white world was mostly brown and sickly green. What land could be seen was that of wastelands, and volcanic floes. It was not the Aradia of Sakura's memories. On the world horizon, they could see them, a group of 4 Invader warshipbeasts, and among them the familiar Granzong. The invaders were here, and Aradia, thought to be a bastion of strength and order was under siiege, and failing..
  4. Their arrival was met with little Fanfare as the ships and mecha docked with the Macross. Dr. Kaunac wasted little time getting her cargo offloaded, and updating reports and databases. Ka had Ruri send a Priority message back to earth, Requesting additional naval assets. Then he sought out Francis, and Shiyukumei. As the others were left to unwind from their trip, to deal with what had just been witnessed, Kai spoke to the two of them in the prepared hangar that the Angelus, Gaogaigar and Shin Getter Robo shared. Both Gai and Ryoma were Present. there to offer advice and as witnesses. "Francis, I'm going to need the dimensional coordinates for your home. We need to program the gate. Would you please tell me them if you remember thiem?" Ryoma spoke. "Kai the forces you've requisitioned for this, Five full CRT's, fifteen ships, these aren't insignificant. We could conquer half of known space with them. I'm worried it sends the wrong message." Kai nodded. "Shiyukumei has graciously agreed to allow us to use the gate to face the threat we now do. As such I am bringing all the force I can to face down and end this threat. From now on I won't take small groups, the entire fleet I've asked for may still not be enough, but I cannot risk Dalaraan, or Earth." He shook his head. "That is why Captain Tanaka, and Georgi will be remaining here, with their CRT's, the Macross, and the Amaterasu, and our damaged Avalon." He looked at Ryoma. "You too will remain, in overall command of our forces here, guarding the gate. I'm bringing Gai with me, and you're the only other one I trust to stang vigil over the way home. We don't need to bring the getter and potentially invaders where we go." Ryoma seemed upset, but the arguement was quite sound. he looked to Francis. "I hope your people know something, else we're gonna be going at this blind." Kai looked to Shiyukumei. "I trust you have no issues with this?"
  5. *House Rules* 6,6 always hits and does double damage for PC's 6,6 is auto hit for anything attacking 6,6 auto defense for anything defending 1,1 always misses for attacks 1,1 always fails for power activation 1,1 always hit when rolled for defense Defender always wins reduced to negative HP characters with regeneration regenerate all negative HP in one turn, regardless of how deep they go, so long as they do not die. The use of a healing power on somone in negative heal will always bring them up to at least 0 hp, regardless of how deep into the negatives they are. There is no limit on Tough, or Energy bonus. I am changing their costs to 1 cp per rank. Each rank gives you 10 hp or 10 ep. Regeneration can be used for EP or HP, but must be decided at Character creation, You may have both kinds.
  6. For Kazuo, Six months had passed. Six months of wandering the world of Ikaris, looking for a way to get back home, all to find there wasn’t one. There were no keys here, and every dimensional gateway he’d come across had been destroyed or sealed. The Western half of the Supercontinent that made up 95% of the dry landmass of the world, the Nation of Azar was gearing for war. The last seventy years in fact, had been spent uniting it under a single ruler, and proliferating Technology from the Artifact. The tech while nothing he’d not seen before, was easily discernable as not of this world. To his practiced eyes, it belonged on Cathedral if nowhere else. Satoshi had similar designs, and they were far more militant, but the amount of tech he’d become aware of in the Army of Azar showed other tendencies. They had found the means somehow to reproduce these works of technical innovation. It was akin to a chimpanzee writing Mozart’s Symphonies. His travels had brought him into conflict with more than one patrol, which he handed in his characteristic fashion, leading to a large bounty being placed upon his head. Two dragons had already attempted to take his head, and failed. From their scales he’d fashioned a thin light-weight armor, to help him blend in better. His fights were quick and dirty mostly, no one on this world stood against him long in single combat, but at the same time, large groups were more than he alone could handle. The technomagi that appeared at times were close to his level and a handful of them were enough to threaten him severely. It was this that had led him back across the mountains, towards the land of the seven stars, towards the Hanfubuki Inn. The Azar forces steered well clear of the Inn, its legendary defenses having a centuries long reputation for being among the most powerful in all of ikaris. They were remnants of a lost age. Here at least so long as he followed the legendary rules of this place he would find solace until he could plan his next move.
