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  1. Ryan nodded, but remained silent a moment. Being a married couple wasn't something he was briefed on, but nonetheless, here it was far more common for couples to have such an age difference. ,, . "I wouldn't say smarter, clearly you've been doing just fine so far. Perhaps you can tell me the ideas you've had, and what they've done counter to them, and I can choose which to back." his tone was mostly neutral. ,, "I wasn't told much before coming over,and I'm jut here to help to the best of my abilities." ,, He took her hand in his, in what back home would pass as affection between a married couple. "None of us are "mere" anything, Sometimes it take the seemingly smallest of hands to turn the wheels of the world." ,, He gave he a polite smile. "Now if I am to be your husband, I should know about you, so that such a thing will appear natural to those who may see." ,, It was clear that his words and gesture were not meant to cause offense, but the work of a miltiary mind, assembling intel regarding his available assets, and playing the part that had been crafted for him thus far.
  2. "I'm just out for a stroll, enjoying my evening." His own German was perfect, even down to the inflection he used that would mark him as a native of Berlin. ,, He didn't draw himself up but looked askance at her, actively pinging her to see if this was the super he was told would meet him. She was younger, and over a foot shorter than him, which surprised him abit, not that he showed it. Getting back a strong signal from her he relaxed slightly. He spoke the code phrase that he'd been told and smiled. If he was wrong he'd have to be incredibly fast. ,, "Tyger, Tyger, burning bright.."
  3. For Ryan, the entire operation seemed to be a waste of his abilities. He was a fighter pilot, a Colonel,and his men would need him. Still he was a soldier and a soldier followed orders, even those he didn't like. ,, High Command wanted him to infiltrate Germany and provide what aid he could to the Resistance, to stiffen the spine, and disrupt the German War machine as much as possible. It wasn't going to be easy, which was the understatement of the year. ,, So, he'd been dropped from high altitude at night, and used his abilities sparingly to land safely. he was unarmed in the traditional sense, and wore no dogtags, something he truly hated. There was nothing to identify him as an American, or even Allied soldier. ,, So it was that he walked through the woods, out to meet the resistance, proceeding at a normal pace, A member of the master race out for a deep woodlands hike. He couldn't help but feel another presence, he was being watched, but it concerned him not. He moved along humming the final movement from Beethoven's 9th Symphony.
  4. "We're rescuing a rogue German Dynamic." The Germans call him Donnerkiel, and in this instance, it's meaning is "Thunderstone." His real name is Rolf Edelstein, he's a former German Chemist. He came to his dynamic powers after a German officer tampered with his expiriments, resulting in an explosion that left him looking partially like a monster, but with powers beyond mortal men." ,, "He covertly made contact with high command offering the sum totality of his research, some of which supposedly involves the nature of Dynamics. Fearing a trap, they specified a location in Northern France, a s small coastal town named Luz, about fifty miles west of the German border. He agreed to meet us there to defect in exchange for asylum, and a full pardon, should it be needed. They have agreed." ,, He looked at her, and opened a file showing pictures of a somewhat older gentleman, who's skin in some places seemed to be made of a dark stone. "He's said to have some ability to control lightning. We can almost assuredly expect someone to be after him, or at the least watching him, though we're to maintain a low profile, though we aren't prohibited from fighting as needed."
  5. "We would leave tomorrow night. High Command has little care regarding actually giving us leave, and this would be a voluntary mission." ,, Once in the cab, he directed them to another part of london and paid. He quietly led Claire down an alley, and then took a couple turns to end up at a deadend, amidst a bombed out husk of a building, He lead her inside, to a small dirty office, and lifted the desk up like a small bag of potatoes, revealing a door. He knelt down, hefting it up, and nodded to her. "There's a switch on the left about three feet down, flip it to turn on the lights. There was a set of stairs leading downward, and having no reason to distrust him, she followed his instructions. He meanwhile followed her, getting them down to a massive door, again something she could tell even he strained against pulling open. Inside was a small war room, big enough for about eight people, with maps of europe, and other things one would expect. "I'd nearly completed this the last time they called us all together, but after the bombing raids, it took more time. You're the first to see it in it's finished state. This is my personal bunker complex within London, a safehouse where no one would expect."
  6. He nodded. "I have something on that, if you want to talk business now, but perhaps it should wait. Suffice it to say, we two have a mission option from High Command." He looked around at the other tables knowing many could hear them. ,, As the main course arrived he set into the food, he ate quickly, a product of his training, though he was making an effort to pace himself with her, and savor the food as well as the company.
  7. "Depends on the Dynamic." He nodded as their food arrived, and he waited for the waiter to leave before continuing. "I expect they would prefer to use me as a posterchild to drum up enlistment, which Might be a good thing, but certainly not what I want. If I am to be a part of this war, then I will fight. I will not ask others to do something I won't do myself." ,, He considered the team they'd gathered. "Special missions against high ranking targets comes to mind, but remember the Axis has their dynamics too. I dare say one of the better uses might be to hunt enemy dynamics, at least to take them out of battlefield equations." ,, "My personal favorite is simple, let them choose how best to use their gifts. High Command can offer all the suggestions, but non military dynamics are under no compulsion to act on them, unless they wish to. Even for us, they do give us a great deal of wiggle room in completing the special missions we are asked to undertake."
