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Found 101 results

  1. So, since we started the rumors over, I figured we should start the shared NPC's thread over again as well. From what I recall before, the general idea was that these NPC's are up for whatever Mods want to do with them, as well as for other players to interact/use them with a courteous request to the original creating player before permanently changing the PC. Have at, guys! (Reposted from before the reboot) The Dark Flame Chantry so far (including PC Oneca Bahaar): Peter Erastes The founder of the Dark Flame Chantry, Peter is a Greek expatriate that inherited his wealth as a teenager when his parents were killed during a riot in Cairo while they were vacationing. Charming and benevolently manipulative, Peter rules the chantry through kindness and money. In his public life, Peter is a mildly eccentric philanthropist and socialite in LA. Any one making serious inquiries into the mortal occult circles in LA will probably come across his name at least once or twice. Remy DeSeine Peter's lover and a small time drug dealer, Remy DeSeine's main interaction with the Chantry is as a kind of house-mom. Despite his vices, Remy takes the safety and well-being of the Chantry's members quite seriously. Although Remy has no 'active' powers, he can usually tell if others are more or less than normal. He is intensely charismatic and nearly as guileless as Peter is manipulative. Remy is known in the more elite and thrill-seeking circles of LA for his 'specials', drugs with unusual kickers and low side effects. Erica Monare Erica Monare is perhaps the oldest chantry member that isn't one of the three founders. So far as the Chantry has been able to determine she has no psychic gifts beyond a drastically slowed aging: although she appears in her early twenties, she claims to be near fifty years old. Erica's involvement with the Chantry is mostly just idle curiosity on her part and friendship on Peter's. Outside of the Chantry she keeps a low profile and works as an independent editor for novelists. Alexander Kenston The Chantry's resident genius, Alex was taken in first by Yolanda and then by Peter. His mother disappeared last year and Alex has been searching for her since. Although he himself posses no supernatural gifts he has been warmly welcomed into the Chantry as part of their adopted family. He is blonde man in his mid to late teens, often deferential to those around him, and has a soft spot for anyone in trouble, especially women. Yolanda Lisler Yolanda is a librarian in middle of her doctoral thesis at UCLA as well as the Dark Flame Chantry's resident empath. A woman of mixed European and Asian descent in her late twenties, Yolanda has something of a 'mommy' complex to most of the Chantry members and any 'strays' that cross her path. She is a formidable woman and will defend the Chantry members or anyone else she has taken under wing with a steely resolve.
  2. Name: Kaitlin Vandussen Personal Information: Public Identity: Kaitlin Vandussen Nicknames: Kat Real Name: Same Occupation: Working on that... Legal Status: United States Citizen, living in Los Angeles Marital Status: Umarried Known Relatives: Reynolds Vandussen (Father), Felicienne Devereaux (Mother) Deceased Relatives: - Physical Traits: Weight: 143 lbs Height: 5' 7'' Apparent age: Late teens Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Caucasian Eye Color: Gold-Flecked Green Hair Color: Honey Blond with pale highlights Handedness: Left Age: 17 Appearance: A very cute and attractive young woman, with a lean and trim figure, toned curves, and a pair of firm and perky breasts. She's particularly fond of her long and strong legs. Her hair falls short of her shoulders and is worn loose and windblown, and her eyes are large and green, flecked with gold. She moves with a remarkably fluid and easy grace and favours casual clothing and sportswear, worn loose or tight to aid movement. She has several piercings through each ear and one through an eyebrow, and wears a friendship bracelet around her right wrist. Personality: Energetic and vivacious, almost always moving, with a never say die attitude - when Kaitlin gets knocked down, she gets up again, an almost necessary trait in a freerunner and skater. She alternates between enjoying company and preferring solitude. She's sort of uncomfortable with her rising bisexual, but like most everything else, she'll take her lumps and deal with that too. However, the revelation that there really are things that go bump in the night has severely knocked her off kilter. Background All her life, she's been running... But was it towards something or away from something, something she couldn't even define, that was the question. Kaitlin was born and grew up in Las Vegas, raised only by her father, since her mother ran out on them when she was just a baby. With no mother figure in her life and Reynolds Vandussen working long hours as a security guard, Kaitlin often had to fend for herself and was a tomboy and wild child growing up. She learned to cook and be handy around the house from an early age, it was just her and her dad, after all. But the energetic wildness in her heart called to her and as much as she loved her father, he wasn't enough to keep her content. Almost running before she learned to walk, Kaitlin spent most of her time outdoors, active and enthralled with extreme sports, competing with the boys of the gang of street kids she ran with. And she was treated just like one of the boys... until she entered her teens and started to develop more woman curves. At first she was annoyed, thought it was stupid they were treating her as if she were delicate porcelain just because she had boobs, but she quickly she was every bit as tough as they were. And when they started showing interest in her, as a girl, Kaitlin learned the fun in a whole different sort of extreme sport. Kaitlin and her father didn't have much money, so she was mostly self taught in her athletic endeavors, even sneaking in to watch the Cirque de Soleil performers train when she could - the friendlier ones showed the cute and enthralled girl a some moves, to her delight. Her father found enough cash to enroll her in kick-boxing and martial art classes - if she was spending so much time on the streets, he wanted his to know how to defend herself - but he couldn't enroll her in acrobatic or gymnastic classes, despite her pleading. With hard won skills, Kaitlin considered some of the street kids she ran with, wondering how they could afford such sick boards and skates, or to attend competitions in other cities, other countries, even. Some of them even lived in the Underground - which in some places, wasn't nearly as bad sounding as you'd think. And then one night, when she was twelve or thirteen, she found out. She was running with a gang of amateur freerunners through the landscaped yards of the high-class residences surrounding the Las Vegas Country Club, when passing through a yard that was dark - the security lights not flashing on, she was pressed into climbing into an open second story window, being the only one small enough to fit... Excited and scared, she did it, only finding out later that the guys had cased the place and knew the owners were out of town. Her take from the easily fenced swag, mostly jewelry, watches, and personal electronics, was more cash then she had ever held in her hands. It was a lot more than she ever got from shoplifting or dining-and-dashing. This was how they could afford all their things and how she could afford it too. Besides, it was only from people who had more money than they needed anyway, right? They could afford a few small loses, so she could afford to attend professional competitions with professional equipment. And maybe a few other things... Besides, it was a thrill and a rush. To her father's consternation, his daughter was as likely to spend the night out on the streets as she was in her bed, and though he never said anything or had firm evidence, he suspected what she was up too. He tried grounding her, but then had to deal with her morose sulking or the fact she'd just as likely ignore him, so he relented. Still, he worried, feared that like her mother, she would disappear without a word, but Kaitlin always came back. Nighttime was her favourite time in Las Vegas. The heat of the sun was cut down and if anything, the city seemed even more alive. She loved the blending of shadows and neon lights, and even knowing there were bad sorts out there, she never feared the night. It just added a spice of danger and possibility. Running through the shadows and across rooftops, it felt like you could find anything and nothing could find you. It was awesome... Until one night, after graduating high school, she saw something she never expected to see, and suddenly, the night was irrevocably changed in her eyes. Kaitlin and her first and only girlfriend Madison Madsen were partaking of the liquor cabinet and seeing what small items they could find in a conveniently empty house. How she had ended up with a girlfriend still surprised her - Madison had pursued her all year and had finally gotten her drunk at a party they had invited themselves to and to Kaitlin's chagrin, she found out she liked girls as much as she liked guys - maybe it was growing up mostly with guy friends and having many of the same interests. Her street friends were certainly jealous that she ended up with a girlfriend hotter than theirs, the ones that even had girlfriends. There was something... odd about the house. Though of modern design, the furnishings all seemed old, Victorian, if in good condition, with few modern electronics. There was even a turn-table with records! And the place was eerily clean, as if it was a showroom. There wasn't a single thing in the fridge or freezer and the blinds were heavy and black, blocking out all traces of starlight. But the bar in the den was fully stocked and the antique jewelry chest was just left out in the open on the vanity in the master bedroom. Kaitlin and Madison where in the master bedroom, handing a bottle of Jack back and forth, giggling as they tried on some of the jewelry by the moonlight filtering in through a window they had opened, when they heard the front door crash open, followed by a muffled scream. The girls barely had time to hide in the closet before a tall, pale-skinned woman strode in, holding a boy about their age by his neck, a hand over his mouth. At first, Kaitlin thought she was stunning, then the woman turned, moonlight falling across her cheek, revealing the savage claws marring her face and damaging an eye. And then the 'woman' smiled, revealing lengthening canines and bent over, biting the boy on the neck! Clutching each other, Kaitlin and Madison watched in horrified fascination through the slatted door as the woman drank the boy's blood, a thin line of crimson, looking black under the moonlight, trailing down the line of his throat, and they could see her terrible wounds closing right before their eyes, as if they never were. They couldn't say it, but both of them were thinking it: Vampire! And this one didn't seem like the sparkly kind. Their hearts pounding, not daring to look away for fear that if they did, the vampire would be on them, they started as the blood-drinking woman's head snapped around, looking back and down as if her gaze could pierce the floor, blood-stained lips peeled back in a snarl. Then the woman dove for her bed, reaching for something under it. A second later, a large man burst into the room saying something that the girls, in their fright, didn't understand, just as the woman flowed back to her feet, a pair of silver knives in her hands. The terrible strangeness was just beginning. As the woman darted forward, the man howled, tensing as he grew, flesh and bone contorting with a sickening crackle, grey-black fur sprouting from his skin, face extending into a muzzle, fingers lengthening into claws. He met the vampire's attack head on. Werewolf! And not the hot Taylor Lautner kind! The girls screamed, clawing open the closet door and making a run for the window and escape. Kaitlin made it. Madison didn't. The sudden movement had attracted the attention of both predators. A silver dagger found Madison's bowels while a casual sweep of a huge, clawed hand ripped away half of her head. Tears flowing, Kaitlin didn't stop. She leapt through the window and fled while the vampire and werewolf turned on each other. She couldn't stay here. The night used to be her friend, but now it was full of monsters. Full of terrified desperation, she began packing her old, beat-up stationwagon with all her belongings. The commotion woke up her father, who demanded to know what was going on. She wanted to tell him, she really did, but either he'd think she was insane or worse, believe her and then the dark would be full of monsters for him too. And what if the survivor in that fight tracked her down to him? She couldn't do that to him, so she mumbled something, saying she just wanted to leave early to attend the X-games in LA, praying he would buy her excuse and almost begged him to come with her. She almost cried when she saw the look on his face. He thought she was abandoning him too, just like her mother, and he had no intention of leaving his home. He thought her larcenous activities had led her into something dark and heavy, but he had no idea how bad it was and she couldn't explain it too him. She gave him a fierce hug, promising she would be back, praying he would believe it, though not sure if she believed it herself. She had lost her girlfriend, her home, her love of the