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Found 155 results

  1. A peaceful year had occured since his return, not that he had expected bloodshed but things went along at a pace that pleased him. The fact the U.S. Government had given a large portion of the the Black Hills and the entirety of the Grasslands National Park to stewardship of the Native American Council caused his heart to swell. How many other worlds had he fought for his people it almost became a blur. But this was his birthplace and wars could be won playing the Wasicu at their own game. Ptesan-Wi did not like it but her pride tended to be larger than his own which was something he had to admit. But it was working the determination of a people driven to the brink was slowly turning it’s culture aclimated and strong for the twenty first century age. The meeting had gone longer than he had liked but it had finally broke at noon. Wakinyan wandered the central routunda of the Native American Museum in something close to what had once been his human form. A few modifications here and there to make him look older since he was sixteen when that form had became his other larger self. Still even changing skin could not hide all of what he truly was his irises still crackled with strands of lightning. Though his simple presence in a room went further to tell people what he was more than any visual display. Some steered clear of him others would pay him a deep respect but over all ‘unapproachable’ seemed the norm in his wandering around the museum. So when he finally took a step outside he breathed a slight sigh of relief. His nostril filled with the scents of Washington. From the thousands of people on the National Mall to the spring cherry blossoms. Even with all that he did not become overwhelmed long ago he had grown accustomed to his senses. With a walk down the steps he turned and walked along the crunching stone walkway toward the Smithsonian castle. People watching was a luxury he did not get much of anymore and he enjoyed it. Listening to conversations here and there his attention drifted toward a large group of highschool age kids as he neared the air and space museum. Their conversations were what you expected from a fifty fifteen or sixteen year olds but something held his attention in the crowd. A scent? Enough of something to look through the crowd until he saw it. A pretty girl sitting on the waist high wall amidst the chaos of teenagers. Complete in school uniform she was staring at him but that wasn’t unusual what was unusual was her smile a ‘I know something you don’t know’ smile. Her eyes caught his attention immediately. Heterochromia one iris was like his a sparking silver wreath of electricity surrounding her pupil. The other was a lusterous red hue with a slit pupil. Both could be NovaEyez but still it was an usual combination and they now were staring directly at him with an unusual intensity to them. He wasn’t one to back down from a stare down but the moment his expression hardened the girl looked away. Carefully brushing a lock of her deep red hair tipped in midnight black behind an ear. She was a Nova, he told himself before he even used his senses to double check it. She was supressing her node but he could still feel it. Her odd eyes flitted back to him and she smiled again hoping off the rock wall and coming toward him. He could sense an apprehension to her like she was on the verge of doing something. Attacking? No, something.... 'Hopefully not a Juri' he thought to himself as she stopped short of him by only a step and found the quartz gravel they stood on very interesting. “Hi...” She said cheerfully getting the courage to look up into his eyes. The cheer then mixed with an uncertainty as the next word followed.. “Dad.”
  2. Testing, is this thing on? Any of you folks who knew me from back in the day still around? Or even still use this place? If so drop me a line. Contrary to popular belief I am not dead. I was on vacation.
  3. Hong Kong, one of the great cities in the east, and in many ways, a gateway to the Orient, as well as a center for business, crime and a good degree of the movie industry. Independent of China for decades, Hong Kong works like few other cities on the face of the planet, and it was here, that Conner and Aurora had come. On the surface of things it appeared that they were here to work on yet another movie, but underneath it, they had a different agenda. That agenda was a deep secret, but the core of it, was to find another way to deal with taint, something less dehumanizing then the teragen way.
  4. It had been one of Aurora's dreams to visit the planets of the solar system, and to explore the sky's beyond earth sense she was young. Now, having discussed matters with Conner, she left their son with her parents for a little while, as they began their first jump, to the moon. This was about the fourth time she had left earth's gravity, and she felt something new developing, a moment when she had an intense headache and a momentary pain, as they appeared on the lunar surface. It took her a moment to recognize what had occurred, and she would have laughed as she realized it, except there was no air here. She had at last overcome gravity, it now affected her only so much as she allowed, gravity now served her will, rather then bound her to it's own limits. Still, she thought to herself, as she walked over to her lover, put her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, that was something to explore at another time. She then took his hand in her own, and turned to look up at the blue green globe that was earth, from the moon.
