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Found 532 results

  1. Coyote-Mad Scientist

    Aberrant: 2011 - Cornered Coyote

    August 15, 2007 The metallic sound echoed through the warehouse, and Karrie froze, listening. She would have said that it was Bandito poking around, but he’d been wrestled into a crate earlier and was at the vet’s with Dad and Mike. Spickle was in the house. It could have been one of the cats, but Karrie’s instincts doubted that possibility. No, her instincts were telling her that she wasn’t alone, and she wasn’t in friendly company. The wrench was the largest she had, and it fit in her hand so well. With near-perfect silence, she kicked her shoes off, feeling the dust floor of the tin-sided building settle between her toes. Balancing on the balls of her feet, she crept forward, her dark eyes searching the corners. She’d had no intention of remaining in the small warehouse; she was creeping for the exit when she caught the sudden movement from above. She’d often thought that the top of the cabinet would make a great ambush spot, but she’d never expected that someone else would see that and use it against her. But they did, leaning out over the edge and bringing something down on her; she’d ducked, but not enough, and it landed over her shoulders, knocking her down and driving the wind out of her body. “Hey, Jake… we got a squaw here!” a voice called, and Karrie tried to think, to recognize the voice. But her brain had decided that breathing was more important at the moment, and the desperate attempts to draw in air were taking all of her concentration. “Damn it, Sammy… you said there’d be no one here,” the other voice complained, coming out from behind the rusty baler that she’d been harvesting for parts. “We don’t need this hassle.” “We’ll take her with us,” Sammy answered, nudging her with a foot. A red face leaned over, coming into her vision, and Karrie recognized him. Sam Nez. And his brother Jake. They lived up the road, and sometimes did work for her uncle. They'd been around before. They weren't smart, but the were strong, and had a kind of zip cleverness that made them dangerous. Karrie had heard that they'd been involved in criminal acts, but she never dreamed they'd be dumb enough to rob her. I guess they're hubristic as well as stupid. “Sammy… we can’t take Karen with us. She has to stay here, and you have to make sure she’s not a problem,” Jake ordered before walking away from them, his eyes going to the shelves. “Wow… this looks like a movie set. There’s some weird shit here.” “I told you, dude,” Sammy said, “she’s a brainiac but she’s weak. It was no problem to take her down, right? Am I right?” “Just… fix her, ok?” Jake said distracted by a vaguely gun-like device he had picked up. “This is all so weird. It's got to be worth something... to someone.” Sammy grabbed her and flipped her onto her back, and Karrie let him, giving herself time to breathe again. The wrench was hot in her hands, and her grip felt slick and sweaty, but she had it. But do I have it by the right end? He knelt over her and brandished a long knife. “Look, squaw. We just want some of these toys, and if you’re willing to play along, we’ll be willing to take what we want,” Sammy said, his dark eyes glinting at her with a mixture of excitement and cruelty. “Of course, you’ll need to forget you saw us, and if you talk… well, we’ll know, and we’ll be back.” “Oh, that’s convincing,” Jake growled. “Just fucking rape her, beat her, break her spirit, whatever. And find me some bags or something to carry things in.” Sammy glared at his bossy older brother before turning his attention to Karrie again. “Did you hear that, Plain Pocahontas?” Sammy whispered. “I’m gonna break you.” He pressed the knife a little harder. “What do you have to say about that?” “Someone’s compensating,” Karrie hissed, swinging the wrench. The second she started the swing, she knew that she had the right end; the wrench almost flew through the air on its own power. The torque amplifier had originally been designed to increase her strength when twisting the wrench around a bolt; now, it aided her own muscle power and smashed into Sammy’s head much harder than she could have alone. Sammy kept his hair short, unlike many of the citizens of the Reservation. There was no cushioning for his skull or ear. Blood flashed in the air, raining down her. Thankfully, Sammy slid to the side, off her body and freeing her. Karrie rolled to her hands and knees, ignoring the pain that racked her body as she scanned for Jake. He kicked her in the head, turning her attempt to rise to her feet into a sprawling fall. Karrie moaned as her head began to throb, but that was the least of her worries; she heard the click of a gun. Without thought, she rolled sideways, away from Jake and his unknown firearm. The gunshot was loud in the tin building – Minimal ringing in my ears, small caliber something – but Karrie didn’t look; she hit one of her cabinets. Her roll arrested, she looked back at Jake and was staring down the barrel of a gun. Blindly, she fumbled for something out of her cabinet- The next shot was not as loud, not over the ringing already in her ears. Heat lanced through her side, followed by cold. Torso. Serious wound. Timer’s counting down. Panting, Karrie’s hand closed around a butt of something. She didn’t look to see what she pulled out; she pointed it and blindly fired. The recoil from the gun threw her backwards, rocking her against the metal shelves, and Karrie cried out with new pain. But Jake’s scream was louder. She looked past the blunt, awkward cannon of her gun, staring at the icy mask that was now Jake’s face. She watched as he worked his flash-frozen jaw, shattering it off his face. His resulting scream was racking and wordless as his hands felt at the frozen wound. He turned, trying to stumble out of the building, and Karrie shot him again, freezing a leg. He fell to the ground, sprawling like she just had second ago. Still he struggled for the door, trying to escape. Karrie dragged herself upright and dropped the Cold-Cannon. It only had one more shot; having more rounds than three was the big reason she’d never developed the gun further. Instead, she dragged out the spike gun she’d designed. Limping, she moved to stand over him; without a flicker of expression on her face, she shot him in his foot and hands, pinning him to the floor, screaming. “Stay. Good Jake,” she grunted, dropping the spike gun and pulling out her phone. Her body had so many pains that she couldn’t figure out which was worse, and she finally pressed a hand to her gunshot wound on the theory that guns were worse than blunt trauma. Dialing with her other hand, she fought the dizziness that tried to knock her down. She had to erase the number twice, but finally she pressed send, and hoped that he’d be available.
  2. Evan-Happy Scientist

    Aberrant: 2011 - Dream Date

    The sea breeze coming off the Adriatic kept the hint of fall away. It was well past midnight on the Piazza San Marco in Venice and Evan Sigmar waited alone. He was waiting on Bellator to give him a ride – a trip via teleportation actually – to Miami and the date he had won with Adult Sensation Caramel B’nath. Evan waited because he had come early. He had set a devious plan in motion and it was so unlike him that he was understandably nervous. It was his fondest hope that this night would be truly memorable for all involved and he prayed he was doing what was best for all involved … so he waited and fidgeted. The canals were dark now. The romantic couples on the gondolas were mostly gone now. It was late in Italy, which meant it was just past sunset in Miami. Evan was dressed well for his date. He had to be. His jacket and pants were black, his shirt a crisp white, and his tie and exotic pattern mostly in blue. A female friend at work had helped him pick it out, because fashion-wise, Evan was hopeless. Evan ticked off the final minutes. He was betting that Joseph “Bellator” Bernolli was punctual. Once again, he was hoping Bellator would be dressed up for the meeting with Kara “Carmel Bath” B’nath. So much rode on it, but Evan could think of to properly approach Joseph about it. Evan just had to hope things would just fall in place. Now he was waiting, fidgeting, and worried. The last seconds ticked away and it was Bellator’s time to arrive on stage.