night, and maybe even her father in Las Vegas, she wasn't sure if she could ever come back. So with a heavy heart, she finished backing in a frenzy, and as the sun began to dawn, Kaitlin fled Las Vegas, heading to LA as the only other place she sort of knew, having competed there several times during the Summer X-games, and planning on competing again. She was running again, away from an old life and into a new one... one full of things that went bump in the night. Name: Kaitlin Vandussen Concept: Freerunner-Thief who saw too much Breed: Bastet Species: Pumonca (Were-cougar) Accord: Sun-Chaser Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Gluttony Attributes Mental: Intelligence - 2, Wits - 3, Resolve – 2 Physical: Strength - 3, Dexterity - 4, Stamina – 3 Social: Presence - 3, Manipulation - 2, Composure – 2 Skills Mental Skills (-3): Academics 1; Crafts 2 ; Investigation 1; Physical (-1): Athletics 4 (Climbing, Jumping); Brawl 2; Larceny 3; Stealth 3 (Moving in Darkness) Social (-1): Expression 1; Persuasion 2; Socialize 1; Streetwise 1 (Black Market); Subterfuge 2 Merits: Sleepwalker **** (Free); Parkour ****; Fleet of Foot ***; Iron Stamina ** Striking Looks **; Contacts * (Fences); Fame * (X-Games Champ: Girls' Skateboard Street & Climbing), Fighting Style: Evasive Striking (JKD) ** Parkour Merit New Merit: Parkour (• to •••••) Prerequisites: Dexterity •••, Athletics •• The sport of parkour began in France, and has quickly spread to other parts of the world. Parkour demands a level of athleticism from its practitioners that few other sports do. The purpose of parkour, which is also called "free running" or "urban running," is to move as quickly as possible through an environment with a variety of obstacles, sprinting through the terrain and using a variety of climbing techniques, leaps, rolls and other athletic movements to navigate. Watching an expert traceur (one of the terms for someone who practices parkour) at work is awe-inspiring, like something out of an action film. Though the technique comes from well-disciplined training, imbedding a certain body of movements and techniques into the parkour's instinctive reactions, the goal is a flawless, seamless flow of movement from one obstacle to the next, with hardly any pause in speed or movement. This "flow" is the goal of traceurs — it is the highest achievement of a practitioner of parkour to achieve a Zen-like state of lack of thought, where purest instinct and reaction drives the movement. Skilled traceurs speak of sometimes being aware that they've accomplished a tremendously difficult feat heartbeats after they've accomplished it. Through intensive training to drive home certain actions when confronted with certain obstacles, the traceur can depend on his instincts, rather than his thoughts — which are vulnerable to fears and doubts — when moving through the urban environment. Traceurs gather in clubs. Though the sport has begun to catch on, and some of these clubs are receiving corporate sponsorship, the clubs tend to be quite informal, with members gathering in a given place on a given day of the week to work on their techniques. Dots purchased in this Merit allow access to special athletic maneuvers. Each maneuver is a prerequisite for the next. So, your character can't have "Cat Leap" until he has "Flow." The maneuvers and their effects are described below, most of which are based on the Athletics Skill. Flow (•): Your character has some basic training in the techniques of parkour, allowing him to act instinctively to obstacles and jumps. When using running or using the Foot Chase rules (see the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 65), your character may negate hazardous terrain penalties equal to his Rating in the Parkour Merit. Additionally, the roll to gauge a jump distance (see the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 67) is a reflexive action. Cat Leap (••): Your character has mastered some of the twisting leaps, landing rolls and wall taps used by traceurs. When using a Dexterity + Athletics roll to mitigate damage from falling (see the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 179), your character gains one automatic success. Additionally, add one per dot in this Merit to the threshold of damage that can be removed through this roll. Thus, if the Storyteller decrees that only three successes may be garnered to reduce falling damage, the traceur with three dots in this Merit may actually use six successes (assuming the player accumulates that many, including his automatic success). Wall Run (•••): Your character has mastered the quick wall-run and leaping climb techniques of parkour. When using Athletics to climb (see the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 64), your character is capable of scaling heights of 10 feet + 5 feet per dot in Athletics as an instant action (rather than the normal 10 feet), though every full 10 feet beyond the first imposes a –1 die penalty. Expert Traceur (••••): Your character has trained so extensively in this athletic discipline that its maneuvers are normal and instinctive for him. Your character may designate any Athletics roll that involves running, jumping and climbing as being a Rote Action (see the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 134). However, when doing so, he is less able to react to events that don't have to do with navigating the environment, causing him to lose his Defense for that turn. Freeflow (•••••): Your character has achieved the freeflow that is the holy grail of traceurs everywhere — he acts without thinking, his movements flowing, graceful and quick when he enters "the zone." He can perform any Athletics action that involves running, jumping or climbing as a reflexive action, rather than an instant action. Doing so requires that the character has been running for at least a full minute previously; any use of this ability before that minute mark requires the expenditure of one point of Willpower, however. Feral Heart: 1 Willpower: 4 Harmony: 5 Respect: -Ferocity 1 -Passion 2 Health: 8/13 Initiative: 6 Defense: 5 Speed: 15/26 Size: 5/7 Perception: 5 Perception Roll Bonuses: +2/+4 ,, Favors & Aspects Fang & Claw 2 (L) Keen Senses (All) Catwalk 1 ,, Darksight 1 Extraordinary Specimen 1 Leap 3 Righting Reflex 3 Tell -1 (rib tattoo appears in animal form as dark fur on the flank in the same design) ,, War-Beast: None Dire Beast (Including Extraordinary Specimen): Strength +4, Dexterity +4, Stamina +3, Size 7, Health +5, Speed +11 (species factor 8), +2 Perception Rolls Primal Beast (Including Extraordinary Specimen): Strength +3, Dexterity +3, Stamina +2, Size 6, Health +3, Speed +9 (species factor 8), +2 Perception Rolls Experience Log Trait/XP Type Rank Gain/Spent Current Total Creation - +50 50 50 XP From -2 Morality - +10 60 60 Strength 2 -10 50 60 Composure 2 -10 40 60 Strength 3 -15 25 60 Striking Looks 2 -4 21 60 Contacts 1 -2 19 60 Iron Stamina 1 -2 17 60 Iron Stamina 2 -4 13 60 Brawl 2 -6 7 60 Fame 1 -2 5 60 WoDA Restart Bonus - +5 10 65 XP Earned for August - +3 12 68 XP Earned for September - +3 15 71 Escape From Las Vegas - +1 16 72 Evasive Striking (JKD) 1 -2 14 72 Evasive Striking (JKD) 2 -4 10 72 October - +3 12 74 November to February - +12 24 86 March - +3 27 89 Boot-Scooting Boogie - +3 30 92
  3. Name: Triessa Elrich Personal Information: Public Identity: Triessa Elrich Nicknames: "Tree" Real Name: Xenia Anagnos Occupation: Ecology, 'green' tech and sustainable development consultant/activist Legal Status: United States Citizen, living in Los Angeles Marital Status: Umarried Known Relatives: Deceased Relatives: Physical Traits: Weight: 139 lbs Height: 5’ 7” Apparent age: early-twenties Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Caucasian Eye Color: Dark brown Hair Color: Dark brown Handedness: Left Age: 20 Clubs/Organizations: None yet; new to town. Description Triessa bears her Greek and Mediterranean heritage very clearly in her features, with light olive skin, and thick eyebrows. She has striking hazel eyes that reflect her moods very clearly, sparkling with mirth when she's happy, or darkening with anger as the case may be. Her short, dark hair is generally clean, but she rarely bothers keeping it combed. She has a trim, fit figure and favors comfortable, loose fitting tops and skirts, or sleeveless shirts and vests and shorts. On her left shoulder she has a small tattoo depicting a sun rising (or setting) over a bit of ocean. She alsohas numerous piercings, but rarely wears much jewelry besides necklaces and bracelets; so-called "noisy accessories." Background Xenia counts her Awakening as the moment her life really started. Before that, there was nothing but problems. Problems especially with what an endless series of counselors and therapists called 'impulse control.' She was twitching, always feeling like she wanted to be moving, to be DOING. Even her mind seemed to share in her hyperactivity; she couldn't concentrate on things for very long, though she thought fast. As a child she was diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed medication. They did slow her down, but they also dulled the world. Her father was a first generation Greek immigrant whose father had come to America and become a fisherman, and had done rather well for himself. With that money, and substantial loans, the family had moved north up the coast to Alaska, to join in the lucrative, but dangerous, crab harvesting. Xenia was used to her father being away for long periods then, and was raised to a great degree by her mother, who is very much the product of the San Franscisco Bay Area during the 60's and 70's. She disapproved of the medications that doctors said Xenia should take, but found that holistic alternatives simply didn't do the job when it came to getting her daughter under control. With the benefit of hindsight, it's clear to Triessa now that her Mystery Play had started young...and that it had been drawn out to excrutiating lengths because the Sleepers in her life, with all the best intentions for her, had misdiagnosed what was happening to her and used drugs to slow and stop it. On the few occasions she let it go for more than a day or two, there started to be a kind of pattern to the wild swings of mood and thought she suffered. A sense of something else underneath the chaos; an implicit order, like a cloud that looked like a face. But since by that time she was suffering sleep deprivation and hallucinating, she would give in and take the pills again. Everything changed when her father's ship was lost in a storm. The blow was devastating, not just emotionally but financially. Xenia and her mother were forced to move back to stay with her parents (Xenia's grandparents) in Oakland. Xenia was miserable there. She was used to the big Alaskan sky, and camping under the stars whenever it was warm enough. Not to mention, with money so tight, her medication was much harder to buy in sufficient quantity. Her higher soul, caged for so long, began to rattle the bars. Finally the decision was made to send Xenia to a school for children with "challenges." A private school in the valley. It was there that she would meet, on the faculty, the mage who would recognize her plight and help her through the difficult steps of unlearning and relearning that would lead her to Awakening. Becoming a mage didn't instantly solve her problems, but it did give her tools, and goals that she couldn't have had before. She worked hard with her mentor, not just at magic, but at overcoming her weaknesses. Triessa learned to let the wildness of her mind "flow," like a river, without trying to stop it or even really understand it. When it became too fast to follow, she would simply let go and let it course...become a watcher in her own skull. Triessa found that in doing so, she could more easily pick up the train of her thoughts and continue them again. She learned to stick to topics in that way, and the lessening of stress made her a lot more pleasant to be around. And when her body trembled and wanted to run...she learned to RUN and grow stronger. There was wisdom in one's instincts, if one had courage to trust them. Then, in the true Thyrsus way, when Triessa was ready, she was thrown out on her own again. But being ready made all the difference. She went to school, community college, and she took up political causes and protests...remembering Alaska got her involved with environmentalism. Not everything she learned was doom and gloom either. Humankind seemed to Triessa to be on the verge of both disaster, and opportunity. Technologies were maturing that had the potential to help humanity live WITH nature rather than at the expense of it. More than that, more crucially than that, was the realization that people were THINKING in terms of nature now, that environmentalism wasn't just for wackos anymore. People bought organic food because the towering bastions of pharma-agriculture were tumbling down. The battle for the hearts and minds, once all but lost, was turning back to the Green. She wanted to be part of that. Impulsively, Triessa decided to move south, along the coast, to the Los Angeles area. LA exemplified the conflict better than most places. A hotbed of pollution and industry, it also housed a growing amount of the 'green movement.' And, of course, it was home to one of the most effective mass communication mediums ever developed. Hollywood. Instinctively, she felt that LA was a front line in the war for the soul of humanity. Only time would tell how right that instinct was. ------------ Name: Xenia Anagnos Shadow Name: Triessa Elrich Virtue: Hope Vice: Pride Gender: Female Age: 20 Exp: 50 Path: Thyrsus Order: Free Council Defense 4 Health 8 Initiative 8 Wisdom 7 Speed 11 Size 5 Willpower 6 Gnosis 3 Mana 12 Mana/Turn 3 Arcana Life *** Spirit * Space ** Matter * Prime * Rotes Supernal Vision (Prime *) Spirit Tongue (Spirit *) Detect Substance (Matter *) Alter Conductivity (Matter *) Untouchable (Space **) Attributes: 5/4/3 Strength ** Dexterity **** Stamina *** Intelligence ** Wits **** Resolve ** Presence ** Manipulation ** Composure **** Skills: 11/7/4 Academics * Craft ** Investigation ** Medicine * Occult (Herbs) *** Science (ecology, botany) ** Athletics ** Brawl ** Drive * Stealth * Survival * Animal Ken * Empathy * Subterfuge ** Merits: High Speech (free) Resources * Gnosis +2 *** *** Striking Looks ** Sanctum * (size *) Exp Expenditures 50/72 2nd dot Resolve 10xp 2nd dot Stength 10xp 2ns dot Manipulation 10xp Merit: Striking Looks 4xp Merit: Sanctum 2xp 1st dot of Matter Arcanum 7xp 1st dot of Prime Arcanum 7xp -----