  5. An entire city block... that's it was, an entire city block. The street was, for the day, closed down as all the neighbors of the street gathered their lawn chairs and grills and tables and brought them all out to the curb for a day of loud music and grilling. Most sane people (read: Caucasian) wouldn't drive out to Crenshaw for a barbecue, and Sebastian Stone liked it that way. These were his people. It wasn't a racial thing, hell, he was so mixed not even his dad knew what the hell he was ethnically, but they were his family, his friends. On this block and the few that followed were the people he'd grown up with and the parent's and neighbors he'd spent his life pissing off for fun. Around here it really didn't matter what you were, but who you were, and when you took bullets for people, beat up junkie boyfriends and found the guy who snatched a friend's chain and beat him silly... well, those kinda things get you respect a lot faster than just 'being a nova'. So on this clear, sunny, South Central day the meat was grillin', the beat was boomin' and the bub was flowin'... Like a fish in water Sebastian moved through the crowd of people that packed the street. A DJ had turned one half the block into a dance floor while the other half seemed to quickly be becoming a car show filled with all neighborhoods smoothest rides. He loved the barbeques, mostly for the scent of fine grilling mingled with the scent of the finest bud anywhere in California. It was a pleasant scent, a scent that could get the party shut down in a heart beat. He walked up a small crowd huddled under a tree. "'B', yo, 'B'," One of the men greeted him as the muscle bound behemoth approached them. "Dog, dis' shit'll hit yo' chest like a double barrel gauge." He coughed and choked a bit. "Take it inside guys," Sebastian stated. "There's kids n' shit around, and you know as well as I do the Po will be all in our shit closing this down. Fuck this up for these people guys, and I'll be whoopin' some ass." "But my ma don't lemme smoke dis shit in the da house 'B'..." Sebastian walked off without saying another word. There wasn't any reason to, the guys knew if they screwed up things that Sebastian would find them and probably break a rib or two. He wandered the block before being hailed again. "'Bastian! Damnit boy, git over here..." Rolling his eyes he approached his dad, Darnell Stone, who'd been slaving over his grill all day. The man loved to barbecue and had been shoveling burgers and chicken down people's throats all morning. "S'up pops?" "Here, try this." Darnell handed him a plate of barbecued chicken that practically fell off the bone. "Made it with a fresh batch of sauce, brewed it last night, chilled it til the morning. It's like brushing fresh sex on a dead chicken." Sebastian choked, half laughing and half disgusted at the concept of fresh dead chicken sex. "...what the hell? I'm trying to eat here..." Disgusted though he may have been it didn't stop him from shoveling in more chicken, smearing sauce on his lips and fingers. "Shit, Pops. That is good. Too much honey though..." "Nigga hush." Darnell slapped him in the back of the head. "Don't tell me how to make the sauce. I know how to make the sauce. Git outta here, go meet you a cutie pie and leave me the hell alone..." Licking his fingers and laughing at his father, he was on the move once more. People were all gathered at tables talking and laughing or dancing out in the streets drinking and being stupid. Children laughed and ran about as the boys who had crushes tried to find ways to impress the girls. All in all it was no different than any other good time. This was summer, and this was what summer love was all about: chillin', laughin' and playin' with the people closest to you...
  6. Angus set the ladder up against the outside of the building and climbed it with an ease he hadn't possessed in a minimum of fifty years, if ever. Up and down the street, he could feel the eyes of the neighborhood busybodies on his back as he took the wrench to the bolts holding his sign to the brick exterior of his office. The sign had hung on that building for so long it had been a fixture in Drumgask, and it saddened him slightly that it wouldn't be staying there any longer. "Come off it, Angus. If there's nae doctorin' to be done, ye go whar yar needed", he said to himself in a mutter. Finally, the last bolt comes undone and the sign comes off the building with a bit of a crack. Cradling it, he slowly climbs back down the ladder and puts it in the box in his Jeep. Taking one last look at his office, he puts up the sign that will signify his (mostly) last contact of choice with the town that he gave most of his life to. On indefinite sabbatical. Please use next closest medical office, located in Aberdeen. Which is a three hour drive ----> that way. Nodding slightly, he climbs into the driver's seat and turns the key. Engine roaring, he drives down the road...
  7. In the first few weeks of her sons birth, it was rather clear that he was growing up fast, faster then normal, but it didn't seem that he was unheathy, or that it was any sort of reaction to disease. When she discussed it with her father, and brought her son to him, it turned out that he was maturing at a extremely accerated rate. Around the time the second month rolled around, he was walking, and in terms of human development was about a year old. At which point he began to speak, and the child's mental development began to march ahead of the norm as well.
  8. I'll make it official with these polls, Choose whether or not quantum 7+ is to be allowed, how fast you can advance, and What the final quantum Cap will be. Please vote only once per player. Voting will be open for one week. If the quantum Cap is going to be higher than 6, It will require moderator approval to increase it.
  9. The yarrow stalks are cast… Heaven is above, the lake below; The image is one of Treading. The Sage treads on the tiger’s tail, And is not bitten. Success. A nine at the beginning: Simple conduct. Progress without blame. Hong Kong. It was one of two special administration districts in all of the People’s Republic of China, the other being Macau. It was a sprawling urban morass that one couldn’t fully imagine until they’d actually walked its streets. It had inspired movies, video games, television shows, and cultural trends, and it had been a center of international business for decades. These days, its population exceeded 9 million persons, and almost all of them were concentrated in the north of Hong Kong Island and the legendary city of Kowloon. Though many of the world’s common people have continued to remain blissfully unaware of it (despite innumerable movies and books on the subject), Hong Kong had also been the center of Triad activity since around World War II. Just over two miles southwest of Kowloon, and across the Hong Kong Harbor, was Lan Kwai Fong, for the past several decades one of the two most famous and frequented night life scenes in the entire city. Whether you were a tired expat businessman just looking for a good place to stop in for a drink