  7. "Gathered Citizens of the Empire, here today, or with us across the cosmos, Today is a Day of Days. In my last Act as Emperor, I formally acknowledge and announce The Alliance between the Dalaraan Empire and the independent planet Earth, and Present to you your next Empress, My eldest daughter, Aksaniolilly, and Her human Fiance, Lord Kai Morisato, of Earth." There was a roar of applause as the Emperor finished The still not quite used to the idea couple of Kai and Lily walking towards the dias, The only others standing there were Ryoko and Skye. The rest of the VIP's all waited in lines, to either side of the steps ascending to the dias and throne. Each of them had dealt with new things since the return to dalaraan, and the failed final attempt at a coup. Watching the pomp and pageantry, they could only think back on what brought each of them to this point, of friends made, and many lost. It was clear that the Royal couple would be expected to speak, and Kai, while smiling was deep in thought. For the first time in reccollection, All of the present Captains stood in the line led by Sakura, each in the formal garb of Satoshi, their Haori each denoting the CRT they commanded. Across from them were the Leaders of the Great houses, the line headed by the older and Experienced Tsume, head of the Entire Hiroga people. He squeezed Lily's hand and offered her a knowing smile, This was what they'd worked for for so long. Rebecca had been chosen to fly Honor guard today, her Seatalon freshly painted, and the Dalaraan honorguard of 3 purebloods and two Hiroga were resplendant in golden armor. Hideko, Francis, and the remaining Lieutenants were behind the officers, not so near, but also a visible part of the day's festivities. All eyes turned to the Crown Princess, Though not of Age, she would reach it soon enough. Ryoko would stand as her Regent, governing the vast Empire until then. Hundreds of worlds held their collective breath in anticipation, waiting to hear what Lily's first address would be.
  8. 45 minutes later, Francis reappeared in the launch bay, having changed into a flight suit. Nagareboshi remained at his side, but the lack of his armor was a new feeling. Well, the Zanpakuto pointed out it had been a tool, nothing more. He waited in the bay for Osprey, having decided his callsign as well. Given that he had a revolver as a Soul Slayer, a Western style cowgirl for his Zanpakuto spirit... Cowboy seemed appropriate, yes?
  9. Ryoko lounged on the Throne while Lily paced, occasionally looking at the holographic display that hovered between them. On it was projected a map of Dalaraan's surface, with various points of interest marked. In the margins were readouts and displays of demographics and indexed reports streaming in at all times. Ratheros flitted through the air, flying around and through the hologram as she tried playfully to catch the immaterial 'objects' in her paws. "If we do that," Ryoko said dryly, "We'll have another war. The major houses will all go ballistic. What your dad already did was bad enough from their point of view, but they can't argue with it." "But they can against this?" "They'll have consensus against this! They'll all rise up and stick together!" Lily shook her head. "But we'll have the consensus of the minor houses, and there's a LOT more of them." "And how many fleets do they control? How many of those fleets are even HERE!" "Ryoko, this is a chance for the Empire it won't get again for...for a long time," Lily pleaded. "When father decreed that the Hiroga have a Major House, he changed what it means to be a Major House. Up until now, ONLY Purebloods could have their lineage declared a major house. Now we have a precedent that says the acting Emperor can decree any lineage to be Major. That means the Emperor can basically appoint whoever she wants to place on the Council of Peers. We NEED that, Ryoko. Almost all the Major Houses were in on the attempted coup. We can't have a Council of Peers with only four seats." The Regent Empress shook her head moodily and swiveled the holographic around to show a new area, then zoomed out to show the stars of the Empire itself. "It would solve the problem of how to divy up the major houses' domains though," she mused. Lily eagerly nodded. "And the popular opinion, combined with the input of the priesthood...Ryoko, I'm pretty sure they won't attack again. Maybe they'll try, but if their crews won't fire, and their people won't cooperate, where does that leave a coup?" Ryoko frowned. "It's a big chance." "It's what's right. Making the Empire run on the shoulders of the Major Houses doesn't work," Lily insisted. "We've seen what happens. They get corrupt. It's all about THEM, and not about the Empire as a whole. Not about the people, or Tsunami, or any of those things. And the longer it takes to change, the harder it is to make it change from within. That's why this is such a big opportunity! Just this once, we're starting over. Just this once we can start a new course with the nobles weak enough they can't stop us." "Maybe...but I don't see why making a LOT of major houses will change that." Lily shrugged. "It's not the end of it, just the beginning. For one though, it makes their territories smaller, and forces them to cooperate more. It also means, at the same time, there'll be more competition between them." With a suspicious narrowing of her eyes, Ryoko asked, "What do you mean just the beginning?" Lily had the grace to look a little embarrassed, but she bulled through. "After things settle down a little, I want to make it so the system governors and sector lords are elected positions, not hereditary." "Aksan, you KNOW the problems..." "I know, but I just mean the local governments. For now. And we've had a lot of time to work on voting theory and how to solve the problems in it." Ryoko planted her fists on her hips. "This is about Earth, isn't it? It's about Kai. Is he putting you up to this?" "No!" Lily replied hotly. "This is about Dalaraan! The Empire! Look at our planet, Ryoko! Look at our HOME! We can't let this happen again! We let power concentrate into too few hands! I know there's problems with macrodemocracies, and I know there's problems with representation and all that...but I'm sure we can do better than what we had before. We just have to be willing to try new things." Little by little, Ryoko relented. "Just be careful. And get help. Not from Satoshi though...you'lll already be accused of being a pawn of Earth." Lily nodded, then said, "What about Skye? Most of the people already think of her as being one of us...but she has memories of Earth. She could tell us how it worked...where it went wrong..." "Talk to her then. She's helping in reconstruction. Trying to keep morale up." With a smile and a salute, Lily vanished in a blur of light, leaving Ryoko alone to think about the ambitious, and dangerous, plans of the Empress-to-be.