  3. So I've decided to expand my acting career into more standard films. Before Josh breaks into tears, let me say that I'm not retiring from porn. But I want to show what I can do when not naked or semi-naked or you know, when not having some sort of sex. So my agent has convinced me to do an Independent Film. I have a script; it's a crime-thriller drama about a homocide detective facing a violent killer who gets personal. The reason I'm telling you is that if any of you would like to be part of it, I'd be more than happy to have you aboard. We'll probably be filming in the Miami area in November and/or December. Just to be fair - I'll tell you that I've already taken the lead female part. I won't be directing; that's one of the positions that needs to be filled. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks. ~Kara
  4. There was no tank today, and no coveralls. There was a sundress, and there was makeup. There was also a confused Spickle; the labra-doodle was unfamiliar with Karrie's scent being mixed with perfume. The dog registered her opinion of all the fuss with a heavy, mucus-spraying sneeze. "God, Spickle, could you be anymore gross?" Karrie fretted, planting a foot in the dog's side and pushing her gently but firmly out of the room with a scowl. Once the shaggy brown dog was outside the bathroom, Karrie pushed the door shut and studied herself in the mirror again. Her bronze skin and high cheekbones marked her ethnic heritage clearly, and her make up only emphasized her features. Karrie wouldn't hide them; she was proud of herself and who she was, but memories of Alyssa's perfect features crossed her mind. For one bitter moment, Karrie wanted that white skin and life of racial prestige. She shook off the desire as easily as she shook out her hair, sending the dark locks flowing around her face. After a moment's hesitation, she pinned the sides back. It let her hair remain down, but out of the way. "I think... that's as good as I get," she muttered. Which was when the doubts set in. "Is this too much? Oh, god... he's going to know. I gotta get this crap off!" Karrie reached for the water faucet, but the device on the counter began to beep. It was her radar warning, and it signaled that she'd run out of time. A small form was approaching, smaller than an airplaner, and moving faster. "Crap!" Karrie whined as she shut off the water and hurried out to greet her guest.
  5. Name: Joseph Compson Nova Name: Delicti Gender: Male Age:?? Delicti is currently working as a muesum curator. Known powers include enhanced senses, the ability to transmute matter, and increased physical attributes. More information pending. (Edit: due to lack of creative juices and more interest elsewhere, Delicti will be put on the backburner for a while)
  6. Join Caramel for the First Anniversary of the Bath House's opening! At the same time, show off your scary selves in the Halloween Contest! First prize - $100, free passes to The Bath House's monthly Private Spring Break Beach Party and tickets to The Fray's concert in November! Second prize - $50 and free passes to The Bath House's monthly Private Spring Break Beach Party! Third prize - Free passes to The Bath House's monthly Private Spring Break Beach Party! Come ready to enjoy Miami's hottest Halloween party with Miami's hottest club owner. Saturday, October 31, 2009 ~ doors open at 8 pm Admission fee - $10 Contest entry fee - $2 Costumes will be judged by Daniele Yarger of the Cherry Nuggets, Carlos Menda of the telenovela, Amor Real and Caramel Bath herself.
  7. Lina stood up from her laying position, leaving the laptop abandoned on her bed. She was wearing a pair of black sweat pants and a red hooded sweatshirt that came to her down to her mid-thigh. As she reached her arms above her head, and arched her back, she seemed to crack with a moan. There was a knock on the door, and Lina ignored it. Suddenly the door opened, and there stood the Nova who had once taken her captive. “Sitting here is driving me crazy!” He yelled at her, looking anxious and angry. She just looked at him, annoyed. “I’ll barge in where ever I damn well please.” He told her. She went to a mirror and began inspecting herself. “No! I don’t want to go for a damn walk. I want to go to a fucking city! I want to get wasted and kick the ass of another nova.” She just continued to keep quiet and he left the room. She kept him, and only him as a guard. Everyone else she made leave. After another moment, he came back and slammed the door shut. Lina giggled to herself and the front door slammed shut. It was quiet as she sat upon her bed, feeling lethargic but excited. She didn’t expect him for a few hours at least so she closed her eyes and thought of his touch. She had missed it all to much, but now the wait was over, or at least it would be soon. It seemed like only minutes later when she heard a knock.
  8. Has anyone heard or seen Divine since the Big One? A silence for this long is unlike her.
  9. Dr. Akaisha Ross

    Aberrant: 2011 - Old Friend

    Akaisha looks at the letter sitting on her kitchen table. She knew for months now that this day would come. She hadn’t talked to Mr. Gibbons in months now but even after all of this time he wasn’t going to let her get away that easy. She felt bad about not getting in touch with him. It had made her own decisions easier to make. She really liked working for him but Utopia just felt like the right place for her. Working for Agis was something that excited her several months ago but it didn’t call to her anymore. But how could she tell Mr. Gibbons that? Nervously, she tears open the envelope to see what it contains. “Akaisha, or should I say, Dr. Ross? We haven’t corresponded in some time so I hope this letter finds you well. In all of the years we’ve worked together while you were a student, I enjoyed your intellect and your intelligence. I’ve always hoped, quite selfishly, that you would consider working for Agis industries upon your graduation. I want you to know, however, that I respect any decision you make. If you decide Agis is not the place for you then I want you to be where you best feel you need to be. I know you can be where ever you want and while I hope Agis is where you want to be, I understand fully if it’s not. Even if you decide on other opportunities, I hope that we can maintain communication with each other as I look forward to seeing where you’ll go with your career. So please, no matter your decision, do not hesitate to call me. Sincerely, Charles Gibbons, CEO” Akaisha sets the letter down on the table and smiles a bit. She should have called Mr. Gibbons months ago and now she felt a little bad for not keeping him in the loop. But such a thing would be easy enough to fix. Picking up her phone, she scrolls through the names until she gets to his and presses the send button. A couple rings later and a man’s voice comes through her phone, “Akaisha! It’s about time you called old Gibbons.” She smiles a bit at the sound of his cheerful voice, “Mr. Gibbons, hello. I’m really sorry I haven’t called you in so long. And well, I got your letter today and I realized I needed to call you. There’s something you probably need to know.” “Yes, yes, you have a tail. I know.” Akaisha isn’t normally taken aback but his knowledge of what had happened to her was surprising to say the least. It wasn’t exactly a secret but how could he have known? He was able to respond to the silence before she could think of anything to say, “You should know better than to think I couldn’t find out. Besides, your parents DO know. I also know you’ll be working for the project.” Akaisha lets out a breath. In a way, it was easier having him already know everything even if it left her feeling a little guilty, “I guess you already know everything there is to know...” “Nonsense! I don’t know any novas personally so I don’t really know what you’ve been doing. I’d love to hear all about it. And I have a little something for you in congratulations for your degree and new job.” “Mr. Gibbons, thank you, you really didn’t have to...” He cuts her off before she can continue, “Yes but I wanted to. So how about tomorrow? I know some fine restaurants downtown. If you don’t mind spending a night with an old codger like me.” Akaisha laughs a bit and grins, “No, of course not.” She knew he was going to pick her brain for ideas on some of Agis’ latest projects which she always found very interesting. That would be worth it in and of itself. “Excellent,” Charles says, “I will see you tomorrow then. Good night, Dr. Ross.”
  10. Pele awaited outside the airport, he had a couple of days off and Stonewall would commend him if he had another person join the Teragen, those philosophically waxing of a bunch of people who are too smart for their own well being. Pele awaited on one of Lady Hina's cars. A red 360Z sports car, it's pretty small but Pele was not a very tall man. Stupid guards, denying me entrance because I might raise a ruckus? Fucktards. I guess I will just have him Paged when his plane touches down. Waiting in the car, Pele made sure to call on to the airport system to page 'Creeper' by name when his flight was arriving, he would be waiting outside. The sunny day, high with wind and the blue skies. The sun basking on Pele's face and he felt just at home, in the heat and the light of the sun.