after a long day of work or a young tourist looking for a good place to party the night away, Lan Kwai Fong had a place to meet your needs. C Club, one of the Hong Kong’s most popular and reliable dance clubs, was one such place. A little after midnight in mid-July, the temperature still hovered somewhere around 80 degrees, and the air was hot and sticky. Despite this, Lan Kwai Fong was as crowded as ever, with hundreds of people of both genders, and many different nationalities roaming the streets. Working his way slowly through the crowds, and leaning heavily on an antique cane, was a man who was nearly a century older than most of those he passed. For the most part, the crowds parted willingly as the ancient little man approached, eyeing him quizzically and hiding a smile as he passed. Many of them wondered what a helpless old man like him thought he was doing wandering around Hong Kong’s Party Central at such a late hour - none of them would ever realize that he was probably the least helpless person on the entire street. The bouncers for C Club were not really prepared when the oldest looking man they’d ever seen requested entry into the club, but they are not really prepared for how disarmingly polite and charming he was either, and almost before they’d had time to realize what was going on the old man was past them, and hobbling his way through the crowds towards the back of the house. Their confusion was short-lived however; within moments, both bouncers quite literally had no memory of the old man’s passing; it was as though he never existed as far as they were concerned. Within, the old man was quickly swallowed up in the churning crowds, lost to both sight and memory. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Flitting between the Hong Kong skyscrapers, far above the milling nighttime crowds below, Tso Gui made his way to his target. Technically, Tso Gui was only a sze kau in the Wo Shing Wo triad, but he was also a nova, and so he was so much more than a mere sze kau as well. In fact, it would have been fair to say he was a rising star within the Wo Shing Wo. Someday soon, Tso Gui expected to be promoted. But for the moment, he had his mission. Tso Gui was about to kill a man. It wouldn’t be his first time, oh no, but it would be one of the most important kills of his career. With this one kill, his entire brotherhood would be pushed to the fore of the Hong Kong underworld and the Chiu-Chiao Brotherhood would be quickly crushed under their heels. Tso Gui could hardly wait - it would be just like in the movies - guns blazing, quantum powers flashing, honor, betrayal, sex, death, glory, and power! He would be a hero. But first, he needed to stop his freefall, or else he would only succeed in becoming a wet stain on the concrete. Hard to become a hero after that. Focus, Gui, focus. Catching himself on one of the hundreds of banners that hung between the buildings of Central District, Tso Gui spun on the taut chord, letting go when his body was horizontal, the street and its crowds some 40 or 50 meters below his back, and launched himself at a phenomenal speed into the heart of a narrow street more crowded with banners and flyers above than with people below - and there was quite a crowd out tonight, too. He performed a dazzling series of mid-air back flips, twists, and turns, and narrowly missed steel cabling, sturdy billboards, and hanging banners with each maneuver. Each time Tso Gui began to lose altitude, a quick spin on one of the dozens of steel cables spanning between the buildings, or a casual leap from a ledge or scaffolding was all it took to regain it again. Finally, Tso Gui reached his destination via a stunning display of silent acrobatics that required the use of three billboards, two ledges, one handy scaffolding, and two more steel cables, all of it culminating in an ever so soft landing on a window ledge a mere three stories over the heads of hundreds of late-night partiers stumbling back and forth between the pubs and clubs that line Lan Kwai Fong street. A few quick, furtive movements with the window’s catch, and it was open. Tso Gui told the building’s alarms to keep silent, which they did, and then he slipped in through the window and into the room beyond. Now, he just had to wait. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  10. It was just another day in Sierra Leone. All the same problems were there. The mining companies were still abusing her citizens, the food shortage was still not fully resolved and there were dozens of things that needed to be resolved still. Elspeth, or rather, her clone fretted that it would take forever to get it all fixed. That's why she wasn't entirely thrilled with this morning's appointment. Garrett Anar. A Sierra Leone native who had erupted and joined Utopia as a lawyer... it was not a combination that pleased the Queen. She had given some thought to trying to lure him away from Utopia but it would be hard to trust a man that had chosen to work for the enemy. To his credit, he had erupted while Jarutu was in power and it's not like he could have gone to work for Elspeth, she was in hiding at the time. At least he hadn't offered his services to that vile pig of a usurper. Speculation aside, he was here, back in the country and requesting an audience. The question was whether he was coming to see her on his own behalf or on behalf of Utopia. She wished Darres was here to stand at her back and guard her, but he was out with the Army on maneuvers. It was ok. This Elspeth was a clone and therefore expendable. If he turned out to be an assassin and succeeded then there wouldn't be any loss to the nation. Taking a deep breath and composing herself at the desk in her study, she pressed the intercom button and asked that Mr. Anar be shown in.
  11. Some people have mentioned they did not want to join due to the immense disparity in power from the original characters who are still active and those who join now. I'd offer this solution. We allow a player to create 1 and only new PC, with half the total accrued EXP for the game. This would allow for some variation. Please discuss this, and if everyone agrees, then so be it.
  12. May-5th Connor woke up happy, his hand gently finding its way to Aurora's swollen stomach. She'd hidden it rather well, and it was only in the final months that it became very obvious she was carrying his son. He Kissed her forehead softly and waited for her to wake up. It was a beautiful day outside, and They're home on the lake was all prepared for their son's comng. Connor was very excited, but also a little Scared. She'd told him it would be any day now, so he'd done all he could. He had started by splitting off a copy of himself for Seattle. That contract was almost up and he figured Aurora wasn't going to renew it.
  13. They packed relatively light. Connor had made sure he had several cameras. Ostensibly this visit was to see Elspeth and Darres, and to unwind after filming the movie. However, Connor had his own plans, looking to witness for himself the nature of the conditions at the mines. "You ready to go Aurora?"