  10. OOC and Editor's Notes Work in progress - Also disregard the avatar and name before you, this IS Osprey posting. Was being hasty and didn't change logins. 2022 Hours Unknown military base outside the Dalaraan Capitol Multiple guards stand and patrol outside of the fenced gate of what looks like a stockade. Searchlights pan to and fro. What looked like a moving shadow gets a guard's attention. He goes around a corner to investigate. The sound of an electrical charge and a hit to the gut later and he doesn't return. Rebecca looks over the guard's armament... "One MP5... classic... ES-5.7 pistol... and a comlink... not bad." She whispers to herself as she sets the comlink on mute and stomps on it to break it. She grabs the two weapons and moves on. Three more guards are having a smoke break outside and behind the guard house near her objective. Rebecca sees this as a chance to reduce the numbers... further. She takes the MP5 and sets it to burst-fire and starts walking shots one by one. Blue flashes on their bodies show the simulated rounds hitting their marks. Bringing all three down. "Tangos down..." She whispers as she carefully moves to the back of the shack where her HVT is being kept. She sees one guard... the more diciplined one... standing at perfect attention watching the front door. "Bloody hell..." Rebecca thinks. "She'd make a good royal guard someday." She pulls out her ES-5.7 and formulates a plan. She knows the noise of the MP5 is going to draw out the guards quick... she can't dally. "Now or never..." She quickly spins around the corner and fires 5 shots rapid at the guard, hitting her square in the chest. Seeing her drop her AK-47 was nice... but she was interested in... "Keys... excellent." She says with a smile picking the dropped keys up and moving inside. Watching her corners she keeps looking back and forth until she gets to the room where the HVT is held. Just as she arrives she opens the door there's a shock. "Well, if it isn't The Osprey come to snatch her prize..." Kelly says, pointing a desert eagle to the back of the head of Captain Ruri... "No... I'm here to snatch my prize and get her home." Rebecca says. ...to be continued...
  11. Hideko stands outside the infirmary leaning on the wall. She didn't have much to do today so she figured she'd see if they can find anything about the nanomachines in her body. With any luck they might be able try to undo the effects and make her a him again. When it's her turn to go in, she enters the infirmary and waves to the doctor. "Um hey. I called ahead to get a appointment."
  12. 0630 Hours Somewhere in the Dalaraan outback, near the great northern forest A red flash of fabric is seen in the sky over the grassland on the outside of the southern fringe of the forest. Drifting like a balloon in the breeze, looking like an umbrella with a dark speck under it. Those bloody idiots dropping me here... not even with a standard survival pack. Damn crazy. Couldn't even use my usual flight suit for this... Ugh... olive drab. Not even the right tone... and just a Knife... damn... Okay Rebecca... time to BRACE! The sound of scared animals scurrying and screaming is heard followed by Rebecca's cursing. "I've had better landings..." She says, quickly taking off her parachute. "Alright... obviously the forest is 100 meters away and it's barely sunrise... good time to start getting shelter set up first. Starting to see the logic... might lose your survival pack during your landing... just glad this isn't a nautical survival test... I'd probably drown."
  13. Rebecca sits in the lounge in front of the simulator room where she'll be doing her tactics and strategy training. She wasn't told which of the captains she would face off in each challenge. Fair enough since she would probably develop counter-tactics against them. She reads a couple Dalaraani books on classical battle strategy, as well as brushes up on works from the likes of Sun Tsu, Patton, Rommel, and Shwarzkoph. "So... the method of the killing blow relies on breaking an enemy with a decicive blow at a weak point... just like engineering..." She closes her books and waits for her instructors.