  11. What happened?! Did we just have an eathquake?! Why can't I see anything?! Am I still in my house?! Divine's mind screamed. She didn't know how long she had been out, but she woke when the shaking started. What she pemembers is waking to the sound of her window blinds banging against the windows. As she sat up, everything rocked sideways to the left, and then to the right, as if she was in the ocean. Everything in her bedroom hit the floor, including her, as she was violently tossed onto the floor. Before blacking out, she remembered looking at the doorway to her room, and watching it warp before snapping. Her left arm hurt, and it was stuck to her side by a thick syrupy substance. As she rolled over, she found her movement limited by the bed on one side, an overturned dresser on the other, and the roof propped up by the two. Her whole house must have collapsed on top of her. Splinters of wood and shards of glass covered everything. She reached over to her hurt arm. "Awww, Shit!" she grumbled, feelng a large piece of wood sticking out of it. Obviously the doorframe had shattered and the windows imploded, and she was in the path of the blast. For that to have happened, she thought, there had to be a major earthquake. It was dark, dusty and smelled of smoke. Smoke!, her mind screamed out as her heart began to race. If she could smell smoke, there was a fire nearby. Fire killed people trapped in their homes and apartments. Katelee needed to know if she was in danger. She needed to know if she could wait for rescuers, or if she had to try escaping on her own. Being a Nova provided her with a means to do that. The quantum rushed across her mind, allowing her to detect any threats to her. A burning sensation crept across her flesh and her mind translated it as an affirmative. There was a fire nearby, and it would incinerate her if she didn't escape.
  12. (Continued from Innocence) The door finally broke that intense contact as Kara closed it. With a deep sigh, Kara leaned against the door to LiberTeen's room and struggled to rebuild her composure, something that was far harder than it used to be. And the thoughts raging in her mind didn't help: visuals of the sexual feast she'd left behind and turned down, even temporarily, followed her. It was like a web had been wrapped around her, and Kara could feel it drawing her back. Until Dr. Alder spoke. His sarcastic, lecherous tone cut through her thoughts and the caccoon around them, cutting them away. No, not cutting, Kara decided. Muting. His voice shoved back the fuzziness in her mind, a pervasive mental fogginess built of heat and desire that had invaded her mind the moment she'd entered the room. Is being around me like that? That's... not cool. It was another problem for another day. "You don't need to say anything, Doctor," Kara smiled, putting a little sway in her hips as she strutted forward. "I learned my bedside manner from you." She laughed at the responding twinkle in his eye, even as she quietly decided it was still strange to be talking aloud to him, instead of thinking and knowing he'd just know. It seemed wrong now, to forego that intimancy that had been both forced and natural in favor of spoken words. But she wasn't his patient anymore, her tongue was healed completely, and she didn't need him. The way that statement didn't feel quite right either frightened her. She wanted to leave, put it far behind her, but she owed him politeness. Besides, she had access to their pretense as well. "I thought you'd gone," Kara added with a casually amused expression. "Or are you hoping for a few moments alone with the lovely LiberTeen?"
  13. The Los Angeles night air was dark, a sight that was common since the Big One. Streetlights were still active, but they tended to be sporadic where available. The skyline that had once glowed as evidence of modern man’s ability to chase away the darkness was now only occasionally spotted with light. In the darkness above this city, the silent shape that flitted through the shadows was unseen. It was just as well that it was nearly invisible against the night, because it was a form that had never been seen on Earth. The winged cat dropped onto the roof of the hospital, her body shifting almost immediately into a heavy-bodied feline. The lynx scanned the night suspiciously, her ears flickering uncertainly. After verifying that she was alone, the cat bounced forward, working her way over to the gaping hole in the roof. After a moment of consideration, she made the long leap downward into the abyss below. This was the third night that Kara had searched the California Visual Surgery Professionals for Zach Doritha. It had been a hectic few days, with the daytime being split between frantic preparations for her movie and doing what she could to arrange fundraisers and help for the people of Southern California, and her nights taken up by searching for Zach, not to mention the four hours spent flying back and forth every night. The hospital was massive, and in disarray since the catastrophe, and searching it was a nightmare. Tonight, she only had to search for an hour before she found something promising. A familiar man was talking to another man; the man he was speaking to oozed the detective vibe, with his cheap suit and jaded expression. The first man was Zach doctor, Dr. Marich Silvo. Kara edged her body back around the corner and eased enough of her head around that she could see the two. “There’s no word?” Dr. Silvo was asking, his dark eyes lost in the shadows and bags that lined his orbs. “No, sir, I’m sorry,” the detective sighed, shifting wearily on his feet. He looked tired, too. “But then, a lot of people have disappeared since the Big One.” “I know,” Dr. Silvo said, his voice tight with pain. “But a little blind boy shouldn’t disappear from a hospital!” “Yeah, it’s a hell of a thing,” the detective shook his head as he spoke, “and I’d be afraid if the sister found out. I hear she’s a loose cannon, and a nova, too.” “Great,” Dr. Silvo sighed before offering the detective his hand. “Let me know if you find him. I’m going to have a lot of explaining to do once his parents get in touch with us.” When the detective was gone, the doctor stood in the dim hallway, his shoulders slumped. His entire posture was that of a defeated man. Kara had an impulse; without thinking it through, she shifted again, reforming herself into the anthropomorphic cat shape she rarely got to use. With a graceful curl of her black tail, she stepped into the hallway, soundlessly following the good doctor as he shambled down the hall into his office. It was late; Kara wasn’t surprised when he dropped into a couch and tossed his arms over his eyes. She moved soundless toward him, her eyes traveling over his reclined form. Moving to the couch, she crouched next to the sofa and murmured, “Hi.” He shot awake, his eyes wide and his arms flailing so widely that Kara was glad she’d hadn’t tried to touch him first. “Wha? Who? Who are you?” “I’m Catwoman,” Kara answered with a furry smirk. “I came here to find a young man, but I see that I have something else to do, too.” “What-?” His next question was cut off when she leaned down and kissed him. He responded automatically, his tired mind moving through the motions. The motions included slipping his hands into her soft fur to tease the skin underneath; she heard his sudden intake of breath when he found a nipple, hidden in the dark, luxurious pelt. She had wondered if he’d be willing, if he’d take the offered release. When he pushed her away, she was a little disappointed, but that turned into pleased contentment when she saw him fumble for a condom. * * *He stroked her face, teasing her whiskers and making her shiver against his bare chest. Kara smiled at his long sigh; it spoke of tensions long-held and finally given away. “Who are you, really?” he finally asked, without raising his head. He sounded on the edge of sleep, his voice lazy and distant. “Just a dream,” Kara replied, raising her head so that she could watch him. “In all seriousness, I can’t tell you. This is a secret identity.” He smiled lazily. “Like Batman, but sexier.” “Kinda,” Kara admitted. “I do need to turn to business, though.” “Oh?” “Yeah, I’m looking for Zach Doritha,” Kara said, running her hands over his well-maintained body. Marich moaned a little, his hands pausing on her body. “Oh, god… that poor boy. I’m really concerned about him.” Kara frowned. “He disappeared from the hospital during the earthquake? Any ideas who took him?” “No, and it kills me,” Marich sighed. “There have been some disreputable types hanging around. I’ve been worried that they’ve had something to do with it, but the police couldn’t get anything out of them, and I have no way to find out.” He looked at her. “Are you going to find him?” Kara frowned. “Maybe. Depends… on his sister.” “I hear she’s crazy.” Marich looked curious, instead of that spiteful interest that gossipers got. Kara thought about what she had seen from Lina, and she settled on, “She’s a young girl who adores her brother. And she’s a nova, so she packs a punch.” “Alright,” Marich sighed. He looked sad and lost, and Kara could see the horror of the last few weeks rolling back over him. Zach wasn’t the only person who Dr. Silvo had lost. Kara kissed him again, knowing what would happen, but needing to see him at peace again, if only for a few moments. She had fleeting thoughts of the other men in her life, but this was her gift: release. It was all she could offer, and only in increments of seconds. But they were denied that; before they got much farther, a high-pitched beeping broke the moment. “Wait… that’s my pager.” Marich dug out the device, sighing at the number on the screen. “I’m needed. An emergency.” “Saving someone’s sight?” “Maybe,” he said, standing up and heading toward his clothes. Kara followed him, silently helping him dress. He kissed her when he was clothed before whispering, “Will you be here when I come back?” “No,” Kara said, “I have to get going. Zach needs to be found.” “Right,” he said, his face falling a bit. “Will… I ever get to know who you really are?” Kara smiled. “If I ever go public, I’ll tell you first.” Marich smiled, a wide grin that lit up his face. “Fair enough. I’ll be watching for the revelation.” He kissed her again, and he was gone. She smiled as he left, but Kara’s smile faded as her mind fully returned to business. She had the hardest thing to do first; to tell Lina that her brother wasn’t safe, but was missing. This isn’t going to be fun, she sighed to herself as she moved to the hallway and began to work her way out of the building. At least I have a couple of hours on the way back to San Jose and my opnet terminal to work out the best response, she muttered to herself. Because this was not going to be fun, whichever way it went.
