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Found 1 result

  1. In the summer of 2007 I played my very first RPG. I have always been a science fiction fan and that was, until that summer pretty much the only fiction I ever read aside from some classical literature. I did not like fantasy and being a bit of a literary bigot wouldn't even consider Urban Fantasy at all. I was a snob yes and I am young and have no where near the RPG experience as most of you all. That Summer a friend dragged me out of my safety zone and took me to a local Comic Book Store ( as an aside I started reading comics that summer too lol). Once there I met some of his other friends including the weirdest person I had yet to meet in my young life. This was a guy named Larry Jones (real name I swear) and he was a Story Teller. And I played Mage the Ascension for the very first time. My Character was an Orphan I didn't know anything at all about the world, the game, or even the hobby really but I was hooked. I played in that game until I graduated High school and moved away to collage. We did play other games. But we always went back to that Mage game. And I loved it and it is still some of the best times I have ever had, it made me look at things differently than I had before. I'm pretty sure that that game shaped me. At collage I dabbled in other games and even started gming and storytelling myself in chat rooms. But I never ran a Mage game. To me it was kind of a sacred thing Plus everyone else that played mage played a very different game Mage the Awakening. I bought the Books but it wasn't the same. So Mage was just a fond , very fond Memory. Until Now. As most of you know Onyx has been releasing 20th anniversary editions of the Classic World of Darkness Games. First Vampire, then Werewolf and now Mage. Last week the Kick starters received their first draft Pdf's. The game itself is not out yet but it won't be long. I want to run a Mage 20 game. I want to run it here with my new gaming friends. I don't plan on starting the game until it is officially released. Namely because the PDF is only available to Kickstarters and I don't want just kickstarters to have the chance to play. But I do want to get the idea out there. Get anyone interested thinking. It's classic WoD but different. It is the BEST MAGE that could be and it will only get better. The Game I intend to run will be a stand alone Mage Game. It will not have crossovers with any of the other cWoD games and vampire, werewolves, what have you will only be antagonists. The old Metaplot will not be used. It will have no connections to any of the new World of Darkness. It will be it's own self contained universe. It is not affiliated with the SPI games. What im looking for is open minded people who want to play in a game where really anything can happen and where what you do really does have consequences. I have not settled on the what my setting will consist of or all the fine details. I want to give the players a bit of a chance to help shape the genesis of my wold. I can answer questions and give summaries of bits of the game to help tide you over and become at least a somewhat familiar with how the basic game has changed. So if your interested, if your curious, if you have ideas, if you want to come aboard the reality bending train, this is the place to sign up. Nina