  14. ...0430 Hours She had been resting, sleeping and taking care of personal matter all day yesterday. In the simulator, she was more than ready. While her instructors haven't arrived yet, Rebecca practiced field-stripping and cleaning her SCRT pattern BR and Pistol form about the top of the hour. As she completes her last reassembly, she hears the sound of the simulator door open. She stands at attention upon seeing her instructors. "Lieutenant Rebecca Rathbone reporting as ordered." She says firmly, her weapons properly slung or holstered with her SCRT-4 uniform properly cleaned with only a little cleaning solution from her work. "Are the Model A-34 BR and Model S-14 Pistols adequate for the training?"
  15. Sakura had been summoned to the Macross' primary training room, ostensibly to meet with Kai. Why the leader of the Satoshi Military wanted to see her was a mystery, especially with so much else going on. When she arrived, she found not one, but two Captains. Captain Hoshino, perhaps the busiest officer in the CRT's stood there waiting for her. "Ahh Sakura I hoped you'd take me up on my invitation." Kai smiled. "Captain Hoshino and I have a request to make of you, and then I have another to make for myself."
  16. Rebecca wakes up in sick bay, various bands around her waist and jaw. "Don't move just yet, Lieutenant, I'm still binding the hernia you contracted and getting your jaw nerves uncompressed..." She feels the pain in her abdomen, slowly abating, but the movement under the binding is uncomfortable. "There we go, ma'am, and your Jaw is alright as well." the doctor says taking the bindings off. "T... Thanks. To who do I owe the medical bill?" "Me." A familiar voice enters into the conversation. Rebecca looks over. "Captain... oh jeeze..." Rebecca now knows... she's in deep.
  17. It was a good thing that Lt. Rathbone had come to him for combat training advice, Francis reflected. Otherwise, given that the main focus now was politics that he was completely inappropriate for, he'd have burnt himself out with excessive training with Nagareboshi. Not that if all went well, there wasn't going to be much fighting left on Earth or in Dalaaran. For a moment, Francis faced the quintessential question pondered by Roman legionnaires mustered out in the ancient Republic, or military veterans of the 'current day' First-world nations. What could men of war do in peacetime? Not a promising situation, he know. He shoved his mind off it, standing in a training room without simulators. It was a dojo section, attached to a firing range a few doors down. The fact was, she needed to how to handle guns and fist-fight with more than mecha weapons, and the sims presupposed a capacity for that. Well, things would hurt before she got better, that's what.
  18. ok, you know the drill here guys, I'm giving another round of downtime for character development, set against Reogranizing and revitalizing the Dalaraan Empire. The official Rebirth of the Empire announced among the stars, will happen at the end, and be the next plot thread. You have from now until September 10th to write as you will once agian 5 posts are needed to qualify for the 10 points possible here, and I will award bonus points for stories that greatly add to the character, to the story, and in general do what you do normally. The reason the downtime is abit longer is that I will be almost wholly unavailable from August 25th-September 9th as I will be going to Mechacon and Dragoncon, and then moving. Have fun, and if you need me, or have a purpose for the major NPC's (The Captains and Kai) just ask.