  14. It was starting to become too much. She was burning herself out with all this ruling business. Over the last year she'd taken back her kingdom, (queendom actually, damned sexist terminology!). She had gained the respect and real loyalty of her army and it's officers. She had exposed an unofficial food embargo imposed by Utopia and gotten it reversed. To keep it from being tried again she had begun to get her people organized, and taken steps to eventually make her people self sufficient by offering strong incentives for people to become farmers, and take up other occupations that the land needed desperately. And that was just the official acts of her reign. Then there was all the behind the scenes stuff that she been doing. She left clones doing the day to day business of the state while she expanded her powers to warp and do other things. She'd gone from warping to the moon and back, out to the edge of the solar system, then eventually to near by stars, and now she could stretch herself and go anywhere in the galaxy or beyond. She still had room for improvement, but her trips weren't limited to nearby stellar destinations now so she could start the real work of finding her people a new home. There was war coming and it didn't take a sphinx to know it. Someday in the not too distant future she would need someplace for her people to retreat to and she would be ready. But not today. Today she was sick of it all. It was one thing to have a metabolism that didn't require sleep and that could keep going at a frantic pace for months on end. It was another to be a teenage girl and never ever have a day off from worrying about a nation of nearly 10,000,000 people. What had been the final straw had been Neese, her steward, bringing her an article in a school newspaper that her niece had written about Elspeth. Last summer when the girl had been visiting on vacation Elspeth had walked into the thrown room to discover the girl looking wide-eyed around at the palace furnishings. The young American school girl had been awed by her, and Elspeth for her own part had seen in the girl a chance to sit and talk for a brief time like a real teen. That had been an interesting experience, but it was impossible to separate herself from her duties and she'd used the girl, knowing that what she wrote would be picked up by other news agencies and reprinted around the world. Elspeth saw a sympathetic writer and used the girl manipulating her into asking the questions that Elspeth wanted the public to know. She wasn't proud of it, in fact it made her feel dirty, especially when the girl thought Elspeth was just being friendly. Now here it was, the article. Neese presented it proudly, both of her niece's work, and of her Queen. In a way Neese had come to be like a mother to her, not that she would ever admit it, nor would Neese ever try to offer even the slightest bit of advice, but despite trying to keep her distance, the woman had grown on her. Elspeth almost refused it, not wanting to be reminded of how she'd manipulated the girl, but seeing the pride on the older woman's face she couldn't do it. She took the paper and began to read as she drank her morning tea. Most of it was what she expected, the questions she had manipulated the girl into asking. What she didn't expect was that the article was surprisingly well written for a baseline teenager, but more than that, the article captured an aspect of her she tried to hide from others. Quote:"Elspeth was all these things and more. It was like sitting and having a conversation with a tornado. She was a force of nature wrapped up in a beautiful human seeming package, but there was a sadness in her so deep I wanted to cry just from feeling it's edges. Storms and forces of nature don't have friends, they have people who fear them, people who respect them, people who envy them; but who loves a tornado? Who is there for Elspeth when she's sad, or hurt, or just needs a hug? I would love to have her powers, I would trade my silly troubles in a heartbeat if I could be like her, but I don't envy her the loneliness of who she is, I think it would crush me like a giant stepping on a ladybug. Elspeth, if you ever just need a friend or a hug, I'm here for you." She took a sip of the tea to give herself a second before responding. When she was sure she could speak without sounding choked up, she said, "Thank you Neese, she's very talented. She will have a brilliant career as a journalist, I've seen it." Without another word she laid the paper on the table and left the room. When she'd closed the door behind her she teleported. The silence and emptiness of space somewhere out between Sol and Alpha Centauri seemed appropriate to her mood. She wanted to cry, but you can't cry in space. A tear formed but turned to ice the moment it left her cheek and the protective aura of her quantum signature. It would float there in the void for all eons lost between the stars. She screamed her frustration and inner pain into the void making not a sound. She wasn't sure how long had passed before her self-pity turned into resolve and a plan formed in her mind. A smile crossed her face and she returned to the palace, a new adventure planned. Back in the palace she created two clones. The three Elspeth's smiled at each other knowingly. One of the clones spoke, "Have fun. We will keep an eye on things while you are gone. We always do." The real Elspeth grinned back, "I have the utmost confidence in you!" The three smiled, each displaying the pain of loneliness in that expression of strange solidarity.
  15. What does one actually do with this thing? I just got the OpNet infrastructure installed yesterday to do some research, but it seems I may also speak directly to other 'Novas' as well. It sounds like a pretty good idea, but as I sit here typing, I realize that I don't actually KNOW any of you. Not really. I've been combing newsreels for about three hours now, and the only thing they seem to be interested in showing on 'em is people swanning around and tossing cars and shite at each other. With that in mind, I believe introductions are indeed the order of the day. I'll start. My name is Angus Sinclair, and I just celebrated my one hundred and fourth birthday last December. I live in Drumgask, Scotland, and have for most of my life. The only exceptions to that were my stint in the Royal Navy and when I left to attend medical school. I have been a doctor on and off the battlefield for a very long time. Not last summer, but the one before, I woke up to a face I had not seen in over 60 years. My own, as a young man. This was exceedingly disconcerting to me, but even more so to my neighbors. Before, since my practice was the only one in town, everyone would go there for anything medical-related. Now? The elderly won't go out of some vague feeling that I 'cheated' and the young won't go because I'm, to use the parlance of the day, 'creepy'. I haven't had a legitimate appointment in over 6 months, and I have too much energy to retire. So, to revisit the opening of this post, now what? I'm not broke by any means, but I need something to do, and Drumgask is definitely starting to look like a place I no longer 'fit' in. Introductions and ideas would be most welcome. A. Sinclair