  8. "Times Change, and the world turns, and now we find that all of the above are true, You are beautiful, you are courageous, and Every time you go out, you accomplish what few others can do." He smiled, noting the others around them. "There are times where I do not like what I'm expected to do because I'm not normal anymore, I may be a pilot, a soldier, but I don't like the killing. If I could take them down without it, I would." ,, "Never feel guilty because you're alive. That I think would anger your parents. They would want you to live, I think. All parents want their children to live and be happy, as my mother was fond of saying. " ,, He looked at her. "There's so much more to Living than fighting in this war. The War will end, and life will go on." Those soldiers who heard his words nodded in quiet assent. It was known that he was a believer in taking time for the mundane aspects of life, So they didn't forget why they fought so hard. He wasn't there to destroy the enemy, he was there to protect and defend freedom, and those who hadn't the strength to protect themselves.
  9. "Well I wouldn't mind seeing you in one." He let out before he caught himself. "I can't imagine myself not in uniform or the "battle costume" I wear." ,, He sighed with resignation. "We don't go back to normal, we go forward, whereever the future leads." ,, ,, "The best part of being a dynamic? Honestly, being able to just fly whenever I want, as long as I want. That's freedom there... The worst part, The unrealistic expectations." He sipped at his tea. "Everyone expects amazing fantastic feats from all dynamics, and some can't do that. I don't move things with my mind, I do it the old fashioned way." ,, His eyes met hers. "Another plus, I did get to meet you because we're dynamics." ,, He nodded. "How about you?"
  10. "Go back home most likely, I imagine I'll teach aviation at the Academy, If given the chance." He looked at her intently. "I don't really like all the fighting and killing, I do it because I'm a soldier, and Hitler's madness must be stopped before he ravages anymore of the world." ,, "My passion in life is flying, I was good at it before I became a dynamic, and I'm better at it now." He nodded once. "Much as i love home, I dunno, I've done and experienced alot of new things since volunteering to cross the pond, and of course the most important bit." ,, "I've met some most intriguing and amazing people, so I guess you could say it's up in the air, what I'll do, and where I go when it all ends. I can promise that much, it will end, Even if I have to see to it alone." ,, He gave her an unassuming smile "And you, Claire, what will you do when this war ends, and dynamics like us aren't needed to fight anymore?"
  11. He shook his head. "No, I have not. " He followed the waiter who sat them, and brought them water, while they reviewed the menu. His own tastes were largely mundane, though he liked spicy foods. "It does all sound pretty good, but I think, I'll let you order for us both tonight. I imagine everything is good, but I want to see the sorts of things you think exemplify cuisine." ,, He smiled. "When the war's over, if you're ever in Louisiana, I'll happily return the favor." A quick look in his blue eyes revealed he genuinely meant the offer, though probably not in the other way it sounded. He was a good upstanding man, and trusting. ,, He did order some sweet tea, as it was something he was accustomed to.
  12. "It's a great deal colder than back home. The Rain I'm used to, but it almost never snows at home where I live." He looked at her and nodded. "The warm beer bit certainly took some getting used to, not that it affects me anymore. It's a wholly different taste, back home if someone brought me a warm beer I paid for, well they'd be taking it back. Of course, the looks the boys get when they ask for ice are priceless too." ,, "The food's alot less spicy too, but still it has some unique flavors." He wasn't a big fan of the cuisine, but being Cajun, could and would eat anything, when he was hungry. ,, "How about you? Adjusting to have to deal with a few air corps of uncivilized colonials?" the twinkle in his eye was almost playful at this point.
  13. "I haven't been to the Cinema since I volunteered to cross the pond, so it sounds like fun. What I'm sure will make it all the better is the company I'll see it in." ,, He wasn't a cinema buff, he never really had alot of time for it back home, his passion was flying, and he'd given up alot to pursue it. "I can't remember the last movie I saw, to give you an idea how long ago it was." He gave her a charming smile, and those who knew him would be surprised that he'd already smiled so much, it was something to be said for Claire, in that he just felt comfortable around her.
  14. He nodded. "You can put those away, save them for later on. Tonight is on me. I asked you after all." He gave her sly smile. "Besides, I just got paid when we rotated off, and I really don't have much to spend my money or ration coupons on." ,, "They taught you that very well." He have a soft chuckle before he reached down and opened the door for her, letting her in before getting in himself, Dressed in his uniform. "Would you take us to the Savoy, please?" ,, He'd not replied to her first words, mostly becuae he wanted to leave the war behind for a night, as much as they could.
  15. "The same can be said of men Claire." He looked around. "War shows humanity at it's utter worst, but it can often show us at our very best as well." ,, "So where are we going today? I know I said I'd let you pick, since you know pretty much everything local far better than I do, but I admit the suspense weighs on my mind." He gave her a polite nod. "I wouldn't mind a bite to eat either, in all honesty, as I've not eaten since this morning and you know how Command meetings can be." ,, He looked down at her, at two meters, he looked down at a great many people. "Sorry to ramble on. How have you been Claire?"
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