  14. Very few actresses successfully made the leap from pornography to the silver screen. It was hard to convince the industry that you were more than a pretty sperm receptacle. And Kara was no exception. Marty, her agent, had been pounding on doors for a while now, using her status as a nova – and one whose beauty would transfer over film – to try to get her foot in the door. Despite Kara’s undeniable charms, few were willing to give her a chance. “You’d think that George Clooney would have seen one of my films,” Kara grumbled, wadding up and throwing a paper-ball across the room. “I mean, he’s single and straight! Doesn’t he need some help to rub one out occasionally?” Marty grinned at her client before brushing her bangs back from her face. Kara resisted the urge to go for her scissors and clip them. She knew the white woman was growing out her reddish hair, but it was still annoying to watch her mess with them continuously. “I’m sure he does, but he can afford to hire a woman to give him a live show, hon,” Marty giggled. She sobered a little as she added, “You know, I’ve had another thought.” Kara tilted her head; it was her subconscious way of indicating she was open to hearing more. When Marty didn’t catch the cue, Kara sighed. Marty was too new to know her cues, and Kara had to say, “Ok, whatcha got?” “Some actors have made their big break by making their own movie.” Kara felt her expression turn skeptical, but Marty bulled onward. “No, really. Make an independent film, show it at Sundance, and then you have a real film that you can act in. We start October 5th, and we could be filming by November. Wrap sometime in December, and then we have months to edit. If you film near or below the equator, the season won’t matter. We could have it ready for Sundance in June 2010.” “I don’t know,” Kara said after a moment of contemplation. “I mean, it won’t even be a Hollywood movie… won’t it lack credentials?” “The point is to let people see you act, with your clothes on,” Marty replied. “You hire a director, and get him to help you with the crew, then fill in the other parts. That won’t be hard; there are people out there, in Bolly and Hollywood, who’ll work for crumbs. There’ll be some who’d pay to work with you.” “That’d help me fund things, anyway,” Kara muttered, settling her chin on her hand. Would this work? “You say other actors have done this before?” “Sure they have!” Marty exclaimed. “I don’t know if we can get it going in time,” Kara said, spreading her hands on the table. “I mean, we don’t even have a script!” “We could… have a script… right now,” Marty said, drawing a sheaf of papers out of her bag and sliding them toward Kara. “Who’s Kyle Vaasper? Besides the writer of Strangle?” “Well… she’s also my girlfriend,” Marty admitted. “But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a really good script. I really think you could do the lead.” “Sure… flatter me up,” Kara said, with only a touch of sarcasm. “I’ll… consider it. Can you leave this with me for a couple of days?” “Absolutely!” Marty said, nodding. Grabbing her purse, she added, “I’ll let you get started right now. Call me when you’re ready to talk.” Kara sighed, but flipped open the first page and started to read.
  15. Have you dreamed of meeting your favorite Lady of the Slutty Screen? Have you wanted to tell her how awesome she is, face-to-face? Have you ever wanted a DATE with CARAMEL? Now, you can. Starting Saturday, August 1st, you can buy a chance at that dream. One ticket gets you one chance to have a dream date with Caramel. On Saturday, September 5th, Caramel will draw the name of the winner during Cherry Nugget's 'Dance Free/Die Free' show at the Bath House. More details on the date will follow. Win a date with Caramel, while helping needy children. Each ticket is $100; all proceeds go to charity. No limit* on the number of tickets that may be bought. The Cherry Nugget concert on 9/5 is free, courtesy of the Bath House. Need not be in attendence to win. If the winner does not claim his or her ticket by 9/12, another winner will be drawn. Do not lose your ticket. ---------- ---------- ---------- *[OOC: ICly, there is no limit. OOCly, I and several people in chat (thanks, guys!) established that the following restrictions, which are based on the amount of spendable cash given to your character by his or her Resources rating. Resources • maxs at 3 tickets Resources •• maxs at 5 tickets Resources ••• maxs at 250 tickets Resources •••• maxs at 1,000 tickets Resrouces ••••• maxs at 10,000 tickets (we're looking at you, Gabe) Naturally, you don't have to max to participate. Let me know how many tickets your character will buy, and I will assign numbers to your character. Then I will set up a program in Excel that will randomly select a number in the range of the total number of tickets. I'll have both PW and Long witness this result, and that number will be the winner. Yes, that means a PC will win. Sorry to all the NPCs out there! We just don't love you enough. Questions can be posted below, so long as they are marked as IC or OOC appropriately. Thanks!]