  16. Birth Name: Angus Sinclair Nova Name: None Identity: Angus tends to avoid the spotlight as much as possible, even to the point of actively shunning reporters and such. Nick Names: None Aliases: None Occupation: Formerly a general practitioner, Angus is now looking for work. Luckily, his savings from his private practice should tide things over until he decides what to do next... Legal Status: Citizen of the U.K., Scottish-born. Marital Status: Widowed by Marianne Macauley, June 7th, 1978. Known Relatives: Dead for quite some time, so none. Group Affiliation: None Concept: Old Man living with an unwanted second youth... Nature: Caregiver Eruption: Stressed by two drunken and brawling 'elites', Sinclair erupted and sent the two of them packing with a few words... Age: 104 Birthday: October 22, 1923 Gender: Male Ethnic Background: The original Scot, Angus is mostly Scotch with a touch of Red Irish in his background. Nationality: British, but only 'cause they incorporated Scotland into the UK. Height: 5’ 9” Weight: 167 lbs Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Brick Red (Formerly white) Handedness: Right Distinguishing Marks: Always clean shaven, with a hint of scarring across both cheeks General Appearance: He moves very cautiously for a young man, is many peoples first impression. Every movement he makes is deliberate, from the careful placement of his black patent leather shoes to the careful rumpling of his tweed suit as he runs a hand through his carefully trimmed hair. His green eyes usually have a bit of a twinkle to 'em, as if he was thinking of something funny he wanted to say but kept it to himself so far. Abilities/Special Skills: You pick up a surprising width of skills and information in one hundred years, not to mention fighting in the last great ground war. While he's known primarily for his medical expertise, a few people have managed to be within earshot of him when he's practiced his bagpipes or sang in the shower to verify that he's not bad at either. He's no Scottish Alejandra, but he could make a steady career as a backup singer, were he so inclined. Personality: Angus is the prototypical Scotsman. Heavy drinker, fiery temper, and a dogged loyalty to any he calls friend. Is not above proving a point with his fists instead of his intellect. Interests: Helping the sick, figuring more out about this whole 'Nova' thing and why every last mother's son and daughter of 'em seems to believe it a justification for acting like a jackass... Background: Born December 8th, 1921, Drumgask, Scotland. Joined the Navy for a 6 year stint during WWII, serving as ship's doctor aboard the HMS Nelson. Attended and Graduated Summa Cum Laude, University of Aberdeen School of Medicine - 1951 Moved back to Drumgask after receiving his license to practice medicine and set out a shingle as a general practitioner. Click to reveal.. (Not Public Knowledge) Any amount of digging beyond the most cursory reveals that during WWII, there was no HMS Nelson. That information, combined with some of the skills Angus has, begs the question "If he wasn't aboard a ship being a doctor, what the hell was he doing for the entire war?"What indeed... -Morning of February 24th, 2023- The hammering is what woke him up. A nice deep sleep, his mind relaxing since he had just finished his whiskey nightcap, and some damn fool woke him out of it. "Dr. Sinclair! Please wake up, Dr. Sinclair! Something terrible is happening!" Wearily grumbling, Angus pulled on his robe from its hook nearby and stumbled to the front door. Opening it, he discovers the wiry from of Terry MacArthur from down the road. "Wha d'ye want, MacArthur? I was sleepin'." Terry, almost shaking with fear, grabs the doctor by the lapels. "Two men in masks are throwing cars at each other in town! They're gonna kill somebody!" Sniffing the man, Angus doesn't detect MacArthur's usual stink of whiskey, which means the man might be telling the truth, seeing as he's still sober. Angus gently pries Terry's hands off his robe and slides on his slippers. Grabbing his rifle and some spare ammunition, he has Terry lead the way down the road as fast as they can go (which considering one of the pair is wearing slippers and is one hundred and two, is faster than you might think). -On the the normally quiet main road through Drumgask, a few minutes later- The two elites were very, very drunk. They had started in Norway, gotten as hammered as a nova can get, and decided to fly to the Amp Room for a few Amp Wells to cap their night. Not only were they lost in Scotland, but now they were in the midst of a drunken brawl, using whatever their hands came upon to beat some crap out of each other and screaming incoherantly at each other. B-BOOM! The report of the rifle is deafening, as both the elites whirl to face this new threat. Angus stands there placidly staring down the two men, their hands glowing incandescent in the dark. "D'ye think this is the best place to be settlin' yer differences, then?" The two respond only by giving the baseline the finger and each grabbing another car to toss at each other. Angus grits his teeth as they prepare to wreck more hard working peoples' transports. Finally he yells out, "Do either of ye have the sense God gave yer ass? Those belong to other people, not toys fer ye to play wit'! DROP THEM, NOW!" The yelling gives Angus a splitting migrane, but for some reason, the two men put down both the cars immediately. His vision blurs slightly as he almost loses his balance for a moment, but he shakes it off as a momentary discomfort. "NOW, GO HOME!" And with that, the two immediately launch into the sky. Meanwhile, Angus puts his hand to his head. Terry asks him "Are you ok, Angus?" Angus grimaces and shakes his head. "Wee bit of migrane. I'll go home, have a bit o' hair o' the dog. I'll be fine. You, get going back home. Yer ma'll probably need ya before too long." Shaking his head and grumbling at the sudden migrane that was making him see double, he stumbles home and treats himself to another cup of whiskey before bed, completely unaware of the repercussions of his actions.... Birth Name: Angus Sinclair Alias: None Nature: Caregiver Concept: Old man in an unwanted second youth/Stranger In A Strange Land Eruption: First Generation Novus Allegiance: None as of yet. Physical: Strength 5 (Wiry), Dexterity 5 (Steady), Stamina 5 (Tenacious); Mega-Physical: Strength 1, Stamina 1; Enhancements: Thunderclap, Regeneration Athletics 2, Brawl 3, Drive , *Endurance 3, Firearms 1;, Gunnery , Heavy Weapons , Legerdemain , Martial Arts , Melee 1, Might 1;, Pilot , *Resistance 3, Ride , Stealth 2, Throwing Mental: Perception 5 (Insightful), Intelligence 5 (Pragmatic), Wits 5 (Cunning); Mega-Mental: Intelligence 1 Enhancements: Linguistic