  4. Name: Samantha Berkley Spaid Nicknames: "Sam" Spaid Age: 33 Race: White Height: 5' 3" Weight: mind your business Concept: Psychic Private Eye Faction: none Group Name: none Virtue: Justice Vice: Wrath Appearance: A short brunette with green eyes, Sam has a petite figure which is best described as slim. While working she maintains a plain appearance as an aide to her work. Attractive women get noticed, plain woman in plain clothes can trail a target that much easier and draw much less unwanted interest. Sam is 33 yrs old and carries some worry lines as any mother is wont to do; with her hair done up and flattering clothing she is considered quite pretty, though by the standards of the area she is hardly attractive as most locals would use it. Background: Samantha Spaid, wanted little more than to become a police detective. Her career was going well until her personal life fell apart. At twenty-four she found herself pregnant with her first child. The pregnancy and resulting maternity leave pushed her to the back of the queue for new detectives. After she returned to work she found that having a child at home changed her outlook, further she struggled with returning to her pre-pregnancy physical condition. When she found her husband cheating on her with her supervisor the bottom fell out. The divorce tore her apart and, dejected, she left the LAPD behind. After a year she finally was able to get her life under control and secured her PI's license rather than return to police work. For nearly three years she has been scrapping to get by with what little she made as a PI and with the help of her father, a retired policeman himself. Recently a mysterious young man (Adrian) has been paying her well to keep him on the books as a partner in order to help him gain his own PI's license. The money has allowed Sam to hire a nanny to watch her son Tim when she works, and to get ahead of her creditors. Though she still barely scrapes by on her PI's income she can at least afford to raise her son in a stable and loving environment. Sam has always had a reliable sense of intuition. Her "gut" was often able to point her toward clues or logic leaps that others missed. Three years her intuition gave way to full blown psychic power. Sam found that with a little effort and an open mind she was able to see past events, view remote locations, and that with enough time she could find anything she put her mind to locating. Flashes of precognative visions, and auras started to begin a year later and as she began to start doubting her own sanity a White Rabbit came along and, without meaning to, pulled her her down the rabbit hole. The vampire Adrian used Sam to get his PI's licence, and she used him to give her son a better life by taking his money. Had things ended there it would have been fine, but this strange man who never ate, was always cold, and avoided sun like it would burn proved an enticing enigma to Sam. When the evidence piled up and could no longer be ignored Sam began to suspect there was more going on than she could see. In the end her help investigating a murder, a favor to Adrian for his help on a prior case, proved the final doorway into the dark corners of the night. During the past two years Sam has managed to stay sane (no mean feat) as she embraced her psychic gifts, and confronted the reality of the supernatural. She is well known in the private investigations community as somebody who has the uncanny ability to find nearly anything, and to crack difficult cases. Her relationship with the police has actually grown as she has been instrumental in solving a few murders (when hired by the victims' families), as well as for assisting with other cases directly for the LAPD. When it comes to missing persons she is the go to consultant. Morality: Sam tries to do the right thing, but in a city like L.A. corruption, graft, and, occasionally, the limits of the system prevent the right thing from happening. Years ago when she was a junior detective assisting on an investigation and lead detective, knowing that they did not have the evidence needed to convict the primary suspect in a rape, planted evidence in the man's home. Sam knew it was wrong, but felt the risk was worth getting the rapist off the streets. That was the first time, but not the last, that she participated in planting evidence with the goal to ensure that a criminal ended up in jail regardless of the actual evidence. Justice needed to be served, even if it needed some help. Years later, working as a PI, Sam was trailing a man whose wife was worried that he was cheating on her. She found that the man was a mob enforcer and his current job was apparently to kill a businessman who was delinquent on his debts. The businessman was on his knees, a gun in his mouth, when Samantha confronted the pair. The enforcer laughed, saying that his boss would ensure that he would not go to jail for the crime, going so far as to imply that Sam and her family would be killed as well if she tried to testify. Then he shot the businessman dead. He dropped his gun, and taunted her to call the cops, "I'll be out in 24 hours ..." Consumed by fear and anger she shot him dead. The courts ruled it self defense, he had a gun, freshly fired, a dead body at his feet. She was justified they said. Relationships: Sam's father Richard, is retired from the force, but he still maintains friendships with many of the police and regularly plays golf with them. Sam gets along well with her father and has been thankful that he has been around to be a shoulder for her to lean on during the past few years. Sam's son Tim is a normal seven year old. He misses his mommy when she is away for work and is ecstatic when she comes home every day. Like Sam he has dark brown hair, and bright inquisitive eyes. Tim's father George is a deadbeat, he routinely holds out on child support but pays up before any legal action can be taken, the result has been that Sam cannot rely on him to help her raise Tim. When they speak its bound to end in an argument within minutes unless there is a legal mediator there to prevent it. George has one weekend a month with Tim and he seems to do nothing but spoil the young boy in an attempt to further make Samantha's life miserable. Foreshadowing: Samantha's seems to be continuing to develop along what could best be described as "psychic sensitive/detector". She has occasional glimpses of auras surrounding people and, on a small handful of occasions, has sworn she could hear people's thoughts. Aura Reading, Mind Reading, are both within her grasp in the future. Active powers (i.e. non sensory) are still beyond her grasp, but may become possible.
  5. Name: August Turner Personal Information: Public Identity: August Turner Nicknames: Auggie Real Name: same Occupation: Cinematography student Legal Status: United States Citizen, living in Los Angeles Marital Status: Umarried Known Relatives: Margaret 'Molly' Sullivan (aunt), Elena Fiona Turner (mother), Riona Sullivan (grandmother), Tracy Davis (aunt), Jerome Davis (uncle), Michael Davis (cousin), Georgette Davis (cousin) Deceased Relatives: Walter Jacob Turner (father), Tyla April Turner (sister) Physical Traits: Weight: 145 lbs Height: 5'; 6" Apparent age: mid-twenties Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Caucasian Eye Color: blue-green Hair Color: black Handedness: Right Age: 22 Clubs/Organizations: Film and Photography Society (UCLA), Graduate Cinematography Student Association (UCLA) Fictions: Pre-game 07/30/2011 - The Bone Monk's Vows Intra-game 07/28/2011 - Giving the Gift of Indigestion [C] 08/01/2011 - Feeding a Wolf [C] 08/03/2011 - She Who Interferes with a Raven [C] 08/05/2011 - Boot-Scooting Boogie ?? - Just Stopping By 08/13-15/2011 - Live Action 08/16/2011 - Surf n Turf 08/17/2011 - Lost to the Night - Part 1, Hired Help [C] 08/18/2011 - A Sanctuary, Safe and Strong 08/22/2011 - Big Bad Wolf 08/27/2011 - A New Way History: August - known then as Tilly Augusta Turner, thanks to a favorite aunt - was effectively orphaned at age ten with the death of her father, Walter Turner. Her father worked as a Site Manager for various studios. Publically, he was loved by his employers but hid a dark secret: he was an abusive bastard at home. His daughters and wife lived in fear of him, unable to break free. At first it was just beatings, but as time passed, the abuse passed into torture. Fiona took the worst of it, as her pain incorporated the sexual. Some part of Walter refused to cross that line with his twin girls, no matter how bad he got. What none of them knew was that Walter was being Ridden. For years, a spirit of pain had been clinging to him, warping his mind and personality to feed its growing hunger. Just as it was starting to get out of control, to move outside the family, fate intervened. In the late fall of 1995, Walter received an assignment from Paramount Studios to prep a site in Colorado for a survival thriller. Walter took his wife and daughters up with him, a common practice for him when he planned to be gone for extended amounts of time. All was going well until a freak snowstorm cut them off. Walter had prepared for this with provisions, and there were buildings on the site, so the family was fine. The studio promised to airlift them out as soon as possible. The rescuers arrived to find carnage. Walter was dead, found at the bottom of an icy ravine and picked at by scavengers. His wife, Elena, was bound to the bed in one of the buildings, injured, hysterical and nearly insensate. Tilly and her twin sister, Tyla, were found after two hours of looking. Tyla was found dead, beaten to death. Tilly was next to her sister, sobbing and half-frozen. The investigators never got the full story, but they pieced together the following assumption: Walter had snapped and tried to kill his daughters. They ran and he caught one, killing her. Elena tried to stop him, and he hurt her and tied her to the bed. While looking for his other daughter, he slipped and fell to his death. This is mostly true. What is omitted, unknown, or forgotten is that a solitary Uratha hunter caught wind of the Ridden. As a ghost led the girl into the woods and away from her father, the Uratha arrived. He saved Tilly, mauling the monster her father had become in near-wolf form. After dropping the body into a ravine, he led the girl back to the cabin, then went to get help. He led people back as a human and faded away into the background. While no one believed the girl's tale about a giant wolf saving her, wolves remained a fascination for the girl. Elena was admitted to a mental hospital, where she has remained since. The woman is broken after years of torture followed by the death of her youngest daughter. Tilly - who changed her name to August Tyla Turner at age eighteen - was raised by an aunt in Los Angeles. She is her father's daughter, and she pursued a career in Hollywood. August went to UCLA, going for her undergraduate in Film, Television and Media. Her first roommate was a slovenly nightmare, dirty beyond even the messy August's standards. Unable to get someone to trade with her, she looked off-campus for a new place to live and found Oneca. The girl seemed more interested in company than in a reliable renter, which was good since August didn't have much money. Plus Oneca was fun, if a little weird. After getting her undergrad, she started her Masters of Fine Arts in cinematography. Oneca's sister showed up for her freshman year of college and for a while, August thought she might get kicked out of the house. A compromise was reached: August moved into the hastily renovated attic and Oneca's parents didn't kick her out. In her first year, she scored a spot on the second unit of a documentary about wolves in a sanctuary in the mountains. It was being directed by a friend of her father's, and Paul took her on as an intern as a favor to his memory. During the production, August found herself surrounded by people who knew her father, in the mountains and with wolves around all the time. The walls she'd carefully constructed to contain her psyche and her gifts came crumbling down. She began to see 'things' again. August barely held herself together. She managed to finish the internship but right after she checked into a hospital. Medication helped her, mostly by drugging her into a zombie-like state where she couldn't see anything clearly. That didn't work for her, so she stopped taking them and tried to just ignore whatever was going on. For now, she keeps trying to keep her head above water. It's not easy; she keeps seeing things that aren't there, things that look like ghosts. For now, ignoring them is working, but she worries about her condition becoming worse.