  19. It had been two weeks since the climactic battle for the Empire, and the soul of Satoshi. The Imperial/Allied forces triumphed against heavy odds, but not without great damage to the Republic forces. The arrival of half a dozen small fleets of Dalaraan warships, each making its way to Lunar orbit, had The Satoshi Captains alarmed, but unable to move. All Satoshi ships were heavily engaged in rebuilding the throneworld of the Empire, which had suffered greatly in the civil war. Finally the entirety of the fleets began moving towards Dalaraan, in attack vector. Kai and everyone else stood on Macross' main bridge, as All the ships except the last Avalon class cruiser, the Melissa, which remained on station primed to jump out with the support personnel who'd been planetside. The eight Satoshi warships arrayed in a defensive posture, hoping it was all merely for show. So much effort had been put into rebuilding the world, indeed, the citizens marveled at how much had been done in two weeks, Indeed many thought fondly of the earthings, for they worked tirelessly to restore a world that wasn't theirs, the world that until months before they'd fought the forces of so bitterly. Dalaraans have long lives, and long memories, and as such do things slowly, compared to the ways of humans. With their comparative mayfly-like lives, the humans did more with technology that was beyond any ever seen in the empire,rebuilding great housing settlements and factories in weeks that would have taken years if not a decade for the Empire. Kai looked to Lily, and then to the Admiral. The Admiral nodded, indicating the channel was open. "This is Head Captain Kai Morisato, overall commander of all Satoshi forces, hailing the Dalaraan fleet now entering into orbit. Know that this world is under our provincial protection, In the Name of Crown Princess Aksaniolilly, and Regent Ryoko, until such time as the Emperor relieves us of this duty." He waited as the channel was clear, and then the viewscreen came to life. The emeperor sat, looking quite poor really, his robs hiding poorly all the lifesupport gear hooked into him, his eyes possessing none of the fire they'd seen before, more a glazed, dazed cloudiness. His voice wasn weak, and wheezy. "You...Stand...Relieved..." The works were each punctuated by a cough, then a pause, as if he were trying to remember. Kai nodded once. "All Satoshi Warships,Pull back to formal review, They're coming home." The warships moved, forming a straight line of metal and power, all the guns and turrets raised high, the defense mecha even joining in, raising weapons in salute of the Empire's return home, as Imperial ships began to slowly move past. A single ship, bearing the crest of House Dylandiel, the major house that protected the breadbasket worlds of the Empire, and a House who'd supported the Republic, stopped parallel to the Macross, and raised its own turrets in the ancient salute, "Honors Received and returned." When the last of the Fleet had passed by, only then did Kai give orders for the ships to return to stations. Everyone transferred to the Archangel, and then the massive starship descended to Dalaraan, landing at the crowded spaceport, well out as the fleet had taken the more central locations. Kai looked out and watched the fleet deploy ground troops. "All Satoshi personnel, the Empire is deploying ground forces, do NOT respond with violence, simply acquiesce if they ask any questions of you." He looked to Lily and all the others, Hideko, Skye, Francis, Sakura, and Rebecca. The other captains would remain at their posts, Kai and Rebecca would be Satoshi's representatives at court. "All right, is everyone ready to go? They're making right for the palace, and I'd like us to be on hand for this."
  20. Hideko has been flying around the planet for several hours. After the last few days, she decided she needed to just take a chill and fly for a bit. She lands on a plateau and lies down looking at the sky. "Jesus this has been a weird few months. I got turned into a girl, gained super powers, and now I'm not even in the same universe I was born in anymore" She sighs. "I don't even know what these nanomachines are doing to me. Am I even still human?"
  21. Notable NPC’s Ryoko --Regent of Dalaraan-- Formerly an enemy of the PC’s Ryoko returned from 100 years of being stranded in Ikaris, with many abilities most Dalaraan purebloods do not possess. Keenly loyal to the Emperor, and perhaps even moreso to Lily, She nearly died defending Tsunami from Ayato. Only the Intervention of Ryoma in Shin Getter Robo saved her. Once she awakened from her Coma, she begain aiding the Satoshi personnel in rebuilding the capital and throneworld, acting as a liason with the common people. Satoshi Captains Klan Klang --Captain CRT-9-- She looks young, and in truth she is.She’s a twenty four year old High Gravity Trooper created by the Circinus Federation, and pilot of a customized suit of Quadrono battle armor. In her Normal form she stands fifty five feet tall, and is a beautiful young woman with slightly pointed ears, and long blue hair. In her Micronized form, she’s just over four feet tall and looks more like a child of ten. There’s no explanation of why she looks different though it does get her teased from time to time. She is a fair and loyal young woman, and bound as a Servant to Kai. The only Captain with more than 5 crests, she bears seven, second only to Valerie. Eiji Tanaka -- -- A battle armor Captain, skilled in Magic, with a powerful lightning based Zanpuktou named Inazuma. He commands the planetside military forces of Satoshi. He’s a no-nonsense individual, and very even tempered. He has 3 