  16. Wrapped in a pair of tight, grey sweat shorts, a black tank top, and a pair of shoes, Lina set off from the small cabin in a slow jog. It had been a few days since Ravenshire went off to tend to his business, and only a day since Lina felt well enough to move whatsoever. By some quantum miracle, Lina had almost completely healed from the internal injuries that previously plagued her. Soon, Lina found, that a type of ‘Regeneration’ had manifested within the boundaries of her body, as she had accidentally pierced herself with a nail, and the wound was gone in a mere minute. In her head mind was a picture of Dark Spiral, and it was what plagued her since their first meeting months ago. Lina tried to sort out what had gone down and what she could do better on their next meeting, but nothing helpful came to mind. “I need to be stronger.. “ she told herself a million times, but she knew she couldn’t convince her body into becoming stronger. She had noticed that over the past few months she gained abilities, like a force field, a ray of heat, regeneration, and she even found that she could concentrate her light around her fists, giving them an aura of destruction. Still, though, they probably wouldn’t stand against Dark Spiral. Ravenshire seemed to have a plan, but Lina didn’t want to draw this out over a long period of time. She wanted blood, and she wanted it as soon as possible. As she jogged along the cleared path, with a nova-techno song blasting in her ears from the MP3 player strapped to her arm, she reached the lake that defined her current residence. It seemed enormous to most, but Lina had lived by a lake all her life, and not far from the Great Lakes. Lina decided that, today, she wanted to jog the perimeter of it. She had heard that bears and moose were common to this secluded getaway of hers, but she’d never seen them. An hour passed before she had known it, and the sun was bright in the sky. The path rarely diverged from lakeside, but there were short occasions when it would make its way from the shoreline into the fields. Lina was enjoying the outdoor privacy. It was the first time she’d actually been out of sight from the followers in some time. She knew that they weren’t around, but somewhere in the back of her mind she knew she still wasn’t alone in this place. She knew that someone was watching from somewhere. Lina spied several forest animals, like squirrels, raccoons, birds, and deer. They all ran before she reached them, and Lina had expected as much. She was incredibly fast, but they heard her far before she could reach them. It was nearly two hours after she set out that she grew bored with her music, and she removed the headphones from her ears and wrapped them around her armband. Only minutes after that her gut began to ache with pain. She took a deep breath, but that only caused her to stop running. It had felt like the wounds in her stomach had been torn open again, spontaneously. She lifted up her shirt and inspected her stomach, finding no marks out of the ordinary. “I’ll sit down” she told herself, but she did not. She moved to a brisk walk, hoping that the pain would die out. Before she knew it, she found that the path had led her to a large, unkept field next to the lake. Lina slowed to a stop before deciding to lie in the tall grass. Footsteps approached her, and Lina opened her eyes. It’s gotta be one of my guys. There isn’t anyone around here for miles. Lina closed her eyes, and opened them once they stopped at her head. It was an unfamiliar face looking down at her. His eyes and hair were brown, and he looked to be a little worn out. The two just looked into each other’s eyes for a time before Lina could think of reacting. Why aren’t I getting up? Her muscles were not reacting in accordance with her brain’s commands, and she couldn’t voice her complaint. ”Because I don’t want to have to put you in pain.” He said to her. His voice was soft, and yet, somehow, it seemed troubled. He sat next to her, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a sleeveless tee. He was very, very skinny. He looked out at the lake, than closed his eyes. Lina tried to summon her light, but couldn’t do that either. She tried to speak, than realized that she hadn’t spoken before either. Who is this clown, and what the fuck did he do to me? The guy kept his eyes closed and didn’t seem to acknowledge her thoughts. She stared at him for a time as he kept his eyes closed. What is he doing to do? Lina thought, while struggling all she could to wrench herself free of the paralysis. “First, we’re going to watch the sun go down. I will miss the serine Dakota sky, and its luxurious sunset when I go. Plus, it will be a great end for you.” He said, as he opened his eyes and smiled at her. He can.. You can read my thoughts? “Well, I certainly do hope so. Otherwise I may need a urgent psychotherapist. I’m a psychic. A nova, like you.” He looked back at the lake. “Like you in the sense that we share a node. Not like you in the sense that I have white skin, or falsely lead a group of sheep to their death.” Okay Laura. You can get out of this. You’ve gotten out of worse before. “Laura?” He said to her, looking down at her once more. Fuck off, ass shit. She thought, and would have smiled if she could. He seemed to pick up on it as he smiled back at her. He’s cu..NO! She forced herself to think only of woodchips, and he laughed. “It’s fine, actually. I get that a lot. If you knew me before I was a nova, you’d know that I was cute back than too.” He said while laughing. “If you want to think about woodchips, we can talk about that too.” Lina screamed in her head. This was worse than torture. I was not fucking calling you cute you fucking douche bag! I will fuck your ass up the moment you fucking slip up. You think about that. He looked away from her and kept quiet. After a few minutes of gathering her thoughts, he decided to speak. “I’m sorry, that was mean. I shouldn’t have let you think that there was a way out of this.” She wanted nothing more than to scream, but she just laid there, a small section of tall grass in the vast fields of the Dakotas.
  17. Real Name: Lina Doritha Nicknames: White Light Place of birth: Bruno, Wisconsin Age: 16 Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Father, Mother, little Brother Allegiance: Independent Eruption: Holy Exposure Height: 5’ 2” Weight: 94 lbs. Eyes: Green Hair: Black Known Quantum Abilities: Little is known publicly about Lina’s powers. Her skin is white, and she can create light using parts of her body. She is very intelligent, fast, and flexible. Abilities/Special Skills: Lina has religious followers that she may call upon whenever she has any need, including labor and monetary needs. Character Stats Attributes: Strength: ●● Dexterity (Graceful): ●●●●● Stamina: ●●● Perception: ●● Intelligence (Discerning): ●●●● Wits: ●● Appearance: ●●● Manipulation: ● Charisma: ●●● Abilities: Athletics: ●●●● Martial Arts: ●●● Endurance: ●●● Resistance: ●●● Awareness: ● Academics: ●● Bureaucracy: ● Computer: ● Linguistics: ●●(French, Japanese) Medicine: ● Science: ●● Arts: ●● Biz: ● Rapport: ● Style: ●● Streetwise: ● Subterfuge: ●● Etiquette: ●●● Perform: ●● Acting Backgrounds: Attunement: ● Cipher: ● Euphiber: ● Followers: ●●●● Influence: ●● Resources: ●●●●● Initiative: 11 Willpower: ●●●●● ●●●●● Quantum: ●● Taint: ●●●●● Aberrations: White Skin, Phobia - Astraphobia Mega Attributes: Dexterity: ● Stamina: ● Intelligence: ● Appearence: ●● Charisma: ● Mega Enhancements: Accuracy (Dex) Durability (Sta) Regeneration (Sta) Speed Reading (Int) Awe-Inspiring (App) Mr. Nobody (App) Inpiration (Cha) Powers: Bioluminescence: ●●● Quantum Bolt: ●●● (Lethal - White light causes burn damage) Force Field: ● Claws: ● (Extra: Aggrivated, Armor Piercing) (Linked Power: Dependency 2 - Bioluminescence) (Weakness: Damage 1) Flaws: Intolerance -1 (Christians) Vengeful -2 Enemy -0 XP: 4 Gained (April 1st) 3 Spent - 2nd Dot of Mega-Appearance (Tainted) Aberration gained - Low Level Phobia - Astraphobia 4 Gained (May 1st) 2 Spent - 2nd dot in Acting 2 Spent - 2nd dot in Linguistics (Japanese) 1 Left over 4 Gained (June 1st) 5 Left over 4 Gained (July 1st) 6 Spent - 1st dot of Force Field 3 Left over 4 Gained (August 1st) 6 Spent - 1st dot of Claws (With extra) 1 Left over 4 Gained (September 1st) 5 Spent - Enhancement Gained - Regeneration 0 Left Over 4 Gained (October 1st) 4 Gained (November 1st) December - Inactive January - Inactive 5 Spent - Enhancement Gained - Mr. Nobody 2 Spent - Background Gained - Cipher 1 Left Over
  18. Known/OOC Name: Real Name Unknown / MisterE Age: Unknown / 26 Erupted: Unknown / August 27th, 2009 Appearance: Unknown / Brown eyes, Dark Brown hair and physically nondescript General Knowledge: Unknown / So far it has been revealed that MisterE is a patrolman in the LALE and was caught up in the catastrophe of 'The Big One' of 2009. XPs.: (06/08) 40 Total/Unspent: 40/6
  19. Lina gripped her side and coughed, a small amount of blood coming up and lining her ruby lips. Her black sleeve had been serving as her napkin for the past few hours, even though there are more than enough clothes around her to use. “Let me see.” A man spoke as he entered the room. A large man closed the door behind him, and Lina just looked at the new man. “Let me see it. I was pulled away from my practice to do this, and it is an honor, but I do need money to survive.” “It’s internal.” Lina responded, laying back on the floor and holding back the cough. “And I.. think a few brok..en ribs.. too.” She was obviously in an incredible amount of pain, and there were awkward pauses in between her words. The man walked up to her, and as he kneeled next to her he paused. With a deep breath, he lifted the stomach of Lina’s shirt right below her breast line. Parts of her flesh were swelling with a deep purple, and the man grimaced as he looked. “Internal bleeding, and definite fractured ribcage.” He said, running his fingers lightly over her abdomen. Lina’s eyes were closed, but she looked more relaxed now than anytime before. “That is quite the maze you have set up to find you.” The man finally said while rummaging through his black bag. Lina didn’t respond, and the man looked a little more uncomfortable. “Well, you’re not in hypovolemic shock, which is good. I’m going to start you on IV, but your body seems to already know the treatment you need. Your blood flow seems excellent, and your tolerance for the pain is astounding. Would you like some hydrocodones to help with the pain?” Lina nodded, and the man stood up. “I’ll be back in a few minutes. Don’t move.” The man stood up and began walking out. Lina mouthed a ‘Thank you’, but it was not audible in the least. As she lay, her eyes became to feel heavy, and soon sleep took a hold of her. She dreamt of her brother, and of Daniel.