Genius, Medical Prodigy Academics 1, Artillery , Arts , Awareness 2;, Biz , Bureaucracy 1, Computer , Demolitions 1, Engineering , Gambling , Intrusion , Investigation , Linguistics 5, Medicine 5 (First Aid +1), Meditation , Navigation 1, Rapport 2, Science , Survival 2, Tactics 1 Social: Charisma 5 (Genial), Manipulation 5 (Authoritative), Appearance 5 (Pleasant) Mega-Social: Manipulation 1 Enhancements: The Voice Animal Training , Carousing 2, Command, Disguise 2, Diplomacy , Etiquette , Hypnosis , Instruction , Interrogation 2, Intimidation 2, Perform 2, Seduction , Streetwise , Style 1, Subterfuge 1 Merits: None Flaws: None Backgrounds: Allies , Attunement , Backing , Cipher 4, Contacts , Dormancy , Eufiber , Followers , Influence , Mentor , Node , Resources 3; Quantum Powers Foundation of Bedrock - 3 (Elemental Mastery- Earth) Strengths: None Weaknesses: None Extras: None Techniques Known: Storm, Propel, Blast Effect: Storm (Creates earthquakes), Propel (Rides a ripple of stone cross country), Blast (ejects 'spears' of solid rock from the ground) Touch of a Competent Doctor - 1; (Healing) Strengths: None Weaknesses: None Extras: None Effect: May heal twice power level in bashing or level in lethal damage per patient per scene per quantum point spent. Can regenerate limbs and ruptured organs, but costs double quantum and a Willpower point. Willpower: 7 Quantum: 5 Quantum Pool: 30 Taint: None Aberrations: None Social Penalty: None Health Levels: Bruised 0 (30 min / 12 hours) O Hurt 0 (30 min / 36 hours) O Injured 0 (30 min / 3.5 days) O Wounded 0 (30 min / 15 days)OO Maimed 0 (90 min / 1 month) OO Crippled 0 (3 hours / 1.5 months) O Incapacitated (6 hours / 2.5 months) O Death O Soak Stamina: ●●●●● Mega-Stamina: ● Total vs. Physical: 6B/3L/0A Total vs. Energy: 6B/3L/0A Initiative: 10 Movement Walk: 7 meters Run: 17 meters Sprint: 35 meters Flight: None, unless someone else does the flying. Point History Experience Points (current/total): 0/0 Nova Points: Angus is a 60NP build base + XP. Bonus Point Expenditure: Quantum +2 - 14 pts Medicine Specialty - 1 pt. Nova Point Expenditure: (60 NP) All Attributes to 5 - 7 points 24 Ability points - 4 points Willpower to 7 - 4 points Quantum to 5 - 10 points Elemental Mastery to 3- 15 points Healing to 1- 5 points 4 Mega Attributes, One Enhancement - 15 points Code:XP LOG Date Item Rank Gain/Spent Balance
  17. Name: Garrett Anar Age: 30 Gender: Male Skin: Brown Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Nationality: Sierra Leone/American Nature: Caregiver Attributes Intelligence: 4 (Bright) Wits: 5 (Level-headed) Perception: 3 Strength: 2 Dexterity: 2 Stamina: 2 Charisma: 5 (Eloquent) Manipulation: 5 (Persuasive) Appearance: 2 Abilities Endurance 3* Resistance 3* Awareness 4 Investigation 4 Subterfuge 4 Intimidation 4 Rapport 4 Arts 3 Command 2 Etiquette 4 Bureaucracy 3 Academics 3 Backgrounds Resources 3 Node 2 Eufiber 2 Other Stats WP 7 Initiative: 10 Movement: 7m, 14m, 26m Nova Stats Quantum 3 Quantum Pool 26 Mega Intelligence 1 (Analyze Weakness, Eidetic Memory, Investigative Prodigy) Mega Wits 5 (Natural Empath, Lie Detector, Multitasking, Synergy) Mega Manipulation 5 (The Voice, Persuader) Click to reveal.. (BP Log) Quantum +1 = 7 Willpower +4 = 8 Click to reveal.. (NP Log) Mega Wits 5 = 15Mega Manipulation 5 = 15 Mega Intelligence 1 = 3 Quantum +1 = 5 12 Ability dots = 2 6 Attribute dots = 2 6 Extra Enhancements = 18 Code: XP Log DATE ITEM GAIN/SPENT BALANCE 7/1/10 Month of July XP +20 XP 20
  18. The warm scents of spring flooded his nose as he flew. Wakinyan inhaled and reveled in the variety it offered. Honeysuckle, wildflower dominated with the fine pollen of plant sex so thick in the world that it coated everything in a dusty like covering. He barrel rolled in the warm May sun enjoying his sun, his world and slowly coming to accept it was not just a dream. Tucking his wings he fell earthward before catching himself in a burst of rushing air and landing as gentle as taking a step. Tina was home he could smell her. Mike was at work and the kids... The kids weren't really kids anymore, one was in college and the other graduating later in the month. Wakinyan wondered if Tina needed more company now that her nest was emptying. He made a note in his mind to visit her more often. "Well well looks like I get a personal visit from the risen god." Tina said looking out her open window at the approaching Nova. Despite the smart comment the look of affection was easy to see in her round face. "Nice to see you as well." He rumbled as she came outside. The two embraced the heavy woman doing her best to wrap her arms around the big neck of the griffin while he put a paw on her back. "It's good to see you and I am still glad you are back." She sighed before taking him by his beak and staring him in his eyes. "And it better be you. I don't want to be scammed by some shapeshifting conman with a Node!" "I told you Tina it's really me!" He grouched. "How many times do I have to promise?" She smiles and let go of him with a deep belly laugh. "A few more times. You don't get off the hook for a decade of playing dead." He was defeated, he could never win against her anyway. "So did you come to watch soap operas all afternoon with me or just to have me bitch at you for not being around?" Wakinyan sat back on his haunches and idly scratched the back of one ear. "Actually I am here for the delivery." "You have got to be kidding me?" She glared at him with a shocked look. "That damn thing has been sitting out in the barn for ten years and you remembered it?" "Well yeah. My friend put a lot of effort into it. So, it's time to put it to some use." Tina threw up her hands as she stormed out of the yard in the direction of the barn. "Well you can have it. Mike never wanted to move it or even tell anyone about it. He thought they would make some holy relic out of it or some nonsense." They might have Wakinyan thought as he fell in step behind her. She wouldn't let him help her push the large barn door open and when he followed her inside he saw the delivery stuffed into one of the unused stalls. A dark case with a foil UPC and identity tag. His name and address to his old home near Pine Ridge with the Emblazoned logo of HinoCorp dominating the upper length of the case. "We only opened it once. I cannot believe she made that for you." Tina said as she watched the giant creature that she treated like a little brother pull the case out into the open. "Well she loves to make things." He answered with a grin. "The last Pow-WoW before I left she was drinking a lot of Sake one night and going on and on about how she could do it. So I challenged her by saying she couldn't" Wakinyan smirked as he found the releases on one side of the case. "And well.. You met her.. You know how she is. You challenge her like that and she puts her honor on the line." Wakinyan opened the case, dust and straw slid off one side of the lid that had long been gathering. "Wow." Was all he managed in his deep and thunderous voice.