seals. Georgi Illiayev -- -- A former Russian supersoldier turned battle armor/mecha pilot. He runs special operations on Dalaaran, and has been busy hunting any remaining resistance cells and doing surveys of distant battlefields. He has 3 seals. Ryoma Nagare –Capatain of CRT-8-- Ryoma is the Circinus born pilot of the ultimate Super Robot, Shin Getter Robo. Having pledged loyalty to Lily, and Later to Kai, becoming his servant, the hot-blooded Ryoma is likely among the greatest assets available to the Satoshi Fleet, as his incredible experience was instrumental in the entire Dalaraan campaign. He has five crests. Ruri Hoshino –Captain of CRT-4-- The seventeen year old former biocomputer Captain of Satoshi’s support staff. She has the most personnel under her command, and the widest ability to control vast forces. She is capable of direct interface with all manner of machines. Possessed of a cool icy demeanor, She seems almost like a computer herself, seldom smiling, but constant contact with others has made her more human than she ever was. Talk of her previous commander, Captain Shibaksuka has proven to make her sad, she clearly thought of him as a father figure. Ruri has 5 crests. Satoshi Lieutenants Gaogaigar –Lieutenant CRT-9-- Former enemy, killed the previous Lieutenant in honorable combat on Mars. Gai as he likes to be called is a 450 foot tall super robot that served as the basis for all super robots made by the Federation. Over ten thousand years old, he comes from an ancient precursor civilization that is gone now. Powerful beyond virtually any other mecha, he aided Ryoma in fending off Ayato long enough for Tsunami to recover. He has 3 crests. Tokiko Shikane -- Lieutenant (Eiji)—A master of multiple blades, Tokiko is Eiji’s first choice of assassins. She’s a quiet, unassuming looking young woman, rumored to also be a former Kage, much like Captain Tanaka. Kuzuha Mizuha—Lieutenant CRT-1—Kuzuha is a medical tech turned super robot pilot. Her primary task is to Keep Kai safe, though he often sends her away, either to protect others (her Grungust II is well suited to it) She has 4 crests
  22. Though she had spent some time on the ground helping with reconstruction, that had been short-lived. A pair of Dalaraan Imperial Guard appeared and politely...but firmly...asked her to come with them to the presence of the Imperial Regent. Ryoko. From that point onward, Lily had been doing the backstroke in a never-ending river of effluvia, and it just kept coming. She was in the palace tactical/command center now, with Ryoko, where she'd spent the last couple of days it seemed like, trying to come up with answers to problems that somehow seemed to loom higher than the war itself had. "What about the rebels?" Lily asked, leaning back in one of the bucket seats and spinning lazily around. "How many prisoners?" Ryoko scowled at the display hovering in midair between her and her cousin. "Pureblood or Hiroga?" "Both." "Not many. Three of the rebel Houses still have their lineages intact, and they've been put under arrest. The Hiroga were told they'd be killed like cowards if they accepted surrender offers. Most of them fought to the death. Only a handful were captured alive." Lily's eyes widened and she sat up. "We killed ALL of them?!" Ryoko shook her head. "A few, a very few, remained loyal to the Throne. They're still free and alive. And the civilian population..." "...is going to raise a new generation of warriors that HATES us!" Lily blurted. "They're going to look at the Imperial line as a series of butchers and tyrants!" The space pirate turned Imperial Regent grinned. "That's assume any of us live long enough to see them grow up. We got intel on the reinforcement fleets from the outer worlds. Wanna hear?" Lily frowned as she looked at the manic, dark glee in Ryoko's grin. She'd thought the reinforcements would be good. Freeing Satoshi's ships to return to Earth, and retaking the orbitspace with Dalaraan ships...that would help morale some. "Suuure," she replied uncertainly. "What is it?" "Seven of the major Houses are sending their flagships AND battalion-sized fleets." Ryoko smirked. "Just doing their patriotic duty, you know. Protect the Throneworld." "Protect! With that many ships they could conquer it! EACH of them could!" Ryoko nodded. "Fortunately, we have a second generation Imperial Flagship, and its ages and ages of custom and traditional weight to keep the...oh wait. Well, at least the Emperor himself is conscious and can call a conclave and...awww shit." Lily's heart sank. Not even a week after the war was won, the Empire was teetering on the brink again. Not that it would take MUCH of a war this time. From the moment their fleets appeared in orbitspace, the Houses would engage each other in politics...each trying to secure the support of enough others to claim the Throne without actually fighting. Those that didn't have enough support would try to profit as much as possible in exchange for giving their support. The only House no one would touch was the Imperial House, the bloodline of Lily and her father. But until one of them felt they could act, they would play the game of obedience to the Throne. They had to, due to the silent majority; the dozens and dozens of minor houses. With blood too thin to vie for the Throne, they still had numbers too great to ignore. And by far the most of them supported the Emperor and the Imperial bloodline. Taking it could be done, but it would have to be done following tradition and convention. A coup would be messy no matter how it was handled. "Leave the Houses to me," Lily said at last. "I'm Princess-Heir, they have to at least pretend to listen to me, and I