  6. Oneca Bahaar is a two year super senior at UCLA well known for wealthy parents, wild parties, and even wilder moods. Mechanics Background
  7. ***CHARACTER SHEET*** **ATTRIBUTES** MENTAL _2 Intelligence _3 Wits _2 Resolve PHYSICAL _2 Strength _3 Dexterity _3 Stamina SOCIAL _2 Presence _2 Manipulation _3 Composure **SKILLS** MENTAL _2 Academics _1 Investigation _1 Medicine _3 Occult PHYSICAL _1 Athletics _3 Brawl (Bite) _1 Drive _1 Firearms _2 Stealth _3 Survival SOCIAL _1 Animal Ken (Wolf) _1 Empathy _1 Intimidation _1 Socialize (Pack Dynamics) **DISCIPLINES** _1 Animalism _4 Protean (Haven: Soil; Form: Wolf) _1 Resilience _3 Sublunario (Crescent Moon) **DEVOTION** Wolf-Man **MERITS** _1 Domain (Location) _2 Fighting Style: Tooth & Claw _2 Outdoorsman _3 Spirit Ear _2 Supernatural Lore (Uratha) _3 Undead Menses **OTHER** _7 Health _4 Willpower _2 Blood Potency _6 Humanity _5 Size _10 Acting Speed _20 Running Speed _3 Defense _0 Armor _6 Initiative Modifier **CLAN WEAKNESS** _The more she feels the call of the Beast, _the more Bestial she becomes. (For Int. & _Wits the 10-again rule does not apply. _Additionally, any 1s subtract from successes.) **BLOODLINE WEAKNESS** _Dead Wolves take 1 extra damage from attacks with _silver weapons. _They also must spend extra vitae to stay awake _during full and new moons. ***CREATION LOG*** ATTRIBUTES (5/4/3) _Primary Physical: 1 Strength, 2 Dexterity, 2 Stamina _Secondary Mental: 1 Intelligence, 2 Wits, 1 Resolve _Tertiary Social: 1 Presence, 1 Manipulation, 1 Composure SKILLS (11/7/4) _Primary Physical: 1 Athletics, 3 Brawl, 1 Drive, 1 Firearms, 2 Stealth, 3 Survival _Secondary Mental: 2 Academics, 1 Investigation, 1 Medicine, 3 Occult _Tertiary Social: 1 Animal Ken, 1 Empathy, 1 Intimidation, 1 Socialize SPECIALIZATIONS (3) Brawl (Bite), Animal Ken (Wolf), Socialize (Pack Dynamics) MERITS (7) 3 Blood Potency (1 dot), 2 Outdoorsman, 2 Spirit Ear CLAN ATTRIBUTE (1) ComposureDISCIPLINES (3) 3 Protean ***XP LOG*** Date__________Trait/Exp. Type_____________________Rank___Gain/Cost___Balance 24 Jul 2011___Creation Points_______________________-________50_______50 24 Jul 2011___Discipline: Animalism_________________1________-5_______45 24 Jul 2011___Discipline: Protean (Wolf)____________4_______-20_______25 24 Jul 2011___Discipline: Sublunario________________1________-5_______20 24 Jul 2011___Merit: Supernatural Lore (Uratha)____1,2_______-6_______14 24 Jul 2011___Merit: Fighting Style: Tooth & Claw__1,2_______-6________8 24 Jul 2011___Merit: Undead Menses__________________3________-6________2 24 Jul 2011___Merit: Domain (Location)______________1________-2________0 05 Sep 2011___August Experience_____________________-________11_______11 11 Sep 2011___Discipline: Resilience________________1________-5________6 07 Oct 2011___September Experience__________________-________ 4_______10 07 Oct 2011___Discipline: Sublunario________________2_______-10________0 01 Nov 2011___October Experience____________________-_________3________3 01 Ded 2011___November Experience___________________-_________3________6 01 Jan 2012___December Experience___________________-_________3________9 01 Feb 2012___January Experience____________________-_________3_______12 01 Mar 2012___February Experience___________________-_________3_______15 01 Mar 2013___Discipline: Sublunario________________3_______-15________0 30 Apr 2013___March Experience______________________-_________3________3 30 Apr 2013___April Experience______________________-_________3________6 30 Apr 2013___Welcome Back to WoD:A Bonus___________-________20_______26 21 Jun 2013___Devotion: Wolf-Man____________________-_______-15_______11 BACKGROUND Sarah was born on the wrong end of the genetic lottery. Her extended family included Lupines in its number, but she was not wolf-blooded. From her earliest memory, it was drilled into her that her place in life was secondary to her more-fortunate kin. Favors heaped on her cousins were denied her, and she was only told enough to know that she was missing out. That, and that her duty would be to someday marry a man of the family's choosing, to contribute by being, as she saw it, a "broodmare". Adding to the torment was a whisper in her ear, a drone of strangeness that she eventually came to understand was the sound of the spirits with whom her family dealt; she could hear them, even understand them to a degree - and by extension, the derived tongue used by her Forsaken kin - but all this really did was to rub in her face the fact that she would never change. All of this served to fuel a lifetime of resentment; she was to be forever denied equality and what should have been a birthright, and it burned at her. As luck would have it, however, her life was to take the most drastic of changes, and opportunities she believed were forever denied would be made available... after a fashion, and for a severe price. TIMELINE NOTE: All items after arriving in Los Angeles are subject to modification, based upon group efforts to establish background ties. 15 Mar 1983: Twin children are born to James (a werewolf) and Evelyn O'Neally (wolf-blooded), members of the extensive Wren clan of werewolves and their kin. They name the boy Shane, and the girl Sarah. 25 Dec 1985: Little Sarah understands for the first time the whispers she has heard. When she begins to try to tell her mother, the spirit tells her that she can never tell, that she would be punished if she did. Frightened, Sarah holds her tongue; none know her secret for nearly the next quarter-century. 21 Jun 1986: Under the withering gaze of Grandmother Wren, the twins are tested by the clan spiritualist, who determines that while Shane carries a remarkably strong wolf-blooded trait, his sister Sarah is bereft of same. The two begin to be treated differently, with Sarah receiving the short end of the stick. 3 Oct 1991: Shane goes into convultions and begins hallucinating. In belief that he is about to undergo a remarkably young First Change, he is taken away from the family home... leaving Sarah to watch the one person who treated her decently leave her eight-year old life. 1991 through 2001: Sarah is treated by the Wren clan as a sort of "third-class citizen", after the werewolves and the wolf-blooded. She is trained for and used for various tasks, including marksmanship so that she can stand guard at the paths to the sacred grounds of the werewolves. Worse, she secretly understands their spirit-based speech and knows some of the truly derisive things they say about her. Her resentment and envy of her "more blessed" family simmers and grows. 28 Aug 2001: Sarah begins courses at Northwestern Connecticut Community College. 25 May 2004: Sarah graduates with a Bachelors of General Studies, and is accepted to the University of California at San Francisco for pre-med. 30 Aug 2004: Sarah beings classes at UCSF, revelling in the relative freedom from her oppressive kin. 18 Aug 2006: Her second summer in San Francisco, Sarah gets a hankering to venture back into the woods for a bit. She embarks on a trip to Yosemite National Park, planning a primative hiking venture in the back-country. 23-25 Aug 2006: Sarah is stalked by a "fellow hiker", a Predator King who thinks (based on her mannerisms and faulty spirit information) that she is wolf-blooded. Approaching with intent of rape, the Pure Uratha realizes that she is not wolf-blooded, then brutally attacks and leaves her for dead in the wilderness. Before she can expire, she is embraced by Juan Ortega, a Dead-Wolf who had also been watching her since her arrival in the park. Mar 2008: After much wandering - and a falling out with her sire - Sarah comes across Presidio's Pride, a somewhat ragtag pack in the shadow of the Presidio of Monterey. After an initial period of distrust, they accept her as an ally in their conflict with both a rival Pure pack and encroaching vampires from Pacific Grove. Jun 2008: Sarah formally joins Presidio's Pride, giving her support to the pack's totem. She pledges - in her own fashion - the Oath of the Moon, and begins to learn from her new packmates how to properly fight as a wolf. Apr 2009: While Sarah is away trying to scout out the latest probe by the vampires, the pack's locus is attacked by the Pure. The totem is killed, and what survives of the pack scatters. Sarah returns to find herself without a pack. Demoralized, she leaves the area. Jul 2010: After another period of wandering, Sarah arrives in Los Angeles. For lack of acceptance by the established packs and distrustful of the vampires, she sets up her own territory in Holmby Park, marking it as her own and defending it against all comers. Summer 2011: Isolation has taken its toll, and once more Sarah begins to look for allies in the night - preferably of the werewolf variety. FICTION Communications Issues Giving the Gift of Indigestion Boot-Scooting Boogie Comes With The Territory The Order (Part 4) Reunion THE FORMS OF SARAH Wolf Size 4 Max. Strength 4 Base Health 4 Acting speed 8 Running speed x2 Natural Weapons (Claws and Bite): +1 Attack Bonus, Lethal Damage. Perception: +2 to Wits + Composure draws to be aware of events around the user
  8. Name: Jeremy Noctis Concept: Con-artist raven. Breed: Wing-Folk Species: Corvian Accord: Sun-Chaser Virtue: Hope Vice: Pride Height: 5'7" Weight: 153 lbs Hair: Black, down to his eyes almost. Eyes: Dark Brown. Age: 23 Attributes Mental (Primary): Intelligence - 2, Wits - 3, Resolve – 3 Physical (Tertiary): Strength - 2, Dexterity - 3, Stamina – 2 Social (Secondary): Presence - 2, Manipulation - 3, Composure – 3 Skills Mental Skills (Tertiary) (-3): Academics 1, Investigation 3 Physical (Secondary) (-1): Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Stealth 2 (Hiding in Darkness), Survival 2 Social (Primary) (-1): Animal Ken 2, Empathy 2 (Emotions), Persuasion 2, Socialize 2 (The Street), Subterfuge 3 (Lies) Other Traits Merits: Resources 1, Contacts 2 (Hotel Workers, Street Criminals), Fighting Finesse 2 (Natural Beak and Talons), Direction Sense 1, Trained Observer 1, Danger Sense 2, Den 3 (Top floor apartment) Feral Heart: 2 Willpower: 6 Harmony: 6 Respect: Cleverness 2, Passion 1 Health: 7 Initiative: +6 Defense: 3 Speed: 10 Size: 5 Favors & Aspects: -Fang and Claw (beak and talons) 1 (L) -Speed 10 -Wings Speed 10 - Bare Necessities 1 - Fortune's Favor 3 - Truth Sense 1 - Pearl of Great Price 2 - Sweet-Voiced Fiend 1 Form Adjustments Primal Beast: Strength 2, Dexterity +1, Stamina 2, Size 2, Health 4, Speed 14 (species factor 10), +2 to sight perception rolls Throwback: Strength +1, Dexterity +2, Stamina +1, Manipulation –2, Health +1, Speed +8 (species factor 10), +2 to sight perception rolls, has beak, talons and wings Dire Beast: (based on Primal form) Dexterity +1, Stamina +1, Size 6, Health +2, Speed +6 (species factor 10), +2 to sight perception rolls XP LOG Starting XP: +50 = 50 Harmony -1: +5 = 55 Strength 2: -10 = 45 Presence 2: -10 = 35 Feral Heart 2: -16 = 19 Direction Sense 1: -2 = 17 Brawl 2: -6 = 11 Den 3: -6 = 5 Aspect: Sweet-Voiced Fiend 1: -5 = 0 [/code] [b][u]Background[/u][/b] The first sign that Jeremy's parents considered that something was off about their son was his predilection to caw like a raven when young. Of course, they were his favorite animal but in many ways his similarity to them became disturbing in aging. When younger, it was daring pranks on bullies, teachers or other students which often led to Jeremy running off to hide in the woods until aggravated teachers and parents found him. And teenage years- normally complicated with hormones and the like- had the growing Nahual to build things up. Deliquency, erratic behavior, sarcasm to the teachers... Jeremy was going out of control, unable to connect with others... facing expulsion, heading for a crash. But one night after his overstressed parents threatened to kick the youth out and damn the consequences... Jeremy cawed and disappeared from the house... soon running legs gave way to flapping wings. And into the woods the feral flew. At the dawn, perched high into the trees, at the edge dividing dawn and day from night, he knew his heart's words. [i]I'll do as I may, and let necessity be the only restraint![/i] Eventually, he traveled his way on the run from the Southeast all the way to LA, and to the present day has taken up a life as a con artist, swindling the rich gullible tourists and the fools who go into monte carlo games. Never the old ladies out of their life savings, that tends to bring people down on you. Except Jeremy is Jeremy Lehrman no longer. Re-naming himself Jeremy Noctis, he's a lurker of the day and night, keeping ahead for himself. Up there in the skyline when the dawn and dark fight, going through that moral twilight of whim and will. [u]Territory[/u] Jeremy lives in the top floor apartment of a building around one of the lower income sections of Mar Vista. In terms of his territory, Jeremy has carefully demarcated the building and the surrounding few blocks as his domain, especially since he doesn't want people cleaning up the markers too often.