  19. The green glow appeared on the horizon followed by the concussion that bent the trees. Wakinyan's eyes turned toward it as did his many other senses. It was raw corrupt Wakan, tainted and filthy and driven by madness. It wished to consume everything. The great Thunderbird rose to meet the wave of sickly green taint as it washed over the land. His wings beat and lightning cracked and thunderheads flew from his wings from one horizon to the other. A storm to meet a storm, with a roar he charged the miasma of corruption and the clash torn asunder the land. Any structure of mankind simply ceased to be. The ground was rent asunder as the two forces sought to overcome the other. Wakinyan could feel the mind behind it, he did not require telepathy to feel the insane anger. The unfocused unleashing of suffering and the death. The death of the one who had loosed this force upon the world. It was a dying gesture of fury and vengeance that would scar and taint the world as far as it could reach. The messenger of Wakan would not allow this. Power flowed from his meeting the Balefire headlong unleashing his own rage. Rage of one who would stand against the onslaught. Screeching the Thunderbird fought for the soul of the earth. ------ Wakinyan woke from his nest with a gasp of breath. His irises flashing with blue white lightning in the dark of his cavern home. His home, he was home he looked down his side to the female nestled against him. He knew Ptesan-Wi saw his dreams the link she had reforged between meant she had to make an effort to dream her own dreams not to share his. But he knew these dreams were not dreams, at least not totally. Glimpses and flashes of events that happened on walk along the spiral of worlds. Worse still his unconscious mind began to weave his visions of prophesy in as well. So much jumbled information he could barely sort anythign out. Had it happened to him? Was it going to happen to him. His mood growing brooding the great griffin like Nova slid himself out of his bed careful to try and not wake his wife but knowing she would know he left her side but still politely and silently moving out of the chamber. The crisp spring morning air refreshed him. He inhaled deeply and slowly let it out calming his mind and centering his spirit. It had been so long since he questioned his thoughts or abilities. Something about his last trip across the veil of worlds did something he felt scrambled, muffled. It was like having knowledge on the tip of your tongue but no matter how much you focused you could not speak it. It was frustrating but still a small price to pay for being home. Wakinyan walked among the carved pillars that led to the caves entrance in the early morning light lost in thought, trying to sort out the puzzle that his mind had become.
  20. Over the last few months, sense she and Conner had become a item, both Dauntless and Mech had fallen under much greater scrutiny. Not being telepaths or clairvoyant, neither of them were quite aware of it, though Aurora did have her sisters occasionally giving her some measure of advice, they were young and had other interests regarding their time. For those watching them, it was becoming more and more a matter that required intervention. Somewhere, a conversation of sorts over the matter, went along the following lines. "Your sure she's pregnant." "Absolutely, we double checked and triple checked, they are keeping it quiet, but it is ture." "That is not good... both of these novas are classed as extremely powerful, I have no desire to see another nova of their power, let alone another potential Bastion or Elspeth, even that of Divis Mal himself unleashed upon the world. We have no idea what their child could become, matters are already difficult enough, we don't need another random factor." "So take steps to eliminate them?" "Discretely, after all, if anything has been taught to us in the last decade or two, is that matters may not work out as we desire. I don't want a pair of nova's of their power attempting to hunt us down if this should fail. Use what resources we can, but if it fails.. we'll need to reassess the situation."