have a few things I can use to try to woo the bottommost Houses to support the Emperor." "The alliance with Earth?" inquired Ryoko. "Risky. That's a double-edged sword right now. Some are saying that it was that alliance that brought all this down on us in the first place." Lily shook her head. "This all started long before I arrived on Earth. The assassinations of the heirs, the foundations of the civil war...those were all laid and done before there was any alliance. They were after Tsunami, and the Empire, all along." "You know that. I know that. Convincing others might be harder," Ryoko pointed out dryly. "But okay. You want to handle the nobles, they're all yours. One less headache for me." "Anyway, I have a couple of other tricks up my sleeve." Ryoko shrugged. "Well that should be fun to see." With a twist of her ankles, Lily sent her chair spinning again. Almost immediately a little furry creature sprang out of the shadows and landed with a delighted squee noise in Lily's lap. The princess laughed and hugged Ratheros, then looked up at Ryoko as she whizzed past. "What else?" "Nothing," Ryoko said. "Go home. Get some rest. You've been at this two days now. I'll keep things going until tomorrow morning, I promise." Lily looked like she was about to deny the order, when Ratheros chiruped quizzically at her, and she realized how very tired she was. But there was one last thing. "Ryoko?" "What?" "Do you think father is going to wake up?" Ryoko hesitated, but only for a moment. "Honestly? Probably not. It's actually pretty incredible he's not dead. The feedback from a second generation ship...even if he's breathing, there's probably nothing left of HIM in there, you know?" She had the grace to give Lily an apologetic look and add on an awkward, "Sorry." "It's okay," said Lily quietly. "I guess I knew. I just had to hear it. I'll see you tomorrow." And with a flicker of light, she was gone. -------------- Sasami and Hayato had moved back into the palace when it was safe. Sasami had immediately busied herself cleaning things up. Hayato had busied himself making more messes. By chance, both were in the kitchen when Lily arrived there with Ratheros in her arms. She gave them a wan smile. "Hey guys. Sasami, are you doing dinner tonight?"
  23. Skye woke up in a palace. For a long moment, she stared at the ceiling of the room, trying to remember if this was her old room at BoneGate. Then the memories eased back into her mind: her husband, the truth about him, Bazaroth – for the third time, finding Kazuo, losing Kazuo and then the battle. “Right,” she whispered and got up. She’d been asleep for long enough, but she didn’t really feel rested. She rarely did in the days following the battle. Too much had happened for her to feel much of anything. Skye had been depressed before; she knew that’s what was going on again. But for the first time, she didn’t even feel the need to snap out of it. The blue aura was still around her as she showered; Tsunami hadn’t seen fit to give her back to Luna yet. Skye was almost getting used to it, in a quiet, tired way. It wasn’t a crisis of faith as much as an acknowledgement at her faith was out of her hands. After drying, Skye put on the Daralaan robes she had found in a house. The outfit was a white dress under a red and black sash. It had ribbons and streamers of cloth and even something that looked like two little bookmarks hanging from the front of it. It actually fit her and though the human found the robes ostentatious as hell, it was better than the shredded blue kimono she’d been left after the battle. The beautiful priestess braided her pale hair into twin French braids, the ends falling over her shoulders. It was a strange mix of innocent and beguiling, and like any look that Skye attempted, she made it look good. The blonde woman left the palace by back ways; she’d never admit it, but she was avoiding Lily and Kai. Lily because the woman was far too comfortable with what they had done in the Bankai and Kai because… she wasn’t sure why. It might have been that he’d seen her weeping for Kazuo like an addled schoolgirl. It could have been because of the dreams she’d been having – mostly about him. But it was mostly because she didn’t want to see him, not until he was willing and able to send her away. Not until he got her off this rock and started finding Kazuo. Again. Once she was clear of the palace, Skye relaxed a little. As had become her custom, she had all of her possessions on her. Her whip hung from her belt, while her new sword was tucked into the other side of the obi. Her fans were secured along her back, hidden under her sash. If she got sucked away somewhere else, she was ready to go. The medcamp was her destination. As always, she got stares. Men stared at her body as she moved; women locked onto her eyes. But everyone looked at the sword. It had been, Skye had found out eventually, Prince Alaric’s, Lily’s brother. He had been the heir to the throne until his death. Some Daralaans had been offended to see her wearing it, but Skye had ignored them. Most seemed to accept it was her due as her hero, and to be honest, Skye kinda liked it. The members of CRT-4 waved at her as she approached. “Ruri around?” she asked before she could get drawn into a conversation. One of them pointed and Skye followed the finger into one of the buildings. “Hello, Skye.” Ruri’s greeting was a subdued as the woman herself. “What can I do for you today?” “I need a favor,” Skye said, smiling the way that always got her what she wanted. “I’ve been magically given pointy elf ears, and I was wondering you’d do a genetics test to see if that’s all magical or if my DNA has been altered.”