  20. The fic starts at an indeterminate hour of the morning of the 28th of August, in a Utopia base camp, where staff and volunteers alike are waiting for the bureaucratic mess to be cleared up and to be given orders. The fic is open, and although I'm pursuing a story with Percivald, which involves him, and possibly Tina as well, going off alone to help people, without authorization, I'm pretty flexible on the specifics, if you want to get involved. Basically, if you think your character would be in the camp, and you'd like to interact with Percy (he's made himself quite noticeable, and most of the staff knew he was a nova even before he undormed), you can post. I'll split off the continuing Percivald story into another thread if necessary.
  21. Real Name: Leon Magus Nicknames: Lee, Magus Place of birth: Seattle, Washington Age: 21 Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Mother, Father, Sister Allegiance: Undeclared Height: 5'11" Weight: 145lbs Eyes: Green Hair: Brown Character Stats Attributes: Strength: ●● Dexterity (Fast): ●●●●● Stamina (Determined): ●●●● Perception: ●●● Intelligence: ●●● Wits: ●●● Appearance (Alluring): ●●●● Manipulation (Devious): ●●●● Charisma: ●● Abilities: Athletics: ●●●●● Legerdemain: ●●● Endurance: ●●● Resistance: ●●● Awareness: ●●●● Academics: ●● Bureaucracy: ● Computer: ● Intrusion: ● Medicine: ●● Survival: ●● Rapport: ● Style: ● Streetwise: ● Subterfuge: ●●● Etiquette: ●● Backgrounds: Backing: ● Contacts: ●● Mentor: ●● Node: ●● Resources: &#9679&#9679 Initiative:13 Willpower: ●●● Quantum: ●●●● Taint: ●●● Aberrations: Mega Attributes: Mega Dexterity ●●●●● Mega Enhancements: Enhanced Movement Powers: Hypermovement ●●●●● (Running) Flaws: Phobia - Claustrophobia (-2) Minority - Homosexual (-1) Secret (-1) Combat Paralysis (-3) Merits: Internal Compass (+1) Alter Ego Name: Transonic Place of Residence: Somewhere near Seattle, Washington Age: Unknown Marital Status: Unknown Known Relatives: Unknown Allegiance: Independant Height: About 6'0" Weight: Unknown Eyes: Unknown Hair: Unknown Known Facts: Transonic appeared in the Seattle area during the month of July 2009 as a masked vigilante. Seattle has put out word of wanting to hire Transonic as a public defender, but have received no public word back. Transonic possesses super speed and has the ability to go much faster than the speed of sound. He has only publicly done so once, and it seemed to cause considerable property damage. He wears full body spandex and a mask. Unknown Facts: Transonic's real name is Leon Magus, and he is really shitty about keeping his secret identity. Several people know it, but they have not revealed it as personal favors to him. Leon recently got a job, thanks to his sister, as a male nurse at a private practice in the suburbs of Seattle.
  22. I grab hold of the bus and feel the quantum flow through my arms into my hands. The fender groans. I feel the strain, but I surprise myself on how little it is. Hey, I’ve never lifted a bus before. The bus here flipped over on its side during the first few moments of the quake. Two policemen are helping people out when first appear. One cop looks at me with disgust, obviously taking me for some loon with a costume. The other cop has a look half-way between disbelief and hope. I’m more concerned with the commuters, late for jobs they no longer need to get to, who are bleeding and bruised. I look at the first cop – he’s the senior of the two – and say, “How can I help?” “Stay out of the way,” he growls, helping an older lady down. “Wait”, his partner says, “I think this is the guy we’ve been hearing about. Maybe he can do something?” While looking at me, the senior cop responds to his partner, “Like what? Can he fly us some help in?” The younger cop bites his lip. He’s lifting another person from inside the bus. The bus driver is pushing the passenger up. “I can lift the bus,” I interject. I think I might be able to lift a bus. I’ve lifted a car without any problems so how hard can a bus really be? His snide reply is, “I’d like to see that.” So here I am at the front of a bus, flipping it back into an upright position. The bus teeters up. All of the people that can be easily gotten out (because of their lack of injury) of the bus are out. The younger cop has remained inside while I slowly move the bus. He’s going to help shift the people inside so they don’t suffer further harm. I rotate the bus slowly and stop when asked. The senior cop seems truly impressed. I know I am. This is the most people I’ve helped to date. The sensation is neat. The bus is on its wheels once more and the bus driver tries to start it up. He succeeds and he rolls it to the side of the street. It’s not like you can really take it back to the depot. The junior cop (who I can now see is named Wilkes) is grinning at me. He already came over and thanked me. He even gave me a fraternal slap on the arm and told me how good a job I have done. The senior cop (whose name tag reads Mosley) leans out of their squad car and calls me over. “There are cars pinned under the 405 at Redondo. Do you think you can help out there? There is already Fire/Rescue there, but they say they need a crane to get the wreckage out of the way if they are going to save those people. Any aftershock could bring the whole overpass down and traffic is snarled everywhere.” I hardly need a second to think it over. “Sure thing.” We all stand there for a moment before I think to ask, “Can you give me a ride?” “You don’t fly,” Officer Mosley asks seriously? “I’m afraid not,” I reply. “At least not very well and I think it would be faster if you drove me.” It also reduces the chance that I’ll crash again and hurt myself. I don’t think that confession would help the situation here. Mosley mulls it over for a few seconds then nods. “Hop in.” Looking over to Wilkes, “Get in Wilkes. I don’t know when I’m going to be able to get back this way.” Mosley is only half joking. We were still joking at the start of the first day. It hadn’t really sunk in how isolated the Earth had made the city in just a few seconds. We would learn.