  9. Concept: Too curious Student now in a fantasy adventure. Grade: Junior. (Was) Age: 17. Virtue: Hope Vice: Pride Appearance: Brown hair with dark brown eyes, of moderate height, and he is fit, strengthened by a rough training regimen. He wears regular clothing whenver possible, simple t-shirts and shorts. Right now, stuck with the Chiderans, he's been wearing furs and armor. In his presence, slightly improbable events occur regularly, such as coin tosses always coming up “heads.” Background: Ray's parents packed him off to Dalton in an sharp effort (as they saw it) to get him to actually make some real friends for once in his life. Not that his interest in learning wasn't good, but his soaking up of facts, and the outdoors and interest in novels, particularly fantasy books, seemed to crowd out a genuiene social life. And to be fair, Ray has indeed made some friends in school, but his nature at heart still very much led him into a misadventure. A year ago at Dalton, he found some odd things investigating the school's odd past, and in the process, he wound up on the other side of the Door. Except they were responsible, not he. He's been missing from Dalton for a year. Personality: Ray is sociable and intelligent, with a few friends, but he has a very strong strain of curiousity and occasional impulsiveness that can get him into trouble, as he tends to want to find out things for the sake of knowing. As such, and for personal preference, he enjoys the night time much more than the day. When problems arise, he will often try to sidestep them when he can. Since the arrival with the Chiderans and being trained by them, he has toughened up somewhat, but that flaw is still there.
  10. Abilities Code: | STR | STA | AGL | DEX | FGT | INT | AWE | PRE | | +0 | +1 | +1 | +2 | +2 | +8 | +2 | +2 | Saves Code: | Dodge | Parry | Fortitude | Will | Toughness | | +11 | +9 | +8 | +11 | +13* | *Impervious 8 Advantages Accurate Attack, All-out Attack, Improved Initiative, Interpose, Move-by Action, Equipment 3 (Headquarters), Skill Mastery (Expertise: Science), Skill Mastery (Technology), Eidetic Memory, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Ultimate Effort (Technology), Well-informed Headquarters —Size: Large, Toughness: 10; Features: Communications, Computer, Fire Prevention System, Hangar, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Power System, Security System, Workshop • 15 points) Skills Expertise: Science 16 (+24), Perception 12 (+14), Technology 16 (+24), Persuasion 4 (+6) Powers Valorian EVA Exoskeletal Armor Weapon Array, RemovablePlasma Blast: Ranged Damage 13, Accurate 4 Force Capsule: Ranged Affliction 11 (Resisted by Dodge; Hindered and Vulnerable, Defenseless and Immobile), Extra Condition, Limited Degree, Accurate 5 Micro Rockets: Ranged Burst Area Damage 11 Strength and Accuracy Booster: Enhanced Strength 8; Enhanced Trait 6 (Close Attack 6) Tractor/Presser Beam: Move Object 10, Accurate 5 Electro-Stunner: Ranged Affliction 10 (Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated), Accurate 6Electrified Shell: Reaction Damage 7Ability Amplifier: Enhanced Defenses 16 (Dodge 6, Fortitude 5, Parry 5, Will 5), Removable Armored Shell: Protection 12, Impervious 8, Removable Sealed Systems: Immunity 10 (Life Support), RemovableGravity Drivers: Flight 10 (2000 MPH), Removable Space Flight: Movement 2 (Environment Adaptation—Zero-G , Space Travel 1) Communication Systems: Radio Communication 5, RemovableSensors: Senses 2 (Extended Vision, Infravision), Removable Combat: Initiative +5Close AttacksUnarmed +8 • Damage +8Electrified Shell • Reaction Damage 7Ranged AttacksPlasma Blast +10 • Damage +13 Force Capsule +12 • Affliction 11 (Resisted by Dodge; Hindered and Vulnerable, Defenseless and Immobile)Micro Rockets • Ranged Burst Area Damage 11 Tractor/Presser Beam +14 • Move Object 10Electro-Stunner +14 • Ranged Affliction 10 (Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated)SavesDodge +11Parry +9Fortitude +8Will +11Toughness +13 (Impervious 8)
  11. Name: Peacemaker Personal Information: Public Identity: Peacemaker Nicknames: Slick Real Name: Jameson William Bradford Occupation: Hero, part-time curmudgeon Legal Status: American Marital Status: Widower Known Relatives: Katherine (wife, deceased), William (son, deceased), Raphael (grandson, lives in Boston, MA) Allegiance(s): Physical Traits: Weight: 178 lbs Height: 5' 11" Apparent age: late thirties/early forties Gender: Male Ethnic Background: Caucasian Eye Color: Gray-Green Hair Color: Sandy Blonde Handedness: Ambidextrous Age: 111 Appearance: Jameson stands 5’11” tall and weighs in around 180 lbs he has sandy colored hair and gray-green eyes. His muscles are well toned but not exaggerated. He has a quick graceful stride. His movements tend to be smooth and graceful. He often wears simple dungarees, a faded weather worn shirt, a long leather duster, and is never without his hat. When needed he obscures his face behind a red bandanna, drawn up to cover his features below his eyes. His pistols, ever at hand when needed, are slung low on his hip in quickdraw holsters. Powers, Skills, and Personality: Known Powers: Jameson possesses an altered bio-chemistry due to what he had thought was his final confrontation with the mad Dr. Zeigfried. The result is that he has ceased to age, heals faster than a normal human, and possesses greater speed and fortitude. Pacficicus, the heavily modified pistol he carries, is custom forged by him from the remains of his original twin revolvers "The Beginning" and "The End". Abilities/Special Skills: Jameson is an accomplished marksman, easily one of the best sharp shooters in the world. When he aims for something, he hits it, without error. He is also a capable athlete, knowledgeable with weapons of all kinds, and a skilled weapon-smith. Personality: Jameson relishes the adventure that is life and while he often finds it difficult to resist the urges of women, booze, women, gambling, women, car racing, women, combat, women, exploration, women, travel, and women he also finds that he is happiest when he can jump feet first into an adventure with a quip on his lips, his guns in hand, and his friends by his side. Jameson has a well developed sense of honor and the horrors of the Great War have taught him that men and women must not simply have good morals but they must act on them to bring the chaotic world to bear when the innocent are threatened. Background: The man known as Jameson Bradford truly lives up to the moniker of daredevil. Born on January 1st 1900 he is a man of the new century. He grew up in the southwest and learned at an early age to appreciate life whenever you could. As a boy he was orphaned when his parents died in an epidemic. William Bonney, who said that Jameson reminded him of himself at that young age, took him in after his parents died. The older man taught Jameson the way of the gun and the boy quickly became a skilled marksman. After the Great War broke out Jameson parted ways with Bonney and made his way to Europe where at age 16 he enlisted illegally in the French Foreign Legion and ended up in Africa. It was there that he picked received his two custom Colt .45 Peacemaker heavy revolvers. Jameson won the two weapons in a poker game against a weapon smith who acted as the unit’s munitions officer. He nicknamed these weapons “The Beginning” and “The End” referring to the fact that in the first combat he used them in he started firing with the right hand gun (The Beginning) and had a single round left (The End) in the left when the last German was killed. In the last year of the war Jameson made his way back to Europe to fight on the front. It was there that he first faced Dr. Heinrich Ziegfried a German scientist whose advanced weapons threatened to tilt the balance in favor of the Germans. Jameson and his unit managed to storm the Austrian keep where Ziegfried was working on some sort electrical cannon. Though Ziegfried was defeated he managed to get away in the end. Only Jameson and a handful of his unit were able to escape the confrontation alive. Jameson returned home to the US after the war ended but over the next few years he had many other run-ins with Dr. Ziegfried. Each time he was able to stop the evil Doctor’s plans but the mad German managed to escape before Jameson could apprehend him. Jameson used his skills with firearms to earn himself a decent living as a trick shooter at competitions and he worked the counter at a gunsmith in St. Louis up until early 1922. At this point he had saved a considerable amount and had decided that though he was living a comfortable and enjoyable life the old spark was gone. While it was easy to seduce the ladies and have a grand time as a local celebrity he missed the action and the rush that his adventures had brought him. In the 20's and 30's Jameson traveled the world as a gun for hire and hero honing his skills until the outbreak of World War 2. He returned for a time to the French Foreign Legion, serving in Africa against the Nazis in along the Mediterranean. Hearing that his old foe Ziegfried was alive and still active Jameson left the Legion to seek out the mad German once more and finish what he had started years before. Jameson, and a few determined survivors of his original unit from the first war, tracked Zeigfried down to a castle in Austria-Hungary where he was once more continuing his experiments with techno-magic and lightening. Zeigfried was ready however, having augmented one of his assistants with the products of his blasphemous research. Wilhelm Werner von Braun was no longer entirely human, fused with magically empowered machines, he was more than capable of fighting Jameson and his comrades while his master completed the final work on his Ætheric Lightening Cannon. Jameson was further betrayed to find that the woman he loved was not only helping the max doctor, but that she was actually his daughter. Katherine Schafer had changed her last name and her identity when her father was defeated the first time, years before. Blood runs thicker than water they say, and with Zeigfried's return she had fled to Europe and found her father once more. During the battle Jameson was knocked into a vat of unknown reagents and doused with other chemicals. When the tide was finally turning against the man-machine von Braun, Zeigfried activated his new weapon and blasted the Americans with his Lightening Cannon. Somehow Jameson survived, and, in fact, found himself blessed with a second wind. His friends dead, Jameson quickly realized his only chance to defeat the German was