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Found 2 results

  1. Okay... So once more.. we're starting this game... Players please resend me your Character Sheets as I hadn't gotten them all onto paper before the unfriendly host swap... A quick Primer on what you need to join (if you haven't already)... 1. Attributes, Abilities (you can spend your freebie points if you really want) 2. An idea of the character you want. (So you can tell me) 3. A desire to play. A quick note about characters in ATL... 1. All characters will be stronger than average, but players will not have any knowledge of thier character's nova powers until they figure it out IC (comes with being erupted in a non traumatic or self aware fashion) 2. You'll have at least 21 NP and up to 39 NP to spend on your character after the lottery. 3. No, You won't have any backgrounds until the organization gives you some... you'll be taken care of and if you want to purchase Node or Attunement, then those will be the only exceptions. 4. And read this for any updates.. I'll be reposting what I can and updating THIS post with updates.
  2. The sound of the light switch echoed suddenly in the cavernous, clean room. Carefully adjusting his black Lycra mask, a man dressed in a white lab coat walks slowly across the room, counting the silver cryogenic stasis tubes as his steady pace brings him to a control panel in the far wall. “Time to wake up the fresh meat….” Reaching up to the control panel, he flips open the cover of a toggle switch. Looking at his watch and waiting for just a moment before flipping the switch. Instantly the room is filled with the noise of running pumps and pneumatic hisses. Shaking his head, the man walks across the lab to a table with chairs (in fact, it was the only other furniture in the room besides the cryogenic units) and sits down. Out of the lab coat pocket the man withdraws a newspaper and starts to read what great thing PU had done recently. [Much… Much Later] The newspaper was spread across the table after each section had been carefully opened to read, and then disposed with little care. A zip lock bag with a half eaten sandwich sits on top of those. The man holding a single page of the newspaper glances up when the humming of the pumps quiets down, getting up to walk over to the nearest cryogenic tube. Knocking on the glass and waving down at the person within, the man grins knowing his job is almost done. [Later Still] The group of people assembles around the table, covered only by simple bath robe given to each one them by the masked man before them. His face still covered by the mask, the group was confused and hungry, but the hunger would have to wait for the confusion to subside. “Everybody, I want to welcome you all to your Afterlife. I know you all are trying to remember who, where, and why you are here. All I will tell you in that regard is that you are here of your own free will and that you are being well taken care of. I say this is your Afterlife because each of you was diagnosed with a terminal disease and approached by my organization. You have undergone an experimental treatment that has on 87% of the time produced a positive change in the patient. Unfortunately, that same treatment has left you with your current lack of memory and will most likely be permanent. This is the real hard part for me, I want you each to know that your loved ones are being taken care of, but you can never go back to the life you once had. It would be… a very bad thing. At this time I will give each of you a video chip with your name on it, when everyone has their tape we will precede to the viewing room. I know you have questions, but please keep them until later.” The man starts handing each person a chip that has their name and face on it. Once everyone has their chip, the masked man has them move into the next room and one by one watch their story.