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Found 1 result

  1. Adventure: Like a Bad Penny Tagline: Everyone knows about the Aeon Society and the adventurers. They know about madmen preaching an airborne civilization, Chinese crime-kings and the horrors that the telluric weirdness of the world wreaked during World War Two. Everyone knows the atom bomb somehow changed the world, and the wonder and strangeness went away, no more bulletproof men or mad scientists, the Aeon Society's doors shut. 2012, and the world is back to one hundred percent mundane, fifty plus years of it. Everyone is an idiot. The telluric side of the world never went away - it knew times had changed, and subtlety was the order of the day. Besides, the Aeon Society had been riven, the Ubiquitous Dragon killed by the Silent Shadows of Emperor Hirohito, Saturday vanished, and many more changes had wiped the field clean. Fifty plus years of chess piece moving, regrouping, and in the modern world, daredevils, stalwarts and mesmerists are still as potent and dangerous as ever. And the Aeon Society needs to protect the world again. Margaret Mercer is the bugler, the call has been sounded. Are you ready for a touch of deja vu? Summary: The past is returning with a vengeance, and the world has to deal with stalwarts, mesmerists and daredevils and the more mysterious aspects of the world, just more quietly. Number of Players: 4-5 preferably. It is not first come first served, I reserve the right to accept or deny characters at my judgment. I (Jeremy, Darrik, Curtis, Evo, etc.) have put this open as an interest check / potential recruitment. If there is enough interest, I'll put up the house rules and begin the recruitment in earnest.