to destroy the weapon and the entire facility. Jameson pleaded with Kate to help him, to ensure that no others had to suffer for the mechanations of her father. They also say that love conquers all. While Jameson battled the two men, Kate managed to sabotage the device and then set it off. The resulting explosion destroyed Zeigfried's lab and nearly killed Jameson and Katherine. They survived however; Jameson, thanks to his now altered bio-chemistry, and Kate due to the subtle changes her father had made to her physiology as part of his experimentation. The two escaped to America, and Jameson thought that he was free. They married, bought a small home in the then quiet Emerald City, and settled down to raise a family. Jameson buried what was left of his two guns in the yard behind their home. Their son William was born, and they raised him in a quiet and good life. With time the full extent of the accidental changes to Jameson's bio-chemistry was revealed. His aging had halted, he healed faster, moved faster, and was more resilient. Unfortunately the changes that Zeigfried had worked upon his own daughter proved less benign and in the mid 60's she passed away. Five years ago Jameson's quiet life of retirement (which wasn't all that quiet with a grandson to visit and a world to see), was broken by the return of the mad doctor once more. Sustained by infernal magic and machine both he and von Braun had somehow survived the destruction of his lab all those years before. Jameson dug up the destroyed weapons he'd buried so long ago and melted down the scraps, using them to forge a new weapon, the custom designed Pacificus; Peacemaker, in Latin. Jameson devoted most of his time the next few years tracking down and fighting Zeigfried, but has recently returned home to Emerald City after learning that his quarry had been hiding under his nose this whole time... Complications Motivation: Thrillseeker - More than anything Jameson does what he does for the thrills, often taking foolhardy chances purely for the joy of it.Enemy: Dr. Zeigfried - A German mad scientist who mixes technology with the arcane and has an obsession with harnessing the destructive power of lightening.Enemy: Wilhelm Werner von Braun - The techno-magical cyborg who still serves as right hand to Dr. Zeigfried.Old Fashioned - Jameson is a bit set in his ways and unless they are taken from him he'll use his older weapons rather than something newer. Likewise he holds to older ideals of how a man should act.Cocky - Just as he is a thrillseeker so too is Jameson more than a bit cocky. He's likely to leap before he looks and/or bite off more than he can chew and boast or wager on his skills.Identity - Jameson is a know metahuman, but his status as Peacemaker is not commonly known.Combat Initiative +11Close AttacksUnarmed +8 Damage +3 Bowie Knife +14 Damage +4 (crit. 19-20)Ranged AttacksPerfect Aim - Perception Damage +5Rapid Fire +15 Damage +5 (multiattack, crit. 19-20)SavesDodge +14Parry +14Fortitude +10Will +8Toughness +6 Character Sheet Abilities: Code: | STR | STA | AGL | DEX | FGT | INT | AWE | PRE | | +3 | +3 | +7 | +7 | +8 | +0 | +0 | +0 |Defenses: Code: | Dodge | Parry | Fortitude | Toughness | Will | | +7 | +6 | +5 | +0 | +8 | (purchased) | +14 | +14 | +10 | +6* | +10 | (total) *+3 w/o duster Advantages: All-out Attack, Benefit (Ambidexterity), Defensive Attack, Equipment 3, Improved Aim, Improved Critical (Pacificus), Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Precise Attack 2 (Ranged; Cover & Concealment), Quick Draw, Takedown Skills: Acrobatics 6 (+13), Athletics 10 (+13), Close Combat: Bowie Knife 6 (+14), Deception 10 (+10), Expertise: Weapons 6 (+6), Insight 8 (+8), Perception 6 (+6), Ranged Combat: Pacificus 8 (+15), Slight of Hand 6 (+13), Stealth 4 (+11), Technology 6 (+6), Vehicles 2 (+9) Powers: Altered Bio-Chemistry: Immunity 1 (aging), Enhanced Fortitude 2, Regeneration 2; Speed 2 (8 MPH) • 7 pointsPacificus: (Array; 15 points plus 1 alternate effect; Easily Removable, -6 points)Perfect Aim: - Perception Range Damage 5 • 15 pointsAE Rapid Shot: - Ranged Multiattack Damage 5 • 1 pointsEquipment: Reinforced Leather Duster (equivalent to chain mail) (3 ep)Bowie Knife (2 ep)Motorcycle POWER POINTS Abilities 56 + Skills 39 + Powers 17 + Defenses 26 + Advantages 14 = Total 152/152 Experience Tracker: Code: Award/Spend Change | Unspent | PP Total Chapter 1 +1 | 1 | 151 Chapter 2 +1 | 2 | 152 AE - rapid shot -1 | 1 | 152 Immunity (aging) -1 | 0 | 152 Click to reveal.. (Chargen Notes) Weapon Master Template ABILITIES — NATURAL ADVANTAGES — DEAD EYE, TRICK SHOT ARTIST, FAST SKILLS — CUNNING, INSTINCTIVE, WEAPONSMITH POWERS - PERFECT AIM, SUPER SOLDIER Notes: With a perception range attack there was no need for Ultimate Effort (aim) this was changed to power attack. Defensive Roll 3 was changed to Equipment 3 and replaced with armor and some equipment. The second Expertise skill was switched to Slight of Hand. Ranks of Acrobatics were moved to Vehicles, and 2 ranks were removed to grant the 2nd rank of Precise Attack.
  12. Name: Tarmon Kyrell Personal Information: Birth Name: Tarmon Kyrell Nicknames: none yet Occupation: Battle-Priest Country of Origin: The Western Temple of the Four Winds – The Temple of Ankassar Marital Status: Unbound Known Relatives: Relos Kyrell (father), Elainor Kyrell (mother) Allegiance(s): The Temple of the Four Winds Physical Traits: Weight: 986 lbs Height: 8' 5" Apparent age: undetermined Gender: Male Ethnic Background: Ankassim Eye Color: Yellow Scale Color: Handedness: Right Actual Age: 35 Distinguishing Marks: Tarmon is really tall, even for an Ankassim Appearance: Tarmon is very tall for an Ankassim and slightly heavier and more massive than most. His Scales are of a deep blue color with some yellowish streaks around his shoulders and wings. He wears his armor most of the time which proudly show his allegiance to the Temple of the Four Winds. He bears himself with a certain pride which can easily be considered to be arrogance. Powers, Skills, and Personality: Known Powers: As all Ankassim Tarmon can breath fire (some breath lightning or Acid, but most Ankassim breath fire) and can fly (although it is sometimes hard to imagine that he can actually lift off considering his size and mass). Being a Battle-Priest of the Four Winds grants him the ability to smite his enemies with Ankassar’s Vengeful fire or heal his allies with the blessing of the Four Winds. Abilities/Special Skills: His natural given great Endurance and great strength makes Tarmon a predestined close-combat fighter. He favours his Warmace which he can wield with one hand or if he lacks a shield is large enough to be wielded with both hands. Personality: Despite his intimidating appearance Tarmon is rather kind and calm unless his belief is challenged/put in question. He can have a vengeful temper especially when he draws upon his innate fire-breath. Interests: After many years of training and studies every Battle-Priest goes on a quest to conquer his own fears and learn about the world that was shaped by Ankassar himself. Tarmon seeks knowledge and wants to share his view of the world and bring justice in the name of Ankassar – no matter where that may lead him. Background: Tarmon was born and raised on the western most island that builds the Ignum Isle Archipelagos unlike his parents who were from the northern (Beiolyn) and southern (Charis) Temples. His mother gave up her chance of becoming a Druidess of the Wyld when she fell in love with Relos, a Champion-Knight of Beiolyn (Northern Temple of the Four Winds). They decided to found their relationship on new ground, away from the cold environments of the northern and southern Temples and settled in the west – the most revered of all Temples. The Temple of Ankassar. As soon as he was old enough to start training his father took him under his wing hoping that his son one day may become a Champion-Knight of Ankassar – just like he used to be for Beiolyn. As so many things in live not everything goes as planned and if someone asked his Father he would claim that it was his wife’s influence on their son that he chose to become a Priest instead. ‘Unfortunately’ Tarmon lacked the necessary mental discipline to become a full fledged Priest. He was too much his father’s son, had too much talent in combat to completely dedicate his life to the faith. So he became a Battle-Priest instead and found fulfillment in his chosen path. Tarmon may be a bit quixotic because of his isolated upbringing – something he wants to change and the major reason he decided to go on his quest… -- Tarmon Kyrell - PL 6 Strength 4, Stamina 4, Agility 1, Dexterity 0, Fighting 4, Intellect 0, Awareness 1, Presence 2 Advantages All-out Attack, Benefit, Status: Battle Priest of the Four Winds, Diehard, Equipment 2, Great Endurance, Power Attack Skills Acrobatics 2 (+3), Athletics 2 (+6), Close Combat: Warhammer 3 (+7), Expertise: Temple of the four Winds 2 (+2), Intimidation 1 (+4), Persuasion 1 (+3), Ranged Combat: Ankassar's Judgement: Blast 8 3 (+3) Powers Dragon Wings: Flight 4 (Speed: 30 miles/hour, 500 feet/round; Innate; Wings, Activation 2: standard action) Dragon's Breath: Cone Area Damage 4 (fire, DC 19; Cone Area: 60 feet cone; Unreliable (5 uses)) Growth: Growth 2 (+2 STR, +2 STA, +1 Intimidate, -2 Stealth, -1 active defenses; Innate; Permanent) Healing Winds of Ankassar: Healing 6 (divine; Persistent; Limited: Must be able to pray using speech, Unreliable (roll)) . . Ankassar's Judgement: Blast 8 (Alternate; divine, DC 23; Limited: Must be able to pray using Speech, Unreliable (roll)) Equipment Chain-mail, Warhammer Offense Initiative +1 Ankassar's Judgement: Blast 8, +3 (DC 23) Dragon's Breath: Cone Area Damage 4 (DC 19) Grab, +4 (DC Spec 14) Throw, +0 (DC 19) Unarmed, +4 (DC 19) Warhammer, +6 (DC 21) Complications Honor: The Battle Priests of the Four Winds follow a strict code of Conduct similar to the Bushido Code. Quirk: Ankassim are prone to arrogant behaviour. They consider themselves more worth in the eyes of the Gods, since they have been created in the image of their Patron God Ankassar. While they try to adhere to higher moral and ethical standards their pride often reflects in arrogance. Languages Native Language Defense Dodge 0, Parry 5, Fortitude 5, Toughness 7, Will 3 Power Points Abilities 24 + Powers 17 + Advantages 7 + Skills 7 (14 ranks) + Defenses 5 = 60 Validation: Warhammer: Attack Bonus exceeds Power Level limit by 1; Warhammer: Save DC exceeds Power Level limit by 1 Created With Hero Lab® - try it for free at http://www.wolflair.com!