  23. Journal Entry: Day One I got clipped with a telephone pole this morning during the initial quake. I thought I had a concussion, but now I think I erupted. I’m swallowing Aleve and trying to think through the pain, but it’s not easy. I don’t have much of a choice. The city needs me. I just wish I had erupted with something useful, but right now I haven’t a clue what I can do and I don’t have the time go to the Rashoud facility. I can’t believe what I’m hearing about the pissing contest going on between FEMA and PU. What are they thinking in DC? Don’t they know people are dying for lack of medical supplies here? Screw it. Rafael is pretty badly messed up, the doctor told me. He’s got several cracked ribs and his right knee is shattered. He may never walk right again. I owe him and I hated leaving him at St. Vincent’s, but there are reports of gangs attacking refugees in Lafayette Park. It’s been a long day. Day Two It’s been a long night and a weird one to boot. I’m sure I would be more excited by everything that has happened to me in the past two days if it wasn’t for the sheer calamity all around me. Somehow even being a nova now leaves me feeling small in the scope of the past 36 hours. 36 hours …. Rafael is conscious now but in a shit load of pain. Other officers are keeping an eye out for him too. We look after our own. Of course, we have also had a few officers go missing – off to see how their own families are doing no doubt. It’s been hard. All the cell towers are down and the land lines are busted. No Opnet either. Our radio systems are prepared for this crap, but few others were. We need help. I’m so freaking tired. I think I’ve only gotten two hours of sleep since the Big One happened. We are calling it the Big One now. It’s been hours since the last aftershock, which is good. Aftershocks make the people crazy. A weird thing happened last night. Some white collar creep was pushing people around at the park. Apparently an aftershock took out his BMW, or some such other sob story. Something about this guy gave me the creeps and when I saw him harassing this woman, I went to stop me. He said something to me and my head felt like it was going to split open. I drew my gun and told him to stop it. My resistance seemed to surprise him more than my gun. He said something like “Your mind is shielded” and backed off. I was in too much pain to stop him and he disappeared in the park. The woman seemed in a daze too, but thanked me feebly. I looked for the guy but couldn’t find him anywhere. Just weird. Day Three Christ, we had a major dust up with Los Lobos this afternoon. Several officers went down and I think one of the guys from Rampart got killed. I don’t know how many LL’s got it. We aren’t doing after action reports right now. I keep thinking about how hard it must be to have your husband work through all this just to get greased by some greedy, murderous whore. I have myself an M-16 now. It beats a shotgun. I know that it isn’t my primary duty to kill looters and other scum, but part of me feels better about the improved firepower. I did a bit more running convoy on relief supplies coming into the city today, which was good. Most people are behaving and that means we don’t need as much security. That’s more eyes on the street. Rumor has it the Governor is coming down tomorrow. We could be doing more important work, but that’s politicians for you. I got a shower, a change of clothes, and a hot dinner today. You don’t miss them until you can’t get them, or so the saying goes. The LT saw me popping pills again today and told me to go to the hospital and get checked out. I think I’ll pass. What’s going to happen to my life if people know I’m a nova? How are people going to treat me differently? Here in LA (where I want to stay) novas are treated differently. The certainly don’t get to be beat cops, or detectives if there are promotions after all this chaos. I don’t want the fame or the notoriety. I’ll figure out what I can do on my own.
  24. The basics: What Happens: On August 27th, 2009, Southern California is rocked by an 8.1 Richter scale earthquake. What Also Happens: The damage is most extensive in Los Angeles and surrounding county and townships. Gas mains are burst, roads are shifted, utilities such as electricity and water are disabled. The eufiber backbone of the OpNet for southern California is knocked out, causing widespread misinformation. Aftershocks continue throughout the first day and are mostly gone by the 28th. What Are The Major Organizations Up To? Project Utopia is quick to respond, sending in Team Tomorrow Americas and other affiliated novas. After realizing how extensive the damage is, Utopia puts out a blanket call for any volunteers, baseline and nova alike, to help aid the damaged areas. However, they run into a bureaucratic snag with FEMA, which doesn't want the Project's aid and says that any Project personel entering the disaster area will be arrested under FEMA's emergency legal powers. This clash of organizations can be circumvented by stealth, or mediated by social skills, or ifthe nova is powerful enough, just plain ignored. There is a local Los Angeles cult called the Divisians who have taken the initiative in broadcasting via pirate radio that the earthquake was caused by Divis Mal. Teragen-affiliated novas may have something to say about this. Also see Rumors, below. DeVries and other Elite agencies may have their nova members hired by FEMA to help out in the emergency. If Elites insist on payment in advance, they may not see action until the second or third day; if they do their work with pay later they may find difficulties down the line with getting the money. Wealthier private citizens may hire a nova for their own ends, possibly running into problems with FEMA. Also see Rumors, below. The Directive, being a military-intelligence organization targetted at rogue novas, has no official involvement other than stepping up surveillance on any novas able o cause an earthquake. But see Rumors, below. Bureaucratic nightmares mixed with natural disasters? Is this a take on Katrina? Sort of, yeah. I find that stories of the future - or of alternate present-to-near-futures like this one - are really stories about our world refracted though a prism. Consequently, comparisons with Katrina are intentional, and more to the point, inevitable. Of course, Katrina didn't have superpeople swooping down to help or hinder the relief effort, but that's the essense of Aberrant right there - taking something we find familiar and mixing in the superhuman and seeing how they react to each other. So what should I know about Los Angeles and surrounding area? Quite a bit of information on how L.A.'s changed is listed in Aberrant: Year One. I will summarize, for those without a copy: - Population: 19 million - Black 8%, Asian 15%, Caucasian 36%, Hispanic 41% - In 1999, the sheriff's department and the police were merged together under a single legal authority, the Los Angeles Law Enforcement Bureau, or LALE. Many people such as the operatives of Directive OpCell Sundial still use the old acronym out of familiarity, not because their author neglected to check. The LALE is made up of a mix of good cops and glorified thugs. You decide which one you run into, if any. - The city is divided up into twelve mandated time zones, with work schedules mandated by law that are one off from each other. This is to alleviate rush hour. Richer zones get the 'better' schedules. Yes, it's a dopey law. It's far from the first one. What this means is that many people will be at work, or on their way to work, when the earthquake hits, while many others will be asleep or at home or out on the town. - Some of the wealthier in Los Angeles live in metroplexes - similar to the Addis Ababa arcology though much less grand in scale. A mall, office building, apartment complex and parking garage all in one. They are considered private property and are not open to the public. The larger ones reach about 5,000 residents. - The Home Shield Law means that any tresspassing on private property can be met with lethal force. Although this law may be suspended under FEMA's emergency powers, many residents of LA will not take the hint - and even if they do, they may neglect or be unable to deactivate any lethal-intensity security systems. So what happens, roughly when? August 27th 9:10: Earthquake hits. Aftershocks throughout the first day. Most communications with LA are knocked out. 9:30: Team Tomorrow Americas responds. (If there is a nova on the team capable of large-scale teleportation, they may arrive immediately - otherwise, the faster moving members will arrive first to assess the situaton.) 9:30: Also around this time, FEMA moves into action, implementing plans for dealing with an earthquake in the area. 11:00: Due to the communications blackout, rumors are running wild. See Rumors, below. What is known is that the earthquake was at least an 8.1. 11:30: Project Utopia puts out a blanket call for volunteers, nova and baseline alike, to assist in the relief effort. Within two hours they have over five hundred volunteers. This effort is hampered by further events. 11:45: The Divisians start broadcasting via pirate radio. Taking the initiative, many others turn to low-tech ways of getting their voices heard in the devastated area. 12:15: FEMA officially responds to Utopia's call for volunteers, negatively. FEMA states that they will behandling the relief effort and that while Project Utopia's contribution is appeciated, it is unnecessary. Publically, Utopia does not respond - privately, the directors of both organizations are on the phone to each other for the rest of the afternoon. 12:30-6:30: The first chaotic hours of the relief effort. Utopia has heard the broadcast that Divis Mal has caused the earthquake and is unsure of whether or not this is the truth. Consequently they send nova agents into the disaster zone to help out and and also to try and pinpoint the pirate broadcast. FEMA looks into hiring a couple of nova agents itself. 6:30: Talks break down and FEMA issues an ultimatium - if any volunteer not affiliated with FEMA enters the disaster area, they will be arrested. The statement is widely reported and causes a firestorm of debate. Officially, Utopia is honoring the edict while still recruiting its volunteers and employees for when they are permitted entry. 