  24. Rebecca walks through the halls of the Macross in her flight suit, set up casually with a backpack over her shoulder and a smile on her face. It's been a couple days of long sleep, since many of the SCRT-4 teams have been handling deliveries. Many understood her need for a rest. After all, she was the one that stopped the Amaterasu and potentially saved the entire mission. Being in a unique position of being a combat officer in a non-combat team provided enough of a paradox where she's called "when needed". That and still being technically Dead legally, and still M.I.A to the SCRT service. Since there's been enough chaos where the pencil pushers haven't had the time to complete their paperwork, she's sort of slipped through the cracks. Although the medical personnel still take a vested interest in her. She's been using a highly experimental, and patently illegal form of mecha control. The AMS concept was scrapped and banned a decade ago because of the instability pilots showed on the battlefield. She though was different. "Psychologically, you're atypical, Lieutenant..." the chief medical officer told her after she had arrived back at the macross a couple days ago. "...compared to other users of that system, your psychological hygene is sound. You don't go berserk like the others. You are also neurologically Non-Typical as well... your synapse makeup is far more conducive to man-machine interfaces. Only one in a million humans have even shown that sort of mutation Rebecca. You're unique. Usually those with high Tachyon and Dirty Tachyon radiation poisioning show signs of advanced dementia... but your body adapted." Rebecca twenty years ago in real time would have said that doctor read too many comic books. Now though, with the strange happenings all around her... maybe she's the normal one in a sea of freaks. She loads a orange bag the size of a small car into the cargo hold using a power loader into the mecha backpack originally concieved for her cargo carrying mission that was deferred. She's been given a humanitarian mission to an orphanage in a coastal town hit hard, but not so ravaged like the other cities near the capitol city. She's been tasked with helping the orphans there on a nature trip, and generally to put a kind face to Satoshi operations. She hops into her cockpit, refreshed and ready to go. She hesitates for a moment to turn on the AMS to control SeaTalon, but she knows showing fear would only be amplified. She turns it on and takes a breath. "This is callsign Osprey, requesting permission to depart for Eldaris villiage." "Permission granted, XMU1-003 SeaTalon, you are clear on launch platform 1. Be careful out there." "I will, control, send my regards to Kai and Captain Klan for me. Lieutenant Rathbone, out." She launches out under a normal overboost. Under regs she's flying with her weapons, but they're in cold running. No power devoted at all to them. She's in peacetime mode, maybe she can find that mode herself. When she starts re-entry, she pulls out an inflatable shield designed originally for escape pods or large scientific unmanned probes. She rides it like a surfboard, right until the mecha has slowed to a safe atmospheric velocity. She then uses it to guide her to the sea just outside of the village. She deploys a parachute from the cargo pack and drifts slowly to splashdown. The parachutes detach and the SeaTalon bobs up in the water, treading like a expert swimmer. "Well... that was actually fun. Computer, activate flotation systems and radio the coast to send a tug for final approach." A system of air bladders on the backpack inflate to help the SeaTalon to keep afloat without needing to expend thruster power, and the SeaTalon stops treading water and takes a heads-up orientation. Instinctually though Osprey's mecha still moves it's arms like it's floating in water, a feedback from Osprey's interfacing method. A small tug, usually used to guide large cargo ships pulls up along side and fires a magnetic clamp attached to a towing rope and starts pulling SeaTalon to shore. Once the SeaTalon's feet touch ground, the SeaTalon wades, then walks to the beach. It takes a kneeling position like it always does to allow Rebecca to get out, still 15 feet in water. A representative from the province's orphanage approaches, nodding in approval of her arrival. "Miss Rathbone, I assume?" The Orphanage's director shouts up to Rebecca from the shoreline. "Yes, indeed. I am Rebecca Rathbone of SCRT-4. I hope my arrival wasn't too... disruptive." -to be continued
  25. Frankly, there was more than one reason Francis was here, helping Ruri with plotting out the new communications grid that needed to be set up for the planet. With the mass murder of Takashi and the wholesale devastation wreaked on the planet by sheer war, there was barely any infrastructure or people who normally ran it around. If the rebuilding efforts were to get any good traction going, then they needed to have more set up than the Satoshi fleet channels to coordinate their work. Aside from doing something to help out, Francis was a tech expert and highly intelligent, despite the initial barrier from the fact that Dalaaran computers were organic rather than silicon-based. He was well set to help reduce the pressure on Ruri, straight out from the new body setup. Finally, he needed something to take his mind off the agony. The psychological pain from Takashi's damn Bankai, and the worry of the secrets that lurked back in his future. A distraction did nicely.