  13. Name: T'riss Jadzian Personal Information: Real Name: T'riss Jadzian Nicknames: Trissy, Zia, T'riss the Kissed, The Whore with the Sword, and less flattering names. Occupation: Swashbuckler, Buccaneer, Thrillseeker, and yes, a Whore (more in spirit than actual occupation) Country of Origin: None (The Long Road) Marital Status: Currently unbound (was married once for several weeks) Known Relatives: Lannyshya Zheng (Mother), Alango Zheng (Uncle), Tora Zheng (Cousin), Urko Jadzian (Husband-Deceased) Allegiance(s): Herself and her crew Physical Traits: Weight: 141 lbs Height: 5’9” Apparent age: late teens, early twenties Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Muthay/Nay'Fen (and some others a ways back) Eye Color: Golden-amber Hair Color: Red Handedness: Left Actual Age: 21 Distinctive Markings: Tattoo of stylized slashes on either side of her neck, representing gills. Appearance: A late bloomer, T'riss was a plain, short girl until, as she puts it, "Quaress kissed me so deep, her tongue came out the back door." When she finally started developing, she blossomed with a vengeance, growing close to a foot taller, her wiry figure filling out with luscious curves and supple strength, in no way mistakable for a mostly androgynous Fen female. She has turned into a ravishing, devastating beauty, her natural agility heightened into an enticing, swaggering grace. She has delicate, pointed ears and lively exotic, amber-gold eyes, and her light-olive, sun-darkened complexion is flawless, unblemished by sun and wind. She keeps her vibrant red hair shorn above the shoulders, either styled or let loose to the wind, often covered with a stylish hat or headscarf. She wears clothing that shows her beauty off to best advantage, usually loose-laced blouses, a snug corset or bodice, and tight, leather pants, etched or embroidered, and whatever jewelry she can afford, that straddles the line between tasteful and gaudy, and straddles that line hard. When girded for action, she dons a close-fitting suit of supple, dark-blue, boiled leather, and a steel-reinforced vambrace on her right arm. On one hip, she bears a straight, fencing blade of Kathan steel, filigreed with lucenite, and strapped around the opposite thigh, a brace of matching knives. Powers, Skills, and Personality: Known Powers: Some distant Fen blood reawakened by a Nay'Fen father has shown itself in her swift and incredibly graceful movements. Abilities/Special Skills: She deft skill as an acrobat and dancing, mostly from innate talent rather than trained skill, and is an adept sailor. Through both skill and talent, she has turned into a very deft swordswoman, favouring speed over strength. Her great beauty enables her to manipulate men and women who favour women alike, though they usually don't mind. Personality: She is lewd and lascivious and doesn't apologize for it. She's a self-indulgent woman, always looking for her next thrill or bit of action, whether danger or carnal. Sometimes both. And she revels in the attention her looks garner her, both good and bad. Deep inside, though she would vehemently deny it, is a strong kernel of fairness and loyalty developed spending her early years growing up in the Zheng Caravan Company. (possibly more to add or develop during play) Background: Born to Lannyshya Zheng, the younger sister to the Zheng Family Patriarch, and her casual dalliance with a half-Fen sailor in U'Ur, T'riss grew up on the Long Road, amidst the clamor of the Zheng Caravan Company. Yet, though she enjoyed the travel and going new places, somehow, she never felt like she was a true part of the Company, not like how others were. She yearned for something, but she didn't know what. She had no gift for numbers and little interest in being a trader like her mother, and no skill for music. A plain girl, tomboyish and perhaps too free with her tongue, she ended up in plenty of scraps, and none considered a potential performer. Yet Morla Zheng, the Star of the Caravan Company noted her innate grace and agility and persuaded her niece to let her teach her to dance. Despite the snickers from some of the prettier girls - or because of them - T'riss agreed, much to her mother's delight. For a while, it was enough. She practiced, and if not with true diligence, she still had tremendous innate talent. And then there was the fateful trip between Thull and Thyrta and the attack by the giant snake, which resulted in the death of Morla, among others. T'riss settled into a surly funk, only mildly alleviated by one of the Caravan guards idly teaching her to use a sword. But it wasn't enough. A Turn later, no more fifteen, she wrote her mother a note and ran away, disguising herself as a boy (easily done with her undeveloped figure) and signed on as a cabin-boy on the Azayth's Pearl, a ship leaving Nisoi. And on the deck of a ship, she found what she was missing. The sea. Traveling the Long Road with the Zheng Caravan Company, she couldn't see what she was missing because she was still traveling the Long Road, just not on land. And she loved the seas and the great rivers, loved the freedom and the rough-and-tumble personalities that rode them. Her rudimentary dancing skills held her in good stead when some of the other sailors - which she swiftly learned were actually buccaneers - taught her to wield a sword. After a Turn on the seas however, she could no longer pass herself as a boy, as she finally started developing. She thought the other buccaneers, all men, would put her off immediately, but they had grown attached to their agile cabin-boy and hardly treated her any different, even inducting her as a full buccaneer. Another Turn, and things changed again. T'riss had grown from a slender girl into a full-figured, devastatingly gorgeous young woman. The buccaneers tried to keep things professional, but they couldn't help but be besotted by the new beauty in their midst, and T'riss reveled in the attention. But after she had worked her way unabashedly through most of the crew, including Captain Tovis, and despite working every bit as any other sailor, but looking better when she sweat, the Captain had no choice but putting her off at their next port of call, which happened to be Zraylor Hold. She was too much of a distraction. T'riss held no hard feelings, they had been their as she realized her love of the waves, and her love of carnality. After all, there were more men in the sea, on the sea, and off the sea anyway... Women too. And so began the best four Turns of her life. She traveled all over Iannin, a sharp tongue getting her in trouble and a sharp sword getting her out of it. She's joined a number of crews, with good and bad results. She married a Skrofan Privateer, Urko Jadzian, falling for his promise of giving her own ship. It was only after she found out with him and his crew, the line between Privateer and Pirate was somewhat blurred. Much worst, to her mind, she found out Urko was an entirely too possessive man and had no intention of giving her her own ship. Even his crew didn't particularly like him. So they weren't terribly heartbroken when several weeks after bringing his Quaress-Kissed new wife on board, Urko was mysteriously lost at sea one dark night. Stormrider continued plying the Sea of Tears until being damaged beyond repair by a Nay'Fenese guardship patrolling the merchant lanes. It was all T'riss and the rest of the crew could do to ground the ship on the coast of The Mire. After a harrowing, overland trek skirting the Mire, they made it to S'Ur. They split up the remaining loot they managed to get away with evenly, paying a weregild to those who ended up crippled or otherwise no longer able to work, then went their separate ways. For the last Turn, Jadzia has been serving on the merchant galleon, Wulkyn's Wake. It was a bit dull for her taste, the captain was far too cautious and hugged the coast too much, but she otherwise enjoyed herself at any port of call she found herself in, or in her adopted home port of S'Ur, until something better came along. And then, one day, she stumbled out of the Blooming Rose brothel and found herself staring at her cousin Tora walking down the harbour, who she hadn't seen in six Turns. Complications Honour - Buccaneer's Code:Though few believe it, pirates and privateers alike share a strong code of conduct, and T'rissa follows it as close as she can, even on land, though of course some of these unwritten laws are more like... guidelines.Licentious:She's lewd and lascivious, says what she wants and fucks who she wants, and doesn't give a damn what others think about it. She's been Kissed by Quaress and she's damn well going to enjoy it. They don't know her, she knows her. Motivation - Thrills:T'rissa has chosen a life of adventure mostly for the thrills and excitement, danger and challenge. And if loot and lovers should happen to fall into lap in the process, so much the better.Phobia - Claustrophobia:With more than a trace of wanderlust and a love of the sea, T'rissa has always despised tight, enclosed spaces, and especially being underground.Combat Initiative +9Close AttacksUnarmed +3 (DC 16)Grab +3 (DC 11; Special)Knife +3 (DC 17)Sword +8 (DC 19)Ranged AttacksThrown Knife +4 (DC 17)SavesDodge +6/+5Parry +6/+3Fortitude +2Will +2Toughness +6/+2
  14. Name: Tora Zheng Personal Information: Real Name: Tora Zheng Nicknames: Tora, Torie, Fire-tongue, Smiles Occupation: Traveling entertainer Country of Origin: Muthay (in theory) Marital Status: Unbound Known Relatives: Alango (father), Alyisha (mother, deceased), Dougal (brother), Hykiefo (brother), Rocout (brother), Mikel (brother) and many more. Allegiance(s): Zheng’s Caravan Company, Arak Physical Traits: Weight: 133lb Height: 5’6” Apparent age: late teens, early twenties Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Muthay (uncertain) Eye Color: Gold Hair Color: Brown Handedness: Right Actual Age: 19 Appearance: Not all Muthay are inthayim, and this tale-teller is one of those. She appears to be human, though someone skilled with thayim anatomy would notice some of her musculature is not ‘normal’. Tora is slight for her height, possessing no real mass. Her muscles are long and supple, revealing more nimbleness than brute strength. Her hair is a dark brown, always long and usually partially tied back from her face in a complex style. She wears clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in, allowing her freedom of motion. Powers, Skills, and Personality: Known Powers: Tora is fast on her feet and can jump farther than most, traits common to her father’s side of the family. From her mother’s side, she gets golden eyes and the ability to project a blast of fire of her mouth. Sadly, she didn’t inherit all of the internal armor that protects fire-breathers, so this talent is one rarely seen. Abilities/Special Skills: Tora is skilled at music, storytelling and dancing. She’s not ready for a palace debut, but she is accomplished. She’s also picked up bits of lore from learning the old epics and comes up with odd facts at interesting times. Personality: She was born smiling, or so Tora was told by her family. She is a cheerful girl, not at all shy or reserved. She likes to laugh and enjoys being the center of attention. Singing and dancing is as natural to her as walking, as she has been using those tools to get attention in her large family. Her emotions can swing the other way, but it tends to be a short burst of tears or outrage that subsides quickly. Background: The Zheng Caravan Company is well-known across the continent. They are the largest and farthest-roving such group, transporting goods across dangerous lands. Many are aware of them; traders and merchants in countless towns and cities have been on the receiving end of Alango Zheng’s hard bartering (and his father’s before him). Though he mercilessly seeks a profit, he’s also known to be fair, hard-working and a man of his word. Few outside the caravan are aware that he’s the head of a massive family, all of whom work and live in the caravan. Many would assume the ‘long road’ is no life for a child, and in a way, they are right. But the Zhengs make it work through perseverance and pure stubbornness. The children grow up in a mobile village, with everyone taking care of them. The members of this family are careful to marry outside of their caravan, bringing in outsiders only after knowing them for long periods of time and determining if they’re a good match for the group mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In spiritual matters, the Zhengs worship Beltok, but the degree of devotion varies among the family. While all do pay some homage, many in the family follow another god or all of them. Zahan-Thaya is another popular choice. Those who marry into the clan find it easy to continue their own spiritual practices. What isn’t known outside of the caravan at all is that the lines between family blur occasionally. The Zhengs have distinct partnerships to outside points of view, but when outsiders aren’t looking, co-mingling occurs. Children are born from this mingling but they are all part of the family. No one is forced to co-mingle; the only hard and fast rule among the adults is that if you don’t like it, then at least don’t speak of it to outsiders. There are rumors of such things of course, but the caravan closes up tight when trouble comes around, and ugly words are treated no differently than any other conflict. To date, it seems that no one outside the family knows; any that might haven’t yet cared to drag proof into the public eye. Tora grew up in this chaotic mess, her only constant the ever-turning wheels of their wagons. This life was hard and dangerous, but she was surrounded by constant guardians and devoted caregivers. Despite the threats that presented themselves almost daily, she never really knew true fear. There were times she was afraid, but her family always protected her. Then they were attacked by a giant snake. The creature had been seen in the mountains between Thull and Thyrta. The militant Muthay city had sent out word that the snake was rampaging and the Zhengs had been watching for it. But that wasn’t enough to stop it from attacking them. The monster killed several of the members of the caravan before it was stopped, including Morla Zheng, Tora’s mother. The twelve-year old saw it all and it instilled in her a life-long fear and revulsion of snakes of all sizes. It might have been the loss of her mother that compelled Tora to follow in her footsteps; the young woman was already proficient in many musical arts but now it became her life’s focus. Music, dancing and storytelling became the passion of her free time. Coupled with her natural appreciation of people and lore, she became the caravan’s rising star. An entertainer is always welcome on the long road; a good one is cherished. Tora would never have to worry about proving herself through making good trades, or finding some way to contribute. She was already