9:00 PM: President Randall Portman issues a call for support for the people of southern California in this difficult time. He does not comment on the rift between FEMA and Utopia. August 28th Morning: Tensions still high and progress is slow. Accusations are flying around - people are blaming Utopia for sticking its nose into the affairs of a sovereign nation, and people are also blaming FEMA for letting bureaucracy and some grudge against Utopia interfere with a mission of mercy. 8:30: FEMA gets an anonymous tip that the pirate broadcast claiming the earthquake was caused by Divis Mal is faked by the Divisians. Comprehensive evidence is in the bag that contains the tip. 9:30: FEMA's PR flack, Jane Myers, holds a press conference. The conference is defined by the repeated use of the phrase "We don't know yet." She insinuates at one point that Utopia acted in haste when word of the now-discredited Divisian broadcast reached their ears, and that FEMA had no choice but to assert its authority. More debate lights up the OpNet. 12:00 - 5:00: OpNet still out throughout much of southern California. Rumors run rampant, with a few being squished. 5:30: In a srprising turn of events, FEMA Has partially reversed its order and will allow select non-FEMA personel through on a provisional basis. (Who is allowed in at this time is decided by backgrounds. Anyone with Backing 4 or Influence 5 in a relevant area will be allowed in provisionally to help. These prerequisites will be lowered by 1 for each subsequent day after the 28th. All personell let in this way may have to deal with conficting orders. All who enter without going through these channels should either be subtle about it, or be ready to eat a little shit later on if they get caught.) 2:00 onwards: Player generated content. A summary of any details in a ficton you create should be posted in this thread so that we can all stay on the same page. August 29th Mid afternoon: OpNet starts to get restored in parts of the affected region. Anyone in the disaster area with access to an OpNet-capable device may post on the OpNet at this point. Before this day and time, communication is extremely limited - OpNet backbones are out and wireless towers are inoperative. Rumors: - The earthquake was caused by nova powers. (False.) - The earthquake was caused by Divis Mal. (Also false.) - Some LALE cops are taking this as an excuse to beat up anyone they feel like. (True, though not nearly as widespread as it sounds.) - People entering stable shelters are being hurt or killed by security systems or armed tenents made legal by the Home Shield Law. (True. Again, not that common, but it's happening.) - Some of the private megaplexes are sealed shut and conditions inside are deteriourating. (True - one of these megalexes has a nova living inside who is taking a rather large bite out of stored food.) - Other megaplexes are just fine and are outright hostile towards anyone looking for shelter. (True - see the Home Shield Law.) - Two Elites have chosen the devastated LA to stage a mask duel. The names of the Elite vary depending on whoever repeats the rumor. (False.) - The water in LA is contaminated wth epic levels of spilt toxins and drugs such as Red 7. (All depends on where you get it - some water is fine, some isn't. Most of the water that isn't fine is contaminated by dust, metals and other commonly found substances.) - LA's gangs are taking the opportunity to settle a few scores. (True.) - One of the nova agents of Team Tomorrow Americas grew so frustraed during a bureucratic tangle that they punched a FEMA employee's head off. (False.) - The earthquake is cover for a large-scale Directive operation. (False, but see "Earthshaking.") - The squabble between FEMA and Utopia is caused by... (No details on what caused it will ever be fully confirmed. Just chalk this one up to a bureaucratic cockup.) - Post your own rumors below. So what are the OOC rules governing this event? Rules-light for the most part with the exception of the backgrounds listed above - this is to prevent Joe Nobody from strolling in and doing whatever without any conseqences. All fictions dealing with this earthquake and its aftereffects should be tagged (TBO) - short for The Big One. In the event of a dispute between players, I would appreciate it if you all could work it out amongst yourselves instead of filling up a chatlog with complaints and personal insults. If it can't be worked out, contact me if you feel I will be fair in arbitration, or contact the Directors if you want to roll the dice with them. As a rule, if one story contradicts another, the one posted first has seniority. (This is why a brief synopsis of events in your story should be posted in this thread.) Can my new character erupt during this earthquake? Sounds good to me. Can I speed up or alter the initial events of the timetable? I'm going to have to say no, because the initial timtable is there to make sure as many of us are on the same page as possible. Can I come up with my own rumors, then? Sure. Post them below and I'll add them to the original post. Jut be sure to tell us all if they're true or not. But I don't want to say if they're true just yet. I know. However, we need to know if they're true in advance because true rumors, or rumors with a grain of truth to them, affect the shared reality of the fiction. If one person states a rumor as demonstratably false and another demonstratesit as true, we have a problem and I would rather solve it ahead of time. Well, I think this fiction's going to suck then. That's quite possible, since this is the first of these I have been the ringleader for. Don't take it personally if I make a mess of things. Why are you taking charge of this one, then? I have a map of ideas for stories for Nathan Dayes. One of the ideas on this map was combing through a natural disaster and competing with other faction's representatives in search of a Maguffin. The earthquake, when initially proposed, fit the idea perfectly. It also seemed to fall by the wayside as time went on, and now that I have advanced to the point I'm writing the relevant Nathan story, it would seem rather odd to have an earthquake devastate Los Angeles and having me be the only person reacting to it. I still have questions! Ask them in the thread below.
  25. It’s been nearly a whole day, a full twenty four hours since I turned up at the Project’s camp as a volunteer. I thought, being nearby, that it was practically my duty as a nova, no, as a fellow human being, to help all the people in Los Angeles. Plus, my telekinesis would surely come in useful. I was prepared to fly in and start, I don’t know, moving rubble out the way, rescuing children or something. Instead, they rounded us all up, gave us bunks and low-quality food, and told us to stay put. I pestered the high-ups enough that they told me it was some sort of political or bureaucratic thing, and that really got me annoyed. How could they let people die while they played at politics? They calmed me down saying everything would be resolved by early morning today. Turned out to be either a miscalculation or a deliberate lie, I’m still lying here in a makeshift hammock, surrounded by equally restless and grumbling volunteers. A break to the monotony comes when a beautiful afroamerican girl comes up to me to strike some conversation. I swear she has the most perfect hips ever bestowed upon a woman, and the rest of her isn’t much worse either. “Hey there, I’m Tina,” she says, looking down at me. A small part of my brain wonders why she’s come to talk to me specifically, but most of it is wondering what it would be like to kiss those lips. Either this girl is exceptional or my self control isn’t doing too well. Probably both. I smile, lazily, and answer, “Percivald.” “Percy?” she smiles, but I wince, I mainly associate the nickname with burly kids flushing my head down toilets, but I don’t really complain, it sounds cute coming from her, “some guys told me you were a nova.” Well, that explains why she’s talking to me. I hate when that happens, I never seem to be approached without some ulterior motive. Even though my status as nova is not a very well-guarded secret, she catches me off-guard. Between the surprise and some instinctual ogling, I soon realize I’ve been looking at her without answering for a bit too long, and her good-natured smile (I wonder if it’s fake, just there to meet a nova) is turning into a frown. So I break the silence with the first thing that pops into my head. “Yeah, my super power is to stare at cute girls.” Yeah, I’ve had better. I can tell she doesn’t know whether to blush or slap me in the face, or both. She mostly just glares at me, a reminder of why I shouldn’t try lame pick-up lines when dormed, I simply can’t pull them off. “I thought Brits were supposed to be courteous,” she says, acidly. And here was me thinking I’d lost my accent. “I must be going native,” I answer. Though I don’t want to be trading quips with her all afternoon, it’s still better than being pestered about my novahood. She rolls her eyes, and crushes my hopes of an idle chat. “You don’t much look like a nova,” she says. “What were you expecting?” I say, and I’m planning ways of dodging the question indefinitely when a wicked idea pops into my mind. I really shouldn’t, and it goes against all kinds of vows I took when leaving England, although I must admit those promises have been looking frayed at the edges for months. Yet I have this incredible desire to impress her, to have those beautiful eyes looking at me with admiration. And it can be so easy when you know how… I close my eyes and let the juice flow through me. I can feel the nearly imperceptible changes, the way my bones and muscles move to adjust themselves to a slightly different body, how my face moulds itself into a more harmonious shape. I’m still recognizable as Percivald Newcombe, but when I open my eyes, they sparkle with charm. I must admit, the feeling’s a rush, and having her gasp and stare at me, much in the same way as I had been staring at her earlier, warms my heart incredibly. A part of me tells me it’s wrong, but I’ve been reconsidering my whole Buddhist morality since I was with Steve, and this certainly was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.