  21. Crater Lake, Oregon 0537hrs Pst March 20th 2027 Ask a geologist and they will tell the tale of the great volcanic mountain Mazama. And how in it's fury exploded over seven thousand years ago collapsing into the great caldera now know as Crater Lake. It's deep crystal blue waters serene and peaceful in stark contrast to the the lake's violent origin. But this is not the story the Klamath people would tell. Their story would be of violence but not simply of the earth but of great spirits. Of Llao a underworld spirit and Skell the sky god and how the two beings fought a war atop the mountains. The two beings clashed and the earth shook, fire and ash rose into the sky and the world of the Klamath seemed to be coming to an end. Llao brought Skell to his knees the underworld about to defeat the sky. Seeing this two medicine men of the Klamath bravely flung themselves into the underworld, their sacrifice inspired the sky god who rose and struck down Llao causing the fiery mountain he stood upon to collapse and the defeated spirit to fall back into the underworld. Skell covered the great hole in the mountain with water so that the Klamath could live in peace free of further intrusions from the underworld. While the native story was far more entertaining none took it seriously. None but those among the Klamath and others who never underestimated the spirits and gave them their proper respect. And as this day began the ground shook the people of nearby Chiloquin from their beds. Fleeing their homes they saw a great storm and flashing lightning begin to form over the lake to the north. The elders began to chant for deliverance from the underworld and in response rose a great cry above all other sounds of the earth. The serene lake lost it's serenity in the predawn light. Spontaneously a spherical cloud of seething fury condensed directly above the large cone shaped Wizard's Island. Snapping tendrils of lightning radiated from the tightly packed maelstrom. Tree's shattered and the ground exploded violently yet above the cacophony arose the piercing cry of a bird of prey. It's cry demanded the world's attention and the earth seemed to pause a moment then relent to it's shrieking demand. Wings pierced the sky extending from the roiling storm. Each wing larger than a battleship arching upward then both came down and the sky boomed with such intensity trees bent back, others snapped. Yet despite the sheer size and power the great wings struggled as if trying to pull away from something holding them back. The wings flapped and another bomb like peel rolled across the Cascades as it struggled then finally broke free of the roaring maelstrom. An overwhelmingly immense bird like yet unlike a great raptor struggled in the sky, lightning flashed from it's eyes as it shrieked it's piercing call. The great sky god faltered a moment then fell. The storm having lost it's hold simply evaporated, leaving no trace of it except the burning timbers on the island below. As the raptor plummeted feathers seemed to molt from it's colossal body, each seemed to turn to smoke and glowing dust. Then with a terrible crash and earthshaking thud the Thunderbird struck atop the bald of the island. An exploding shower of luminescent feathers and motes of flickering blue light arose from the heap of crushed burning trees disappating like embers into the sky of the first spring morning. Within the impact laid a creature far smaller than what had appeared in the sky but still larger than man or beast yet seemed to be a amalgam of many. Beak, wings, claws and paws shaped it's strange body that seemed to belong more to myth than reality. With a shudder it's vibrant azure eyes took in the still calming lake before unconsciousness claimed it.
  22. Hi all, Just an invitation. If you would have reason to know Wakinyan is now in Chicago. Feel free to enter the story. Any old character he used to butt heads with or new characters feel free to visit the former bane of Chicago atop his current roost. Keep in mind he is invisible so it would require other means to realize he is there like a node ping or something to that effect. Either way you are welcome to get involved but I would like to add. He isn't looking for trouble and neither am I. No need to wreck the windy city again. So if you feel like writing come on up and say hello! If no one stops by I will wrap this story up in a week or so.
  23. The long bumpy gravel road led to the home that he grew up in. It had been a very long time since he had lived there. The no hunting sign still hung off the tree near the main road. The rusted out mailbox still read Thunderhawk. Once Daniel had walked out daily to get the mail out of that old box but that too had ended a long time ago. out of curiosity a large paw like hand opened the front of the box and glanced inside. Nothing but a wasp nest now inhabited it. People had left this place alone. There were many memorials to Wakinyan. At his statue, Wounded Knee, Inyan Kara. But there were no memorials to Daniel Thunderhawk. Wakinyan let out a long sigh as he closed the box and watched as a old pickup truck crested the low rolling hill coming toward him. Instinctively his body became one with the surroundings. Not out of fear, he simply did not feel social right at the moment. Even if the guy in the truck would have likely just offered him a beer on the warm spring morning for a blessing in return. The truck sped past kicking up a shroud of dust. The griffin turned up the lane and became visible again. He padded long the rocky drive stopping here and there to recall things. How he had once played here or there. His grandfather built a sweat lodge there in a standing grove of maple it to long gone. As he finished the trek to his old home he saw it too was still there. Not in the greatest of shape. Overgrown and in disarray but it still at least had all it's windows. The addition to the home was newer than the rest, built right after he had erupted into his new body. Large enough to let him move around in comfort with a garage door to let him in and out. Testing the door it was locked as he shook his head he remembered leaving the house key with Tina right after he had moved to Inyan Kara. He didn't really feel like breaking into his own home. So instead he made his way around it. Looking in windows seeing moments from his past manifest through his node. Seeing ghosts of himself, his grandfather and family. Some gone, some still very much here. Wakinyan flicked his ears as he turned away swallowing hard. Why had he even came here? Daniel was dead he just happen to carry Daniel's memories. He beat that thought away, Wakan had always meat for him to be what he was now. He had always been Wakinyan at that point in his young life he just had not realized it yet. Turning away from the home he made his way across the overgrown yard. The ground dipped under his paw causing him to look down. The fire pit his granddad often used was underfoot, now also long grown over. To much past he decided, it was time to go before the past got the better of him. He flew southeast over the once regulated No-Fly zone that had been imposed over him. He knew the destination was going to give his wife anxiety as was sure she was no doubt monitoring him through their renew link. Willing his body to cloak itself he reassured her as he continued on. The skyline was different. New buildings here or there, humanity continued to build it's way into the heavens. Chicago was still familiar enough to him to zip down the artificial canyons without clipping any buildings and he took in the city streets and people. He hadn't checked it the Knights still existed. If they did he was sure they weren't the same Novas he had ran into a decade ago and even if they were it was fine. He was not here to cause trouble. Invisible wings feathered him gently atop the giant Chicago Spire. Memories once again took him to the past. His battle with Carver when she was not herself. While he had been all to much himself. He stopped himself from manifesting the battle through his node. No need to alarm the buildings security with a replay of that old conflict. Wakinyan turned and looked out over the city northward toward Wriggly field. The street Carver had lived on the house he had snatch her from in front of. Shaking his head with a smile he looked west toward the center of town and the gleaming glass structure of the Windy City Knights. Where the rolling street battle had began causing the death of a bus full of innocent people and Jager nearly forced to kill him. His smile faded. Finally Wakinyan turned to the south and the rusted out factories still slowly decaying along the shoreline of lake Michigan. The water filled curve of the crater was still easy to see. A lasting scar the city suffered at his hands when he decided to fight Revenant for almost no reason at all. The events where far older than a decade in the past to him. He had never intended to become such an enemy of this city yet in the few short years between his eruption and departure from his home he sure seemed like he had been.