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Found 2 results

  1. I'm working on messaging the freeform rules from TPG to something useable. Here's the first section, please discuss and make suggestions. Aptitudes: 1 Primary where the Modes may all be taken up to 5. 2 Secondary where the Modes may all be taken up to 4. All others may be taken as Tertiary, only up to 3. Mastering Effects: Each dot purchased in a mode provides one free effect that uses only that mode. Additional effects cost twice the rating of the highest mode used plus one additional xp per extra mode used in the effect. A character may not purchase effects that make use of higher ratings than they have in a mode (so, you improvise an effect that uses the boost option, but you can't purchase it). Improvisation: Improvised effects have a +1 difficulty per mode used in the effect. Mastered effects (one's the PC has bought) do not suffer this extra difficulty. Boosting: You may temporarily boost a mode up to the highest rating the character has in that Aptitude. This increases the difficulty of effect by +1 for each level above the rating the character has in the mode they are using. If the character has no dots in the Mode they are trying to boost, add +2 to the difficulty for the first dot and the player must spend a temporary Willpower point to attempt the effect (each "covered" mode in an effect costs its own temporary Willpower point). Teamwork: Psions can work together on an effect. They each roll their Psi and combine successes and any extra Psi spent is added to the success pool. Each character must spend a temporary Willpower to engage in Teamwork for a scene. When determining any need to "boost" modes for an effect, use the highest rank among all involved in the Teamwork. Investing Psi: A psion can invest a temporary Willpower point to maintain an effect indefinitely. The ST may determine if an effect is too complex to maintain or requires more than one invested willpower point. The invested willpower point cannot be recovered until the effect is canceled; they are then regained in the normal matter.
  2. Hi everyone ,, I'm starting a new Aeon/Trinity campaign in October and knowing my usual players the freeform system from the Players' Guide would provide a flexibility that would fit their playing style. My last Aeon campaign ran the normal system but over time had some flex creep in but that was over ten years ago now so I'm a bit rusty. ,, I know the general complaints at the time were that the Freeform rules were just too complicated and I vaguely recall some kind folks put together simplified versions which were hosted at the old site - but don't appear to have been ported over. Does anyone know where I can find them? ,, Cheers ,, Jash ,, (Yes, I know my timing sucks and I'm just chomping at the bit to get the Onyx Path version but serendipty isn't really my thing.)