doing so. The young dancer isn’t completely without her defenses; she’s fairly adept with the bow, largely due to her brothers drilling her with the weapon. She wasn’t really unwilling, but it certainly wasn’t her favorite thing to do. Still, all of her brothers made sure that she knew how to skewer her enemies. Then Arak unintentionally ruined that for her. He had joined them in Ka’chuun on the road between Thall and the Peace Pass, traveling with them. Like many outsiders who joined with them for a while, he earned his way by helping out where he could. A stop at a town near S’ur bound the two together. The Festival of Flowers was in full swing and spirits were running high as Zheng’s Caravan Company rolled into town. News and trade goods were always welcome and this just added to the good mood. Once work was done, members of the caravan went to have some fun. One of those things was a prize fight. Tora’s brother Dougal stepped forward, only to face a small New Fen man. Dougal was big and strapping, the foremost wrestler among the Zheng. Impulsively, Tora put a wager favoring her brother to win, and Arak accepted. When Dougal lost, Tora found herself owing Arak quite a bit of money. It was more than she had, so she turned to her father for the difference. She had known that Alango would be disappointed. Gambling was considered a waste of money in the caravan, an expenditure of resources that almost never netted a profit. Tora had assumed she’d be rebuked and chided. What she hadn’t expected was that Alango would refuse to pay her debt. Instead, he told her she’d repay it, even if that meant she was working for Arak instead of the caravan. When Arak left the caravan, Tora was compelled to leave with him. She did speak to her father, hoping that he’d miss her enough to buy out her debt and let her stay after all. But her father didn’t; instead he gave her two gifts. The first was a suit of leather armor that he’d had made for her in secret. The second was her mother’s lute, a beautiful instrument made, supposedly, of Amaranath wood. Whether this is true, it is a lovely instrument. Complications Honor: The Zheng family is well-known for their honesty and fairness, traits they have taught (some say bred into) their children.Obsession: Tora is obsessed with finding old lore, particularly old songs. She wants to find and preserve them all.Phobia: Few things will upset Tora more than a snake. Even the smallest baby snake will turn her into a terrified girl who seeks to immediately climb as high as she can - even if the only height available is other people. Combat Initiative +2Close AttacksUnarmed +0 Damage DC 15Grab +0 DC 10Throw +2 Damage DC 15Ranged AttacksBow +7 Damage DC 18Fire-Tongue +4 DC 17 SavesDodge +2Parry +2Fortitude +2Will +3Toughness +4/0
  15. Name: Arak Noak Personal Information: Birth Name: Arak Noak Nicknames: none as yet Occupation: woodsman, adventurer, Country of Origin: A'va'laan; Ka'chuun is nominally part of the nation of A'va'laan, Arak fancies himself a true wanderer however Marital Status: Unbound Known Relatives: Bai'larr (father), Na'toth (mother) Allegiance(s): none as yet Physical Traits: Weight: 156 lbs Height: 6' 1" Apparent age: late teens Gender: Male Ethnic Background: Skrofan Eye Color: golden Hair Color: rusty orange brown Handedness: Right Actual Age: 17 Distinguishing Marks: none at this time Appearance: Average height for a Skrofan with a bit leaner build compared to most males, even at his age. Arak has a shaggy head of reddish brown hair and golden eyes that contrast with the deep mahogany brown of his skin. Arak dresses in dark colors, primarily deep greens and browns with swatches of black. He possesses an innate grace that shows in his movements. Powers, Skills, and Personality: Known Powers: Like all Skrofan Arak is stronger and tougher than a human, both physically and mentally. Arak has been taught the magic art of Xylemic Runes by his father and makes use of those limited magics to bolster his formidable skills as a hunter. Abilities/Special Skills: Arak possesses a natural talent for navigation and woodworking as all Skrofan do. In addition he is a trained woodsman and hunter. Adept at surviving off of the land, moving quietly, tracking, and trained in the use of the Skrofan Vine-Stave, a unique and difficult weapon to master. Personality: forthcoming upon start of play Interests: New people, new places, new things, and new adventures. Having grown up in the tiny farming town of Ka'chuun, Arak is eager to see the world and do things that he never had the chance to experience before. Background: Arak was born and raised in the tiny town of Ka'chuun (see below). As a child Arak was precocious, curious, and full of the spirit of adventure. Though Arak was smart and capable, he was also restless and always looking outside of the limits of his life. Arak's father was a woodsman and a trapper, and Arak learned from him the techniques to move quietly, to track prey, and the simple combination of nature and rune magic that the common folk in his village practiced as part of their daily lives. Despite having a good, albeit poor, life Arak wanted more; he wished to see more of the world, to have adventures, and to see the things that he heard about from the trade caravans. Six months ago Arak decided to leave home with the next caravan that came through Ka'chuun. Though his parents were at first reluctant they ultimately saw that Arak would not be happy if he never got to live his life as he saw fit. When the the next trading caravan came back through the tiny village on the path south Arak left with them. Zheng's Caravan Company was returning from its annual visit to Thull and headed south, through Peace Pass, to Nay'fen before it would return to its home city of Nisoi. Arak tagged along for the journey, trading on his ability to trap animals an forage for food from the countryside. A few weeks ago, the caravan lay camped across the river from S'ur during a local festival. As part of the celebration an area had been set up for tests of fighting prowess. Arak made a wager with a young woman from the caravan on one of the fights, taking the little money he had available and putting it on the tattoo covered long shot competitor. Despite the long odds the man defeated the caravan drover he was paired against easily and Arak won a large sum, only to find that the young woman could not pay, and had been in fact somewhat intoxicated when she made the wager. The following day Tora attempted to gain the money to pay Arak from her father, the leader of the Caravan, but was rebuked for her indiscretion. Arak tried to forgive the outstanding debt that she could not pay but neither Tora nor her father would hear of it, instead she would travel with him until she could pay off her remaining debt. Complications Motivation - Adventure! - Arak left home to see the world and have adventures, he's more prone than most to do something "because it's there" or "because I've never done that before", finding it hard to resist the offer of a new experience.Rube - Arak is from a tiny farming town. It shows.Power Loss - Most Arak's Xylemic Rune magic requires pre-created runes that are consumed by the energies that power the spells. He loses access to his magic if his runes are taken from him or if he is unable to prepare replacements.Combat Initiative +3CloseUnarmed +1 Damage +1Vine-Stave: whip +8 Damage +1Vine-Stave: staff +6 Damage +4 Note: +3 to ParryRangedThorn +4 Damage +4Tanglefoot – Ranged Burst Area Affliction 5 (Resisted by Dodge, Hindered, Immobile)SavesDodge +3 Parry +3 [+6 when using Gnarled Staff]Fortitude +2Will +3Toughness +5 [+2 w/o armor]
  16. For those of you that worked with me on characters last night please post them here along with your background and complications.
  17. High School Junior Always seems to have some sort of illness (runny nose, coughing fits, etc.) Will not generally talk about his illnesses though, most commonly attributing them to a weak immune system (while in fact he has a very strong one that is slowly being overwhelmed by leukemia). Isaac is a bit of a stoic, and doesn't like to show people that his life is quite difficult, though those closest to him could probably figure it out quickly. He will persevere through just about anything, often giving more than he can afford to. He has forced himself through his life thus far, and is determined to make every day count for something. He will generally not ask for help, but will offer help where he can. This can lead to him getting a bit overwhelmed by everything he takes on. School wise, he has a knack for all sciences, and especially chemistry. He is also a gifted investigator, loving to solve puzzles, fancying himself as a young Sherlock Holmes. On the rare days that he is not feeling the pain of his maladies in his joints, he is a capable athlete, running on the track team. He often seems to be a font of unending useless knowledge, although from time to time his mind will make a useful connection to the situation. Physical Appearance: Tall (6'3") skinny (155 lbs) light tan skin (though he has rather severe farmer's tanlines) can have a sickly appearance from time to time depending on his current illness, brown hair and bright green eyes Mental (Secondary) Int 2 Wit 2 Res 3 Physical (Tertiary) Str 2 Dex 2 Sta 2 Social (Primary) Pre 2 Man 2 Com 4 Mental Skills (Primary) Academics 2 Computer 1 Investigation 3 (Puzzles) Occult 2 Science 3 (Chemistry) Physical Skills (Secondary) Athletics 2 Brawl 1 Larceny 2 Stealth 2 Social Skills (Tertiary) Empathy 1 (Lies) Persuasion 1 Subterfuge 2 Merits Encyclopedic Knowledge (4) Natural Immunity (1) Iron Stamina (2) Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Pride Health 7 Will 7/7 Speed 9 Size 5 Morality 7
  18. Ankassar, God of Justice, Order and Virtue - Aspect of Fire, judicator and arbiter. Ankassar is the God of Justice and Order. He is often represented as a majestical giant red dragon with lidless eyes. His gaze pierces the entire realm and recognises truth and justice where ever he settles his eyes. Ankassar is a cruel and unforgiving God and knows no compromise, his followers are fanatical zealots and often settle arguments in Duels which not seldom end in death of one or the other. Ankassar doesn’t care as long as justice has been served.
  19. Elan - The Magus, the First God, The Fallen Born from the rawest forces of Chaos as a force of pure magic Elan was the first god, formed mere moments before Kaer, his opposite. Elan created Wulkyr, the Heavens, and had a hand in the creation of many of the other elder gods. The first race enacted a grand ritual that rendered Elan to Iannin and allowed him to be slain. With his death magic was released into the world, and madness.
  20. Azath - Lord of Frost & Fire, He with a Hand of Fire and a Hand of Ice, The Unyielding Forge Aspects - Fire, Ice/Cold, Water, Metal-Smithing, Endurance Though born of the Twin Suns Tal and Len, Azath is a harsh god, with a blue-white hand that burns and orange-red hand the freezes, blood of magma and bones of ice. His fires and waters are necessities of life, yet when they rage, they rage fiercely, wrecking devastation. And he expects life to endure it and survive, or die, making way for those more hardy and persevering. He is also a master of the Forge and Metal, heating it with one, and tempering it with the other. Azath is at odds with Beltok, who creates, just to create again, where as he seeks that which endures.
  21. Quaress - The Tempting Trickster, Song Maiden, The Twist of Love, Lady of Larceny Portfolio - Deception and Trickery, Luck and Chance, Performance Arts, Love, Passion, and Desire and their darker mirrors Lust, Envy, and Jealousy The most beautiful of the gods, Kaer's charming and fickle daughter is generous in her gifts. But behind her divinely smiling countenance, resides a shadowy strain of Chaos from her father and every gift is barbed, as much as she gives, she takes, though even her thefts often leave behind a hidden gift, if her victims can but see it. Randomly bestowing luck and beauty, or taking them away is a great favourite of hers, leading to the phrase: Kissed by Quaress. This refers to the envy and jealous great fortune or beauty can draw, or to someone losing these things, yet finding their life more fulfilled. She stirs the passions of all, delighting in star-crossed lovers and ill-conceived matches, and thrills to prick and bring low the pretentious and arrogant. A central tenet of hers is: Leave them unsure. And she means it for mortal and immortal alike. She is the patron (inconstant though she is) of Bards, Rogues, Gamblers, and the Fey.
  22. Zahan-Thaya, Goddess of Life, Growth and Abundance - Aspect of Earth, creator and shepard of all life and living beings. Zahan-Thaya permeates everything living that is not an object. She is Siponak’s spouse and in her darker aspects represents Fury and Ferocity (as in uncontrolled growth of life). She is reverred and honored not only by farmers but also by everyone who respect life and Growth. The Goddess of Life is often depicted with her husband Siponak God of Death especially in context of his Vitality aspect.
  23. Konsea (Khan-SEE-ya) Goddess of War, Lady of Conquest, The Hungry One Konsea is a feared goddess; she is war for the sake of war. This goddess lives for the glory of conquest, casting her favor with the victor rather than with the most worthy. She is capricious and demanding, always working for another war. A certain percentage of the spoils are to be given to her, and her most ardent followers are always waging war. This goddess is also called the Hungry One because the corpses of the fallen in battle are fed to her. Siponak may have their souls, but she claims their meat and bones for her dinner table. Her endless hunger cannot be sated, whether it’s for gold, flesh or victory. Myths tell that once Iannan had four moons, but in a time of peace, Konsea ate it in desperation. Eclipses are sometimes taken to be a sign that her hunger is growing too great and a war must be started to feed her.
  24. Beltok (BEL-toke) Lord of Formation and Design, Master of the Creative, God of inventors and innovators, The Maker Beltok loves to see things made; what happens with them after isn’t his concern. He is responsible for designs, doodles and innovations. His gift to the world is the urge to always continue to create something new and (hopefully) better. His urges are not limited to the creation of things; he also governs the breeding of animals. While the farmer might enjoy the outcome of a good crossing, the god delights only in that moment when something new is formed. The dark side to this fervor is the loss of older, beautiful things to make way for the new. The disposition of his adherents’ creations is also a point of contention with other faiths – particularly the goddess of life, who doesn’t appreciate his lack of care for the lives created in his name.